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FEMALE SPEAKER: “The Q Side.” QUDDUS: All right. EVA MARCILLE: Let’s spruce
up this summer fashion. QUDDUS: Yes, I am excited
to be remixed by you. EVA MARCILLE: Yeah, this is the
thing, honestly, Quddus. It’s not really a big problem. It looks good. QUDDUS: Thank you. EVA MARCILLE: Until you
get to the ankles. QUDDUS: You know, I thought
about the whole sock situation– EVA MARCILLE: Uh huh, and
what’d you think? You know what? We here at Five Four, we
will figure it out– starting with the socks. QUDDUS: I think it’s off to
a good start when the girl making you over has lightning
bolts for earrings. EVA MARCILLE: I’m just
saying, it might be a natural disaster in here. So this would be a really
cute option. QUDDUS: Even if I don’t
have massive pipes? Because I got relatively
modest arms, you know? EVA MARCILLE: No, you have
a grown man’s body. Which means you eat good steak
but you run a little bit, but not too much. It’s a good thing. QUDDUS: By the way, I’m so
excited about “Girlfriend Confidential.” EVA MARCILLE: Are you? QUDDUS: Because the show is
really exposing the city and your lifestyle. EVA MARCILLE: Exactly. Our lifestyle, being
in this business. I think you see a lot of
portrayals of people in this business, and it’s not that
it’s not true, but I think it’s very one-sided. It’s absolutely crazy
out there. And you don’t really see the
struggle, you just see the glitz and glamour. So our show shows women that
are in this business, that are doing it. The life, baby, it’s not
getting no easier. Like, know this is your world
and it’s for the taking. We all are in a relationship-ish situation-ship. Quddus, I know you have a
couple situation-ships. QUDDUS: Listen, we’re not
even going there. EVA MARCILLE: I’m just saying,
you don’t know that you have a girlfriend, but she thinks
that she has a boyfriend. Those are situation-ships. I think the topic of today
is no judgment. Just do you live your life and
love yourself, you know? QUDDUS: I love that. No judgments y’all. EVA MARCILLE: No judgment,
do you? QUDDUS: Don’t judge
me and my socks. Don’t judge me and my socks. EVA MARCILLE: No, no,
that’s fashion. That not judgment,
that’s fashion. QUDDUS: Let’s talk
about my outfit. OK, how about this– what do
you think about somebody wearing pink– a gentlemen? EVA MARCILLE: It’s
very Cam’ron. QUDDUS: Very Cam’ron. EVA MARCILLE: Yes. QUDDUS: I think I want
to take it there. I think I’m feeling
pretty pink. EVA MARCILLE: I think
pink is very you. QUDDUS: Do you think it’s safe
to say that somebody’s way, who they are, is very
represented in the way that they dress? EVA MARCILLE: Yes. Fashion is very much so an
indicator of who it is you’re dealing with. QUDDUS: So you’ve seen
guys in the club. And because of what they’re
wearing– no matter how good-looking they are, charming
they are, if they’re wearing something like these
socks, you’ll be like eh, not so much. I’m not going to talk to you. EVA MARCILLE: I would be very
upset with the fact that you had those socks on
in the club. I would be very upset. QUDDUS: At a barbecue? EVA MARCILLE: But that
might not deter me. How do you like these shoes? QUDDUS: I’m feeling pretty
good about the shoes. EVA MARCILLE: Very
yacht club, eh? QUDDUS: Very yacht club. I’m going to have to make
another million, I think, to really pull this off. That’s bold. OK, I’m going to have
to try this on. EVA MARCILLE: All right,
let’s see. QUDDUS: Let’s see what
it looks like. EVA MARCILLE: Do your thing. QUDDUS: When I come, I’ll
be a transformed man with new shoes. EVA MARCILLE: All right,
Quddus, bring sexy back, all right? Where are your shoes? QUDDUS: You know what, I
said never mind shoes. I’m going to be really avant
garde and say never mind shoes altogether. EVA MARCILLE: I like
this on you. How do you like it? QUDDUS: I feel great. EVA MARCILLE: Ta da! Your new zapatos. QUDDUS: Sweet. I feel better. I feel like a better human
being all of a sudden. I’m feeling real sexy. EVA MARCILLE: So did the walk
come with the new outfit? QUDDUS: Yeah. EVA MARCILLE: What is
that, [INAUDIBLE]? QUDDUS: All of a sudden I have
hydraulics in my legs. EVA MARCILLE: I love it. QUDDUS: Thank you so much. What a great makeover. EVA MARCILLE: Thank you. QUDDUS: I’m presentable now. EVA MARCILLE: I think the rug’s
actually saying thank you to those being gone. I’m just going to take
these for now. QUDDUS: Throw them
in a bonfire? EVA MARCILLE: [INAUDIBLE]. QUDDUS: That girl has just
the right amount of sass. I love me some Eva Marcille. And you can check her out on
Oxygen Monday nights at 11:00 PM, with “Girlfriend
Confidential LA.” Now the question I have for you
guys real quick to answer in the comments is just how
important is wardrobe when you’re assessing the
opposite sex? And we’re featuring two
more of the breakout stars of TV this fall. Right here is my special cooking
class with Cassie Steele, the star of “The L.A.
Complex.” And I get to challenge my boy Lamorne Morris
of the “New Girl” in a game of basketball that
you will never forget. And this is a fresh experience
of entertainment. MALE SPEAKER: This is when
you feel like I’m actually living my dream. FEMALE SPEAKER: Yes. MALE SPEAKER: You are
interested in DTF? FEMALE SPEAKER: I don’t
know what DTF is. MALE SPEAKER: You’re
interested. WATSKY: I guess it’s out
of habit because it doesn’t itch I fidget. And I’m switching my position
so my weight is on my left butt cheek. Pissed because I know my stupid
phone is gonna ring again and I want to–

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