Enter Cyborg | Justice League

Victor Victor, you’re not stuck up here. You can have a life. You can have more than… If you stay up here brooding… I’m processing. I can access everything. But I can’t put it all together.
Not yet. But if you work with me, if we had the change engine… So you did to someone else.
What you did to me. No. The box stays hidden. If you could see what we’re learning
from the Kryptonian ship I think the change engine
can integrate with its energy get it powered up… Does anybody know? What? At the lab… Does anybody know I’m alive? I…I… I didn’t think you were
ready for them to… For what? For them to see the monster? You are not a monster. It’s weird that you
thought I meant me. What I did… I lost your mother
in that accident. I wasn’t about to… I couldn’t bear to lose my son. But you did. I got a language in my
head that I don’t speak. It’s not just
digital… It’s alien Everyday, I wake
up, different… Modified. How do you…? Couldn’t do that last night. Ever since we got
visitors from Krypton, people have been waiting
for the next alien invasion. Now I got to wonder if I’m it?

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  1. flyhound97 says:

    But I thought Dyson Miles died when Sarah, John and the T-800 blew up Cyberdyne?

  2. Mr. Beane's brickz says:

    Isn’t so crazy the difference of the quality of scenes between Snyder and Whedon? I mean, come on. This scene alone sets him up so well and raises the stakes of a potential character arc to 11, but then they never go anywhere with it because Whedon has to have time for his throwaway jokes. Snyder movies aren’t perfect, but you cannot tell me with a straight face that they didn’t feel impactful.

  3. Mohamed Ali says:

    2:18 wb vision for cyborgs first flight

  4. Ivan Gomez says:

    Ray Fisher disappeared in this movie. We only saw Cyborg. But its very odd that Dr Silas Stone worked in Metropolis in the kryptonian vessel and he resides in Gotham City.

  5. Omni Knight says:

    Cyborg in this movie is one of the few good things I mean he looks cool

  6. Doctor Blam says:

    1:37 you clearly meant you

  7. Dynamic says:

    Doom patrol cyborg is much better

  8. ☣MR.ZARRATOX☣ says:

    Lol Dr. Miles Bennett Dyson (Joe Morton) from Terminator 2 is in this Movie xD

  9. Evening Star says:

    Why was his hoodie CGI lol

  10. Xavier Antonio De la Guardia says:

    Cyborg is one of them (Teen Titans).

  11. Mad Titan says:

    With this scene, it’s already seems interesting enough for a potentially great Cyborg movie, but apparently WB is just too dumb to ignore

  12. Margaret Finny says:

    The reference to being a "monster" is actually a great example of thought provoking writing that subverts expectations. His question doesn't just call out his father, but the audience too. You're forced to admit you'd assumed HE was the monster, just as his father had, and to consider that perhaps the creator and NOT the creature might be the true monster. Frankenstein anyone?
    Also, the actor deserves credit for conveying so well all the emotions that statement is loaded with: resentment, anger, helplessness, grief, disassociation, to name a few. Never seen the dude in anything else, but he's definitely a talented actor.

  13. Alex Hedges says:

    the only question i have is why is that guy using a fibre mop on metal grate flooring?

  14. FabreezeJudah Judah says:

    Poor janitor

  15. Rick Grimes says:

    I see so much potential here. WB is at fault for rushing.

  16. spartjovic says:

    I think Ray Fisher did a great job as Cyborg.

  17. TM Pocky says:

    Cyborg way better in teen titans go

  18. Sonni says:

    Why must it be the Janitor…

  19. Dathen Holley says:

    Cyborg movie would b dope!

  20. Black Pantha says:

    Ray's voice sounds so good, really good cyborg

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