hello from your Ferdi last pack Gearbest let’s see what’s inside This pack is started from China he traveled by land because unfortunately  It weighs 11 kg then air was a little too risky so I preferred then made Czechoslovakia, Hungary’s then arrived here in Italy Let’s check….. so here’s what it’s certainly those who have already seen this already self KIT what it is a bicycle engine 80cc two-stroke go to see all the components here there is a tank for gasoline this is the top for the accelerator a mass button to turn off the engine we have various cables  there is the engine then this part here and this part go fixed to the bicycle frame nutshell is put to the central tube while here is fixed to the front tube here there is the rear sprocket to be fixed between the spokes of the wheel here there are all the tools to connect the coronacon the two stuffing box made of rubber and with all its screws here there are various accessories that are the fuel cap spark plug the fuel filter the pieces of the carburetor air filter Here we have the knobs the chain tightener the clutch lever thr exaust the chain guard the chain and this should be the fuel tank, containing about 2 liters of gasoline here is the tank the last things, here we have the carburetor the starter kit for lighting of the candle we finished fixing and much emplice, I believe that it takes a few hours to mount Hopefully ok then we’ll see the view when it is mounted or during mounting on the bike, I greet you this is everything and Hello,  Ferdi AUTOMATIC TRANSLATION
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 transportation by land, it took about 40 days did: China, Mongolia, Russia, Ukraine

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  1. momo's channel says:

    Aspettiamo il continuo, sempre ingamba

  2. Мясная Пуля says:

    Пойдет тебе кокаин возить)

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