Ending | Justice League: War

Got you. Hey, you’re that kid. [GROANS] – Hell of a catch, man.
– Thanks. Don’t tell them, okay?
It’s none of their freaking business. It’ll be our secret. I always said you had an arm like a cannon. Now you totally do. [SIGHS] [POWERING OFF] Nice job, kid. – Where’d Shazam go?
– He took off. Said he had a hot date. Right, who’d go out
with that immature hothead? What about the human victims? I can see them. Let me just get this baby
to boom for me one more time. [DEVICE BEEPS] I got this. BATMAN:
He’s good for clean-up at least. – How do we keep Darkseid from returning?
– All those Mother Boxes are fried. Then they won’t be able
to get back any time soon. It’s a start. Heads up. [PEOPLE SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY] We should leave
before they blame us again or… [ALL CHEERING] What’s your hurry, Flash? PRESIDENT: Today marks
a momentous day in human history. In our darkest hour, these superheroes
donned their colorful costumes… – Costume? This is my uniform.
– Quiet. Oh, now you wanna bark orders, after I did
the heavy lifting and pulled everyone together? You’re referring to when you botched simple
directives and Wonder Woman led the charge? – Cyborg showed you a video?
– He e-mailed it to me. I really hate you, Bats. I can’t believe people
are no longer afraid of us. Or that they think we’re a team.
We’re not a team. But I am pleased
to meet some folks who get me. Yes, it was good to walk
among a pantheon again. How do you mean? Hades, Apollo, Hermes, Hephaestus, Zeus… …each a god in their own right. And me? I have never met anyone like you, Superman.
God or mortal. PRESIDENT: Is it by chance, by fate,
or are there bigger forces at work? Is our modern technological age…? – I shouldn’t be up here.
– Are you kidding me? Of course you should. We won.
Be proud. Your dad looks like he is. PRESIDENT: –the way of all people working for
a free and peaceful planet. As we have seen… By the way, man,
thanks for not talking about the other thing. Don’t sweat it.
And thanks for seeing me in here. What? You’re the bomb, Victory. I know, I know, you keep reminding me. Victory. Victory. Victory. PRESIDENT: These super-friends
use their super-powers to protect us. And we’re not friends either. – We let them think we’re both.
– Why? It’ll keep Gotham P.D. off my back,
the Air Force off yours. I don’t know, a team? – I’ve got a lot of responsibilities.
– As do I. Well, I have a whole universe to protect,
people, so there you go. Come on, we can do it together. – Yeah? Can you fly into space?
– I can. Not my point. Look, we are not friends.
We’re not a team. I don’t agree, Hal.
I kind of liked being a part of something. Yeah, you would.
Listen, this was just a one-time deal, okay? And what if something should happen again? Please, what could possibly happen? That said, I am very pleased
to introduce to you… Gee, I didn’t even ask.
Do you guys have a name? – Yes, we do.
– We do? That’s right.
You can call us the Super Seven. – Please don’t call us that.
– The Super Seven? What, you don’t like it?

100 Responses

  1. Joboy Benitez says:

    Green latern says where did shazam go but his still there at 1:14 😂😂

  2. Happyduck rules says:

    Wonder woman doesn't use a mask,she uses a pony tail

  3. Saran Ravali says:

    When will DC cinematic universe come in to existence ??

  4. Matdon Kedah says:

    sexy wonder suit

  5. Camilo Vargas says:

    I love dc movies, the only but is they need more female characters specially in the JL :/

  6. Newbie Youtuber says:

    That’s how Superman should catch Lois when she’s falling from the sky.

  7. Pranav Ramsaha says:

    Can anyone please explain to me what is that green thing in GL's arm, I've never understood what is its purpose

  8. Prashant Sachan says:

    Shazam has multuple gods power lol

  9. bob jim says:

    I see Shazam at 1:15 lol instead of Superman

  10. XHMBX says:

    1:14 there was Shazam
    But didn't he say he went on a date
    And in the next scene it's superman

  11. VÊĖJĄÝ ČÃŔĽØŞ says:

    "Costume? This is my uniform"

    -Green lantern 2018

  12. Hey Ho says:


    Holy shit I LOVE this green lantern, he's so damn funny. They should find an actor with the same sense of humor/charisma and make another green lantern movie, have him team up with the new batman whoever that will be since they are an amazing duo. PLEASE

  13. DIO says:

    "You know Hal, I do like being apart of something"
    "Yeah, you would"

  14. Finesse says:

    The super 7 yayyyy (duu duuuu)

  15. Leonardo Bianucci says:

    Batman doesnt look that he dislike the name. The others protest but he is letting this go so… The súper 7

  16. veera bhadra says:

    It should be converted into movie …then it can break endgame records

  17. Alexei Wolkoff says:

    The Seven…. Vought joined a chat

  18. Coolj23451 Does everything says:

    Lol Shazam was still standing next to them 1:15

  19. Frosbs Udksu says:

    Ppr que habia un sillon arriba del edifocio

  20. lotus evra35 says:

    It's just like impossible to kill darkseid.. That's freaking me out..

  21. hoshi's pocket says:

    Shazam: you can call us…THE SUPER 7!!

    Everyone: complains

    Batman: I kind of like it

  22. aDedc says:

    Still marvel…

  23. deondre Pilk says:

    Batman: what if something like this happens again?
    Green lantern: Please, what can possibly happen.

    Dooms day: I'm gonna f*ck up their whole career.

  24. Felix Junior Castro says:

    Como se llama esa pelicula

  25. Less Sugar says:

    Where is the aquaman?

  26. Alcira Reyes says:

    A quu ta tu comentario en españpl

  27. The Tactician says:

    I think this is cool but I’ll admit I do miss Martian Manhunter

  28. sivakumar subramaniam says:

    Where is aqua man?

  29. Fat Seals says:

    2:51 is that Steve Rogers aka captain America 😂😱😱

  30. LIL HONEYBUN says:

    Was that steeve trevor yeooo why haven’t they made more wonderwoman dcau movies in this universe i want to see him

  31. Laxy Joke says:

    Batman=Hades DAMN!

  32. Sailakshya Sikdar says:

    Did she called batman hades

  33. Captain Fordo says:

    I like hal jordan as green lantern. I like how he's a cocky hotshot. It's he's weakness at the same time it made him one of the greatest green lanterns.

  34. shaq mia says:

    shazam is standing right next to wonder woman after cyborg said he has a date anyone else see that?

  35. Mictlán Ramiro says:

    "The Super Seven" it was reference from "The Boys"?

  36. cryora says:

    Cyborg is supposed to be a Teen Titan.

  37. Duch ess says:

    She called batman hades who's: Greek God of the Dead and King of the Underworld. Bcos of all his darkness. Also she called Shazam Zeus 😘

  38. reynold maramis says:

    I got to admit tho.. super seven is good name than justice league

  39. Gurpreet Singh says:

    0:53 where did shazam go?
    1:15 i am right here

  40. Creeper Aw man says:

    1:14 y is Shazam standing right there

  41. Danny Quintero says:

    If only the movies were this good

  42. Lykos Luna-8 says:

    Hades, Apollo, Hermès, Hephaestus, zues,

    Superman: and me? Boy-scout

  43. panda bear says:

    lol batman is hades

  44. Arthur Hartel says:

    1:14 shazams right there?

  45. Ethan X says:

    1:54 jeez that's a lot of flags. I wish I could say that's an exaggeration

  46. Stelios a says:

    Why Green Lantern is Apollo and Batman is Hades?

  47. tluang cung says:

    After years of watching this i finally found an error. 1:15 thats shazam not superman lol

  48. Fabricio Rodriguez says:

    2:36 un momento, ¿eso quiere decir que Shazam es…. Z E U S ??!!

  49. Omer Ginawi says:

    I guess Aquaman is Poseidon and Wonder Woman Athena am I Right ?

  50. I.J. productions says:

    In Wonder Woman's eyes
    • Hades as Batman (Bruce Wayne)
    • Apollo as Green Latern (Hal Jordan)
    • Hermes as The Flash (Barry Allen)
    • Hephaestus as Cyborg (Victor Stone)
    • Zeus as Shazam (Billy Batson)

  51. Stephen Taylor says:

    Flash “We should leave before they blame us again”

    Cap and Iron Man “Welcome to Civil War!!!”

  52. S.G. GAME says:

    Тот кто рисовал это чудо, ебать как любит синие глаза

  53. Rosario Alvarez says:

    I hate superman

  54. GamerofThings says:

    Hold up, I just remembered this scene after watching the boys. The Super Seven?!? Sounds a bit sus to me

  55. Indo Rick says:

    4:01 Hal??
    Hello, secret identity??

  56. christian diaz says:

    Whats wrong with their design

  57. PEDRO IG says:

    Super seven

  58. KK says:

    1:14 They drew Shazam instead of Superman LUL

  59. Edbert Agathon says:

    Batman in the morning that rare

  60. Javier Espinoza says:

    1:21 " He's good for clean up at least"

  61. JoshJenrayAK47 says:

    GL: "Please. What could possibly happen?"

    Podium guy: "That said…"

    Hey, you some kinda 4th-wall breaking eavesdropper?
    ……..aw, what do I care– wait for it…!

  62. HUMAN Being says:

    1:15 Where's Superman?

  63. Aaron Hernandez says:

    I love Hal and Barry’s interactions “yeah well you would”

  64. LordRed says:

    Why was it so hard to keep the supes and WW relationship? Why did they bend the knee to the cliche demands!?

  65. JustSilly rachet says:

    The boys are coming for ya

  66. Tk PAL says:

    1:15 you can literally see Shazam. Poor editing crew. This is why dc sucks

  67. The Legend says:

    So this an alternate history where trump never existed?

  68. Sot Miskas says:

    Check this out, Shazam is off, in 0:48 cyborg is landing next to GL, WW and superman and batman. In 1:14 instead of superman you can see Shazam

  69. Random guy says:

    1:15 didn't he have a hot date???

  70. King Shrestha says:

    At 1:14 Sazam is still present. Lol mistake.

  71. tavares lowery says:

    I say ww panties are watery for the last son of Krypton..did hear how she complimented supes? She definitely wants to fuck..

  72. Jack Furlong says:

    1:10 i thought doctor strange was coming in with the avengers or something

  73. cyber Online says:

    Superman disappears and Shazam returns ! 1:15

  74. Tim BNU says:


  75. Tommy Nguyen says:

    The first 20 seconds i thought cyborg was speaking some different language

  76. Michael Berrios says:

    Billy: "Don't tell anyone. They dont have to know.
    Cyborg: It'll be our little secret.

    …Till Batman finds out😎

  77. Nitro YT says:

    2:51 is that Steve Rodgers aka captain America

  78. Black Mafia says:

    yeah and batman help to deafeat darkside if that is true I am wet marshmelow

  79. Ender Ragnarok says:

    So, when did Superman start banging Wonder Woman after this?

  80. Lance Michael A. Maravilla says:

    GL: where did shazam go
    Cyborg: he took off

    1:15 lmao

  81. Mochammad Vickri says:

    "you can call us super seven"
    Homelander : am i joke to you ?

  82. Arla Xhafaj says:

    0:47 what’s wrong with Wonder Woman

  83. Andy Le says:

    1:22 Wow Savage much batman

  84. D power says:

    On 1:14 you see Shazam but hè was gone 😱

  85. Anime Shorts says:

    This movie doesn't make sense Batman would never show up to a military honour.

  86. Frank Omatic says:

    See I love the animated DC movies, an this Justice league did a way better job then their live action counterpart…. They can really a take a page outta their book an learn a few things from them for their next live action DC flicks… Just sayin

  87. Xing Zhang says:

    So just to be clear, The Flash remembers the old timeline as well as the new 52 timeline right? Or is this before the new 52 timeline? Nvm, I am confused. Does flash remember the old JLA?

  88. Roy Daniël says:

    Damn diana called batman hades

  89. Poke Hype says:

    If it’s the justice league where’s Aquaman

  90. samarendra chandan bindu Dash says:

    Flash knows right who is Shazam?? He saw him in Flashpoint Paradox.

  91. Kenny Nguyen says:

    What the hell happened to shazam after this movie.

  92. Jay Calhoun says:

    😂 Wonder Woman called Batman hades

  93. Bruce Wayne says:

    1:22. He is good for clean up at least!

  94. Jenfrank says:

    he should look at batman

  95. Shelby Ramirez says:


  96. WESSTFCM SWORDM2021 says:

    Only god is ALLAH praise be to him.

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