Employment tribunal advice for employers

Employment tribunal proceedings, Employer.
What are the average costs of defending a claim?
It is very difficult to tell you what the average cost of defending a claim might be
because it depends upon the nature of the claim but most cases I think an employer would
expect to spend at these four five thousand pounds in defending the claim and in cases
which are bigger cases which require multiple days to be heard typically cases involving
discrimination or multiple claims then quite often the legal fees can easily run into five
figure sums. Can an employer defend a claim without a solicitor?
An employer can defend a claim without legal representation, although it’s normally advisable
for most employees to be represented. The tribunal service does try very hard to accommodate
the private employer and small employer who is attending tribunal perhaps the first time
and would like to represent themselves. Can an employer lose an unfair dismissal case
for not following the correct procedure? The test of whether it especially is fair
it depends upon whether the employer has behaved reasonably in all the circumstances of the
case. If an employer has not followed a fair procedure it’s very unlikely that they will
be able to persuade a tribunal that they have behaved reasonably in treating the conduct
as a sufficient reason to dismiss.

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