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Whenever I first talk to employers I find
they’re so scared of being taken to a tribunal that they allow really destructive people
to stay in their business. The costs of a tribunal claim are a significant concern and
a financial risk, but they’re just not nearly as big a risk as employers think they are.
In fact tribunal claims have fallen 80% since the introduction of issue fees so the perception
just doesn’t match the reality. At the same time as overestimating the risk of a claim
employers also massively underestimate the cost of damage caused by a dysfunctional employee.
Not only are they under performing, but they are also affecting the morale of your team
and upsetting customers. The cumulative effects can run into hundreds of thousands of pounds.
You don’t see those costs because you aren’t writing a cheque but money is leaking out
of your business every day. The point of employment law is not to stop you managing your people.
The point of employment law is to make sure that you do it fairly. We support employers
through the process. Sometimes a fair process results in transformation of a problem employee
and a happy workplace for everyone. When we help businesses with their HR the sense of
relief is unbelievable and they wish they had got to grips with HR much sooner. Helix
Law understands the fear factor. Not just the fear of claims, but of the cost of legal
advice and that’s why we offer to act as your HR adviser for a fixed monthly fee. The service
is so good that we allow you to cancel at any time. Starting at £200 plus VAT per month,
the costs are minuscule compared to the potential benefits.

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