Elder Scrolls Lore: Ch.22 – Tribunal – Rulers of Morrowind

You’ve experienced Tamriel in your own way,
but want to learn more about its story. Well- to get to the heart of the story, you have
to go back to the beginning… “You have chosen your fate, and the fate
of your people, and all the Dunmer shall share your fate, from now to the end of time. The War of the First Council was over… The Dwemer stronghold at Red Mountain had
fallen. The Dwemer had been obliterated. Their mechanical abominations stood lifeless, still
and dark. All across Morrowind there was much rejoicing and honoring of those who had fallen
in glorious battle. Though Almalexia mourned the loss of her husband
Nerevar with her every breath, she found comfort in Vivec and Sotha Sil, and the three of them
established the Grand Council, which benevolently governed over Morrowind for many years. Unknown
to Queen Almalexia and Lord Vivec, Sotha Sil had continued to study the profane mysteries
of the Tools of Kagrenac, the very instruments which caused the War of the First Council
and the disappearance of the entire Dwemer race. The tools had been contaminated by a
dark taint when they had been used on the Heart of Lorkhan, and many suspect it was
the tools that drove Dagoth to betray his people. Possessed by visions of an all-powerful
Chimer empire, Sotha Sil persuaded the other two members of the Tribunal that they could
become immortals…they themselves could be as gods.
All they needed do…was renounce the sacred oaths they had sworn to the Daedric Prince
Azura. To break the oath that forbade them to use the unholy Tools of Kagrenac.
Beneath Red Mountain each member of the Tribunal struck the Heart of Lorkhan with Kagrenac’s
Tools, and in that moment it transformed them, and rendered them immortal.
Once the act was complete, they reveled in their newfound powers and envisioned a world
of peace, honor, nobility and justice. That was until an enraged Azura appeared before
them. The Daedric Lord was monstrous in her wrath, as terrifying and furious a sight as
has ever been, yet the three man-gods stood resolute. Sotha Sil in his foolish pride,
went so far as to mock Azura, and question her authority and her right to preside over
the lives of the Elves. In her righteous anger, the forsaken deity
pronounced judgment upon the three rulers, and all Chimer on the face of Nirn would bear
the mark of her rage. “This is not my act,” said Azura. “But your act.” and her radiance
faded, leaving the Tribunal in utter darkness and with a vague, unknowable dread.
They did not yet know that in that instant, the flesh of every Chimer had turned the color
of darkest ash, and each had eyes that suddenly glowed red with a hellish flame. Upon the
discovery of their new appearances The Chimer hid their changed faces in anguish and bitterly
wept. In their minds Azura had turned her face from them, even as they knew not why.
That day the Chimer were forever transformed. For now and forever they would be called “Dark”
Elves, the Dunmer of Morrowind. Upon returning to mainland Morrowind Sotha
Sil, Lord Vivec , and Queen Almalexia addressed all of the Dunmer at once, imploring them
to take heart and be proud of their changed appearance. Sotha Sil spoke of the new Dunmer
regime, a society of intellectual and spiritual advancement where the only limits were that
of their imaginations. He challenged every Dark Elf to embrace their new appearance and
to know that from that day forward, the Chimer were no more and that now and forever they
were Dunmer. It has been said that upon their speech, the
very ground beneath everyone’s feet trembled. The Dunmer immediately kneeled and made worship
in the name of the Tribunal. Over time, a new civilization of honor flourished
and thrived here, based less on Daedric worship and more on benevolent rule. The Dark Elves
knew prosperity and happiness unlike any before them, and for centuries beyond measure the
immortal Tribunal looked across the land at what they had created- and were pleased. The
Five Great Houses of the Dunmer grew in wealth and influence under the watchful authority
of the Tribunal, and Morrowind became a place of great contentment.
Sotha Sil, Vivec, and Queen Amalexia went on to achieve the highest elevation of the
three virtues of the Dunmer. Almalexia was as unto the Daedric Lord Boethiah
for her infinite Mercy; from her Temple in Mournhold she was worshipped as the incarnation
of Compassion and Love. Her selfless nature was sharply contrasted when Mehrunes Dagon
was summoned by a vengeful witch and attacked Morrowind. With Sotha Sil by her side, it
was Amalexia who battled the Daedric Prince and banished him back the realm of Oblivion
to protect her beloved city of Mournhold. Even the Daedric Princes were made to pause
before the might of the Tribunal. Sotha Sil was known as the Anticipation of most blessed Azura, representing the Mystery
of the Dunmer. He devoted his time and energies to teaching the secretive Psijic Order, and
to establishing his Clockwork City. It was from the Clockwork City that the brooding
deity attempted to reshape the physical world and even the nature of life itself. He might
have been born Chimer, but Sotha Sil was Dwemer through and through.
And as for Vivec? The Warrior-Poet? He was considered the avatar of the Daedric Prince
Mephala, and was renowned for his Mastery of words as he sat in contemplation at his
Temple in the city named after him. It was Vivec who would wage war repeatedly against
the invading Akaviri legions. First by allying Morrowind with the forces of the Reman Dynasty,
thus enabling rise of the Second Empire of Men. Then again, when he taught his people
the secret of breathing water before flooding Morrowind and drowning the Akavir occupiers
as they invaded yet again. The Dark Elves of Morrowind knew a Golden
Age of prosperity under the Tribunal, but it could not last. Before leaving the Tribunal
in darkness at the heart of Red Mountain, Azura had assured them that the spirit of
Nerevar himself would come again to punish the Tribunal for their forsaken oaths, and
to strip them of their stolen power and false godhood. He would come to do what they had
failed to do, and their doom would follow close behind him.
The decline of the Tribunal’s power began with Prince Julek of the Reman Dynasty. Disregarding
former alliances, Julek himself invaded Morrowind in a conflict that came to be known as the
Four Score War. Ultimately it was Morrowind that fell. Vivec and by association, the Tribunal
was forced to surrender Morrowind to the Empire for the good of her people. First Morrowind
had to answer to Prince Julek, and later they would answer to the famed Tiber Septim.
While the Tribunal did control Morrowind, it had quickly come to be considered another
part of the rapidly growing Cyrodilic Empire of Men. In tribute, Vivec bestowed upon Tiber
Septim the Numidium, the very thing that had helped trigger the War of The First Council,
although Vivec would not teach the Emperor how to actually use it. No one really knew
why the power of the divine Tribunal had begun to slowly diminish; only that it had.
None, not even the Tribunal themselves knew the frightening truth.
After thousands of years and from a place very dark and very deep, Dagoth- now known
as Dagoth Ur, had begun to rise. Once he stirred, a vile darkness cast itself over Red Mountain
causing Blight Storms, and a terrible Soul Sickness that crept its way into the minds
of the citizens of Morrowind. Rumors of the coming of the Nerevarine; and the fulfillment
of Azura’s prophecy, began to spread despite the best efforts of the Temple to quell them.
Red Year drew ever closer, and the world of Nirn trembled to its foundations, for it meant
the end of the Rulers of Morrowind, and life for the Dunmer would never be the same.
But that…is a story for another day.

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  1. taylor the slayer says:

    my opinion on the tribunal is that they were fake gods

  2. Shadowstep Rox says:

    How do ya do the vibrating esque voice effect on Azura?

  3. Aleksa Petrovic says:

    Correction: Tribunal won Four Score War. Morag Ton assassinated Reman III and his son which ended Reman dinasty. Akaviry Potenate made peace with Tribunal which resulted in full retreat of Imperial forces from Morrowind. Because of that, Morrowind is the only provinnce that was not part of the 2nd Empire.

  4. papa cringe says:

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  5. Archie The Dog says:

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  6. CallingCrowe says:

    MFW no mention of CHIM, the Godhead, Vivec's revelation of the Towers within the Wheel, nothing. :<
    Also, the Tribunal weakened because Dagoth Ur stole the tools of Kagrenac and prevented the Tribunal from accessing the Heart of Lorkhan to re-bathe themselves.
    They knew that, the Temple didn't. That would require admitting to the Temple that their power was stolen Dwemer blasphemy, not actual apotheosis.
    Vivec was the only actual God in the Tribunal, and it had less to do with his divine powers as per the Heart and more to do with his understanding of the world he lived in.

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  52. zabac94 says:

    Dude you guys are awesome! I really like the way you speak of this…. I have played only skyrim… But so curious about it's history… And now I have a chance to hear it from you guys! Thanks again and a big lick from Serbia to you guys! P. S. I'm going to show this to my friend he is also a fan of the elder scrolls 😀

  53. Charles Châtenay for President 1900 says:

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  54. Gabriel Pineda says:

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  56. IRDunno says:

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    Did he make them himself or it's from a game?

  57. Lord Vivec says:

    Why did I try to kill Nerevar? Because he threatened the faith of my followers, and I needed their faith to hold back the darkness.

  58. Deus Cognito says:

    Imagine if Skyrim, with its great and unique dungeons, gameplay, and mods, had the quality of Story Morrowind had, the depth in the factions as Morrowind had, the faction quests Oblivion had, the roleplay from the previous games, and the unforgiving aspects of Morrowind, just how much better it would be. If Skyrim had all these, it would have been, without a doubt, the greatest RPG ever, and the Witcher 3 wouldn't have even been in the conversation.

    Unfortunately, we should expect the next Elder Scrolls to be ever more mainstream than Skyrim, to have less roleplay, a worse story, shallow factions, and lore that makes no sense.

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  76. Galath Worker of secrets says:

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  77. Ressesinferno says:

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  78. Tristan Willard says:

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  79. Paladin Raziel says:

    We are the tribunal of Morrowind and we approve this message

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  81. John Doe says:

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  84. Just Cade says:

    Morrowind is the most interesting Province of Tamriel to me. The lore of the Chimer being cursed into the Dunmer and the Tribunal is so deep, and there is so much important history behind the events of Morrowind and the rest of Tamriel involved.

  85. Jun Allenson says:

    So enraged was Azura at the blasphemous Tribunal, yet she was one of the daedra who signed a compact with Sotha Sil – the very godling that insulted her. Azura was furious, that's true, but even she would not cross the Clockword God, and the rest of the Tribunal, at the height of their power.

  86. Crixo says:

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  89. IC23 says:

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  100. You choose this says:

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