Elder Scrolls Lore: Ch.21 – Tribunal – Battle of Red Mountain

You’ve experienced Tamriel in your own way,
but want to learn more about its story. Well, to get to the heart of the story- you have
to go back to the beginning… Sotha Sil…Almalexia…Vivec… powerful,
immortal deities born not of celestial providence, but of flesh and blood and pain.
Much has been written of the Tribunal, and how these three mere mortals dared reach out
and grasp the power of gods with an act so brazen- they transformed the world of Tamriel
forevermore. To understand the Tribunal with perfect fullness,
one name must resonate at the very core of your being. Many know of The Nerevarine, the
prophesied reincarnation of Indoril, who rose to battle the insane man-god Dagoth Ur, crushing
House Dagoth and rescuing Morrowind from the Soul Sickness and the Blight Storms in the
name of most blessed Azura. But few know the man who came before, the very man whose orders
Dagoth Ur claimed to be following; and it is there that the story of the Tribunal truly
begins. The time of Nerevar was one of great conflict;
a time when two races of Mer, the Dwemer and the Chimer waged war based on theological
differences. The Chimer had wandered many years, sustained by the worship of their ancestors
and barbaric traditions of supplication and sacrifice. All accounts indicate they fared
poorly, particularly in relation to the cold and clinical Dwemer, who focused on science
and engineering. The Dwemer had known great prosperity to the Chimer’s displeasure,
yet it was not from there that the strife between the two factions stemmed. The Chimer
were outraged at what they saw as sacrilege from the Dwemer and would engage in raids
intended to punish blasphemers. Only General Nerevar of the Chimer was able
to foster a peace between the two. After he and General Dumac Dwarfking of the Dwemer
joined forces to drive the invading Nords from Morrowind, the two created a truce that
would last hundreds of years. It was a treaty built upon deep friendship, but the harmony
wouldn’t last. Nerevar’s Queen, and his two most trusted advisors all foretold the
failure of the treaty and unavoidable war between the two races.
Their prediction would change the destiny of Nirn. They were respectively, Queen Indoril
Almalexia, Sotha Sil and Lord Vivec the Poet.  
It was Kagrenac! May his wretched name be cursed for all time! High Priest and advisor
to Dumac Dwarf-Orc, he discovered the fabled Heart of Lorkhan within the bowels of Red
Mountain. Kagrenac recognized the fearsome potential in the Heart, and had created means
to use the sacred artifact to create a mechanical god, The Numidium. Kagrenac intended the Dwemer
to bow down before the obscenity, believing worshipping it would lead to a deeper enlightenment
and further prosperity. It also held the capacity to be a powerful weapon. In all, it was an
act of utter defilement, and intensely profane to the fundamentalist Chimer.
The First Council decided to send Nerevar as a representative of the Five Houses of
the Dunmer, at that time known as the Five Hourse of the Chimer. Nerevar was to stop
the Dwemer and their infernal creation; however, he was a calculating man who would not move
against his longtime friend without first hearing the words from Dumac’s own mouth.
He approached the Dwemer commander intending to avert bloodshed, but to no avail. High
Craftlord Kagrenac was haughty and indignant, demanding to know how it was that Nerevar
dared question the actions of the intellectually superior Dwemer. Dumac remained stoic, clearly
weighing his options even as they rapidly dwindled to naught. It is believed that Dumac’s
silence actually masked great shock, for his High Priest’s actions had been unknown even
to the very chieftain of the Dwemer people. Still Nerevar, against all advice, strived
to make peace. He journeyed to the temple of the Daedric Prince Azura. His supplication
to the Goddess revealed a vison; the Dwemer were indeed attempting to create a new god
and Kagrenac himself had crafted tools for the purpose of harnessing the power of the
Heart of Lorkhan. This marked the final breakdown of communication between Dumac and Nerevar…the
War of The First Council did commence.   It was brutal and gruesome. United under the
First Council, all the might of the Chimer, was no match for the metal Dwemer automatons
that had been designed for the sole purpose of rending flesh. The Dwemer creations were
fast, merciless and practically indestructible. They fell upon the Dunmer with hellish clanking
and demonic hissing, and where they passed…no life remained.
Nerevar was rewarded for his masterful strategies and ferocity in battle with full command over
the massed forces of the Great Houses and the savage Ashlanders. He had successfully
driven the Dwemer back on more than one occasion using the desert barbarians in two pronged
assaults that left Dumac’s forces cut off, broken and in disarray. He led them all the
way to Red Mountain, on the island of Vvardenfell, and lay siege upon Dumac’s Citadel, attacking
the Dwemer stronghold with the bulk of his forces and led by his generals. Simultaneously,
Nerevar himself led his most elite warriors through a narrow and virtually unknown passage
that went almost directly to the chamber where the Heart of Lorkhan lay, and where Nerevar
knew Dumac would be. With Lord Voryn Dagoth at his side, Nerevar
confronted Dumac Dwarfking and Kagrenac. Whatever final words were spoken between those
two men has been lost to Time. No record at all remains. What is believed is that on that
dark and terrible day two old friends slew each other and that upon the death of his
master Dumac, the fool Kagrenac in his grief and fear and rage did attempt to use the profane
Tools he had created. Wielding the tools, Kagrenac struck the Heart of Lorkhan and at
that very instant, every Dwemer on Nirn…vanished. No Dwemer was ever seen or heard from again.
Nerevar lay mortally wounded, yet conscious. Furious, Lord Dagoth seized the Tools of Kagrenac
and demanded they be destroyed immediately by hurling them into the molten core of the
Red Mountain. But Nerevar would hear counsel from his Queen, Sotha Sil and Vivec before
deciding what to do with the diabolical instruments. After being carried back to the surface and
meeting with his counselors, he decided the Tools would be preserved, in secret, should
the Dwemer return to wage war against the Five Houses again. Further, they all swore
before Azura to never use the Tools for any purpose akin to what the Dwemer had intended.
Nerevar was quickly dying, and would have all involved take the oath, including Dagoth.
But when Nerevar and the Tribunal returned to the chamber that housed the Heart of Lorkhan,
where Dagoth was standing guard, Dagoth was frenzied, wild eyed and rambling about how
only he could wield the Tools and that only House Dagoth could house them.
It was clear that whatever madness had gripped Kagrenac now infected Dagoth. With the last
of his strength Nerevar dealt Dagoth a grievous injury and then expired at the site of his
greatest victory. Nerevar’s attack weakened the traitorous noble enough so that Nerevar’s
forces could take control of the Tools from Dagoth, who hastily made his escape.
With Nerevar dead, his advisors ascended to the highest ranks of the First Council, renaming
it the Grand Council. For many years Vivec and Almalexia mourned Nerevar, and leaned
on one another for support. Sotha Sil however, unbeknownst to the other members of the Council
continued to explore the secrets of Kagrenac’s Tools. Ultimately, Sotha Sil approached Almalexia
who bitterly grieved her Lord. Sotha Sil knew of Almalexia’s anguish, and swayed her with
visions of a Chimer Empire, with themselves as benevolent deities who would usher in the
greatest era of prosperity ever known. Almalexia, in her emotional vulnerability, followed Sotha
Sil, who had, it is assumed, succumbed to the very evil that had led the entire Dwemer
race to extinction, and Dagoth to madness. Sotha Sil seduced Almalexia that day, and
she in turn persuaded Vivec that they should renounce their oaths to Nerevar and to Azura.
That day they committed sacrilege far greater than that of the Dwemer. Making pilgrimage
to Red Mountain, the three did take up the Tools of Kagrenac and each in turn struck
Lorkhan’s Heart. And thus, the great and powerful Tribunal
came to be. The new man-gods had broken their vows to divine Azura, and her rage was boundless.
She was furious at their betrayal, and it was the Dunmer who would bear the mark of
her wrath. But that…is a story for another day.

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  1. KyleMC 22 says:

    What's the armor mod for nerevar?

  2. KyleMC 22 says:

    What's the armor mod for nerevar?

  3. VinxTerranova says:

    7:35 Well, I guess Yagrum Bagarn can go fuck himself.

  4. Marcos Garcia says:

    series is 10/10 been binge watching this since yesterday

  5. TheApfelschale says:

    3:28 dwarven memes are superior to aedra in every way ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  6. Alpha Maze says:


  7. Boney Maloney says:

    Indoril "Edgy Ornstein" Nerevar.

  8. NervXT says:

    So is Kagrenac really responsible for the Dwemer disappearance? I thought it was still left a mystery. I know some accounts proclaim Dagoth Ur killed Kagrenac but others state that Kagrenac used his tools to manipulate the Heart or Lorkhan which caused the Dwemer to disappear.

  9. DeutscherDummer says:

    Mournhold, City of Light, City of Magic !

  10. Steven Alibaster says:

    This story has similarities with Lord of the Rings.

  11. RoboDoc says:

    if this was about real history then l would be historian

  12. Emmanuel Hidalgo-Wohlleben says:

    I love this series, but I feel like the writing could be a lot better. So cringey at times.

  13. Kalsonic says:

    Uhhh, what? No. The Tribunal, those three, they killed Nerevar. Assassinated him. Nerevar did not die through his wounds in battle of the Red Mountain, it was due to the three.

  14. TheWonderfulWeeabooOtaku says:

    Okay, bro i feel like i need to tell you. In my mind you are a Nord.

  15. Erik Shank says:

    silly question, what armour is he using for Nerevar?

  16. sum smudge says:

    Just wanted to say thankyou for giving your own time into these Lores we have all loved. Thankyou!

  17. Quillan Jacobson says:

    Bethesda should make a game where you are a Dwemer after the stabbing of the heart in wherever it was they disappeared to fighting to return your people to the real world

  18. Hunter Leavitt says:

    3:28 thought he said memes

  19. Kortos Autumn says:

    7:34 "No Dwemer was ever seen or heard from again" – Except Yagrum Bagarn

  20. Yer Da says:

    i love that intro though idk why

  21. HECK says:

    i never knew Kagrenac created the first memes. The More You Know.

  22. Pronounceable Name says:

    Why was the first part of the intro not there? Anyone else notice this?

  23. Mr_Gray says:

    I love these

  24. Brian Long says:

    does everyone forget about the one surviving dwemer?

  25. solaire of astora says:

    Fucking love dark elf women

  26. SnailFix says:

    I never played any of the older elder scrolls games. Do the dwemer ever appear in game? Or are there only stories?

  27. Maciek Pieniążek says:

    "…And had created memes…" 3:28

  28. Tawelwch Gaming says:

    Nerevar's armor is really cool!

  29. Jacob Chesley says:

    Blast femurs

  30. James Jordan says:

    At least 1 Dwemer survived, he was in Oblivion at the time. Plus the ghost.

  31. Tyler W. says:

    This is the story the tribunal told the public but if you ever played morrowind then you would know that after Dagoth fled, The Nevera was going to call Azura and ask what to do with the tools, the other three knew that she would tell him to destroy them so they poisoned him and took the tools for themselves. Azura came and cursed them and said he would be reborn and avenge his murder. All the ashlanders knew this so the tribunal persecuted them hard, and dagoth ur tells you this when you meet him

  32. El Nino says:

    Make one on the Great war

  33. Crusader Paolo says:

    In The Ender Scrolls VI, they should make the Dwemer come back. That would be cool.

  34. Julian Cabilatazan says:

    What was the armor mod that nerevar was wearing?

  35. Eric Brannon says:

    Sadly not entirely accurate. There would be 1 living Dwemer spotted after this, he was in a plain of oblivion or some shit and came back to everyone else being gone.

  36. awfpunisher says:

    "no dwemer was never seen again" Not quite my friend.

  37. Deus Cognito says:

    I really liked the Tribunal, I hated how they fell. I feel empty and sad every time I play any Elder Scrolls games knowing my favorite game location, favorite race, favorite lore, has been obliterated. even though you're supposed to be a nord in Skyrim, I can never play as anything g but a dark elf, same with any other TES games

  38. LunaFlora says:

    man it sucks that he do another season.

  39. Rocu Legends says:

    I wonder if the dwarves will somehow come back in the elder scrolls

  40. Gold Jozi says:

    "but that is a story for another day" fuuuuuck that, JAMIE, QUE THE NEXT VIDEO

  41. Wundabar Klaus says:

    Sotha Sil was not evil. He wanted what was best for Morrowind. Deadra can never be trusted. For example Azura punished an entire race of mer for the betrayal of 3.

  42. Cooper Thomason says:

    Vehk murdered Nerevar.

  43. Phong Le says:

    2:40 Indoril set in Skyrim

  44. Gryff says:

    How can the Dwemer have a priest, let alone a High Priest, if they didn't believe in any God? Or is it merely a translation, where the Chimer (Dunmer) have no other way of defining his position?

  45. daniyal says:

    Lmao this is better than most shows on Netflix. Subscribed.

  46. Megatto says:

    Maybe he should have researched how to pronounce Chimer.

  47. Mason Officially says:

    Azura didn't help create Nurn so she shouldn't have any right to dictate the actions of mortals, had I been one of the tribunal I would of severed her connection to the mortal realm and transformed the dunmer back into the chinmer

  48. Tyler Derden says:

    correct me if I am wrong, but at 4:04 the narrator mentions the Five houses of the Dunmer/Chimer, but before the War of the First Council, weren't there six great houses including house Dagoth, which was annihilated and assimilated into the other houses afterwards.

  49. ROZEK smok says:

    I think vivec waskilled a Indorir Nerevar

  50. seth Appleton says:

    "To understand the tribunal at its fullest, one name must resonate at your very core"

    Dragonslayer Ornstien?

  51. thelostgirl101 says:

    If the tribunal used the same method as the dwarves to become gods, why didn't they disappear? Maybe the dwemer disappearance had nothing to do with the heart. When its destroyed and the tribunal was brought down, wouldn't this have affected the dwemer?

  52. novemberrain93 says:

    ornstein ?

  53. Vinicius Maia says:

    dagoth ur armor looks like dragonslayer ornstein from Dark souls 1

  54. K P says:

    So when Kagranak struck the heart of lorkhan every dwemer disappeared but when the nerevarine did nothing happened

  55. cokeheadbenny says:

    haha what a story mark

  56. The Everchosen says:

    Fuck I hate this narrator

  57. Deus Cognito says:

    Azura: "Morrowind still needs a protector."
    Nerevarine: Leaves for Akavir, ignores his job as Hortator, lets the Argonians invade Morrowind, and causes the red year by being Azura's bitch.

    This is why I rely upon Head Canon. My play through is my canon. Nerevarine said, "Fuck you Azura." Kills Dagoth Ur, reclaims the tools, and let's Vivec live and remain a god, Almelexia kills Sotha Sil and is killed by the Nerevarine. The Nerevarine sees Vivec as the best protector the Dunmer has ever had. The Ministry of Truth never falls, the Argonians invade but get destroyed by the combined mite of the Nerevarine and Vivec, the battke between The Nerevarine and Dagoth Ur makes Red Mountain erupt, but not as bad as if the Moon fell, and only a small portion of Vvardenfell is destroyed, thus giving the Heart Stones and evacuation of some Dark Elves to Solstheim and Windhelm meaning.

  58. Im not Joe says:

    I always kill vivic and put his soul in a pair of common shoes

  59. Mart kenyon says:

    Wow, biased against the Dwemer much?

  60. Arbiter says:

    This series is so good. I wish there was more

  61. 2cwldys says:

    I wish they'd make a movie of morrowind

  62. Tarlo The Boar says:

    The Dwemer are a cautionary tale of "Don't screw with The Heart of a Dead God"

  63. Levi Herendeen says:

    I encountered and killed an idiot who claimed to be the Nerevarine just because of a stupid staff he had burglarized from Clavicus Vile cultists, and he was invulnerable. NOT a trait of the prophesied Nerevarine. Also, Shoddy got the original number of Great Houses wrong. It wasn't five, it was actually SIX.

  64. OokileyGMR says:

    At the time weren't there 6 houses?

  65. TheDarkerKnight says:

    I hope you guys continue this channel specifically elder scrolls lore when ES 6 is out

  66. Marty Wittenberg says:

    I think i get it now. The moment he struck the heart of Lorkhan with those tools he essentially struck at creation itself. After all Lorkhan is the one who created Nirn and essentially everything on it. He is born from Sithis. So effectively he struck himself and the whole of dwemer existence out of existence. Boom…..gone. Not understanding the true magnitude of what that heart represents. If for instance a Dunmer would have done the same they would have ended up uncreated. Back to the primordial soup. The one dwemer found from morrowind only survived because he was in a different realm at the time. Not on Nirn itself. Meh we got enough hatefull elves allready anyway….Won't see them again.

  67. George Aird says:

    This bit of lore seems like a total ripoff of LOTR.

  68. George Ellery says:

    Nords got their asses kicked!

  69. mark of Dibella says:

    Who wouldn’t smash almalexia (i think I spelt that right)

  70. AlphaMike87091 says:

    Almalexia is sexy as hell

  71. lumpythebored says:

    A bit is wrong in this. The Tribunal murdered Neravar and there is a living dwemer. And even a ghost dwemer.

  72. FlyJonat says:

    Did sotha sil, vivec and almalexia killed nerevar or not?

  73. DaShirtBoy says:

    What if the Numidium was Liberty Prime?

  74. Galath Worker of secrets says:

    Nice history i wish the normal history in school should be replaced by elderscrolls history

  75. Lucky Hands says:

    They killed nerevar. Stop spreading gossip. Their betrayal was way more far reaching

  76. Led Floyd says:

    Dagoth ur did nothing wrong.

  77. david hurd says:

    Playing Morrowind, there's no doubt in my mind that the Tribunal murdered Nerevar.

  78. Hampton Harper says:

    My brother said "his voice is so boring"

  79. I am Unicron says:

    "Are you sure we'll be safe here?" The Chimer woman asked, fear in her voice. She looked up at the tall man, his dark gold armour gleeming,
    "Yes, we should be."

    His words made her feel safe, but the huge war going on, nothing could make her feel safe at the moment. No matter how much he tried, he knew fear was strong in her emotions.

    As they walked through the tunnels, she reached behind her, expecting to find his hand entwine with her's….. Nothing….

    When she looked behind her, she did not see her love, but only an empty suit of Armour. Where had he gone? "Ruik?"

    Tears fell from her eyes, she cried, and cried and cried until her throat was raw and she had no tears left. Looking at the spot her love had once been, she picked up the helmet.

    Where was he? He couldn't leave her!

    "Ruik, come back, you promised, you promised we'd escape, together! You can't leave me now!" No words she said brought him back…

    He'd completely disappeared..

    A fate, when she finally brought herself to go back up to the surface, she found had gone to all Dwemer, all around her empty suits of armour lay..

    She walked back to her village, her loves helmet still in her arms. Everyone was crying, for their skin had turned the colour of the Ash, and their eyes glowed red like fire.

    "I'll find you, Ruik. I will."


    What even is this story? I have no idea…

  80. killertrip10 says:

    What, is the part where they stab nerevar in the back with vivec's dick then cut off his face and feet not "pc" enough for this channel or something?

  81. dmanfan100 says:

    I don’t feel so good Mr. Kagranak

  82. Vincente Sanchez says:

    This isnt true. Civic wrote in his diary that they conspired to kill Nerevar by poisoning his robes and ceremonial incents when before he convened with Azura to get advice on what to do after the Battle of Red Mountain. Dagoth Ur holed himself up in the Red Mountain because he was loyal to Nerevar and the Tribunal planned to kill him as well. He says this before you fight him, how he waited centuries for your return as your last loyal general

  83. Mr. Denton says:

    Nerevar looks like Ornstein, could it be? Naaaah

  84. Galath Worker of secrets says:

    Only The Dragonborn can stop them, can stop the tribunal by killing or bending their will

  85. Petar Ivanov says:

    So i dont get one thing. How come the dwemmer lost since their automatons were nearly indestructible? In one sentence you get the clear feeling that the dwemmer cant lose and in the next we hear how the chimer general being a militay genius managed to push the dwemmer all the way to red mountain. Am i missing something?

  86. Noddiga norpan says:

    The dwemer are depicted wrong here they where a short elven race not unlike the dwarves of lord of the rings or warhammer.

  87. Ilya Magomedov says:

    I thought it's Akulakhan.
    And you can find the last Dwemer in Morrowind.

  88. PastorOfMuppets says:

    The Dwemer are cool, but their armor in Skyrim is ugly. Especially those boots.

  89. Speed the Speed says:

    Nerevar is Ornsteins cousin confirmed, like the similarities are uncanny.

  90. The Chimeri King says:

    The Tribunal & The Nerevarine

    They did not murder him. But yes they did betray him as they were corrupted by The Heart of Lorkhan.

    The most common problem with this discussion are 3 things;

    1.) Only a few of us understand, explored and discovered thru in game Lore and secrets the real truth to the dwarves and their understanding of science and magic.

    2.) Most of you think rewritten history is accurate

    3.) Due to number 2, you therefore do not know and must discover by other means, WHO and WHAT The Nerevarine truly was.

    The truth? They banished him. Dark Elf? No. Blessed by Azura? Yes, but to what extent?

    You can find evidence on this stuff in:

    TES3: Morrowind references such as Kagrenac's Journal and Studies, The Egg of Time and various other dwemer books found thruought Vvardenfel – diolagues thru Vivec, SothaSil, Almalexia and, The Last Living Dwarf.

    Elder Scrolls Online
    You may read many books on rewritten history.
    You may hear stories from The God's directly that are mysterious and questionable.
    You may also refer to scriptures, and specific drawings depicting that day, books etc.

    The most important drawing in ESO shows the three false God's, stripping the heart from The Nerevarine and cutting his feet off by the ankles.

    This is a ritual in order to take ones soul, and prevent them from walking the lands again. It's a banishment.

    However . . He was released. False Heroes in game are pushed down a path to believe they are really the reincarnation of the Nerevarine but they are not, as he never died.

    Lord Kagrenac, alike the false God's, achieved a higher state of being when he struck the Heart of Lorkhan and wiped out his race; however he used the heart alone and thus experienced that certain consequence.

    The false God's did the same thing as Kagrenac exactly, but together.

    This allowed them to be God's, too, without the consequences that Kagrenac undergone because they harnessed The Heart's power together – making it durable to their once mortal bodies, easier to bear with.

    The Nerevarine was the only one uncorrupted by The Heart, thus their betrayal toward him.

  91. DTown Blastin Salvi says:

    Sucks seeing 2 best friends Dumac DwarfKing and Indoril Nerevar fight and kill eachother because of their people’s differences.

  92. jefthereaper says:

    The thing that confuses me the most about the Nerevarine is on how pointless it really all seems, so he has the soul of Nerevar inside him/her.
    Yet the soul cannot communicate with others, does not pass of any of the traits or skills and is basically completely pointless.

    I mean come on Azura, if you are going to do this, at least let him communicate with the person who's body he's living in to give hints or information.

  93. Michael Medlock says:

    Anyone have a TL;DR version?


    When this video gives me a legitimate feel of just HOW deadly the automatons of the dwemer are, it makes the Last dragon born that much more cool. LDB killed hordes of these things either alone or with the help of an ally.

  95. Dagoth Ur says:

    3:28 created memes
    and Flex like sithis

  96. Edward Glen says:

    Thank u for explaining red mountain

  97. Avonte Lee says:

    What armor is nerevar wearing

  98. Albert Martí says:

    What happened to the intro 🙁 I need you to start with Tamriel!

    Anyway, loving the series so much, and I'm 6 years late

  99. Ancient Conqueror says:

    Azura: ash. ASH FOR DAYS.

  100. Omar the Atheist Aziz says:

    i Never heard this story

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