Dracula – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis

Boo muthaf**ka! It’s Halloween! And this week, I’m sinking these bad boys in yo momma with “Dracula,” by Bram Stoker. Grrrr. Now the story of my boy Drac ain’t told like most cuz we gettin the beat on this blood-suckin playa from a bunch of letters and other scribbles. Now it all started when Jonathan Harker
arrive in Transylvania to take care of some bidness. But when the local po folk hear he headin to the phat crib of Count Dracula, they all start wiggin out. On the real, the count seem like yo regular uptown gangsta — until John cuts himself shaving. Oh sh*t! When John start recognizin that Castle Dracula is bout the craziest damn place he ever seen, he like, “I gotta get my white ass outta here.” Later, Harker’s woman Mina headin
out to visit her homegirl Lucy. And this dip’s milkshake bringin all da boys to the yard. But since two of em just scrubs,
she decide to get down with Arthur. Sh*t gets real creepy when some hoopty-ass boat from Castle Dracula gets wrecked on shore. The only thing left are 50 boxes
of dirt, a big-ass pooch that up and disappears, and a dead body strapped to the ship. One night Lucy start sleepwalkin —
like she do — and Mina follows her to a graveyard, where some hood-ass playa gettin all up in her sh*t. Dat mystery-brutha disappear, leavin two bite marks on Lucy’s neck, and now she gettin sick as hell. So Seward hit up his old teach, Van Helsing, who take one look at her crusty ass and like, “Yeah. Something’s f**ked up right here.” To save her, Van Helsing, Seward, Quincy, and Arthur straight open a vein for this broad. But dat ain’t do a damn thing, and she dies. When Van Helsing hear dat some
crazy crackhead been bustin up litle kids, he goes to Lucy’s boy-toys
and drops a bomb on they asses: They need to merc Lucy again,
cuz she’s become a vampire. After tearin dat bitch up, Van Helsing’s boys crew up with Mina and John to go after da big dawg himself — Count D. But before they can make a move,
Dracula gets the jump on Mina, makes her sip some of his vampire juice, and now she one step closer to goin out like Lucy. Our boys only hope of savin Mina is to ice the big D, and the only way to do dat is to sniff out erry one of his dirt-nap boxes and take dem bitches out. Dracula trucks his pasty ass back to Transylvania, and eventually, Van Helsing and the gang
catch up to him and shank dat sucka. So when Mina and John have
themselves a little G of they own, they name him after the whole crew and call him Quincey, since their boy went down fighting the big D. Even though a blood-sucking white boy
sounds scary to this thug, that ain’t all that was makin
those Victorians piss themselves. To them, the real monster was seein a sexually liberated woman — mmh — doin her thang. Dat girl Lucy’s the perfect example
of what put skid marks in the Victorian’s drawers — not only is she so fly dat she got
three horn dogs hollerin at dat ass, but she’s also exchangin
fluids with four dudes on the DL! And what’s the problem when a
woman’s sexuality is let off da chain? The tight-ass image of the Victorian mother falls to sh*t, and we see a sexy vampire Lucy straight tossin babies. And if they can’t control her, they gotta kill her. And to this G, that’s one of the
reasons they able to save Mina — she’s the true, blue Victorian wifey who just
wanna help her hubby out. But dat ain’t all, B. One of da reasons this book continues to scare bruthas today is cuz Dracula always remindin us that
things may not be what they seem. Dracula may talk real fancy and be decked out in sweet swag like yo average rich Victorian, but he really a stone-cold, blood-chuggin
gangsta. You can’t judge a book by its cover, man. And in a society that’s so set on
breakin a brutha down just by lookin at em, there ain’t nothin mo scary than someone
who defies stereotypes. Naw Mean? Wanna see, hear, and understand?
You gotta hit dat subscribe button, yo. Catch ya later. Peace.

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  1. Belacroix says:

    I loved the analysis!

  2. miyu 23 says:

    that was a pretty awesome analysis there….

  3. jmichealsmith99 says:

    Great! Thug notes is genius!

  4. Various Obsessions says:

    Who here actually read the book?

  5. magalí says:

    "Boo muthafaka!" lol

  6. Alejandro Silva says:

    I really dislike the sexism in this book, I'm not a book worm but I have read Don Quixote, so I don't think it's the length that bore me to death in this book, but I think the ending is insulting and anti-climactic

  7. Fibonochos says:

    anyone else hear lovecraftian under tones in this story

  8. imaginaryobserver says:

    Dracula was defeated by an old librarian, a glorified cowboy, and a real estate agent.
    Why do we not focus more on that?

  9. a n g e l says:

    "Ice the Big D"

  10. Barbara Sena says:

    boo motherfucker hahahahaha

  11. Brian Lam says:

    …taking down the big D (faintly whispers dick)

  12. Mario Rugeles says:


  13. Robyn DeGraves says:

    Polidori's The Vampyre!

  14. Hub Masta Flex says:

    Can you guys do strange case of Dr Jekyll and mr Hyde

  15. H-bomb says:

    Is Tchaikovsky without cannons really Tchaikovsky at all?

  16. barthalen says:

    That opening line never fails to (wise)crack me up.

  17. matthew mccloud says:

    "He said he was a Count, but I know a pimp when I see one.."

  18. Flatflo says:

    Wait, was Dracula black?

  19. Irma Young says:

    "…I'm sinking these bad boys in ya mama…" I'M DONE😂😂😂😂💀 I love watching these! You have to do Gone With The Wind and Scarlett!

  20. Grasp Print says:

    thug notes you should do the damned busters by matthew hughes

  21. Chris Baroody says:

    I see your fangs, you Illuminati Vampire Bro!

  22. Orlok Nosferatu says:

    "Dracula" represents the fears of the white man, also known as "DONT LET THEM TAKE OUR WOMEN"

  23. terence jones says:

    please do " THE DEVIL & TOM WALKER" by washington irving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Daddy Coconut. says:

    This is the coolest host ever! But does anyone hear the way he sounds so he doesn't fuck up the quotes😂

  25. legionaireb says:

    I just noticed how much that last quote jibes with the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

  26. grkpektis says:

    I just recently read this book for the first time, it holds up pretty well

  27. part dard says:


  28. TheEeturHedd94 says:

    I'm sorry I can't focus on the analysis because Bald Mountain is playing in the background and all I can think about is Chernabog fuckin up demons

  29. William W says:

    Not to sound misogynistic but Dracula was the Chad of a day. He wasn't interested in the woman because she was cool he was interested in her because it was an easy hit. Not only does he hit it and quit it, but leaves all the children behind to be raised by someone else. This was extra taboo back in the day. Back then the town would find you and string your stupid ass up if you did this. If anything Dracula is representative of being the wrong kind of Mr Casanova and how it's viewed by some societies.

  30. Apollyon Katastrefia says:

    are u guys still doing these videos ? I havnt seen any video after 2014 yet but I'll keep looking.

  31. Joe Fuller says:

    Do one of the bible it will be hilarius.

  32. Rony Ventura says:

    American werewolf in London

  33. Kringhetto says:

    Was that Night on Bald Mountain at the end?

  34. alejandro Preciado says:

    Do the Bourne identity!

  35. Silentfangirl S says:

    I find it humorously ironic that you chose your own pic for Dracula when, depending on the angle, your canine teeth can look like fangs.

  36. meowkris says:

    I'm reading this book now. I've seen most of the film adaptations and read the Spark Notes, but I believe reading the actual book is important. Up until this point, I had avoided the book because I was scared to read it but every time I walked into a bookstore, I would always run into it. So finally I succumbed to it's beckoning and picked it up.

  37. It's Me, Cousin Nicky says:

    And in a society that's so set on breakin' a brotha down just by lookin' at him, there ain't nothin' more scary than someone who defies stereotypes, N A W W W M E A N ?

  38. Link Sab says:

    Does that mean that … you're actually not a thug? Oh NO!

  39. Carmen VSG says:

    He said, "Boo, mutha fucka!" 😂 😂😂😂

  40. Robert E. Waters says:

    On this one, I think you may have been bitten by a feminist.

  41. Toni Mauck says:

    Can you make a video on Anne Rices Interview with the Vampire??

  42. john castillo says:

    Happy halloween

  43. Warmazack says:

    Poor Quincy died taking on the Big D (DICK) XD

  44. JR Reed says:

    "What puts skid marks in the victorians draws" this is now my fav quote

  45. Leslie Taylor says:

    "Boo muthaf*cker!"

  46. TOF GAMING says:

    they made us listen to this in school lol its not child friendly

  47. Brie’s Thoughts says:

    I love that he made fun of his cute tooth 😉

  48. Jansen hunt says:

    See I knew I should have finished the book before I did this… I had no idea Quincy was gonna get shanked… I’m really just trying to figure out why everyone thinks Mina was a reincarnation of his wife. Any help?

  49. 107 Newt says:

    Why is Dracula black?
    Not trying to be racist just asking I thought he was white

  50. Kurobara Anatanoniwade says:

    Meh. I didn't like this book, at all. Which is rare, because classic literature is what I love. It left me unsatisfied. I was expecting Dracula to kill them all and turn the woman into a vampire. I mean, realistically speaking, I never understood how a group of weak humans could outwit and overpower an ancient nosferatu, who just happened to be Vlad Tepes! Fuck that.

    Could've been better.

  51. Katarzyna Matracz says:

    Do "Silence" by Endo Shusaku!!!!

  52. Sarcastic Raspberry says:

    I know this video is super old- just wanna throw out there that Mina broke a lot of stereotypes of Victorian times while Lucy actually fell into them. Mina was a confident woman who was actually driven by the death of her fiance instead of stunted by it- she's also the smartest of the group- as shown by her deduction of what Lucy had become based purely off of her fiance's summaries as opposed to Van Helsing's history with vampires. As for Lucy falling into stereotypes, she was actually quiet and reserved. Men falling for women and women being desirable in media was super common in novels and stories of the time- it's only in more modern adaptations where Lucy is more loose or open about returning affection for her other suitors. She also faints and is ill for most of her time on screen," which was a popular literary cliche of the time.
    I just think reducing these women to the evil bloodsucker being the one defying tropes and the good, kind one adhering to stereotypes is not only incredibly insulting to them as characters. It is also underselling Stoker's writing and literary technique.

  53. Hammerhead Eagle I Thrust aka Geoff says:

    "Boo muthafker!"- what poetry

  54. Roderick Molasar says:

    Lemme guess – Franz Lizst? Or is it his evil twin brother, Franz Liszt? Huh?

  55. Roderick Molasar says:

    I just listened to this thing 5 consecutive times. My personal all-time record. You're velcome.

  56. mekman4 says:

    Great stuff, Although, Sexual freedom is a gated community of assholes (or narcissists rather). They shake what they have to make you want it. To make you part with your values, do their bidding, and hold you accountable when they’re through. A tale as old as time. It’s personal responsibility.

  57. Zennuts1 says:

    Can you do a summary and analysis of Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice?

  58. Warrior of Slaanesh says:


  59. la malquerida says:

    You should do murder on the orient express

  60. hey nae! says:

    I love how he's doing so many books but shows that he actually knows a lot about them and talks "ghetto". In short what he's doing is basically Buffy speak

  61. Maria Fahlsing says:

    Other vampire stories I'd like to see broken down are Carmilla by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu and The Vampyre by John Polidori.

  62. Vicente Ramos says:

    the dick is good

  63. Abraham Hernandez says:

    dick 2:34

  64. Tomas Tanuz says:

    Drakula don't suck drakula just scrape and lick

  65. francois dinauto says:

    Can you be my literature teacher dawg ?

  66. Mahammadou Tunkara says:

    Did anyone else hear before 4:35 when he goes big D dick

  67. P1nk 66 says:

    2:34 “dICK”

  68. Miles Trombley says:

    Dracula is a pimp!

  69. ILONA says:

    Your videos are funny.

  70. Zainab Bah says:

    this made me laugh so hard looolllllll

  71. Anna Barton says:

    😂😂 by far my favorite version of this story

  72. Ron Ruddick says:

    I wonder where that version got that idea?

  73. alejandromolinac says:

    Ahhhhh Drácula os always portrayed as an ugly monster….. its dishonest your say he’s a suave seducer….

  74. Gurren Gambit says:

    2:33 big d.. DICK

  75. Usama Zahid says:

    0:50 He'd like "I'd gotta get my white ass outta here!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  76. Josh Thomas says:

    Do The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells.

  77. Lori J says:

    That vampire juice though😂

  78. Kickywicky says:

    Awwww … you didn't mention KISS ME WITH THOSE RED LIPS!

  79. Haneul Seung says:

    This got me an A on my Gothic literature test.

  80. critterfreek82 says:

    No mention of the spider and sparrow eating Renfield? What gives? The relationship between him and Dracula in the novel is not only fascinating and creepy, but so rich in symbolism. You can see Dracula as being like a twisted, evil version of Jesus, a true Antichrist, while Renfield is like a fucked up version of Peter or John the Baptist. You can look at it as being symbolic of master and servant relationships in general-and what tends to happen when the servant steps out of line. There’s the idea that even though he must’ve known it would bring down terrible consequences on his head, once he found out that his “master” was drinking of the innocent Mina’s blood, Renfield still found the courage to stop being Dracula’s stooge and resist him as best he could. And of course, there’s the concept of how, on a psychological level at least, Renfield isn’t all that different from the vampire when it comes to his urges to consume and control other lives in the name of extending his own.

  81. Phang Kuan Hoong says:

    this is by far the most brilliant analysis of dracula, ever.

  82. phatkaveh60 says:

    Dracula is an analogy for the dangers of STDs. think about it.

  83. Theanonymous Girl says:

    Now do Carmilla!

  84. Uriel238 says:

    Vampires are liberals wanting to change up shit and dispense with old tired traditions.

    But you have to let us in first. We have pamphlets!

  85. Jen says:

    I have a test on Dracula today, and I’m watching random analysis videos to supplement my studying. This is my favorite

  86. Michael Colello says:


  87. khfan101 3 says:

    Insert Hellsing reference here

  88. Tinyfată says:

    I approve of this.

  89. Grace says:

    I cant be the only one hearing "dick" at 2:34???

  90. Toon Angel 17 says:

    You know it’s gonna be good when it opens with “Boo, mother****er!”

  91. scrooge1913 says:

    Well shit I was halfway through and now I know Quincy dies. If you'll excuse me I have to go kick myself for watching this.

  92. Erin Threlkeld says:

    I liked the feminine layer of Dracula

  93. Dwight Kemper says:

    Damn, I love me some Thug Notes!

  94. Arnab Sainju says:


  95. Angel Avila says:

    I really miss this series.

  96. Saoirse O'Reilly says:

    That's the only book that scared me. I imagine people back then was super scared

  97. SamuelX Literotica says:

    The best show on YouTube 🙂

  98. Juni Post says:

    I just realized… thug got himself tooth implants. No seriously like normally people do it with gold teeth to try and be flashy. But he went and straight up said Naw gimme FANGS!

  99. TheGames1998 says:

    Have you guys done War of the Worlds by HG Wells, that would be dope

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