Disclosure – Ecstasy (Audio)

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  1. caramelized sugar says:

    new album please!!!

  2. chapcdb says:

    BANGIN!!Sounds like some old school Chicago house 👍🏻

  3. david nava says:

    OMFG they are back baby. lets go..!!

  4. Adam Taylor says:


  5. oscar mortimer says:

    WHP <3

  6. Nicholas kedzierski says:

    This notification made me happy best dis going

  7. SoulfulHouseMafia says:

    New music, new tour! Can't wait to see you guys again at Red Rocks.

  8. The Blue Sister says:

    Thinks to self
    Me: This makes me want to dance and strut runway like I'm on the runway!
    (/`*u*`)/ .(/-_-) . ~(~o~)~ . (0-0 )/. <(O.o)>

    Me: Proceeds to flail my arms and runs through the halls while vogue dramatically humming to beats and making weird expressing faces ~(@[email protected])~ (UwU)

  9. James Anderson says:

    Sounds like a poor imitation of something Louis La Roche would write.

  10. alberto passalacqua says:

    Disclosure ❤ Tune Revolution

  11. Kalyan Raman.V.K says:


  12. Kika Dekker says:


  13. slycro says:

    Hommage to Thomas Bangalter's label Roulé…?! 😎

  14. Osiris López Ramírez says:

    Me encanta, me emociona Disclosure.

  15. Mark The One says:

    When will the new album be? 🇦🇲

  16. Hanka Banka says:

    Good vibes only❤️ OMG

  17. honey monie says:

    u guys are one of the few house artists that i can fully enjoy, im so happy that u came back. caracal was a masterpiece, can’t wait for ur new music

  18. PhilGoodInc says:

    I wonder if there is going to be another track featuring sam smith on their next album. would be a great running theme to have the iconic vocals with the boys' distinctive sound on every album.

  19. Zokwanda Mayise says:

    You guys are my favourite artists in the entire world. I've bought every single song you've ever made.

  20. Patrice VonParis says:

    Feels like late 90's early 2000 French HOUSE Music !! We luv it !!! <3 <3

  21. Spencer says:

    Getting some hard daft punk vibes 10/10

  22. Janeth Sanz says:


  23. антон михалев says:


  24. Este no soy yo says:


  25. Ephemeral says:

    The visuals are out of this dimension.

  26. alchemist says:

    Damn where is the feb mix?

  27. Adie Little says:

    So so good, unbelievable hit the nail on the head

  28. Craig Heslop says:

    Great….. i can't settle now 😊

  29. Nerts van het Chalet says:

    kanker eng

  30. Shari says:

    that revolution 909 feel

  31. Joanna Κat says:

    THEY'RE BACK!!!!

  32. Harry O' Callaghan says:

    Not feeling this song at all. It doesnt give you that initial disclosure sound or vibe like their old stuff. I know every albums going to sound different but this just isn’t doing it for me.

  33. Sebastian V says:

    D i s c l o s u r e –
    never disappoints

  34. Melanie Maxine Doucet says:

    Classic French House vibes!! I'm feelin it!!

  35. M.Rez. A says:

    Thank you for coming back 😍😘

  36. LunarEclipse88 says:

    I'm now realizing they'll never do another album even close to the greatness of caracal.

  37. FireFly Epic says:

    "In January 2018, the duo confirmed that they were in the process of recording their third studio album set for release in early 2020, with a single due in between late 2019 and early 2020. "

    Their next shows are in April… guys, I think they're going to drop a new album march or early April.

  38. Cyber Geek says:

    Big Love from LA California

  39. pixamusic says:


  40. Maquette Music says:

    Visuals are Warehouse Project, Manchester. Probably the one of best venues in Northern Europe atm.

  41. fchsean says:

    The boys are back! 💯🙌🎶

  42. Karan Sharma says:

    Man did I miss you boys ❤️ I bump 'Settle' in my car to this day.

  43. David Zárate says:

    Un match con sonidos tech house sin saturarlos, loops y vocales house con efectos delicados, parece ser que son dos tracks en uno solo, ya se escucha sonando este track en las pistas de baile.

  44. Nancy Estrada says:

    I cannot stop moving my body! JUST FABULOUS! 🤩

  45. Hexus says:

    This is proper tight, well done lads

  46. Leonardo Gómez Cotrino says:

    Welcome Back Guyyyyyys!!!

    We're waiting for u in Bogotá – 🇨🇴
    Like si quieren un tour por LatinoAmérica

  47. David K says:

    Blue dolphins orange nikes green WWs orange cherries

  48. J2O says:

    This is cool

  49. Lukaz Bouchet says:


  50. Devin du Plessis says:


  51. Fabian Deasy says:

    Not really too keen on this, sounds like a limp sanitised version of Cricco Castelli – Life is changing

  52. The1GeeDub says:

    In the the beginning there was Jack, and Jack had a groove….🔊🔊🔊

  53. Alex Oliveira says:

    This is dangerous holy shit, PURE GROOVE!!!

  54. Human Corpse says:

    Ai meu útero.

  55. el meperdonas? says:

    I love you disclosure!!!!!!!!

  56. ifaviation says:

    Happy to see you again Disclosure💕🎶

  57. pitchoun 40 says:

    Ils sont de retour!!!!🤪🤪🤪🔥🔥🔥😍

  58. Douglas Gonçalves says:


  59. Sullivan McIntyre says:

    Big big old school Cassius vibes from this one. Love it.

  60. Anthony Bailie says:

    Banger of a tune !!!!

  61. Diego Northlane says:

    Is this techno, right?

  62. Maxime78670 says:

    Literally the copy of camelphat-Trip

  63. lesley.l says:

    Nothing special here. Past work has been more notable.

  64. Sam Marchant says:

    Anyone else think it’s sounds like Session Victim???

  65. Sofía Medrano says:

    Comes to Mexico please!!

  66. The Official Home of Andy Roda [ALIGN Records] says:

    DOPEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Always passion filled and quality work and <3

  67. Ruelle le Ejekekkte says:

    I am here before the 100k, we are V.I.P !

  68. Tyrell A says:

    French house vibe

  69. Tamási Diána says:

    Wow! Disclosure is BACK!

  70. Dimiz says:

    Thomas Bangalter like this!

  71. J s says:

    2:25 Real ECSTASY!!!

  72. Guilherme BackSpin S. Rezende says:

    Brasil Curtindo desde já!! Disclosure Show!!

  73. ben sherwood says:

    I absolutely love this new track!!

  74. ben sherwood says:

    Who wants the BEN WOODS remix release ?

  75. Nuggz Supreme says:

    My god….

  76. Bruce Lee says:

    Gives me daft punk one more time vive

  77. Chem's says:

    Oh Ptn je suis trop contente ils sont de retouuuuur yes

  78. Orlando Gonzalez says:

    Tears of freaking joy…THE BOYS ARE BACK!!! 🙌🙌🙌

  79. mai watanabe says:

    Here they are. I really love their music !!!!!!!

  80. davide michele novaglio says:

    Welcome Back Guys!💣💣💣💣🔝🔝🔝🔝

  81. Andrew Joseph says:


  82. JuanchiSpencer Piedra says:

    soy yo o me recuerda a daft punk

  83. AnnaBrisa Voltex says:

    Keep going and make the old times a good way of evolution!!!!

  84. TheSamuraiInAutumn says:

    This track can't have a better title 🔥

  85. R MCK says:

    Good to have new music from Disclosure but it's very repetitive with little substance unfortunately.

  86. Juan Benitez says:

    Can anyone tell me exactly what kind of style of music this is? I know house, trance, hard style, etc. this just has a different vibe to it and I know there’s a specific genre but I can never figure it out. This is fucking beautiful!!

  87. Yasha says:

    Damn this sounds good on Tidal

  88. LaVaughn Ramos says:

    Yaaassss been a min, here patiently waiting for you guys to return to Queens NYC…. let’s go 💗🔊🤸🏽‍♀️🍾🔥💃🏽

  89. The Cosmic Lounge says:

    Very Braxe.

  90. erock81487 says:

    This has gotten FIFA 21 written all over it

  91. Farhan Ahmed says:

    The old Disclosure is back!!!

  92. Nicolas Gutierrez says:

    LOS AMO FUERTE ! espero que algun dia vuelvan a Argentinaa !

  93. Anthony Nellon says:

    ….MUST… CONTAIN….SEXY DANCE! 🏳️‍🌈🤘🏿✊🏿

  94. Eltezznn says:

    Seems like the new album is going to be a mix between those different styles Disclosure tried in the last 3-4 years like Tribal house and French disco combined with the old Carnival EP garage style (which it never went released to the public back in 2011)

  95. Caline Mpl says:


  96. NB 14 says:

    The old Disclosure is coming OMG!!!!!!!

  97. Ashley Thomas says:

    That's got to be a One More Time sample

  98. Arty Day says:

    vere cool guys! collab?;)))))))))))

  99. Gee ! says:


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