Dilapidated Kachaama-Milal Road of Kupwara In Shambles, Courtesy, Corruption

As the water level in this stream rises, the vehicles on both the sides get stuck. It becomes very much difficult for the patients and children to traverse this place. The construction of the connecting bridge at Milaal is pending since last couple of years. More than one crore rupees have already been sanctioned for its completion. The contractor has been using his influence to delay the work which in turn causes inconvenience to us. This bridge is the only source which can connect the Milaal and Kachama villages and the remaining block. Annually the government does provide funds for the maintenance and repairment of roads but nothing has been spent on this road. Even the best of the shoes wouldn’t last long if one is supposed to walk through this road daily. When the temporary bridge collapsed at this stream, I was studying in the 2nd class back then. Currently, I am a college level student but this particular bridge remains incomplete since then. The bridge as well as the road is causing great inconvenience to us. It has been some eight years since the work was taken up on this bridge. My cab got stuck in this stream several times and on one instant the water seeped inside the engine. It cost me some 10,000 rupees to get it in the working condition. I request the viewers to call the Assistant Executive Engineer R&B, Khalid Ahmed, on his mobile number 979790783 to get the issue addressed. I am Pir Azhar from Kachama Kupwara for Kashmir Unheard.

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  1. Asdil Aadil says:

    aasil tuhai gujraan

  2. Asdil Aadil says:

    gujroo tuhai Kath Chu rood zarooth

  3. Rashmi Srivastva says:

    Good work👌👍

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