Diana Prince meets Victor Stone | Justice League

The program always gets twitchy with this footage You know who we are Are you Victor’s down? I need to speak to you know face to face. I’m old-fashioned that way If I was going to attack you I would have done it by the lake Like you have a dates misprint Oh times somebody here did Face to face I’ve been doing some tracking What you’re looking for sticking to the dead cells it gets in front of a camera causes a surge I’ll let you know that’s not good enough not good enough for you Look, I don’t know you and I don’t know how you got these gifts gifts. No one else can do what you do know? If these are gifts No, I’m not the one paying for them. We need your Victor Then maybe you need us I’ll be fine alone. It’s always out the same for a long time I lost someone I loved once I shot myself off from from everyone, but I had to learn to open back up again The truth is I’m still working on it and if you agreed to meet me Your work you wanted to trust me big deal

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