Diana Prince meets Victor Stone | Justice League 4k HDR

Program always gets twitchy with this footage You know who we are Are you Victor’s down I Need to speak to, you know face to face I’m old-fashioned that way If I was going to attack you I would have done it by the lake Like you have a dates miss Prince kind of somebody here did Face to face I’ve been doing some tracking What you’re looking for sticking to the dead cells it gets a front of a camera causes a search I’ll let you know it’s not good enough not good enough for you Look, I don’t know you and I don’t know how you got these gifts gift. No, no one’s gonna do what you do know? If these are gifts Why am I the one paying for them? We need your Victor? Then maybe you need us I’ll be fine alone. They don’t resolve the same for a long time I lost someone I loved once I shot myself off from from everyone, but I had to learn to open back up again The truth is I’m still working on it and if you agreed to meet me You’re working on it too, trust me big

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  1. Android 69 says:

    0:43 ugh just like online dating.

  2. Lil boat lil says:

    My name is Victor 😁

  3. The1TheOnlyG2 says:

    If it weren’t for “I’m the Juggernaut BITCH!”, “IM MARY POPPINS Y’ALL”, and “WHERE IS MY SUPER-SUIT?”, Cyborgs quote “If these are gifts, then why am I the one paying for them?” would be my favourite superhero quote ever. It’s still way up there though.

  4. A Person says:


  5. TheAmericanManualCom says:

    They REALLY need to grow her an ass.

  6. Tshiamo Tshiamo says:

    his film should have villain that is like him but different like that injustice 2 villain that is green and white

  7. Son Rayzer says:

    1:30 – Best part of the film, all films, ever made. If heaven exists, that ass is what my heaven would look like.


    In BvS, he has no limbs and just a torso and head, but in this, he has a full arm.

  9. Scott Daniels says:

    So sorry but this movie sucked.

  10. Fernando Juarez says:

    I can’t seem to think that grammar is from and elementary school student. “And I know who you also are?” Shouldn’t it be “and I also know who you are?”

    Also Gal Gadot is beautiful yes, but she’s such a shitty actress. But somehow people praise her.

  11. Katie E says:

    Wonder Woman using Steve Trevor as a way to get to cyborg

  12. XxKarinxX says:

    I just wish Wb just take their time in planning and put more effort in their movies instead of rushing it and ruining everything

  13. illyas Ameen says:

    So Wonder Woman knew Victor was at the lake

  14. illyas Ameen says:

    That was rude, he left while she was talking in the middle of something.

  15. ZGMFXGN0042 says:

    Product Placement: Mercedes Benz


  16. sleepyi says:


  17. Kaleb Paulinus Bara Pa Ratu says:

    Diana : Are You Victor Stone?
    Victor : No i am Cyborg

  18. Wec says:

    Her acting is pretty damn bad, not gonna lie.

  19. buttgoo magoo says:

    Does he pee B.B.s???

  20. 37Sith says:

    Wow! I found something shittier than the movie!! The Fucking volume of this clip!! I mean Jesus!

  21. Malefic truth Dragon says:

    Cant he at least turn his led lights off?

  22. AdvancedBretty says:

    I know Wonderwomen gets a lot of praise, but the only good DC movies in live action to me were the Batman movies with Bale and Man of Steel. Everything else is cringe, and random.

  23. Bruce Wayne says:

    1:30 No ass!!

  24. Syed Nadeem Hussain says:

    “If these are gifts, why am I the one paying for them”

  25. Andres Pak says:

    Damn gal Gadot is so so so hot I would give anything to have sex with her

  26. Jevilz says:

    Alfred looks like the old version of Tony Stark

  27. Jason Reyna says:

    1:31 fbody Camaro 😍

  28. Arcade Alchemist says:


  29. Dylan Roberts says:

    I completely forgot Cyborg was in this movie.

  30. PermanentHigh says:

    2:53 Victor "Cyborg" Stone knows better than to trust thots, you jezebel.

  31. Abinezer Resom says:

    Whay is wonderwoman talking when she laughs?

  32. Erxandale says:

    Warner ruined these legendary superheroes, and they decided to blame director Zack Snyder when he had 30 scenes that were deleted by another director, and those 30 scenes actually made sense and had hype in them, like Darkseid, Kilowog & Tomar Re

  33. shawn mcneill says:

    2:19 that look was serious.


    remind me of Jordan Peele, which make me, cant think serious bout cyborg in this movie.

  35. Ralph harold Into says:


  36. K Roon says:

    Man, those PANTS 😉

  37. Brian Daleske says:

    Now if a solo movie of (CYBORG) does happen to get put into production; I wonder who might play this character hero, and to add I wonder if it might be played by the same guy, or would it might be being played by someone else?

    This character hero guy (Victor Stone aka CYBORG) should have an origin story movie of his own, and to add someday a love interest as well.

  38. Lwazi Prosperity Thumbathi says:

    Crazy how the most amazing scenes of this movie was actually putting together of the team. Other than that everything else was crappie

  39. SK says:

    0:13 Eli Pope?

  40. Bintang Syahreqi says:

    I got distracted by something

    Its SOMEthings

  41. James Aratan says:

    Press "5" wait 4 seconds repeat.

  42. HALO v.s HERALD says:

    0:34 bru their really that lazy that they took screen shots from the last film? 😂

  43. mikecantreed says:

    Thank God he agreed to help them. Superman really needed him. And her. Lol

  44. Denchik ShowEm says:

    Ahaha shes holding back laughter the entire time… kinda lame lol

  45. Super Sayian blue evolution Vegeta says:

    I can’t hear

  46. SomaiWith Rice says:

    Is not "VICTOR"
    Is "CYBORG" men!

    Stop ruining may childhood memories! 😭😭

  47. Marco Esguerra says:

    After 20 years, Miles Dyson is still working on cyborgs

  48. VeX says:

    diana looks like a hooker

  49. ionlyplaymasseffect asmr says:

    I think Alfred roasted Bruce on the down low

  50. Tammy Forbes says:

    If Diana needs a date she can call me anytime she is a doll total cutie. When she finally gains a little wait she will be the hottest woman ever she just a tad skinny for me but she still perfect.

  51. StewFeed says:

    0:38 alfred looks like an old Robert Downey Jr. Here

  52. Mr House says:

    Victor's father looks like Bill Cosby

  53. Dhruv Girgenti says:

    Hmm… 0:05 looks pretty similar to one of the marvel characters… One metal arm, strapped to a chair in pain

  54. Razak Idris says:

    if your place out of electricity, maybe there is Cyborg & Diana doing conversation near you.

  55. MrBluestreak70 says:

    This movie is really just one big cliche

  56. whutzat says:

    The REAL Wonder Woman had some ass and titties.

  57. Kaukus Anotherone says:

    Why does DC Movies look like budget movies? wtf..
    The conversations are.. awful.. boring.. the scenes are… awful.. the fighting is awful, the cgi is awful..
    WTF hahahah

  58. AYAR-15 says:

    She so fine

  59. Selim Erdem says:

    That'd be a lot cooler if she went to the meeting with Victor in her WW suit!

  60. baristika says:

    That actor is terrible….

  61. Saturn God says:

    Danm her Accent is Hot😂💎

  62. Calvin Wong says:

    Isn't Brice Wayne going be pissed Victor can hack into his $50,000 system lol

  63. Jam Beat says:

    "Let me shut down power on an entire city street so that my glowing chest and face are even more pronounced."

  64. innerFire says:

    1:31 – don't lie to yourself , you came for this

  65. Jason S says:

    DAT ASS THO♨️🎯💯

  66. jcdropz says:

    “I was” omg so deep

  67. Delilah's Last says:

    Oh.. I get it now. The actually Iron Man. Just less sarcastic.

  68. Hugo says:

    This movie is so gay

  69. GaldirEonai says:

    You know, every time you see that blackout trick in any movie, it never includes the chorus of "ah, what the FUCK" that invariably accompanies such events IRL…

  70. Chavo Ruko Legendario 7 says:


  71. Emerson Loudermilk says:

    Ray Fisher looks and talks like Michael jai white

  72. Liam Ashton says:

    If anything turning off the street lights would draw more attention to him because he's glowing red lul.

  73. swacfan100 says:

    Justice League had its moments, this was one. Probably the most unique way of characters meeting each other I've seen. And badass, Diane thought she was in discretion researching him, he was watching the whole time.

  74. Thanos Aldren says:

    I like her face but this wonder woman has a body only a white man things is hot.

  75. prem anand says:

    V. N

  76. strong arm strong says:

    I really think if cyborg is that advanced and created by a power source advanced as the mother box he should be way more powerful but i think he hasn't mastered his technology and pushed himself to evolve yet💯

  77. Anubis Katmandu says:

    Ufff Dyson, stop working on cyborgs

  78. shreyansh shekhar says:

    The thumbnail nearly got me hyped for Red Hood.

  79. Haxwell Eddison says:

    "Who cares meets big whoop" DC fuckin blows, really who gives a shit about this swill?

  80. Haxwell Eddison says:

    The only thing worth anything about ANY of these shit DC movies. It's Jeremy Irons as Alfred. Everything else can suck Jar Jar's seventeen dicks.

  81. Shelby Ramirez says:


  82. Yihua Pu says:

    Last time we saw Cyborg he, 90% of his body was gone, but here he is only missing 2 legs and a arm….wtf

  83. Ahadur Rahman Alif says:

    Diana: We need you Victor. And you need us.

    Victor: But they need me. Pointing at Raven, Starfire, Robin and Beastboy

  84. 99彡 ιɳɖσɱιҽ 彡 says:

    Wonder women: winter soldier

  85. MrPontiacfever says:

    That's how i leave after i bust a nut I'm out.

  86. יהודה says:

    I loved that movie

  87. DRK_V1RO says:

    bro victor said aight ima head out at the end of the video

  88. hijhiysonikku says:

    Cyborg shoulda been happy with his cybernetics from the very start smh
    He's got that stupid Mary Sue "I wanna be normal" cliche.
    Look I know you were a star football player and all but you have a LASER CANNON now and you get to save the world. If Cyborg had been confused about his cybernetic parts instead of outright hating it, then I would have better enjoyed his character. (But keep the line "Couldn't do that last night.")

  89. Dyna Zatty says:

    wait this is cyborg from teen titans right? i just finally realised it

  90. mango foo says:

    i cannot stop looking at her ass i just cannot do it.

  91. IOnceAteAPinecone says:

    so wait, is Victor in Gotham or New York? Because that was a map of New York.
    Doesn't help he's wearing a Gotham hoodie…

  92. FPVREVIEWS says:

    Brought to you by Mercedes Benz of North America.

  93. Steve says:


  94. Tha nos says:

    MCU is better

  95. ap al says:

    LMAO fuck this movie

  96. Tâm Thần Tín says:

    jc…look this ass..

  97. Rodolfo Alegre says:

    Lindo Trasero 1:30

  98. The Bengalee Sceptic says:

    So Diana knew about Victor's presence by the lake and said nothing about it to Bruce?

  99. Sepp Weide says:

    I'd really like to see the deleted scenes. 😉

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