DENIED entry to a Chinese BEACH without my PASSPORT!?!

“Life’s a BEACH, in China” So I’m listening to the conversations in the crowd here. Apparently, you need to book ahead of time and then get a ah… like a number on your phone, and then you come here and put your ID card and you get it. So of course, I’m not going to get in. Which is ridiculous. So I’m going to go and talk to the security here and see if it’s at all possible for me to go in. So guys. Once again. I’m here to show you how to survive in China without a car. Today is a very strange day or not really strange if you live around here. It’s a typical strange summer’s day here in Shenzhen where one minute you’ve got beautiful blue skies and the next minute a massive torrential downpour. So umbrellas required. Anyway. Last time we took the subway, and that’s easy mode. It’s pretty easy to figure your way around. It’s all in English. Well, you can change the machines to English. It’s very straightforward, but today we’re going to take a bus. It’s a good thing. I bought my swimsuit because we’re going to go to Shenzhen’s most popular beach today and it’s usually jam-packed, but luckily it’s a weekday. So it should be quite nice and pleasant out there. All right. So this is what a bus station more or less looks like. Very simple to spot. They usually have an awning over the top and you’ll see here is the name of the bus stop at the top. The Diwang Dàshà, Diwang building bus stop and underneath it has a list of all the buses that leave from this station. Of course, on the opposite side of the road… Okay, which you can see down there will have the same bus stop you know with the buses going in the opposite direction. Anyway, back to this. Unfortunately, there is no English on these bus stops but what you’ll be able to do is. You’ll be able to see, for instance, this is where we start and it’s kind of handy because you can see the metro station there. So these. You know. That’s where the metro will get you so if you’re familiar with the metro system you’ll be familiar with where these places go and… ah… you know you can understand Chinese. At least, I understand a well enough to know what most of these characters mean. It also gives you information like the times over here. The times in which the the buses run and you know every five to six minutes or every seven to eight minutes. It will arrive during these different times. Anyway, looking at all of these. There is not a single one of these buses that will take me to where I need to go. Well, since that bus stop did not have a bus that goes all the way to the beach so I’m going to just walk around until I find a bus stop that actually does have the bus. It’s entirely possible to use an app. In fact, if you just Baidu which is the equivalent of Google you can quite easily find the routes but once again you have to be able to type in Chinese and understand Chinese. Okay, so this is the Shenzhen Shūchéng bus station. Let’s see what we’ve got here. 29. No. 85 No. No… no… no. That’s Mén Dōng. Never mind. No. Shā tóu. Shā tóu. Ah. There we go. Xiǎo Méi Shā, If it goes to Xiǎo Méi Shā. It goes to Méi Shā. Méi Shā Diǎn. So that’s where I want to go there. That’s a lot of stuff. Go take a look at that. That’s going to take like an hour and a half. It’s like 20 plus stops maybe 30. Anyway. That’s where I’m going so I’ve got to take the bus. 103 Easy enough. Now before I get on the bus, I have to tell you how you actually pay when you get on the bus. There are two kinds of buses. Those with a fixed rate. In other words, their entire route will cost say 2 RMb or maybe 2.5 RMB and then you have, you know, sort of variable rate buses like the one I’m taking. Because it goes so far, it’s not fair to charge somebody a set rate so they’ll charge you like 2 RMB to go for about five to ten stops. I’m not sure the exact amount but then you know you go past that amount you have to pay more. Now, the ones that have a set fee is fairly easy as you step on the bus. They have a little machine. You can either swipe your card if you’ve got like a local Shenzhen Tong as it’s called or you can drop some coins or notes into a little sort of machine that the bus driver has but there’s no change. So it has to be exact. The second type will usually have a bus lady or bus assistant and what she will do is she’ll come up to you and actually ask you where are you going. And then you tell her the destination. This is where you need to know your Chinese. You tell her the destination and then she will tell you how much and you can either scan a card on their special machine or give her a cash and she can actually give you change. There comes my bus. The 103. All the way to Dameisha which is the small… the smaller beach. Okay, looks like it’s going to be standing room only. Watch the mad rush. See that’s a big problem. You’re suppose to let people off first. So. I got a little ticket and it cost five RMB to go the entire length of this bus. Unfortunately, it is full. So there are no seats, and this is like a probably hour-and-a-half journey. Hopefully, a seat will clear up a little later along the routes but you know this is what I… ah… This is what I do for you guys. My subscribers. (laughs) Ah. Good. I’ll go sit at the back. Now, don’t expect any English when it comes to the buses although there are actually English announcements. The problem is that the English announcements don’t help. Listen. Get on if you heard that correctly but if you know in Chinese, it says the next stop is Chun-Li then in English it says the next stop is Chun-Li. If you don’t know what Chun-li is. It’s not a Street Fighter 2 character. You’re not going to know what you’re doing, so once again. If you’re going to take a bus, you kind of need to know where you’re going it probably has to be following like a GPS on your phone to see if you’re kind of in the area or you have to memorize the name. Well done to get stuck into the journey. I will see when I get there. ( music starts ♪♫♬ ) ( ♪♫♬ ) ( music fades ) Right. So I’ve arrived at the bus station. Which is closest to the beach. I got a little bit of a walk so let’s go and see what this beach is all about. Judging by all of those sort of floating rings and swimming costumes and all that kind of thing over here. I’d say I’m pretty close to the beach. For those of you who are interested. It took about an hour and 10 minutes to get here on the bus. It’s shorter than I expected. Anyway, let’s go to see this beach. I’ve arrived at the entrance way to the beach. The Dà méi shā beach which is the most popular in Shenzhen, and it’s got a security checkpoint and sort of turnstiles and all sorts of nonsense um…. and… Well, let’s see if I can get in because things have changed since I was here last. Okay, so this is something that you’ll probably only ever get in China. In order to get onto the beach, you actually have to come and get a ticket from these machines. I guess it costs money. Let’s find out. See what’s going on here. So I’m listening to the conversations in the crowd here. Apparently, you need to book ahead of time and then get a… ah… like a number on your phone and then you come here and put your ID card and you get it. So of course, I’m not going to get in. Which is ridiculous. So I’m going to go and talk to the security here and see if it’s at all possible for me to go in. Okay so apparently, he wants me to show my passport which I didn’t bring along with me so let’s see if they’ll let me through anyway. Maybe I have a copy on my phone. Okay, so I have a copy of my passport on my phone. Let’s see if these guys at the security will accept that. Scan my stuff first. Well, I mean, it’s convoluted. It’s ridiculous but they’re reasonable if you just talk to them. Thing is uh… I wasn’t expecting that I’d have to show my passport to get onto a beach and go through security scanners, but there you go. Now let’s talk about the Beach itself. Well. It’s a good thing I’m dressed for the occasion anyway. Get a little bit of sand in my shoes. Let’s quickly talk about this beach because there are quite a couple of significant things about it. It’s free so it’s open to the public although as you can see now you have to actually register. This beach is always packed. Now you’ve got to bear in mind, it’s Thursday right now in the middle of the day sort of what’s it.. quarter past one on a Thursday and… uh… Hello.
Man: Hello. and you can see there’s still a fair amount of people but if you come on the weekends. Once again, you can’t actually walk here. It’s just not possible. And it’s actually “the stuff of nightmares” to be completely honest Anyway, in order to stop all the trash because I mean you just need to look anywhere here on the beach. You’ll see there’s trash lying around. It’s just the… It’s unfortunately still the Chinese way. So you know when it gets really crowded, it’s just full of trash and so in order to stop that and in order to stop the overcrowding. They do have this new registration system in place. C-Milk and I did a video about it. I’m going to link it so you can go and take a look if you like. But yeah. There we go. That’s the beach. It took… well it took just over an hour to get here. Cost me 5 RMB (0.75 USD) here. It’s going to cost me 5 RMB back. Exactly the same as the other day when I took the metro. So 10 RMB. It’s really not a lot. Unfortunately, it’s quite a hassle and once again not much for me to do here. Even though I did bring my… my bathing suit. I’m not going to really go swimming or anything, so I’m basically just going to turn around and go straight back. (laughs) Hope you guys found this informative. Next time, we’ll be trying a different kind of transport here in the city and until next time… you know the drill guys… as always… Stay awesome! Oh and don’t forget. If you want to go to the beaches here in Shenzhen, bring your passport along apparently. or at least a copy on your phone like I did. What a pain in the ass. Who’d want to go to the beach with their passport. It will get lost and full of sand. ( music starts ♪♫♬ ) (♪♫♬ ) (music fades) So I’m on the bus back and just in the nick of time, it’s just started raining. Told ya. Shenzhen’s weather is weird. Now the interesting thing about this bus is that it’s actually a hybrid diesel electric. In other words, the actual drive of the bus is electric but it uses a diesel generator to kind of generate electricity and a lot of the buses here in Shenzhen are actually fully electric. Obviously, this one goes on a very long trip so it needs to have the range. That’s why it’s a hybrid but I do believe that Shenzhen is trying to be the first city in the world to be fully electric when it comes to buses. I know at least in China. And it was the first city in China to introduce electric taxis so it’s kind of interesting to see how advanced the bus fleet and taxi fleet are here in the city. And you can hear right now we’re pulling off and very little noise.

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  1. Kernow Forester says:

    As Britons, we had to show our passports to get into the Panda centre in Chengdu and at the Potala in Lhasa a few weeks ago. It seems where ever you go in China, you have to show a passport and go through security! I wish the UK govt would grow some balls, and tell the Chinese tourists that visit the UK in droves, they have to do the same thing!

  2. Jennifer Davis says:

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  3. George Tatton says:

    Sounds good to me, have you been to Blackpool England, lately?

  4. Doug Williams says:

    Are there beaches you can visit where no one visits?

  5. Ronald McFondle says:

    Gee. Let's go to the beach being a white guy in a "yellow" country, with a British accent, a camera, and a James Bond espionage costume. Then let us wonder why security raised the suspicion flag.

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  9. Capt. Zheng says:

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  10. david cooke says:

    I won't be going to China, bring your passport to go on a beach crazy, love your videos good stuff.

  11. Dan Le says:

    As a Asian man, i can fairly say that Chinese people are the most rude and arrogant mofos in the World . I have shared my country with them for years

  12. Mike Martin says:

    Got a big kick seeing the crowd at the beach in your video jajajajaja. Yeah I'm not going to the beach there. Pass. Probably catch something I don't need. Daytona Beach is my favorite. Funny comments below about your suit & tie wanting entry to the beach is nothing more than a big F laugh, no disrespect man just funny as Hell. Jajajajajajajajaaaaaaa!!!!! Ohh god jajajajajajaja!

  13. ezzin hamdi says:

    is more easy to use metro man. Also we have many app in playstore to find your station. The metro stations are in english and chinese.

  14. andrew kellers says:

    Even everyday things seem complicated always having to think every move is not for me….I like to run on auto pilot till something needs sorting…and not having to be switched on 24/7

  15. T Hyslop says:

    Good stuff. Oppotunity to peer into the Chinese culture from a anglo/saxon viewpoint.

  16. S W says:

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  18. zdenek marek says:

    It;s happening all over Europe the conversion to electric and even earth gas ! Thanks these vids you make are invaluable to me prior my first visit to China. Best Wishes. Live today !

  19. Feileks says:

    But what if it gets wet or lost/stolen when in the water? 🙁

  20. qolspony says:

    South Africans (the black ones) were denied access to many things when the whites were in control.

  21. Football Manager says:

    Same for orientals in the west man, always saying we LOOK too young so would need to see our passport, won’t accept our ID cards or anything, ask them if the white black people there have been check always get a NO because they don’t have to be checked

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    Why lie? why not make a video explaining this phenomenon and show how you would actually buy a ticket online? lazy lazy…

  27. KIN says:

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  30. Wei He says:

    I used to like your videos, but this could be the last one I watch, because they come with too much negativity.

    Firstly, the title, when a viewer reads "DENIED entry to a Chinese BEACH without my PASSPORT!", people would expecto see you being turned away at the gate, which was not true. After watching the video, what this should mean is "Need to show your ID to a beach in China"

    08:01… "it's got a security checkpoint and sort of turnstiles and all sorts of nonsense

    08:34 "Which is ridiculous."

    08:58 "… he wants me to show my passport which I didn't bring along with me". – Well, the guy said ”证件“, meaning ID, which does not necessarily mean passport. You sounded like you were singled out, but isn't the requirement of ID applying to everyone there?

    09:24 The caption shows "… to blow up the beach" – what about knifes or other weapons? The security system was put in place for a reason. I don't think your sarcasm is appropriate.

    09:55 ”Well, I mean, it's convoluted. It's ridiculous.“ – The security guard just let you in without a single question.

    Your videos are informative. You can make them more enjoyable to watch by staying factual and neutral.

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    Book ahead for a day on the beach? Wow…I am not impressed. You need a copy of your passport too? I am definitely NOT impressed. Trash and overcrowding don't sound good to me.
    I live on the beach on the Island of Margarita off the mainland of Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea. My beach is pristine and there's hardly ever any crowds.

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    they call that a beach lol

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  55. David Fricker says:

    why the security?

  56. al bundy says:

    British Agen at Work , He just does his Job do not distrupt please , Convincing Western Public " Comunism " bad thing .

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    WFT the minute 7:45 it appears to be on the inflable Donuts pile what looks like a promotional merchandise from a company in Spain called círculo de lectores , those aren't meant to be selled and neverless in China …. What the fuck , I'm tripping

  58. David Boulton says:


  59. R2 D2 says:

    you should bring a bikini or leotart!

  60. Steven Narine says:

    I wish you had a very strong Chinese accent

  61. Bart Van Raefelgem says:

    I think Mr Winston is aware he should have his passport on him at all times. Ignorning this and then complaining about this is quite sad. Positive discrimination is great but should never be taken for granted.

  62. Job Broadcast says:

    Good Video !

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