Dem Congressman: Trump Obstruction Is ‘Disrespecting American Public’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. Anti Hypocrite says:

    The American government is very weak and the world know it .

  2. Daniel Peterson says:

    You are a lier and that has been known because the spy that democrats had on him for the last five years. And Congress sead no matter what paseshin they are in even if they are Congress or the Senate.

  3. Lynda Mitton says:

    But….it sure is costing a fortune that the little people will pay for, but more seriously, this kook president is causing fear, loss of admiration as the strong and free country! He
    Obviously has taken lessons from Putin in their private meetings, but he does not have Putin’s smarts to handle the people! He should go down in the History Books as a terrorist and self-serving hit job! We, the People have to draw out his selfish crimes if there is any hope of returning to a peaceful life on earth!

  4. Glenn parent says:


  5. Mike Mayhaus Sr says:

    It is very satisfying to see trump and his groupys going down the tubes and into the swamp. I have been asking locally for those who made any effort to vote trump into office, it is there responsibility to make an effort to remove him, I didn't vote for him so why should I have to correct there incredible mistake for them. They can't deny he has to go, there is no defense of him unless your an enemy of the united states of America. Im so filled with joy happiness and relief that he is going to jail, no possible way he can avoid that and at his age its almost certain he will die in prison and he is so very deserving of this demise I

  6. Jonnyc says:

    I guess the Repubs are happy now that the swamp is so crystal clear.

  7. Anthony Woodroffe says:

    The president is a clown show ! A shitstain display in the now shithole white ! The roman empire is run america and most western nations !

  8. jessica rosario says:

    Trying to be a mobster boss,he threatens his employees,if they don't obey his cruel ways,he curses at them,threatens them,like a big bully in Skool,you have to standup to,if you don't stand your grounds,his minions will attack after.

  9. Donald Storm says:

    They must do impeachment hearings immediately tired of this crapp, Hillary Clinton is not president trump should not even be bringing up her name. But it's Time to round up all of these criminals and some of them are senators.

  10. KILLAWATTS 804 says:

    All I know is Trump is in a world of trouble when he leaves office….should have stayed out of politics fool

  11. 11STARFIRE says:

    Wrong…if tRump goes to the Supreme Court he might get a 5-4 protection. The new SCOTUS, especially Gorsuch, Thomas and Kavanaugh, will go against the Constitution and protect tRump.
    What goes around comes around, these same SCOTUS Judges will have to give liberties to democrat presidents. Yet I hope America never gets another POTUS like tRump!!

  12. Kyle Jameus says:

    Under Trump's leadership America has become from a strong country to a very weak country
    Trump's lies ,corruption , dividing the country ,other countries can't believe a word America say's
    So many lie's from their president,Trump trying to work with dictators
    Trump telling the world his military leader's and his own cabinate don't know what their doing
    Trump is not a gift from GOD,Trump was sent by the antichrist, this is scary stuff for America
    America,with nobody in their Whitehouse but liar's and Trump family is scary stuff

  13. A Rogers says:

    All the conversations of democrat candidates reaching out to the republican voters is empty. Those that still support that party will never change. If they haven't seen the corruption, lawlessness, and soul less state of the leadership they are in a state of tribalism that will not be deterred. There are good people on both sides, it is the corruption of the leadership that must be attacked. We Americans should have the representation that our founding fathers stated as for the people, by the people. All good for all whether we are of this party or that.

  14. David Gallegoes says:

    A president shouldn't HA VE the power to Stonewall Congress!! Impeach this supposed " prez"

  15. MrDustpile says:

    In the mid-terms, Dem voters voted for Trump's head on a platter. Trump voters don't want that and Trump blocks and parries partisan moves on principle.

  16. Don Bryant says:

    pig wood is POTUS because people could not abide HRC"S continuous swivel and Arsin. I am sure lots votes for Pig wood where against her. We could readily do without this evil wench's input.

  17. Richard Dastrup says:

    Nancy Pelosi dementia . Maxine waters attack on President Donald Trump supporters . Chuck Schumer going behind the President back talking to Mexico President. Bernie Sanders threatens the President . Where I'm from Bernie should be in prison for 7 years. Corey Booker attacks men at the airport restrooms. If you ask me we need a new party. Not a party of hate. Democrats should be locked up they are not above the law.

  18. Mlchael Wray says:


  19. Juan Rivera says:

    It doesn't make any difference Congress don't have the STONES to enforce the law, if they did they have done something by now…. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

  20. Zai Adams says:

    I love watching ur show for it's integrity,,,honesty,,,and facts,,,,but please u don't need to hear from u know who,,,without mention,,,,she is the past tense,,,has been,,,it's time for new generation of bloods who are pure,,,american of what's ,,who voters put them where they belong,,,,& I assure uu that they will be there for a loooong. TTyyymmm,,,that's who represent the people…
    Lawrence u know that,,,and even the young generation watches ur show..God bless uuuuu,,,,ur the real true American who stand for justice…

  21. Who am I ? No one! says:

    Out of 362.8 million people in the United States… #270 Electorial College votes are what put Trump in office. Not a balanced vote ! Plus , our Electorial Colege was tampered with. Obviously ! We are going to see him re-elected. Because it's a broken lame system. No ones paying attention to the checks and balances. We are totally unbalanced! Transparency only happens with good. Brick walls are not transparency. They are wicked walls you can't get through !

  22. smokesurpent says:

    You clowns are so full of schiff as a Christmas Turkey.

  23. Nguyen Dung says:


  24. Timothy Hallbeck says:

    What obstruction? You mean full access to all his emails, all his advisors including his kids, you mean publishing the Mueller report when it was not in any way required? You are a hateful buffon, and your ratings reflect that.

  25. R. Waldman says:

    Take down his son's as well Beavis and butthead

  26. Ernie Taylor says:

    1 battle won should be followed up with the main push

  27. Ernie Taylor says:


  28. Joe Morales says:

    he built the wsll

  29. Kitty Barbieto says:

    PLEASE DON'T ASK GUESTS THAT SEEM CONFUSED ABOUT WHY REPUBLICANS REFUSE TO PASS LEGISLATION TO PROTECT OUR ELECTIONS ON YOUR SHOW!!! I am sooo tired of listening to pundits, candidates, politicians, express their shock and dismay when McConnell does something like squashing bills to safeguard our elections. Frankly I'm embarrassed that they show little to no insight into the motives. And I'm not even talking about McConnells donations from voting machine lobbyists When a group systematically debases themselves to support virtually EVERYTHING that this despot does, says, desires, including sexual exploitation of little girls, (oops, that last one is a mere accusation not yet proven) I don't think it's much of a stretch to see that these are not nice, moral, reasonable, or trustworthy people. Only thing missing in action is the clear assessment of the magnitude of the danger by these "slow in getting it guests".

  30. Bill Pardew says:

    no conspiracy no collusion and Mueller stated his investigation was not an interfere with or impeded in any way so what did Trump obstruct exactly since Mueller said his investigation was not interfere with what was it that Trump obstructed I'm still waiting

  31. Carol Davis says:

    Trump always sounds so stupid with his threats, bla bla bla nonsense and continue with obstruction.

  32. Thomas Arnold says:

    We're watching and hearing this man every day selling our country to whoever has enough money to put in his pocket then he's gone.But you have to think,where can he go????!!!!This is life not his dreams.

  33. Kwame Baffour Senkyire says:

    Why put trump at the white house,? America,,,,,

  34. steve C says:

    Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!

  35. Cookie P says:

    Your full of crap Trump the victim of sore loser democratic.

  36. Cookie P says:

    That enough withe Mueller report move on we don't want to hear anymore.

  37. Ron Wright says:

    Stop wasting time getter done lock him up make America great again ! Life in prison plus one day !

  38. Ron Wright says:

    I bet all trumps teachers threw life are shaking there heads saying what disaster a complete joke !

  39. Domingo Nunez says:

    Because Donald Trump is so f**** criminal he was a criminal before he became president is it criminal not when he's president and he's going to be a criminal to the end of his days Donald Trump is a f**** a****

  40. Frank Heuvelman says:

    Oh Pathos.

  41. Sven Frontin-Rollet says:

    OF COURSE THE 2018 ELECTIONS APPLY IN THE US… THE CONGRESS WAS STALLED TO ENSURE OVERSIGHT .. THAT WHY CONGRESS IS UP FOR ELECTIOn every 2 years… to ensure the president is in check…. and hes not… hes the most corrupt president in the hisotry o the USA!

  42. Who am I ? No one! says:

    1 and a 1/2 years is too long. Our democracy and safety will be over if they don't get him and pence out of office. We are finished. Obviously our Congress is corrupt and does not care about the American people , how we suffer and die. More die in mass shootings. The working poor have no hope. It's all falling down around us and government doesn't care. It's all rehtoric. He is a liar a cheat , totally immoral and we all know it. But Congress has no power. America now has a travel ban against it. Other International countries are telling the world not to come here to America , because it is to dangerous. Thanks Electorial College and also Congress for destroying America. We won't make it out of this administration. We are falling !!!!!!

  43. Wendell Hackley says:

    Hillary Clinton shut up,you did enuff harm to America. Trump is going down 👎🐮🌊

  44. mattgotsskill says:

    stop crying. you people lost. he is your president get over it. economy is stronger then its ever been before , unemployment ALL TIME LOW , BLACK EMPOYMENT ALL TIME HIGH.

  45. Mark Palluccio says:

    The Congress should begin fining anyone who refuses to comply with these sipesnas and with today's ruling these fines will be paid. Make the fines heavy and well served how quick most of the morons comply now. If they still refuse jail them for contempt

  46. Jim Menard says:


  47. Jim Menard says:


  48. Jim Menard says:

    3 YRS u LIED to your Viewers where's your apology Lying Corrupt Lawrence the deepstate will give u permission to apologise.

  49. Peggy Trawick says:

    Trump refuses to release his taxes.

  50. Peggy Trawick says:

    Contempt of Congress

  51. Peggy Trawick says:

    Trump is afraid of Nancy Pelosi , afraid of the public, and afraid of Robert Mueller of the FBI.

  52. Peggy Trawick says:

    Russia has interfered with our elections.

  53. Peggy Trawick says:

    Mitch McConnell is now Moscow Mitch.

  54. Lucius Head says:

    This position that Donald Trump is taking has proved he is guilty, he is guilty as sin and should be impeached as soon as possible by Congress!!!

  55. Rebecca Carey says:

    Leonard NII BOYE METTLE… tell oh mysterious knower of the knowable

  56. Rebecca Carey says:

    LVT The Locker Room…
    WHO r u taking to? …or are u just practicing screen-play character driven writing skills…some of it's not bad

  57. Victor Marin says:

    The articles of Treason against the Nation.! On all

  58. Thomas Hyle says:

    for decades every part of government including the courts has refused to act in good faith when it comes to poor people; Yuppies act somehow stunned that government now does this thing, to which we have allowed it to get used to doing. When you let someone else be abused it always ends in "and when they came for me"

  59. BillHK says:

    Hillary should STFU. If it wasn't for all her BS, there would never have been a Trump presidency.

  60. roxannwats says:

    Can the House hold McConnell accountable for his obstruction of the Obama administration? He has Not done the job we have paid him for. He owes the taxpayers his wages, plus prison time for saying he would not allow any of elected president Obama’s Supreme Court Justice nominees to the floor for a vote. Shameful and should be arrested.

  61. Kent Boyd says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that Trump is experiencing dementia, probably Alzheimer’s type.

  62. joe sifford says:

    PEE-PEE prez dummy drumpf-TURD

  63. Conscientious Thinker says:

    Republicans are parasites, they get payed going nothing.

  64. eleemosonary redhead says:

    Didn't lay a glove on him? Is he talking about the O.J case? This man is bat-crazy

  65. Jean Ward says:


  66. steven holoubek says:

    He's another one that's kissing Russia's behind that's why everybody's calling in Moscow mix Moscow mint Moscow I will keep saying it cuz that's what he is he's a Russian operative just like Trump they want to bring down our democracy they want to sit there and demote the mock the Democracy of this country that's worked for two hundred years or more that our forefathers put for they don't care about the American people all they care about is making any more $80 that's it whether it be a Rubik's or whether it be some of the foreign cash that's all they want to do

  67. MOSTOFER Mobley says:

    We need it by his name for history

  68. MOSTOFER Mobley says:

    Who voted for a clown anyway

  69. Robert Robrahn says:

    The answers lie within the walls of the Kremlin and Deutsch Bank. Putin should be banned from entering the US and Trump, if not impeached, should not be allowed to seek re-election. He and his cronies should be imprisoned or better yet, deported. And Trump's assets should be liquidated and used to partially pay for his trillion dollar deficit he's brought upon OUR country.

  70. Barbara Brinkmeyer says:

    Yes, "El Presidente" is in bad shape. Never heard that phrase before. It's strange.

  71. rd264 says:

    a country of 320 million and the best we could do was in 2016 was Trump and Hilary? They were the best candidates we could come up with? Gosh, there is something deeply wrong with this country.

  72. dom domdominoes says:

    how's this guy hold a straight face when he says most of what he says

  73. Alton Lee says:

    DRUMPH strategy is to convolute the process. He will have RUSSIA to taint the 2020 election thus making it invalid thus he remains in the white house until it's resolved.

  74. Omar Khalil says:

    hows Ben Shapiro doing?

  75. Darrell May says:

    If the Impeachment process is in the works and Trump wins a second term He would soon be out of office with the Impeachment!,,, think?

  76. Darrell May says:

    Trump lives in a 24-7 TV show,,, not reality!,,,

  77. Darrell May says:

    If you look at the story of Frankenstein where the people had to deal with the Monster that they created is not far off of where We are with Trump today!,,,

  78. dom domdominoes says:

    I hope trump sends you to Mexico

  79. Eric Claeyborn says:

    This liar is still on TV? Wait… he's on MSNBC.

  80. sagestory says:

    Who wants to tell Lawrence that "didn't lay a glove on me" is a boxing reference?

  81. luna see says:

    Fines???? Fines??? oh yeah, that'll fix their little wagons….
    Why not JAIL?
    Or both?

  82. leek the king says:

    😂😂 it's to late, election are coming!! Bernie 2020!

  83. Live Strong says: around 5 min..he says the president used "gang language"
    And that not right cause everybody who talks like that is not in a gang.
    it's called slang..stop labeling people

  84. Big D says:

    When Trump was born out of his Mother's rear end he said his first lie and said it was a normal childbirth LOL

  85. Inappropriate Mushroom says:

    get to the bottom you mean lkeep trying to frame our President

  86. Inappropriate Mushroom says:

    you want to have the fake news report bad thing's lies or not to hurt the President..

  87. Inappropriate Mushroom says:

    they had two years 30 million dollars , NO COLUSION , WOW talk about beating a dead horse dems get blue ribbion

  88. Inappropriate Mushroom says:

    Trump will win even bigger next november i can't wait ,, drain the swamp Donald America loves you..

  89. Hey Buddy Guy Friend Pal says:

    Ha ha ha….

  90. Hey Buddy Guy Friend Pal says:

    At this point …

  91. Soulfyah Management says:

    Still searching for a reason to impeach your duly elected President. Disgusting. Have some respect.

  92. rupulstilskin says:

    Fines only for defying subpoenas? Put them in jail.

  93. Timmothy Copeland says:

    "didn't lay a glove on me" is not gangster, is not the verbage of a criminal. It's the words of a boxer. You know, Sugar Ray, Mike Tyson, Rocky? A sport that is oddly but highly respected in America. Lawrence O'Donnell as well as Joe Scarborough both seem to get a kick out of sensationalizing what they report. You have good stories, why invalidate them with hyperbolic taunts and intentionally fishing for a reaction? These are reasons why current reporting can leave the public feeling more skeptical than informed. Quit baiting the administration and just report the news!

  94. Douglas Rodrigues says:

    The greatest threat to freedoms, and the Constitution is the Democrat socialist party.

  95. David Raye says:

    Der Trumpenfeurer is a swine

  96. Shalley Brown says:

    This will never happen because tRump is AGAIN paying for votes in one way or another!

  97. Mac McFarland says:

    A$$hats!! Wasting time! Been threating to impeach for three years!!!

  98. mike ez love says:

    one ya cant have a comprimisable plan it has to be a solid structure and a sure method and its increaseing the employ of the treasurury and being favorably in work together to create a structure that works

  99. G Ski says:

    "If true" right O'Donnell "If true" even Rachel Madcow couldn't believe your fake news and opinion…

  100. Jaxieaxie86 says:

    When you put this up and now it is SEPTEMBER….NANCY PELOSI HELLURRR

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