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  1. Mike Barbas says:

    I believe Hillary Clinton deciding to steal the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders [which ultimately handed the presidency to Donald J. Trumplethinskin] will be one day looked at as what shaped the '10s most.

  2. DrewTube316 says:

    There's still 3 weeks left of this decade, anything is possible.

  3. Henry Broback says:

    I think between 2010 and now there were events that shaped the decade a lot more than what people said behind a screen in protest

  4. Ian Lack says:

    Can’t wait until this video gets deleted and re-uploaded because of a weird, obscure mistake.

  5. Merlia Santos says:

    Why did Jeff Bezos invite Ghislane Maxwell to his secret Camp Retreat for the Elite 3 years running?? What did they talk about?

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