Day 6: Judgement Day -Team Dimension Data | Zwift Academy Finals

30,000 riders started out on the Dimension Data Zwift Academy back in July and that number now has been whittled down to just three finalists who have been brought here to Cape Town, South Africa to the Dimension Data World Tour training camp and the prize up for grabs, a contract with the under-23 Dimension Data Team for 2019. And this is day six, the day of the big decision. Yesterday following one-on-one interviews with team management Alex, Martin and Ollie had the privellage of leading out Mark Cavendish for a series of sprints and today, the final day of the Zwift Academy they’re going to go on a group ride, and cafe stop with none other than Bernie Eisel, one of the most respected pros in the peloton, followed by the big announcement. A nice steady cafe run curated by none other than Bernie Eisel. New roads, absolutely perfetto. Really nice ride today and I wish you all the best. One will get a spot but I think all you guys will have a good future in cycling and we’re introducing them to the real culture of cycling we don’t train that much. Most of the time we sit in a coffee shop. It’s been a great competition, they’ve been really closely matched three good all-round riders and three talented riders a really really excited competition. It’s not just about how good a rider they are on the road or on Zwift we’re looking also at their potential as a rider and where they can go from here. It’s a memory that will never be forgotten it’s not everyday you’re sat down at breakfast and Mark Cavendish walks in Bernie Eisel’s getting some scrambled eggs on toast. Being part of a week that’s more give back to the community of South Africa and that’s really big. Definitely the best week of my life the people around the experience it was amazing. The race for me was a lot of suffering it didn’t go well that makes it even harder for you. Everyone’s a bit nervous, everyone’s a bit tense but the announcement’s soon. The moment has finally come very very nervous indeed Doug Ryder, the Team Principle of Dimension Data is about to announce the winner I am trembling with excitment this is a big big moment. The winner of the 2018 Zwift Academy and to ride on Dimension Data’s continental team next year… Well the winner has been announced but I’m afaid you’re going to have to wait until next Tuesday when we drop the full-length video to find out exactly who that is. It’s been a wonderful week getting to know these fine young athletes all of whom have got a very bright future and a big shout out as well for Dimension Data for making us feel so very very welcome.

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  1. MikeB_2Wheels says:

    I think it has been said before but these videos have not really told us anything. Some epic music and random interviews but nothing in depth. A lot of potential to make these great for the fans perhaps missed?

  2. brad perry says:

    wow. these videos have been terrible.

  3. Craig Cowan says:

    I'm sure the video was on here last night and spoiler alert wasn't the winner Ollie?

  4. Mick O Neill says:

    Missed a great opportunity for a 15 mins daily vlog.Matt is number one cycling commentator now though.Hope they give it to the one who will have least chance of an opportunity to progress because of social/financial situation.

  5. Jeff Brimhall says:

    Tuesday's video better be good! I would have watched 30 mins a day if they just would have shown more. Maybe next year!

  6. OMC built says:

    Withholding all information during this series doesn't add suspense, it subtracts interest.

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