Hey, hey how can you really doing yes that guy what’s a sprint fuck him? That’s true. He left was it a big deal when he left. We didn’t want to pay his contract anymore They actually paid him to not work We’re getting some inside fucking dope man Know him to not do any more acting stuff, and then when that contract was done. He went straight to sprint What do you know about the progressive lady? You’ve got all the word spoken people so it how Justice League is doing in the theatres Do you think they released the Snyder version for home? Ah? great question you win tickets instantly for that because it allows us to talk about this I There have been a there’s a petition online with something like two hundred fifty thousand signatures Saying put out the Snyder cut I I think it’s ridiculous not to like show the movie sell the version of the movie that people are familiar with theatrically Wait six months and then fucking hit him with the Snyder vision cuz it’s not like what’s the worst that can happen Everybody’s like you fucked up and Warner Brothers like yeah, I guess but it’s in their rear view They’re working on something else so it’s just another stream of revenue for him I think it’d be batshit crazy pun intended for them to not put out Zak’s Vision which I’ve read an article about thank you for bringing it up, and I’ve fucking saved it on my phone god Damn it. I hope it’s there still Was it the director of photography no it was a breakdown of what’s missing from the movie Everything read Zack Snyder’s version and all deleted scenes Oh come on. Don’t freeze up on me now. Oh my god Hold on hold on hold on here we go Okay, read snacks in Zack Snyder’s version and although. I’m not going to read you the script, but these scenes were done before reshoots and were shown to WB executives Let me see Aka the the writer says the idiots who don’t appreciate our I mean, it’s as the peace comes from superhero talk site, so WordPress.com so obviously their various written by her hoon Sharif And he’s got opinions to say the least but most importantly we’re not here for the opinions We’re here for the what he knows He said longer Began the opening was longer began with Bruce recruiting Aquaman who was basically the same scene in the theatrical version however some lines were added by Whedon and some Zac bits were cut Aquaman was originally more resilient and Shut off to Bruce here, deleted Barry Allen saving iris West by breaking the glass remember that shot of him poking through the glass Apparently his old fucking scene of him saving iris West meeting iris West gone longer history lesson But just by some bits what I was most surprised by the author says was what? WB cutout dialogue by the Green Lantern Zeus and Ares yes Ares was there too so on the Battlefield when they flashed back and shit that Green Lantern said something and so did Zeus and so did Ares they cut all that shit They had a couple lines each as did Robin right it was in the movie and Hippolyta as well Hippolyta We saw operative like Robin Wright’s credited even though. She’s nowhere to be seen in the movie though. They shot it They just kept the action in and clicked out all the dialogue Deleted after taking the mother box from Thomas Kiera Steppenwolf actually talks to the box His mother Hagrid essence is alive in the mother boxes and bringing them all together would unleash her powers finally given Steppenwolf an edge over his uncle Darkseid that is what his plan was originally. I thought for sure They would keep that scene because they used dialogue from that scene in the trailers where he said no protectors here No lanterns this world will fall. It was part of that scene, but they cut that out Deleted cyborgs previous life. He plays a great football match that his mother Attends afterwards they drive home Victor is angry that his dad Never made it while his mother tries to console him Victor Just keeps getting angrier and lashing out loose control the car Causes a fiery crash, so that’s how he got injured and is killed and his mom got killed in the process Longer the Gordon scene on the roof had a little setup that I didn’t see in the theatrical version Gordon dismisses a junkie and tells him to get better at life before another cop comes to him with drawings of the parademons remember when he said that and he said When he first met Wonder Woman he asked if she’s the same woman who keeps seeing reports in London? about many a cyborg How do you eat do you even need to and they cut all that? Deleted after the attack on Atlantis Aquaman consults with Mira and volcko, so what’s his name Willem Dafoe is playing volcko that whole fucking scene where they talk about what they should do next Mira wants Arthur’s stay as king because she quote doesn’t trust Orme so they fucking name-dropped Orman they cut that shit out Boku wants him to do what his heart says Aquaman confesses that he feels a responsibility To help the people of Earth, so there’s some more backstory on Atlantis other than him gone well I’m gonna need something from you, which I guess is the suit of well he was wearing or the quinidine or whatever. Yeah, yeah? The truck wasn’t it treinen though it has five So that was that a Quinn didn’t pentagons, Quinn dent, right? Okay, deleted the league visits the Batcave Alfred has humorous reactions to the league Bruce so Alfred like just gone hole shit. Oh, shit. Oh they cut all that Bruce Wayne Talks about a nightmare he had he believes that Steppenwolf will try to resurrect the power of Superman And then they must do it first unless they want to fight an evil Kryptonian, too So they have they were beating Steppenwolf to reviving Superman, which makes a lot more sense doesn’t it? change Superman’s resurrection was only possible because cyborg detects foreign genetic material in his DNA Aka the Codex remember the Codex from Anna steel that was playing as part of the plot. That’s gone This is the final confirmation needed that Superman can be brought back to life after all then the revival happens pretty much the same Deleted this is in the middle of the fucking movie ready for this Deathstroke breaks Lex out of prison why the fuck would you cut that out? Oh my god. I question everybody’s sanity They part ways because the cops are hot on their trail decided to meet up later at a location They discussed which was the PS seen on the fucking boat Deleted Kent farm now this sounds like they butchered the shit out of this Superman brings Lois here, however He is still very confused after he wakes up not knowing what’s happening Bystanders are looking at him and clicking his photo this confuses him further And he actually tries to attack the civilians with laser eyes before Lois manages to calm him down Superman tells her that the voices won’t shut up later Morpha shut Martha Martha shows up and Here, and and she does a version of her remember she did a Man of Steel She’s like you’re on an island you hear the sound of my voice she stalks him down again Which ties in? To the other fucking movie they took out all the shit the tie-back which I think was like that’s part of the vision it makes Me a little mad Kevin Costner was also in the movie pock Kent was also on the fucking farm in some fantasy sequence they cut that shit out park Kent talks about embracing who you really are and says you know what maybe you could have saved me after all no I just said with that part Also there’s plenty of room on this door Jack He tells Clark that you have to make peace with who you are you have the power to change the world and you could do That as anyone good character or bad Clark finally embraces Superman as part of him when Lois walks out Clark confirms their engagement Lois breaks down because she wasn’t strong enough Then Martha comes out to as Clark decides to help the league, and he flies off. That’s how it happened in the version they saw Deleted Clark heads up to meet Alfred and get his suit remember the fucking shot from the trailer. Where Alford’s like. Thank god You’re here, let’s hope you’re not too late. That’s what it was he came to get his fucking suit. That’s gone Deleted Steppenwolf second conversation with Hera now that he’s all three mother boxes Her return to this world can begin so she actually speaks at that point 14 they said changed Bruce’s conversation with Diane after Superman Returns Diana comes into pop Bruce’s shoulder and tend to his injuries remember that Bruce reveals that he’s willing to die to save the world in fact that he does herbs to die because of what he’s done He’s killed people and nothing not even his hate for Superman can justify killing like that Holy shit man like that’s something every Batman fan wanted to hear based on Superman and Batman V Superman We’re like he’s killing motherfuckers and Brandon. I’m like crazy, so they actually made up for it, but boom that got stripped out Dianna tells him he’s changed now, but Bruce remains adamant that he can only atone himself by sacrificing his life Changed Bruce’s Batmobile is heading to certain death before the finale when Wonder Woman and Aquaman interfere and save his life They tell him that dying in battle won’t do you anything and he must live to keep the fight going so we had a suicidal crazy fucking Batman who was like I got a make up for being such a shithead in the last movie and they They cut it out alternate ending We were shown this guy said he saw a version of the movie Cyborg tries to separate the mother boxes while Hagar keeps trying to talk him away Furious Steppenwolf grabs cyborg and rips him apart essentially killing him. That’s not in the movie didn’t he rip him though I saw him like his leg off post his leg off. Yeah, and this version He just fucking shredded him and this woman is nodding in the corner cuz this is probably the same version that she’s version that you saw along – that she couldn’t talk about last week because there’s NDA’s and shit this motherfucker is all over the web I promise them, I went talk today, but Yeah in there. That’s the version that you saw The one that’s out now yes and in terms of seeing both, what do you think um? I like the first one better. I mean at least it’s all one vision right again. They should put out that fucking movie changed Superman joins the fight and teams up with the league to defeat Steppenwolf however at one point Steppenwolf tries to tempt Superman into joining his army ready for this this made me so fucking angry and we see Darkseid For the first time in supermans vision and we see flashes of the nightmare footage that Batman had in Batman V Superman However Superman snaps back out of it and delivers the final blow to defeat Steppenwolf was that in the version you saw you saw Darkseid What did it look like kind of like the finish, but not really not fully finished no God damn it deleted Steppenwolf is killed by Darkseid on apocalypse You didn’t see that Darkseid intends to come to earth to meet the Kryptonian he says You remember they were talking about doing two Justice League. Oh, yeah, I’m telling you part two was gonna be fucking this now We’re finding out they were setting it up for Darkseid Deleted Aquaman meets mirror off the village coast and agrees to come back Barry steps into the library iris smiles at him, so there was a little PS with everybody Deleted Bruce and Barry plays Victor’s body in the Batcave Bruce comments that his organic tissue Is dead but it may be possible to reignite his mechanical parts Barry promises to help however He can so fucking did cyborg die in here version He didn’t die in here version Deleted Louis introduces Perry White to Clark Kent aka Superman, so he was in the movie as well And the original after credits scene that was shot in principal photography was Bruce being woken in the night in his lake house by a green light I’m with you fuck it By a green light and being visited by tomar ray and Kilowog, holy fuck It was cut early on during post come on man so that right there Like yes I think they should release That version even if it’s unfinished even if they’re like I think this public is educated enough to be like look It’s an unfinished film They’re not going to give us the it’s not going to look like a big-budget movie some shits gonna be in final stages they can Even put in like storyboard frames if they have to but let people see that version Clearly the dude had a vision It sounds like it tied in well with Man of Steel and with Batman V Superman like each one that seemed like they tried to Course-correct along the way, and I know it wasn’t originally conceived as a trilogy But they kind of got it to be one it sounds like until the Joss Whedon’s stuff, which again I’m not shitting on the Joss Whedon stuff I love that fucking Wonder Woman lasso scene and that’s only there because of that guy But that shit sounded like a DC comic fans wet dream man that the leg ears Dark Side motherfucker. You know oh my god Now I’m angry Anyway do you think they’ll release it. I think they absolutely release it. I mean I have eight versions of Evil Dead 2 at home

100 Responses

  1. Flashback FilmMaking says:

    Beginning 9:53

  2. Kyle Kelly says:

    This universe is only (officially, since man of steel was, I'm pretty sure, originally supposed to be its own thing) 2 years old, and you're already I troducing the main villain of the whole universe. This is why the DCEU is failing, because all they care about is catching up to marvel.

  3. Nosknut says:

    Darkseid was confirmed in the released cut. Steppenwolf literally says "For Darkseid" in the movie

  4. OCPrunsthecops says:

    There is no cut. Snyder left before production wrapped up. That's like leaving your laundry in the middle of a wash cycle. Nothing came out of it. What we saw is what we got which is crap. These talks are just creating hype so WB can re-hire Snyder if movie goers continue to bring up the subject. At least this is what I think. Let's just drop this & wish for WB to hire real directors & real writers to make a good movie.

  5. Tilen Kosi says:

    I want to fucking kill myself😭😭😭😭…. They fucked everything up!!

  6. karen Boone says:

    Why would they cut all that out

  7. Jonathan Farrell says:

    Still waiting on that release lol

  8. Aldo Salmon says:

    That's what i don't understand about Waner bothers, Of Course, we want to see The Olympians Gods Do Battle not realizing that Potential Is Completely Absurde. " I Would Do It JuSTICE!"

  9. Chef Love says:

    We need to see his cut so that we can make fun of it. Ive run out of JL, BvS and Man of Steal jokes. I need new material

  10. Jason English says:

    Damn! They deleted at least an hour worth of movie. WB executives, producers cannot make good decisions when it comes to superhero movies!! They were able to at least get the first 2 superman films right 20 years later! SM2 the donner cut was released due to popular demand. The extended SM the movie TV version was finally released last year. WB messed up when they never released an alternate, darker cut of batman forever. Unfortunately im just a common dude with no say so in fandom. But if all those scenes, most of them were filmed..WB should release the snyder cut. Compared to MoS and BvsS, justice league as is just doesnt 100% fit into the trilogy. What was released was decent, better than we thought it would be, but sounds like at least an hour if not more was cut just to trim it to 120 min. We deserve to see the full version that snyder envisioned. This shit reminds me of Fincher on Alien 3. At least the assembly cut finally surfaced! It makes since for WB to wait 6 months to a year then release it like Fox did with xmen days of future past the rogue cut. Only time will tell..

  11. Reggie says:

    I am so pissed this is the movie I wanted to see

  12. Rob V says:

    I'd place bets that WB buries that version under so much legal BS that another cut never sees the light of day… I think they'd rather eat the loss at the end of the day than the credibility. They show that movie and everyone loves it, WB look like the fucking idiots they are and they know it… Its not gonna happen, completely discredits them and the money they'd make wouldnt be worth the respect theyd lose!

  13. Bryan C says:

    Fu!ck WB

  14. Richard W says:

    Who wouldn't love to have laser eyes???? I mean Seriously

  15. Rodney says:

    This movie could've been great.. but fucktards

  16. WalkSmash says:

    God damn they need to release it u cant have an x marvel dude cut half ur story and cram it into a movie, the snyder cut need to be shown they robbed everyone of what i know as a DC fan would of rather seen. WBs need to quit gettin scared and tryin to be like marvel its not gonna happen it shouldnt happen i dont want to go see a DC film thats like a marvel. They are totally different and thats what i want DCs always been darker and thats what I want to see. I just want to see JL in its entirety

  17. ocelot108 says:

    My choice for Darkseid. Ving Rhames!

  18. Samuel Morales says:

    WOW! They really took Justice League to the butcher! Painful!

  19. Emilio Pelaez says:

    The studios are so worried about the length of movies and the possibility of it hurting the bottom dollar that they're willing to sacrifice a director's vision in the process. Unbelievable, because they ruined the movie, regardless. So sad, and I feel for Snyder.

  20. Hugh Smith says:

    Release it. It sounds like it would have been much better than what we got. Also, is it just me or does it seem like the Marvel Execs trust their Director(s) more than the DC Execs do? Between DC and the Star Wars franchise, they can’t seem to get it “right” #SoSad

  21. E Duke says:

    fuck, fuck, fuck!!!!!

  22. Charles Hughes says:

    Zack Snyder is a terrible director and it's impossible that his cut of Justice League could be anything but worse. Are people forgetting the humiliation that was Batman vs. Superman? DC can only be saved by staying far, far away from that idiot

  23. Neo Moon Sevin says:

    Fuk yes I'm pissed Snyder's version hasn't come to light yet and darkseid woah DAT be mean to see

  24. BKStmo says:

    Please WB give us Snyder cut… I promise, I'll buy 5 copies of it!

  25. JustinYH says:

    cant understand why wb refuse to satisfy the fans

  26. Pat Keane says:

    I need to see this film!!!!

  27. SarcasticCody says:

    Just watching this and realizing how much was cut, changed, and honestly butchered from Synders vision is insane! Joss ruined this movie and he knows it. When you like a tweet slamming a movie you "help" direct it's kind of obvious you know what you did.

  28. Tetsujin says:

    In Snyder's version of the film we get to see more of the Mother Box, leading to a meaningful moment between Steppenwolf and Batman, where they learn they have something in common.
    "Your mother is in a box, too?"

  29. Sargeras says:

    dude this pisses me off that they changed or cut so much!! Especially when he says they deleted the scene that revealed darkseid! ><

  30. tonybcamara says:

    This sucks this version seems a lot better than the theatrical cut

  31. tonybcamara says:

    Green Light, really c'mon!!!! I want to see the Snyder Cut

  32. David Jenkins says:

    Warner Brothers is horribly stupid

  33. David Jenkins says:

    Fuck Warner Brothers

  34. Paul Babcock says:

    I have always been only just so much into DC comics at all. But I have always thought Darkseid to be incomperably cooler than Doomsday.

  35. Crust Eb says:

    It would be better if they release it (Snyder's version) maybe 6 months before the release of Justice League two. Just like what they did in Matrix 2 and 3. What do you think guys?

  36. Marcus Black says:

    The original Snyder vision sounds so much better than what we got. Wheddon ruined this movie and made it a typical run of the mill movie which appeals to kids. DCEU fans deserve the original Justice League. I fucking hate how even though Warner Brothers makes all these choices, Snyder got blamed for these movies being lackluster. Fuck Warner Bros, they don't deserve Zach Snyder and his vision

  37. jimmy walter smith the 3st says:

    WB fuck up a masterpiece
    They kill Zack daughter so they can change the film

  38. Frank The Tank says:

    Fucking suits, Marvel is kicking there ass for good reason.. I thought it was because the director didn't know shit about how to bring these characters to life but now that wasn't the case at all. This is there fuck up and they should be the one to wear it, not Snyder.

  39. Debo4735 X says:

    I love the way Cyborg was created in the animated movie Justice League War. I don't understand why DC/WB don't use the writers from the animated movies to do the live action films?

  40. Thomas Anderson says:

    It had so much potential…

  41. Daddy Big Boots 220 says:

    Hey Kevin, surprise we all know you’re fat! So the hockey jerseys aren’t fooling us. So stop wearing them! Because all you’re doing is making yourself look like a fat jackass with no fashion sense in a hockey jersey!!

  42. M's Toyland says:

    OF course he had a vision. A vision I seen it from the start and love Snyders work. Let's do this.

  43. Philip Lombardo says:

    They need to get, Christopher Nolan, to direct Justice League 2

  44. BatmanOfSanAntonio says:

    HOLY FUCK I NEED TO SEE THIS VERSION! Warner Bros. release this version!!!

  45. Lieutenant Miller says:

    Rotten Tomatoes told you BvS sucked. You all believed it and repeated it. So..they gave you Age of Ultron with DC Characters and called it JL. Now everybody wants to go back to the dark Snyder BvS vision and wants a JL Snyder cut. I’m sure those executives are confused as to what you guys want.

  46. COOLCHUCHO says:

    Zack Snyder is a fucking genius. His vision dark or not really makes sense. They fucked up by not letting him.do his thing. MoS and BvS fucking everything I wanted to see in the villians fighting Superman and Doomsday.

  47. HazzardousDuke says:

    Good God… WB is a piece of shit.

  48. Mojo K says:

    Darkseid was suppose to kill Steppenwolf in a credit scene but we got the Deathstroke and Lex Luthor scene which was cool but would've prefered the Darkseid and Steppenwolf scene. Bloody Whedon ruined Justice League.

  49. MGSBigBoss77 says:

    Cyborg dying in the film and being put into the Batcave by; Batman and Flash. Must have been the setup for his 2020 movie. Where he clearly would've been resurrected from being dead and eventually he would've been bought back for his own movie. This was all during the original film slate of DC films we previously heard about, before it was changed! Warners opted for the more happy ending version of course. DC films are far better being much darker than the Marvel ones. Cyborg dying would've made more logical sense in way. i.e. fighting in huge superhero battles results in death half of the time.

  50. Kelly Martin says:

    You guys must be cool because you drop the "F" bomb and other explicative often. Nicely done!

  51. Bobby Sy Go says:

    I'm sure I remember Clark already working for Perry White in BvS. Not sure why Lois would have to introduce the two here in JL.

  52. Mr B says:

    So they cut all the important scenes and replaced it with something less interesting like the Russian family scenes!

  53. Raiken Xion says:

    I think this just shows how out of touch Hollywood producers really are, they just dont realize until they see people's reactions to their movies and then they are in denial. They really do live in their own little bubble, thinking audiences will lap up pretty much anything, "mainstream" audiences might, but NOT "Fans".

  54. Omowàle Zaquir says:

    So basically, they made a potentially epic movie mediocre and underwhelming…

  55. Mykal Fury says:

    As a veteran Recording Artist having released 7 albums
    and 1 concert film it's my thoughts that …
    "at the very least, re-release the movie & include the "Snyder Cut"
    as Bonus Disc so we the people can judge it ourselves."
    Best of both Universes in a Box set.
    ~ peace

  56. Vera Evans says:

    Let me get this straight. Warner Bros. cut a Steppenwolf / DARKSEID connection from the film? Freaking DARKSEID????

  57. Gregory Newman says:

    it's a fact that most Hollywood exects are controlled by the illuminati who do not have the  vision of life that 99. % the people of the Planet earth have. TV & Hollywood films are set up to show illuminati values and worship of Satan a Fallen angel who rules many powerful people on the Earth. they changed DC characters both Superman & Batman  kill Peoplewhich is nit what they do in the comic version. True Comic book fans want the original characters not holly wood's

  58. Phophie89 says:

    WB really messed up! Zack had some really good cuts.

  59. Mohit Sawant says:

    I really wish in Justice League they did something like .. they did for Thanos not something exactly the same thing but they can show Steppenwolf going up the "boom-tube" when he reaches his home planet he enters some room he steps in the darkness and the doors shut and we see the glimpse of Darkeid's red eyes and he says something like "where is the motherbox"and the credits start rolling again who else agrees with me please like this comment

  60. Rob Solimini says:

    The Snyder cut could compete with avengers

  61. Joe Green says:

    This is on YouTube the vulgar language that you displayed shows lack of character and morals. Adults may handle it, but as you well know children watch this also. You have no class

  62. Byron Skywalker says:

    Ive said it before and I will say it again, Zach Snyder is vastly underrated. Just let him do his 3 your cuts. Everything flows better and theres continuity.

  63. Joshua Borunda says:


  64. Mario M says:

    I'm tempted to buy the blu ray today and find out.

  65. Aphyrius says:


  66. clockstomper says:

    This is script stuff so some of it was probably not going to make it to shooting anyway just due to how things change when it comes to shooting. We heard about Armie Hammer hanging out with the other actors and I've heard different reports that Hal was at the end of the movie, not the other corps members.

  67. Alvin A James says:

    Please release the snyder cut Justice League

  68. carlos monge says:

    I almost cried listening to this, fuck WB big time

  69. tsnoop19 says:

    People shit on Snyder after MOS. I thought that was the best superman movie ever made and I'm not a superman fan. People shit on Snyder after BVS. I thought bvs ultimate was great and the major thing that spoiled the theatrical version was revealing doomsday in a trailer. Can you imagine watching bvs for the first time and experiencing the build up of hints that lex was gonna do some shit to zod, then suddenly, boom, doomsday. The audience would've went wild. I had faith in Snyder from MOS. I loved the tone of the dcu. I thought lt was more sophisticated than the mcu. these studio fuckers spoiled the vision and now I have to watch a shitty version of the mcu. I'm not even excited to see the dcu movies. I didn't even watch jsl because I knew it was gonna be some avenger lite bullshit. I really wanted to see these characters come to life on screen but nope. Fuck you Warner execs

  70. Alif Maula Akmal says:

    release the snyder cut

  71. Casa - WebOs TV LG Enrico_Panebianco says:

    Darkside is Thanos of DC comics

  72. Joe Snaffer says:

    Standing by

  73. shabbir khan says:

    Just listening to this made me emotional to the core… fuck u WB! we deserve this! Get it out!

  74. vijayan rajendran says:

    I am super pissed! All my childhood super ruined by this movie… DCEU is dead as we know it. WB didn't have the balls. It should have been like the Harry Potter franchise. Well Marvelize! WB are gonna lose a lot!

  75. Adam Porter says:


  76. Yusuf Amatingram says:


  77. ale cardoso says:

    OMG all this shit its confirmed now! its all true, i knew it!

  78. Kolby fernandes says:


  79. MGSBigBoss77 says:

    Should've figured this video would've had millions of views by now one year later damnit!!!

  80. Thomas Bevan says:

    How am I just now seeing this…….

  81. MGSBigBoss77 says:

    This now has a sequel clip with more news from the Snyder Cut Justice League: Into the Snyder-Verse Superman meeting Alfred, it was originally Green Lantern 36:30


  82. rogue24 1 says:


  83. Lord Eleyejah says:

    dude they cut half a fucking movie out lol. the fucked zack over big time. no wonder it sucked.

  84. Sergio A says:

    Snyder cut : Ultimate Edition I want

  85. Chavo Ruko Legendario 7 says:


  86. Auztin Cara says:

    This is politics, killing DC movies, then others will compare the movie with marvel's… F***… Release Snyder cut!

  87. DigiGod : Digimon Gamer says:

    just leaving in Steffonwolf talking to his mom in the box makes him such a more real character and gives depth. They are some idiots but they add a family in that does nothing to move the story.

  88. Nicholas DiRienzo says:

    WB friggin butchered this film to absolute fucking hell. Not only did Steppenwolf’s design get fucked up, but the story did too. I feel sorry for Zack Snyder right now. I really do. He had a vision, a promising vision that was rough at first, and WB done fucked it up.

  89. M.K.M. says:

    I'm indifferent.

  90. Set says:

    Where is this cut from?

  91. Hernan Ortiz Jr says:

    kevin tsujihara having an affair on the side is what hurt Justice League

  92. Glenn Brian Omac says:


  93. BakedPotatoYT says:

    Damn, if Snyder only finished his vision for DCEU's Justice League we could've gotten the Infinity War and Endgame movie version in DC. Snyder literally has it all planned but got fired for some shit and it helped Marvel to destroy DCEU even more. Warner Bro, literally don't care about the movie and the fans. They don't even know the comics version, they just make a movie and throw it. I can't believe they cut all of that shit for Justice League, it could've been better tbh.


  94. Ladiesman1447 says:

    Who's that woman that got to see the original version?

  95. OmAr Alaa says:

    3:54 shit man. sadly that was Darkseid.

  96. Christian Rotamola says:

    Please #releasethesnydercut

  97. Joey Henderson says:

    Now here is what actually IS in the Snyder cut:

    Darkseid fights Ares in the history lesson.
    Barry Allen saving Iris West after her car crashes.
    Silas Stone and Ryan Choi studying the Motherbox.
    A flashback of Victor Stone playing football and they've won the big game, Victor looks to the stands to see that his dad is not there.
    Lois Lane and Martha Kent talking at Lois' apartment about Clark, Martha then leaves, turns into Martian Manhunter, and then turns into Calvin Swanwick.
    Diana Prince going to the temple, learns about the history lesson, and sees the meril of Darkseid.
    Steppenwolf talking to Desaad in a scene that mirrors Darth Vader talking to Palpatine as Steppenwolf gives the line about how there are no protectors here.
    Cyborg on top of the roof of his apartment building learning to fly.
    Silas Stone being vaporized at the crash site of the Kryptonian ship.
    Batman telling Wonder Woman about how The Flash said that Lois Lane is the key, saying that he thinks it's something more, something darker.
    Clark Kent going to the Kryptonian ship and getting his new suit paralleling Man of Steel.
    Superman meeting Alfred at Wayne Penthouse with Alfred saying thank God you're here, lets hope you're not too late.
    Cyborg has visions of Darkseid when trying to separate the Motherboxes.
    Cyborg being projected into the Motherbox by The Flash with the Motherbox tricking Victor by showing his parents alive.
    Wonder Woman decapitates Steppenwolf as he tries to escape through a boom tube, his head rolls into the boomtube landing near Darkseid's feet, the team meet Darkseid and his elite from the end of the boomtube, both sides have an exchange until Cyborg destroys the Motherboxes preventing Darkseid and his elite from coming through.
    Vulko meeting Arthur and telling him that he needs to come to Atlantis but Arthur says I'm going to see my dad and he gets in the back of a truck pounding a bottle of whiskey.
    Silas Stone's video message to Cyborg pretty much giving Lois' speech.

  98. Ricardo Rodriguez says:


  99. granto , says:

    What happens when studios get involved with the making of epic movies SMH

  100. Tony Yul says:

    Wow wtf is Warner Bros doing

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