Darkness is a symbol and sign of God’s judgement

So after God removed the locust he
brought the darkness. Now, this is significant because all through Scripture, darkness is a symbol
and sign of God’s judgement. All through Scripture. It’s a symbol of God’s
judgment. God is light and when God brings darkness, He is removing His presence from the
situation bringing judgment. It’s all through Scripture. we see it in Matthew 27
at the cross of Christ. When Jesus was dying on the cross Matthew 27 says that darkness
came on the earth from the sixth hour to the ninth hour. You can go read it in Matthew 27
and then in the ninth hour Jesus cried My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? So even in the darkness of the ninth plague in
Egypt, 1700 years before Christ, we see a foreshadow of Jesus on the cross; the
darkness of the judgment of God upon Jesus for my sin and your sin. Everything’s about Jesus,
folks, in the Bible. Everything points to Jesus, everything is
about Jesus, tells us how we should live our life in light of Jesus. The whole Bible is about Jesus, pointing to Jesus. Here we see darkness for three days and
we see darkness that says God is bringing judgment upon people and we see it
on the cross of Christ. That’s a foreshadowing.

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