CYPRIEN – LUNAIRE (court métrage)

I’ll read your order back We have said a double cheeseburger a large water bottle, fries and a vanilla milkshake, ok ? Here or… or to go … Ok Excuse me Just a second, sorry Camille what are you doing here in Paris Well, mom told me where you work… Okay, soooo… Take this and go sit down, I’ll join you Pauline, I’m taking a break, can you serve this woman ? Yeah, sure Ah, he’s is your… Yep, that’s my brother A bit before closing time You go in, you do your thing, & then you leave. -Ok… -Quick & simple Then, you call me Is you’re phone charged? Yeah, yeah Take this Just in case Is this a real one? So What are you doing here? Well , I had an appointment in Paris But I missed the train… Mom said I could spend the night at your place. Yeah, yeah of course … sure But I have something tonight, it’s quite important.
I hope you don’t mind staying home alone Time Girl… what’s this? Umm it’s Actually, it’s a girl who travels between eras to find relics with a time-machine. An editor liked my first book, that’s why I camed to Paris Wait, you published a book? Yep, online There were quite a few downloads And did your appointment go well? Well they said my story was missing something …Well they didn’t really know about it… Hey, what are you doing?! This, you see, is a little girl who woke up in the body of a grandpa So now she’s looking for her real body with her luggage Oh please Camille, it’s just an old man who’s carrying his granddaughter’s luggage, I don’t know But we can’t just take pictures of people like that. Who could I ask where the bathroom is? All me, since I work here, I’m the manager Anyways…it’s the last door Hey Sonya! Happy birthday! Thank you! I just wanted to make sure you had the playlist. Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure, everything is ready, don’t worry Fuck! Camille, stop! Are you okay? What was that noise? No, nothing, it’s my little brother, he’s… What? I didn’t know you had a little brother, that’s so cute! Yeah, oh yes, I have a little brother He’s struggling, you know, I can’t leave him out on the streets… Oh sure, obviously. Well, take him with you tonight. I’d love to meet him! Oh no, no, he’s not the “cute” brother, first he’s already old and he doesn’t like it when there are loads of people.
-Oh bring him ! Oh I have to go sorry, kisses !
-See you tonight! Maybe the wires are still there but But they’re invisible, I got it Wanna go out tonight? It’s gonna be alright It’s gonna be alright, try not to talk about your… If you talk with Sonya tell her we get along that we played together when we were young, etc. But did we play together when we were kids?
-That’s what you’ll tell her. Hello Sonia, I played with my brother when we were kids. Sorry Ma’am, we must have the wrong floor, we’re going to a party Oh no, this is it! Sonia, it’s for you! Maybe it’s a door that takes us to the future And here we just saw future Sonya and we will see if her future husband is you
-Ok Hey, hi ! Nan, this is Dimitri & his brother. Let’s go. Come in ! – Oh you really don’t look alike She’s kidding, she’s kidding And you Camille, what is it you do? Hum, actually, I’m writing a story about time travel and… Travel, travel, he works in a travel agency Cool, welcome ! Dim, could you put the playlist on please ? Yes, will do. It’s gonna be okay. You talk, you dance… If you don’t know what to do, just mimic people okay ? (indistinct party chatter) (heavy breathing) Come on! Oh fuck Oh fuck… we’re gonna look so stupid… I sent you the link to that dress… No but… wait, look if I put this jacket on It’s too hot, but we’re not dressed the same Forget it I’m gonna ask her for an other dress Maybe it’s a company that creates same clothes on purpose to break friendships up -So, are you ready ?
-Yes I am, let’s do this (gasp) No way! No way! -What do you think it is?
-No clue! So this girl, she must find relics throughout the ages with her time travelling machine But they told me that my story was missing something… It’s a little vague … Tell me if I’m boring you with my stories, Henriette huh? No, no, not at all, it’s just that it’s a bit too late for me I’m gonna close my eyes if it doesn’t bother you my little man, huh? No no, not at all Do you know where the toilets are ? It was my idea, I talked about it to the others, you wanted to do some -Aaah… the guitar ? yes…
-Yes, so we made a common gift Well thanks, it really moved me, that was super cute, thanks ! You know, I wanted to ask you if um… If you wanted… -No no pick up, don’t worry Don’t worry about it I’m gonna see friends Yeah yeah, no sweat It’s your birthday I get it -Yes ? -Yeah huh… where are you ? -I’m in the kitchen and you ? -I would like to go home actually
-What? Already ? -Yeah, I’d rather be home
-But it just started You can stay here you know, I could go home alone No but stay, make the most of it, talk to people I talked a bit with Henriette. No but do as the others, dance, enjoy, okay ? I’m not enjoying myself Can’t you just be like everyone else ? Do you have a charger?
-No And you do you have a charger ? -Hello
-Do you have a charger for my phone ?
-No, but I think you’re in the wrong party Calm down because it’s my home here okay ?! What’s the problem ? -Hey, I just want to charge my phone okay ? Leave me alone
-We’re calling the cops then No, no, no you’re not gonna do anything !
Stop moving ! Stop moving ! Stop the music ! You! Stop the music ! Turn the music off ! You ! Come here, come here, go with the others ! Nobody moves ! Don’t move ! What the hell are you doing ?! What are you doing ? Come here ! Go there, go there ! I want nobody at the windows, and nobody calls the cops ! Take out your phones ! All of you, take out your phones ! Take out your phones ! Throw them on the floor ! Throw them on the floor ! If I see someone using their phone, I’ll kill him ! Okay ?! And give me a fucking charger ! You stay where you are! Fuck Come on, turn on Hey ! What are you doing ?! Go there, I want to see you all ! Fuck ! You should not have done that Eh? Shut up there! Shut up ! You should go now… I think you can access to the street with that window You really whould get out of here before they get you Shut up ! This time they won’t get me, no one is gonna find me But… I’m not talking about the police No… technically if the police finds you you’ll be safe Don’t you get it ? I don’t want to hear you ! I don’t want to hear you ! Fuck You think this is a normal party ? I get it But no… You just ended up at the wrong party, I’m sorry for you Fuck ! Just shut up Shut up Tonight we celebrate Mama’s 70th birthday Mama is an old pledge killer who took care of orphans to make them become murders You think you’re gonna scare me ? You think you’re gonna scare me ? Fear ? Her ? She doesn’t know fear. When she was 8, she lived alone in a forest in Siberia In the snow, feeding old on wild animals Since then… fear doesn’t exist for her You think she’s afraid right now ? No, she’s only searching a way to exterminate you Because… she likes to take her time You’re crazy Go on, see for yourself, tell me if she seems afraid You’re seriously starting to pissing me- It’s connected to the phone in the room. She’s thinking She’s thinking about which orphan murderer she’s gonna send to remove you from existence Yeah because those people, they don’t kill you… they make you disappear. Seriously, orphans ? What the hell is this story ? First we have Sergeï, Sergeï is called the Bear He’s a dark-haired guy, a bit ugly with a fur coat. As a teenager, he was forced to kill and butcher a bear In the middle of nowhere, all alone in the snow. It took him two days Put the coat on ! With the bear’s skin, he made himself a coat, which he never leaves. His speciality is the bladed weapon Evil stare! Evil stare! You’re talking shit, he’s no psycopath, he’s more of a moron. That’s because Mama makes sure he looks like everyone else to better infiltrate -It’s obvious
-Yeah, sure For example, there’s the Angelic Sonia.
She has two personalities The first one, kind, she studies journalism The other, a sociopath, who strangles her victims When her second personality is awake, you got to be careful, she has a tic at her right eye Come on, come on ! Yes that’s good So ? Her personality ? Which one is it ? It’s the second one You’re really unlucky Come on, turn on And you’re interrupting a very important moment I know for sure that a money exchange was planned tonight -€500 banknotes Sergeï got the booty in exchange for his services and he hid the money in the toilets Théo ! Toilet paper ! He needs the money to build a new life Sergeï had planned to leave with the money in a guitar case Because earlier in the morning He killed his own brother And before coming tonight He got rid of the body in trash bags They say the body is still warm But the problem… is the Olive twins They would stop at nothing to steal the money The Olive twins are two sisters who pretend to be the same person. They have the same clothes That way, they can stab in the back and in the belly at the same moment It’s not pretty But what the Olive twins don’t know It’s that Sonia & Sergeï have loved each other with a passionate and forbidden love for years So to protect Sergeï, Sonia was about to strangle the Olive twins But that’s when you interved and… you prevented them to get even. And… I think there’s still room in the garbage bags Miss Mama I wanted to apologize for… I didn’t know about your things… I didn’t see anything I… I’m gonna leave And don’t worry. If the police comes we won’t denounce you We have our honor It’s in our blood Yeah, because I didn’t tell you but Sergeï, Sonia, the Olive twins and me -We come from an other planet.
-What ?? -Yeah so our spaceship crashed on Earth and Mama picked us up
-Shut up ! To help us go back on our planet which is behind the moon -So all of us here are orphans assassins and aliens.
-Wait, what’s that noise ? What is that ? Are you kidding me right now ? What’s that bullshit about aliens ?! -What’s happening ?
-He… he’s telling the truth ! He… Zanorg ! You can’t reveal our secret identity like that ! You know how humans are… they want to… capture us and to dissect us ! I… I’m sorry for… for betraying our family But you must be careful, with yourself & with your umm… human vessel Right, vessel Zanorg ! My brother ! Forgive me I… We will repair the ship & go back home behind the moon on Xantia. Sir… Free my brother he… He didn’t do anything, I need him the repair the… the ship (knocking) Police ! We have questions Go ! Come on it’s now or never, go ! Oh fuck! Are you okay ? But… It’s a car -What ?
-Xantia, it’s dad’s car’s name, not a planet Yeah well, I make do with what I have… Oh fuck… You dumbass… (indistinct chatter) Oh darling… did you order strip-teasers ? Camille ! Camille ! Hello Me it’s not for a dedication at all It’s more of a remark to help you a bit, because I noticed an inconsistency in the story An inconsistency ? That is to say ?
Excuse me sir, what do you mean exactly ? Demetra cannot travel through time with the relic Of course she can ! Demetra can do that She isn’t from the same era, that is the essential Ok I see… Hello sir, it’s for your brother -The world’s city and the worlds join each others that’s it!
-So yes we agree on Xarax station -Except that no ! When they’re time travelling they aren’t on that
-But but, but that’s the exact principle ! But they are not on the first planet anymore ! But planet isn’t the question, it’s just temporality ! It’s the relic’s travel, with rules ! -No, it’s clearly stated by Joshua-
-Yes, Joshua, let’s talk about him ! -Joshua says it doesn’t apply to the Fluxin planet -This planet has nothing to do with it ! You’re still dreaming my brother From a fire which sleeps underground I know how to read you now We can lie stop the time You’re still dreaming my brother You’re still dreaming my brother

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