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  1. Aiden Vasquez says:

    When are they gonna get him???? I was there I thought they got him!

  2. Paul Deleon says:

    I thought they got him

  3. Byron Virgil says:

    MF still cnt fight shooting in front of kidz pussy shyt damm shame for someone to bring a gun in the Mall Lokin for trouble

  4. Cindy Mauldin says:

    I have not been in Cumberland Mall in years, but there used to be a Cobb County Police Precinct in the back next to the Food Court. I wonder if it is still there.

  5. Sol Hi says:

    Human beings are open season for target practicing. When enough is going to be enough. United States' citizens have not freedom. They can not take a walk at anytime. It is not difference than living under a dictatorship

  6. Average x says:

    They know the identity but we ain't allowed to know so we could maybe avoid this mfer . That is the wierdest thing ever,but they know who it is . I am baffled. .

  7. Niesha Thompson says:

    I was there in the food court last friday. God is always watching over me.

  8. JoJo Charlez says:

    Why does it always seem like they are protecting the identity of these gunmen and mass shooters. Can't wait to see the identity of this punk, although I think I already know what he looks like because of how they are trying to conceal his identity.

  9. padussia says:

    What dumb ass shoots in a mall?

  10. Captin Smoke says:

    Over those 11s I bet smh got me a paid tho 😉😂

  11. Beverly Ellis says:

    It is so unsafe too go anywhere these days,it is very dangerous,when i go out,i tarry not long,get what i gotta git,and head on back home,Too many evil Demons running loosed!

  12. Kenneth Clark says:

    All those innocent adults and children and you start shooting , that crazy as hell , he needs to get 50 years

  13. Janet Janet says:

    What the hell is going on in America . It's getting bad if people can't even go shopping or have lunch without being shot at. Hope everyone is ok . Respect from U.K.

  14. Mysasser1 says:

    Reopened a couple of hours after the shooting… THE GREED OF IT ALL!!!!

  15. Nino Brown says:

    The 11s boi

  16. Keisha Murrell says:

    Shooter not identified? 😒 Is he a pale face?

  17. Access to my energy Is YOUR privilege. says:

    Fu*k Christmas.

  18. Tamika Queen says:

    Even if your walking through the shadow of death, you should not fear any evil, your God has promised to be with you, even to the end of the world. May our great God keep you & your family safe through this holiday season. As John F Kenneday said, " the only thing we have to fear is fear itself."



  20. Luv1234 says:

    How about we each get a gun to go shopping and when a fight starts, it's cowboy time. Better learn to draw fast if you want to live in America.

  21. Neil Best says:


  22. Political Twinkie says:

    There is no such thing as "an isolated incident" of gunshots when it happens all the time.  All. The. Time.

  23. Google User says:

    Libitards disarm all citizens so they are easy prey for criminals!!!!!

  24. KaPowProduction says:

    Is it because of Air Jordan 11?

  25. devilsabdicate1 says:

    cops don't like confrontations of this kind they don't like to go after people that will shoot back. cops like to get there man when they are unarmed and law abiding.

  26. Princesstbh says:

    i was there someone tripped over me

  27. Everybody Hates says:


  28. Briane Alt says:


  29. Alex In Wonderland says:

    why would they reopen the mall ? the 2nd guy still wasn’t found 🙄

  30. joe kewl says:

    Guns don't kill people. Parents who let violent games & movies raise their children & fail to teach them discipline or self control have created adderall induced paranoid schizophrenic monsters that kill people. I went to school, like my Dad & his Dad & in all that time there was one sniper at a college. Some children were bullied, had a bad homelife, jilted by a girl or picked on by a teacher. Some did heavy drugs & was suicidal, but nobody thought I'll go to school and just start shooting RANDOMS. We didn't use that word about people and it's as dirty as the N word because it means the same thing. "You have no value" People are just random things to be killed on a whim!!! Games are proven to cause aggression & lack of empathy. The myth there is no proof..it causes mass murder stems from the obvious assertion that psychologists refuse to do a study requiring them to try and see if they can turn children into psychotic killers due to ethical reasons. Its disingenuous to act as if they tried and failed. Adderall is nothing but amphetamines. It has been known for a century as a psychotic trigger & is like methamphetamines (METH, CRYSTAL, SPEED, etc.) It's not as strong but kids abuse it for decades & don't realize it changed them because they know nothing else but it after the age of six! Personalities are not yet formed & the neural network is not yet set. Then they push all the way through puberty on it with it disrupting the endocrine system affecting sexual orientations & identity. Hate to tell you but if cannabis another endocrine system disrupter, is added into the mix during puberty the effect is greatly exaggerated. Children, pregnant or nursing women & young men seeking children (they lower the sperm count) must not do either drug. Thats speaking of hormonal problems that can at times for certain individuals add rage as a factor but as far as mass killings over 96% of teen mass shooting involved all four and two or more were known in 99.6% of the reviewed cases. 1) Adderall- amphetamines..2) Games- first-person photorealistic violent murder simulators… 3) violent movies and fantasy thinking- Marvel , etc 4) violent music – gangster rap, death metal.. 4) life factors cannabis, alcohol, abuse, neglect, childhood ptsd, latch key environment & one I have left out because over a long pattern of abuse anyone can & will have adverse reactions but a predisposition to paranoid schizophrenic behavior that can be hereditary will cause a quicker or stronger response. This is why so many argue it didn't happen to me but it will cause them problems but they and the vast majority will never do horrendous things but one in a million equals a lot to be magnified for sensationalism. Most of that we must work on as we can but Adderall is the main cause the pharmaceutical industry is aware & covering it up. ADD is actually a rare disorder and only some of them have the odd amphetamines calm me down response. It was given as benadryl has been used to abuse babies and thorazine for mental patients. It make unruly children passive and easier for lazy self centered teachers and parents more "me" time. People who had children die in school attacks need to sue the pants off these guys & a criminal probe needs opened. They knew and kept right on going….Truly, anybody who got this far, my best wishes to you, your family & friends.

  31. El jefe De Tamaulipas says:

    Free my nigga MoneyFeinPonce btw it wasn’t about shoes they had beef already

  32. Thanos Holmes says:

    Bruh my boy ethan almost died

  33. Endora Darling says:

    Color me Red Color me Blue what's 13 & 52?

  34. Mike Robinson says:

    Start charging admission you can keep trash out your mall that's what Disney does.😒

  35. Pyro says:

    good thing i wasn’t there i was in another mall atm

  36. Eviel Kanievel says:

    I've allways thought that Cumberland mall was full of thugs. It was only a matter of time before some hoodlum pulled out a gun. And only thugs fight over Jordans.

  37. •!Susy Tea!• says:

    The day of the shooting, my family and I almost went there. Thank the lord we didn’t.

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