Criminal Justice Capstone | Champlain College

My name is Camille Koosman, I’m a senior Criminal Justice
major at Champlain. My capstone is about restorative justice in
the educational setting, specifically looking at the
Winooski school district. I got involved I would say with my advisor my freshman year. I had a class with him, and building that relationship has really helped me
get my internship, help me with my capstone, help me really get what I need out of my college career. I was actually given a great opportunity through my capstone with
doing my internship and reaching out to the Winooski school district. I got to meet with the principal of the middle and high schools and talk to him about his vision for the school; and through doing that, my internship advisor invited me on to help him do his research on his
side of things for the partnership
between the justice center and
the school district. I think Champlain’s great because in the
criminal justice major, all of the adjunct faculty work in the field. We’ve got state troopers, police officers and lawyers, public defenders,
the state’s attorney, all working here, teaching us. So to get that
valuable experience So to get that
valuable experience here from people in the field who know what’s going on like no one else does, it’s more valuable than any information I can get through our textbooks. I think the best thing that I’ve gotten out of this is the relationships
with the faculty, who are in the criminal justice field who know what they’re doing, who know what
they’re talking about more then anyone else. Those relationships
have been invaluable for me during my time here. I would like to start working with a community justice center or restorative justice center in Vermont or back in Minnesota where I’m from. So I think having my capstone be focused on researching the principles of
restorative justice and the work that restorative justice centers
are doing, the work that people in my field are passionate about, has helped me a lot, and I think it will help me
when I graduate; being able to go into
job interviews confident that I know what I’m doing and that I’m doing work that is consistent with
what they’re doing.

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