Criminal Justice at York College

– I think the major is important because there are so many opportunities in criminal justice. (light, mid-tempo music) – If you’re interested in
high impact kind of things, then you could go for policing. If you’re interested in politics, you could be a lawyer or a judge. If you’re interested in computers, you could do the cyber
route with criminal justice. So there’s definitely a lot
of different possibilities with the major other than policing. – The faculty-student relationship is very important in our program, so we allow students to work with faculty conducting research. (gentle music) – I’m currently a student
here at York College, and I got the job coming
in as a new student during New Student day. – We encourage our students to apply to work for Campus Safety. – It makes it so you can
take what you learn in class and you can apply it out in the field. So you get a good taste of
what it’s gonna be like. – Students are given the
opportunity to conduct an internship at the local,
state, or federal level. The types of internships vary. They can work with the
local police department. We have several students that work for the district attorney’s
office here in York County. Also, we have students that
work as victim advocates. This allows them to gain the
experience and see if that’s something that they may
want to do long-term.

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