Courts Matters Bill and Tribunals Powers and Procedures Legislation Bill – Third Reading – Video 12

the bitumen rail system Thank You Miriam Duncan we thank you speaker miles but upset with the work for New Zealand first who said that this material was destroy as old chips we in fact this is this is just like a steaming piece of fish really because that’s a fantastic fill and if I can just say that particularly the tribunal powers and procedures bill is really really important and what I want to really focus on here is the central place that tribunals their tribunals play in access to justice and in particular the Disputes Tribunal here is really being brought up to speed Brooke being brought up to date with for example its own registry so that it can be managed separately from the district court ever time training in management of its referees in so on that it also the ability to use audio-visual links as well this is simply modernization and as a member for the other side received moments ago the increase of the jurisdiction to $30,000 is really really important because for many people the Disputes Tribunal a very simple very straightforward tribunal with no lawyers and it’s really the only way you’re going to access the justice system in a speedy way in a cost-effective way the other thing the bill does is tidy up a number of things around things like fixation against litigants that don’t turn up and really the ability to move things along so this this really and the sub part for it is that deals with disputes tribunals is one little part of this bill but it really is indicative of what the bill does as a whole which is to modernize tribunals which probably served that one of the most important parts in our justice system for many New Zealanders who don’t see the higher courts at all so well done to Minister Co and I absolutely commend at this bill to the house thankfully I’m speaking I call the Honourable Meggie Barry thank you madam Speaker I rise to speak in brief

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