Courts Matters Bill and Tribunals Powers and Procedures Legislation Bill – Second Reading – Video 8

sit down for committee stage next fitting day call on government orders of the day numbers five and six courts measures bill interrupted debate on second reading tribunals powers and procedures legislation bill interrupt a debate on second reading courts matters bill and the Tribunal’s powers and procedures legislation bill when we were last debating the scholars gala ramen had the floor and his four minutes remaining to speak should she wish to do so apparently she does not it’s not it’s our fate yes so I call Simeon Brown thank you very much madam Speaker and it’s a pleasure to take a very short call on the court matters bill and tribunal powers and procedures legislation bill which we were debating a short while ago in this house and national supports this bill through its second reading and I just want to touch on a few of the elements of this bill it is a cognate bill as we know that we will be supporting and one of the key purposes that it does is it means the court matters bill oh sorry the court Security Act 1999 and some of the some of the key things which it does there as it extends the powers of court security officers to deny entry to remove entertain people who possess illegal drugs or who act threatening Lee or abusively or commit minor crimes on court premise premises and I think this is an important part of this piece of legislation because it makes some clarity it gives some particular powers to court security officers to exercise those powers when they’re in the court and it allows them to have the discretion not only when the court isn’t hearing that not even even when they’re not directed to be able to take action against people who may come into the courts with different paraphernalia or with drugs and to be able to ensure those matters are dealt with appropriately in quickly it also just changes the definition of that the court in terrifies what the court and we’re they’re able to exercise those powers and I think these changes are important to ensure that we can allow the the process of justice to run smoothly and for the the courts to be respected and the role that they play in our society to be are to be respected so meta meta and Speaker I think those changes are while while while small and technical and they will make a big difference to ensure that they make a big difference to the way our courts operate so madam Speaker I’m not going to spend much longer on this piece of legislation it does change a large number about other pieces of legislation understand one of my other colleagues will be touching on other changes that this legislation does make and I come into the bill to the house thank you thank you madam Speaker the court may has

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