Courts Matters Bill and Tribunals Powers and Procedures Legislation Bill – Second Reading – Video 6

use the members proper day he’s been waiting for this all night mr. speaker let him have it let him have his fun madam Speaker that is a pleasure to stand and take a call or the second reading of the court matters bill and tribunal powers and procedures legislation bill and can I acknowledge the Associate Minister of Justice L Peter sir William Co I’m sure that he felt all his Christmases had come at once when he got saw the quality of this bill that he realized that he was going to be given the opportunity to actually Shepherd this bill through the house he wouldn’t have seen work like this in his nine years of opposition and he came into government he thought wow look at this the quality of the bill no stay please don’t go I’m only just getting started I just want to acknowledge the ministers are in and also the the ministry staff that have worked on putting this very good bill together madam Speaker and all seriousness that is very important actually especially for victims going to court is actually can be a pretty traumatic experience so any work to be done around making sure that their experience is actually east for them a bit more is actually a very good thing I just wanted to talk to about the tribunals briefly I want to talk about the Disputes Tribunal because I actually bought a private member’s bill to this house back and I think 2013 and it was around the Disputes Tribunal and it was about raising the threshold from $15,000 to $30,000 well the reason why I did that is because well it got taken up as part of this bill that’s now on this bill have you read the book yeah it’s right there it’s now it’s been taken up by the government and it’s now being part it’s a very very good piece it’s a very good piece of the bill the reason is is because at no time it no other time in the last 19 years has had business businesses ever needed more help than right now in reason for that is is because we have a government madam Speaker that doesn’t like business and in their implementing policy after policy they finally stand yet some of the only distillation into the house and I I have to go back to the comment made by mister ball which I found fascinating that there after nine months and government finally they started some of their own legislation in the house up until the other be passing or else they’ll be bringing all their legislation and and the other thing I think that I just look I do I do want to acknowledge mr. ball as well he’s got a very good bill that he’s proposing to bring to the house we had a meeting myself mr. Bishop had a meeting with it yeah with them on it the other night it’s the first responders bill it’s an outstanding bill because what it’s gonna do is that anyone that assaults can we come back to this if you can be able to just for a minute I’d be very very quick minute smoothly okay well I just like so it was a great bill I have to say Andrew little didn’t see is that they’re happy about it but certainly I we we support it so coming back to the speech tribunal we extended the limit from 15,000 to 30,000 see it’s actually a great idea because because what it means is that is that especially small businesses that really had to almost give up a claim because they couldn’t because the threshold was not high enough so they had to give up large parts of the acclaim with this change it means that the other can take it to the speech tribunal so they can stay away from lawyers they can stay away from the cost associated with actually trying to get bit hard-earned money back and they can take it straight into the speech tribunal I think they think wouldn’t you agree that’s a great part of that that isn’t that a fantastic part of the bill what we have done it this is help bill we have done it the son the house a cell bill we have actually done it I’ll tell you what let tell me about course forty do you think close estimate you sorry I’m pologize of what I get I get a bit overexcited with this stuff in a speaker I apologize so can I ask the member can I ask the right honourable Woodson Peters do you think that removing clause 40 removing clothes 40 in this bill do you think that was a good move one of the point of order I know it’s late at night and some of those members serve they’re getting tired but they must not bring you into the debating queue very much so let me rephrase let me rephrase that madam Speaker does the right honorable Winston Peters think the removal of clause 40 was a good decision on this bill well continue on very interested to know because he’s had a lot to say one of the detail we wanted to know the detail take another call someone take a call and come and talk to me about course well remember you tell you what I’ll let you off the hook from the memory and I’ll let you off the hook and I’ll tell you what causes all yeah Klaus Ford he was taken out and it she I think was a good movie because fundamentally what it meant was that they were trying to related to section 3 3 8 0 which meant that if a youth was by mistake the prosecutor lodged the information with the district court which meant that you had a youth that should have been tried and the Youth Court was taken into the district court the clause 40 was proposing that actually if it was discovered during the case they’d have to remain in the district court but actually what happened was that well although you’re very solid I’m gonna go when I was asking you ordered you know so sorry madam Speaker I thought it was a plot to engage but anyway section 40 section or clause 40 was removed because actually it was decided that you don’t want to remove the right for a youth to actually have access to all the support services and the Youth Court so that was a very good decision one that we supported in this bill the other thing I wanted to the other thing that that I wanted to talk about very briefly madam speaker was around actually giving court officers more powers and the ability to be able to do their job they now are able to deal with drug paraphernalia and the misuse of Drugs Act which is very important that it expands the definition of court to include any space between the body and Road I’ll tell you why this is important and it comes back to talking about the rights of victims and the trauma that they experience when they go into court is that very often you’ll get the family of defendants or if it’s a gang member or multiple gay members that might be facing charges in court and they will all accumulate outside the court and they do that for one reason and one reason only to intimidate the victim or the victims families or the victims friends when they’re entering the courthouse and so what it means now is the courts got much more jurist or they had got jurisdiction and control over their area that once wasn’t it was public area between the courthouse and the road and so that means that they’ll actually be able to make it a bit safer and control that area a lot more which means that victims are going to have are not going to have to face that the intimidation that I’ve often seen myself when they’re just trying to do a basic thing like get inside the courthouse they’re also going to be able to have the power to use reasonable force when pursuing an escapee and I think that this is I think this is well it’s funny that Tracy Martin finds this funny I don’t want to get started on here a politician that deserves and certain that should be in Somaliland rather than New Zealand with her a foot soldier they’re set beside her but we’ll wait for a general debate on this one why don’t we wait for a general debate on this one right and we’ll hear the inquiry exactly well let let’s wait with some other time on that one anyway Oh a court security officer court security officer madam Speaker a court security officer madam Speaker there is able now to pursue someone that is trying to escape or fundamentally I think this is good it’s very high it’s like nails on a blackboard a disorderly session tonight can we just see it all please very good a few more minutes to leaned of them thank you madam Speaker so this is another very good change that’s been implemented in the bill it actually will discourage offenders from thinking that they came to camp from the courthouse because now the court officers and many of them are excellent forcement officers now have got the ability to be able to stop it a very good bill very happy to take your call and Rick them in this bill to the house thank you madam Speaker I call go Rosco Herman yes thank you madam Speaker it’s a pleasure to rise to speak to

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