Court of Honor

My hometown doesn’t have
an outdoor basketball court. I’m gonna change that. My name is JD Minor, I’m 15 years old, and I hope to be an Eagle Scout very soon. The requirement for the
Eagle badge is to do a project that benefits the community. – He said, dad, I’d really like to build a basketball court here in Fuquay. – I think we were all a
little leery of the scope of the project, but in our family, you start something, you finish it. – Most Eagle Scouts had
done things like fix picnic tables up, repair bridges. – Painting fences. – Building a dock. – Picnic tables. Gazebos. – They’re not massive
projects like this one. This one is unusual. – You know it’s obviously
a really big project. I had to raise $27,000 and find sponsors, do landscaping, concrete, the
rims, backboards, the lights, and most of all I had to have the help. – Enterprise was inspired
by what JD was doing and they asked if they could help him finish the project. Not only did Enterprise
help with the donations but they provided trucks to
deliver mulch and plants. – It demonstrates their
willingness to be involved in communities in a lasting way. – You know, it’s amazing
to see the court done and people playing on it. I hope my story inspires
others to go out and do something in their community. – In scouting, the court
of honor is a ceremony where scouts who’ve moved
up through rank are honored. This is the ultimate court of honor.

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  1. Poole Motorsports says:

    I'm in that troop. I'm the guy carrying the wheelbarrow. The second one

  2. Owen Anderson says:

    Congrats, JD! Knew you would get it done! Gonna have to ball with ya sometime soon!

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