Court Makes Bold Decision About Sperm Donors

The Supreme Court in Germany has ruled that
a child’s right to know who his or her biological father is trumps the anonymity or the privacy
concerns of a sperm donor now this is a really interesting story especially when you consider
the context of sperm donations in Germany the law has been kind of confusing for the
last few years but the Supreme Court has clarified it if you are a product of a sperm donor you
get the right to know who your father is now let me tell you the history of this OK back
in 1989 the courts decided that every person had the right to know their roots and who
or where they came from in 2013 the first courts agreed that sperm donors could be indentified
if their offspring asked them to do so so in between that back in 2007 the court ruled
no no no no fertility clinics can actually decided whether or not they keep someone anonymous
if they want to protect someone’s privacy they can do that but then fast forward to
2013 and the courts are like no no no no if they want to know who their dad is they can
know but we’re going to set an age restriction which I think is super odd the age restriction
was 16 you have to be 16 or older to request the information on your biological father
now the recent ruling basically throws that age restriction out so I doesn’t matter how
old you are you are you can be 12 you can be 10 you can be 17 if you want to know who
your biological father is even if it was a sperm donor who did anonymously you can still
find out who your father is yeah this is a tough one this is super tough what do we think
I know what I think oh ok what do you think no way no way the whole point you you wanted
to anonymously donate sperm you don’t want to have that oh I don’t know some day this
kid is going to pop up in my life or something I bet this will have a chilling effect on
sperm donation absolutely so why do you have more Dores out there I don’t know I don’t
want to know it will but there will be a proliferation of sitcoms always thinkin always thinkin about
the sitcoms see honey and you’ll be on them look who’s home oh my god no I mean it’s it’s
it’s nuts it it it totally undercuts the idea of and you know what I mean and many and here’s
what hypocritical about it is that many people who want children going into this respect
that anonymity it’s only later then that suddenly and it under it it does it undercuts the whole
basis of it and we’re and I don’t know I don’t want to disparage anyone you know but who
are these women who can’t get a hold of some sperm that have to go a bank I don’t know
lesbians maybe oh oh ok I’m just thinking like guys are pretty easy I would give you
some sperm if some girl asked me well this raises and maybe it pushes this whole donor
thing into a different realm where lesbians then have to ask a male friend and then and
then what but then they know yeah I feel like that’s even more awkward you know because
then you know the kid’s biologically yours and he’s like next door cause you guys are
friends but you don’t say you’re the dad and what if they made a private agreement between
these adults that the donor would remain anonymous then yeah I wonder well that happens so the
people are already doing that I mean that phenomenon obviously has started some have
agreements that say it’s going to be private some say they’re going to share it with them
and stuff a lot of that stuff is super hard right yeah it is because you’re right Jimmy
kind of ruins the whole thing and ultimately I’m going to be on your side but god people
want to know who their biological parents are I mean it is the it’s such a burning desire
I know kids who are adopted and they god they want to know so bad they want to know so bad
and it never ends it never goes away really right I mean it just drives people right so
that’s the side we don’t see every day but at the same time if we do this it might end
the whole thing I mean certainly it will slow it down it won’t end it right do you know
that this is an amazing fact that people will there be a chilling effect oh sorry people
who were born with sperm that was donated just in Germany 100,000 people isn’t that
amazing that’s huge number that’s a lot of people and if you say to the sperm donors
now that the kids can know invariably they’ll ask I mean a huge percentage will ask right
and then you’re going to I bet that numbers going to way down way down right so then if
you like the adoption process and you like or you know artificial insemination you like
all these processes then you might be careful about saying yeah yeah they should know how
much money does a guy get for donating sperm not that much yeah because it’s the guy guys
willing to donate are a dime a dozen so I mean is it 20 bucks 30 bucks 50,000 I’ve heard
50 I’ve heard 50 $50 yeah what did you guys did you guys think I couldn’t tell if they
were I couldn’t tell if they were saying like that’s it or like $50 I got to go wow I do
it for free and then throwing $50 fuck I could have got a new pair of shoes before lunch

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