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  1. Jakazu says:

    This what happens when heterosexual men think they have a right to be heterosexual. We need more trans women to arm themselves and starting taking heterosexual men as theirs.

  2. Barbara Washington says:

    He was still a male, no matter what he imagined. Stop calling them the fantasy gender and stick to reality please. Humoring such illusion is political correctness gone mad.

  3. gudgen2004 says:

    I really hate liberal reporting they spin everything instead of telling the truth

  4. Bud Fudlacker says:

    Not saying murdering him/her is correct but what do you expect when someone tries to trick a straight man into being gay? Do you think a good reaction is likely?

  5. Chassity Mckelvie says:

    Sad for everyone involved 2 people lose there lives. Not saying it's wrong or right but a person should reveal such information before even meeting with someone. Some cultures and religion have strict rules about this sort of thing and they may be putting the person in a very bad situation with there beliefs in God and or culture. It's sad and Im sorry for both of these young people.

  6. demon rats says:

    Koin 6 propaganda.

  7. GoatGang Dizz says:

    Lol he tricked him. If you were born a male you'll always be a male…but ALWAYS let men know you were born a male & let THEM decide whether they wanna fuck with you. Otherwise violence will surely follow. Can't say I feel bad. Should've let him know immediately that you're a guy dressing as a woman 🤣🤣

  8. Nak says:

    This is just awful. Condolence to family and friends of Nikki.

  9. Diecast GuyKid says:

    Well what do you expect. He's not gay. Gets tricked into messing with a fake female. (Male) He Finds out. He gets pissed. Fucked up that these transgenders can be false advertising. And not expect retaliation.

  10. Ming Summers says:

    He knew she was trans all along, being trans is not being gay. Stop being so thirsty. If you don’t fuq with us don’t fuq with us period.

  11. Goodim Glad says:

    Nikki raped that strait man. Bound to have happened sooner or later.

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