Court Cam: Father of Victim LUNGES at Larry Nassar (Season 1) | A&E

JUDGE: Sir, I’m giving you 175
years, which is 2,100 months. I’ve just signed
your death warrant. HOST: This man is former USA
Gymnastics doctor and convicted serial pedophile Larry Nassar,
once a world-renowned sports physician who treated elite
female Olympic athletes and hundreds of
hopeful young gymnasts. He’s now a disgraced
former doctor who will spend the
rest of his life behind bars for the sexual
abuse of countless young women. JUDGE: As much as it was
my honor and privilege to hear the sister
survivors, it is my honor and privilege to sentence you. HOST: As part of Nassar’s plea
deal, survivors of the abuse are allowed to give a
victim impact statement. I would like to say something
to my abuser, Larry Nassar. You took advantage of
my innocence and trust. You broke and
shattered a lot of girls. And I cannot sleep because
of what you have done. HOST: More than 150 women
over a two-week period accused him of abusing
his position of power to molest them. And I said, Chelsea, I
was right there in the room. And she goes, you couldn’t
see what was going on, Mom. And she said, he hurt me. She took her own
life because she couldn’t deal the pain anymore. She was 23 years old. HOST: This is Randall Margraves. Three of his daughters
are among the survivors. Two of them speak in court
with their family nearby. I really feel that my entire
family has gone through hell and back these last
few months because of what Larry Nassar did to
both my sisters and I years ago. Nothing can ever be done to
undo what you did to my sisters and me and my friends. But you thought that since you
were a doctor that you would never have to pay the
price and that you could just do the things you
did because of your position. Honestly, you are
poison to this earth. HOST: And now, their
father has a request. I would ask you to, as
part of the sentencing, to grant me five minutes in a
locked room with this demon. JUDGE: I have a feeling– Would you do that? JUDGE: I– that is not– Yes or no? JUDGE: No, sir. I can’t. Could you give me one minute? JUDGE: You know that
I can’t do that. That’s not how
our legal system– Well, I’m going to have it. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Stay down. Stay down. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Hands behind your back. Stop fighting me. [INTERPOSING VOICES] I want that son of a bitch! Put your hands
behind your back. [INTERPOSING VOICES] I know. Give me one minute
with that bastard. One minute. Relax, sir. Relax. Take it easy, buddy. Just relax. Sit up. Get on your side. Sit up. Where is he? One, two, three. Up. What if this
happened to you guys? JUDGE: I understand Mr.
Hargraves’ frustrations, but he cannot behave like this. [INTERPOSING VOICES] You haven’t lived
through it, lady. JUDGE: You cannot
behave like this. This is letting him– I could give you
a jail sentence. I could fine you up to $7,500. I don’t want to do that. The attorney general
did share with me that you heard things
today on the record that you didn’t know before. I can see that absolutely
creating an anger and a rage so great
that any parent would want to do physical harm. So I understand that. HOST: No charges are filed
against Randall Margraves. Nassar was sent to
federal prison in Arizona to serve out his sentence,
but was transferred to a maximum security prison
after he was attacked when released to general population.

100 Responses

  1. y am i here again says:

    Ngl that dad gave me goosebumps

  2. Captain Siege says:

    Where's the closed Captions?!

  3. Blaine Collins says:

    I’d done the same thing but I would of atleast got a hit on that mf

  4. Carlos Caston says:

    Why does his voice remind me of hank hill.

  5. Curtis Jones says:

    Looks like he lunged at him for SHOW. Oh he was just sooo mad at him. Oh pulleese. All STAGED. Boo hoo.

  6. William Eichner says:

    At 5 minutes should be granted

  7. Jose Hernandez says:

    I would have done the same!!

  8. THESEASONS says:

    Judges should know their pain!!!!!!

  9. Martin Al-Almani says:

    Father did nothing wrong

  10. sus kunt says:

    I would have to kill him I would have no other choice

  11. nyquist75 says:

    the baliffs were on him in a flash

  12. daddyfatsack68 says:

    Atleast the judge didnt punish him for the outburst wish he woulda gotten to him before he was tackled

  13. Travis Williams says:

    If anyone ever touched my kids inappropriately, just know you won't be breathing much longer.

  14. Jessica Warren says:

    Im so glad that this day and age people see that women are not at fault for what a monster ina man suit can do. I hope he gets what he deserves and i wish i had a father like that… When i needed him

    (I do have a father i am not saying my father didnt believe me but he put the blame on me cause he couldnt deal with the thought of someone hurting me just a tid bit)

  15. Luis AC says:

    I did 10 years in Max. Officers would give me the green light and information. Convicts and Cops both hate Molesters. I would be carted off to Solitary and get an early release back to the compound. That would give me a Get out of Jail free card next time I got caught doing anything else. It was a Win Win for me 👊

  16. The Insulininja says:

    I remember seeing this video when it first came out I was upset the dad couldn’t get one good hit on him

  17. robbie G says:


  18. Devastinator says:

    I remember this…

  19. JONNO BUD says:

    If he had a gun he probably could have killed him. Shame.

  20. Annie1962 says:

    He's a dead man walking… Pedos don't make it in jail

  21. Smurphenstein says:

    He tried to do what every decent person in that room wanted to do, including those officers. I just hope his fellow inmates get to finish the job slowly and painfully.

  22. Erica Lynn says:

    He lived down the street from me. God.

  23. FF54 SarahBeth says:

    As a parent there would be a lot less predators on the street if they were just taken care of instead of being let out.

  24. Øbi says:

    They will give him the 1 minute between the tapes.

  25. Anthony Wolf says:

    Don’t worry the inmates will take care of him

  26. Hassan Al Sufyani says:

    This is damned America ⚖️🖕

  27. Caleb Paul says:

    One this guy deserves to be killed in the most painful way possible and two this dad is now the most respected man I’ve ever seen

  28. GaborBartal says:

    Who dislikes such a video!??

  29. Nikki says:

    Violence does not fix violence.

  30. Wotan Hate Machine says:

    I would like to know the name and adresses of the 28 pedophiles who downvoted this.

  31. Emir ISIK says:

    I definitely would watch this series, super fun!

  32. Mike says:

    A poison to this earth.

  33. Freesmoke 365 says:

    Karma full circle.. general population baby

  34. Vally Aide says:

    Why was that criminal release into general population? Hes got a 135 years sentence.

  35. Adrian Q SOTX Grappler says:

    Should've left him in gen pop

  36. harry ferguson says:

    Shoutout my dude

  37. zhekaiva says:

    Hit the 👍🏻 if you would let the father have 5 minutes with the monster

  38. Poon Slaayer says:

    Lmaooo they put him in general population? Them guards wanted him killed, the other inmates were just too slow to finish the job

  39. koleinz says:

    I just wondering how much "OMG, How he can do this" Guys would also touch a maturish 16 Year Old if she do not complain about it. Hypocrites everywhere!

  40. Be Free says:

    I hope they bury that trash on the main line. Kid diddlers deserve a buck fifty across their neck

  41. Louis Sutherland says:

    LOL now theres court cam whats next electric chair cam?

  42. Chandler Lastname says:

    Throw him in General Population!!!

  43. Y’all Trash. says:

    The host to these shows is making so much money

  44. MAN_US FITNESS says:

    All those girls should feel ashamed of themselves.
    If they only had spoken up sooner, then it would have saved alot of other girls from being violated

  45. Evil American says:

    All members of Government are criminal sympathizers, because criminals will protect their own from real justice.

  46. Gemma Uribe says:

    I commend that father props to him

  47. Billy Harrell says:

    I understand his feeling there

  48. Rex Boyce says:

    Nasser will have a good time in prison I’m sure

  49. lobstah mobstah says:

    Dad got arrested, locked up with the pedo, had his 5 min behind locked doors.

  50. Richard Rivaldo says:

    Fake old news

  51. Melissa Nolen says:

    Let that FATHER go!! No charges!!!!

  52. cesar castillo says:

    Why are they labeled “survivors “

  53. Aryan Samya says:

    Go on Instagram and search up IndianSunHatkid
    Every like means you love your mom❤💯
    This comment Is cursed 999 2922

  54. Buffy Summers says:

    Why is this being recycled?

  55. 0bi Wan says:

    Should gave him 1mint

  56. Why O Why says:

    Hopefully they get him in jail. They can’t protect him forever

  57. jensing77 says:

    There's a video of him being attacked in jail if you want to go to the dark web. haha. It kind of scratches an itch but still is disturbing to watch.

  58. Chief Meowmeow says:

    Good! Hate these sick beings who prey on the young and weak. What I assumed to be the love of my life was preyed on but I couldn't have a healthy relationship cause of it. These men are monsters that need to live out their days as miserable as possible, not just confined.

  59. Chief Meowmeow says:

    Hate this justice system so much as they negate the just anger he has invoked.

  60. Dauz Lan says:

    tell the prisoner that larrry nassar touch the girl and see where that going. Prison rules, don't touch little kids.

  61. Timmy Ripper says:

    Cannot imagine how this guy feels, but I have this fear of how quick it would take me to get to where he is, if I someone ever violated my family the way this monster did. He should've been aborted or killed by an unruly parent instead of given the opportunity to sexually assault so many innocent girls who are now Women.

  62. Ryan Ethan Dunn says:

    Not just one of that man's daughters, but all three, and THEIR FRIENDS were abused by Nassar. I would have let him have that five minute alone with him. Repping Lansing 🤟🏻

  63. Alexander TheGreatest says:

    I applaud the fathers actions!! I wish he was about 10 years younger, just so he could have gotten across the court room quicker!

  64. carclain says:

    "countless young women"
    Shows 256

  65. Snyper1188 says:

    I can't blame the guy. I would have done the very same.

  66. Richard Adams says:

    Let's make sure that we "protect" the criminal now by escorting him out of the room…. Pathetic

  67. Alexander says:

    How did this guy get away with fingering so many girls?!

  68. KB 24 says:

    Did he land at least one punch on that guy?

  69. sosa says:

    the farther sound like " HANK HILL" i would kill for him to say propane 🤣🤣

  70. Tommy Ohlrich says:

    They didn’t hold him in contempt. What an incredible judge.

  71. Curly Bird says:

    This makes me want to cry….

  72. David Lingo says:

    Why are cops the fastest when they have to stop good guys? I hope he hit this scum at least once so he can sleep better, I dont get why people respect and help scum like this anyway.

  73. Michael B says:

    The way the father asked the judge was soo cringe he deserves what happened to his daughter

  74. Brandon Lee says:

    Comon bys could have let him get at least one hit in.

  75. Everythingsdonewrong says:

    Lmao how’d that work out for you dude😂

  76. Pearcey111 says:

    Give that man father of the year award, imagine how he feels like he let his daughters down letting a scumbag like this get to them, it makes me sick but I take my hat off to the father

  77. NewsFreak42 says:

    couldn't they wait a few seconds before holding him back… just a few seconds…

  78. Brittanii Starzz says:

    To bad he wasn’t able to get at least one good hard hit in. He would knock Larry Nassar’s glasses into the next bloody century 😂😂😂

  79. 0Diazzz0 says:

    Anything less than a deathsentence is not punishment enough!

  80. La Gwardia says:

    Plenty of pretend heroes in suits on the big screen… But the real hero is that father.

  81. TheCaptainJaes says:

    I hope people realize that the sentencing Larry Nassar gets is what’s gonna happen. If he gets hurt in jail or attacked they will treat him and send him to another safer place. Y’all need to stop acting like he’s gonna get killed in jail just because that’s what u want to happen smh 🤦‍♂️

  82. Bigslycooper says:

    Corny asf

  83. Michelle Rodriguez says:

    Yes-that father is completely right..

  84. Moneymanemac IG:Moneymanemac says:

    He a Real Nicca🤣😂🤣😂

  85. Vegas rules says:

    dude was a paper tiger . he knew they would stop him, and his daughter told him about the abuse years before and he didnt believe her. how about protecting your kid before something happens instead of trying to get fake revenge .

  86. Morres Ortiz says:

    It’s dumb how it took more than 260 victims for somebody to take notice lol

  87. ⲔⲈⲘⲒ /DZ سارا says:

    where is the doctors behaviors

  88. Connda Pierce says:

    Go get them dad

  89. acerock421 says:

    let the father go. our justice system is already a joke. who cares if he kills one piece of scum like nassar. good riddance.

  90. steven Soldano says:

    Wish we could have him tortured then hung in public

  91. steven Soldano says:

    Leave the dad in a locked room with Larry for 2 hours. Let him do whatever he wants to him. That’s fair justice

  92. Lizzy Strong says:

    That. Is. A. Good. Father.

  93. Lizzy Strong says:

    He was attacked because he deserved it

  94. Geraldine Carpenter says:

    Oh my how sad ! I feel so bad for those girls that sick man, put him in a electric chair, and I feel so bad for the mother who’s daughter took her life !

  95. Luke Russ says:

    Keep protecting evil and you will become evil

  96. Tiger Dylan says:

    I hope they lynch this bloodsucker in whatever prison he’s gonna rot in

  97. Dan Candy says:

    Rot in jail Nassar. And Mr. Margraves, I would have given you 1 hour. Much respect to you sir..

  98. Natedogz7 says:


  99. White Hulk says:

    Well if I was one of the Correctional Officers I wouldn't of reacted so quickly on Purpose, So He Could Attack The Sick peice of Shiot.

  100. Xavier Mondragon says:

    A Karen: “ You can not behave like this”

    An outraged father: “You haven’t lived through it lady “ (I felt that)

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