Couple Suffered from Addiction Together (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello, Jerome. This is the case of
Coleman v. Coleman.
Thank you.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Mr. Coleman, you say your
seven-year marriage is on the rocks
because you claim to have proof
your wife cheated and is pregnant
by another man, is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. You say you will ask
for a divorce when the result
prove your case. Yes, ma’am. Ms. Coleman, you say you know
your husband is your unborn child’s father
and hope your husband will learn to let your
past be your past, and start to trust you again, is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. So, Mr. Coleman,
what’s at stake today? My marriage is at stake today, my sobriety, and our kids
who’s at stake today. He’s not the only one
who has anything to lose, like, it’s my marriage. It’s our family. It is, it’s what we have. You’ve been together how long? MARK: Coming up on seven. JUDGE LAKE:
Coming up on seven. This is our… CHENIQUA: Six. …anniversary
month, it’s our month. JUDGE LAKE: All right. And how many children
do you have together? CHENIQUA: Four. JUDGE LAKE: So,
this is a family. MARK: Yes. And so, there is
a lot at stake here. MARK: Yes. Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: So, tell me,
when did this all begin? (EXHALES) Uh… CHENIQUA: Yeah. We’ve met about
six years ago. She was doing
what she was doing. I was doing
what I was doing and… What were you all doing? MARK: We was
in addiction,
heavy. Okay. We’re here in court, so we just tell the truth. Yes. All right, go ahead. Uh, she was like three, four
months pregnant at that time,and she had
a doctor appointment
coming up, you know
what I’m saying?
I can see why she was
a little bit distraught because she said
if she go back into the test, that was…
She’s been using, they gonna take
her baby from her. And at that time,
I kidnapped her for like three days,
you know what I’m saying? We let her do nothing. And after that,
she went to the doctor, came back, you know
what I’m saying? Gave me like the biggest hug and I’m standing right there,
I just felt a connection. So, she was pregnant
by someone else? MARK: Yes. And so, you… When you say “kidnapped,”
what you really meant was you kept her in a safe place
so she could be clean. Yeah. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Is that
how it happened? Yes, Your Honor.
When I first met him, I was three months pregnant and we were in addiction. Now being that I didn’t
wanna feel anything, and I didn’t deem myself
worthy of anything, the things that
he was saying to me, like, brought the connection. You know like,
he would tell me,
You don’t have to do “what you’re doing.”
You know what I’m saying? And I stayed around for that. Like, I really
appreciated those affirmations even though I didn’t
believe it myself. We kicked it for a little bit.
And then, I was like, you know, I don’t even know
who my baby daddy is. And he told me then,
he was like, “Don’t worry about it, “you with me now. “I’m that baby’s daddy.”And he did keep me
in a safe place
where I couldn’t use (CHUCKLES) and that’s what made me
really fall for him, like, he had this sweet,
loving attitude towards me, and I really didn’t feel
like I was even worthy of being loved. That touches you,
huh, Mr. Coleman? MARK: (CHUCKLES)
Yeah, it does. Right. Looking at that picture, too. JUDGE LAKE:
You remember that time? MARK:Yes. We was
happy then, man.
We was right…
We were happy,
damn right.
I want this marriage
to work, man, but you know what I’m saying? These trust issues got
to go, man, you know. JUDGE LAKE: You… Got to a place where this
marriage began to crumble? To some certain extent, yes. JUDGE LAKE: What happened? MARK: Well, I had seek treatment.
Did that and at the time, I was still in contact
with the kids, and they were still asking
about their mama. “We need to see mama.
Can we see mama?” And I’m like,
“Really not a good time,” but they was
crying for her. So, I took her…
Took them to the place where we once dwelled in,
you know what I’m saying? And they kind of trusted her
right at that time. And I seen
she wanted help, but didn’t really know
how to ask for it. So I asked her,
“When you needed help, “you know what I’m saying,
just call me.” Know what I’m saying?
So, she ended up calling me and I took her to treatment. You did. So, you sought
treatment first? MARK: First, yes. How long have you
been clean? I’m coming up on two years. JUDGE LAKE: That’s wonderful.
Congratulations. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) And so, you saw
that your wife was
still struggling? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: And
you were trying to help her… MARK: Yes. …get cleaned as well? MARK: Yes. Have you been clean as well
Ms. Coleman for a while? For 10 months. JUDGE LAKE:
Very good. Very good. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING)You talk about trust issues.At some point, you realized
you’re pregnantand it’s within the marriage,but there’s questions
as to the paternity. MARK: Yes. What’s going on then? An STD. You know what I’m saying?
That’s the real big thing. That was a head
knocker right… Hold on. I wanna
understand that. So, wait a minute,
you find out Ms. Coleman is pregnant, your wife. MARK: And an STD at the same time. And when you find that out, you also find out
she contracted an STD? Yes. CHENIQUA: No. Is that true,
Ms. Coleman? CHENIQUA: No, Your Honor. I was on the streets.
I was ripping and running. I was… It was infidelity.
I was very promiscuous. Uh, I masked a lot of things
with men and drugs, so I didn’t always
protect myself and that’s on me. And when I got out of detox and got to go to the doctor,
I had an STD. And then, when you found
that out, Mr. Coleman, that is what began
to fuel your doubt? Yes, I’m telling it
to the doctor for this baby, that’s when I found out
she had another STD. So, wow, that’s
another head kicker. I mean, when we had got
treated in the beginning, so you shouldn’t have it now. CHENIQUA: Your Honor,
when I found that I did
have an STD, when he went
to the clinic with me, they had told me then that it was not properly
treated from the first time. JUDGE LAKE: So,
what you’re saying is, “I did not contract
another STD… Correct. Correct. “…from
another man.” It was not treated correctly
in the first place. However, for Mr. Coleman,
in his position… CHENIQUA: It looks like. It looks like. MARK: Your Honor, we be
on the bus stop sometimes and I would see guys
trying to pick her up. And she was
make comments, like, “I can’t go right now.” Right there, I was like, “What you mean
you can’t go right now?” I was looking for you saying, “Hey, don’t come to me
like that.” You know what I’m saying?
That was like, man, a big shocker to me. And let’s be clear, Ms. Coleman, we understand
that as he talks about these situations,
we know that it’s directly connected to the
addiction issue that you were dealing with. Yes, Your Honor. But what you’re saying Mr. Coleman is,
as she would say, “I can’t go now.”
That indicated to you, “well, you might
have gone before “or you might go later.” MARK: Yes. And because of that,
the pregnancy was surrounded by these kind of paternity
doubts and issues. MARK: Yeah. The entire time? Yes, the entire time.
Tell it like it is. Yes. That’s what we do. So, you find out
you’re pregnant, Mr. Coleman says
he’s in doubt. Do you talk to her
about that doubt? Yes and no,
you know what I’m saying? Because I really… That’s
a touchy subject right there,
you know what I’m saying? But, yeah, Your Honor,
because this is like a… On April the 16th,
I took a home pass to go be with my mother
and my father. Just to transition back into some people’s lives
who are important to me. JUDGE LAKE: And when you say
you took a home pass, I wanna be clear.
Is that because you were in a treatment facility? CHENIQUA: Yes, ma’am. Okay. CHENIQUA: So,
it was on a Friday. He was like, “Well, Saturday, “why don’t we do something
after I get off from work?” And I was like, “Cool.” So, we hook up,
we go to the hotel. Sunday, I go back home and everything is cool. Weeks later,
my breasts start hurting and I realized, like,
I haven’t had a period. So, I call him and I’m like, “I think I might be pregnant.”
And he… I was like, “We gonna have to get a test.”
That was that. The next time I heard
from Mr. Coleman, he’s asking me, like,
“Well, how do you feel “about going on
a Paternity Court?” (MARK CHUCKLES) And I was like, “What do
we need all that for?” So, you were offended
when he suggested to you that he wanted to appear
before me in this courtroom because until then,
you weren’t aware that he had any doubt as to the paternity? CHENIQUA: True. Let me ask you this… MARK: Yeah, but
we only had sex, like, one time.
You know what I’m… Well, it only takes once,
Mr. Coleman. Let’s be clear. But you find out
you’re pregnant, so you think you call him
with good news, family news. CHENIQUA:Yeah.JUDGE LAKE:And then,
you find out he doubts it.
CHENIQUA: And that was the… JUDGE LAKE:
And now the marriage is on the rocks
because of this. Yes. If it’s not mine,
we’ll just divorce. Both of you have dealt
with something very serious which is addiction,
and it’s not a game. You’re right. We know addiction affects
not only the parties, but also their families,
and their children. MARK: Yes. Because of that, I wanted to call upon
an expert that has a lot of experience in this particular
subject area. And I’d like to get his input
before we proceed. Joining us in court today
is Dr. Drew Pinsky. Hi, Dr. Drew,
can you hear me? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Glad to have you, thank you
so much for inviting me. JUDGE LAKE: Thank you
so much for being here. I realize you have called
upon my legal expertise on your own program.
And now, I need to call on your medical expertise
here today. Both parties,
husband and wife, have admittedly
struggled with addiction. Uh, they’ve been clean. Mr. Coleman for two years,
Ms. Coleman for ten months. And quite frankly,
Dr. Drew, I need to know whether or not this entire
emotional situation related to the paternity
of their unborn child could any way
trigger them negatively because I don’t
want to… Give anyone results,
quite frankly, that they’re just not
prepared to handle. And I need to know
what you think.Judge, I think
you will help things
by giving them these results. I think this pregnancy
has already destabilized their recovery. And you’ve connected
the dots here. It’s not just a family,
children, and… That are at risk here. These two,
their lives are at risk. They have a life-threatening
condition called addiction.Mr. Coleman has been quite
serious about his recovery.
He’s two years now. I believe he’s living
in a sober living, so that’s a sign
of the seriousness with which he’s taking
his recovery.Mrs. Coleman, by her own
admission here in the court,
has been slipping
and sliding around.
My fear is Mrs. Coleman may not be being
totally honest,so this will force herto be honest,
get this out of the way,
and then move on
in her recovery.
But the focus on these
two individual recoveries must be what their priority
is moving forwardor they both could die,
there is no family
and the children
lose their parents. So, there is a ton
at risk here. But I believe, Judge,
by telling them the factsand maintaining
rigorous honesty,
you will really help them
in this case.
Thank you so much, Dr. Drew. DR. DREW: You bet. Stay with us, please,
if you can.So, Ms. Coleman,Dr. Drew just spoke
about honesty. Yes. And earlier today,
I said to your husband, this is where we are,
we are in a courtroom, we’re supposed
to tell the truth, and lay it on the line. Is there something you need
to tell your husband? Coleman, (MARK CHUCKLES) I love you. And like the… When you
rode up on me with the kids, and I was out there
still in the madness, I seen something in you. You had this glow
about you, and you told me
you were sober. But I was trying
to control something that had literally
controlled me for so long. And I didn’t
understand. But you did, and
you see me hurting. And you reached out
your hand. I make a commitment
every morning. Not to put one in me,
and to remain faithful. I’ve been doing it. I’ve been doing it. I love you. Dr. Drew, as you can see, the
stakes are very high today.Do you have any
last piece of advice?
Yes, of course, ideally,
we’d love them to be in the… In the couple’s therapy,
but that’s costly. But there’s 12 step programs
that are free. Get your sponsor,
capitulate. In Mrs. Coleman’s case,
it will be a woman. She should have at least
five to ten years of sobriety herself. Mr. Coleman, I’m sure you
already have a sponsor. MARK: Yes. Listen to what they say,
and follow their direction. It is free.
Your sobriety, your life depends
upon your sobriety. Treat this disease
accordingly. JUDGE LAKE:And Dr. Drew
I have to ask you this
because unfortunately,
in this courtroom, we don’t always get
the answers we want. If the answers go their way,
of course, that’s positive. But if it does not, where do they go
from there? How do they stay on track? Well, Mr. Coleman, it sounds
like he’s gonna have to make a decision. Is he going to
hang in with this even though it’s someone
else’s child or not, but he again must
prioritize his recovery. “Can I stay sober
and do this?”And she, the same
has to make amends,
has to clear the slate,
and move forward. I hope it’s his child.
It may be, but it may not be.What’s important is the truth.Yes. JUDGE LAKE:
That’s why we’re here. Thank you so much,
Dr. Drew, for being here. We really appreciate your… DR. DREW: You bet. …expertise.
We needed it. Thank you, Judge. JUDGE LAKE: Well, family,
we’re here now. It’s difficult, but I think
we’re ready for the results. Jerome. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. Now, in order for us
to determine paternity, a prenatal DNA test
was performed. A blood sample was
drawn from the mother and fetal DNA was isolated
from that sample. Genetic analysis was performed and a probability of paternity
was generated. (GRUNTS) In the case of
Coleman v. Coleman,
when it comes to… The child that Mrs. Coleman
is currently carrying, it has been determined
by this court… JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Coleman, you… Are the father. (BOTH CHUCKLE) (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) MARK: I’m sorry.
(SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) No more comments. JUDGE LAKE: Congratulations. MARK: Thank you. No more comments to look… None of that no more. Can we move forward now? MARK: Yes, ma’am. Yes. We can move forward.
(SNIFFLES) I’m glad we could be here
for you in this time. MARK: Thank you. You all have been
through a lot. You’ve overcome a lot. Amen. And I hope you heard
Dr. Drew when he
talked about that this was a lifelong
commitment, right? CHENIQUA: It is. MARK: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: And you’re
doing it for yourselves, first and foremost,
and for your children. But if you don’t take care
of yourselves… We won’t be no good
for the children. (MARK CHUCKLES) JUDGE LAKE: There you go. All right. You know, I say sometimes
in this courtroom, my grandmother used to have
such wise sayings, and she says, “Everybody’s got their
little red wagon.” Do you know what that means? No. That means everybody carries into a relationship something they drag
behind them. You know how you walk
with a wagon? CHENIQUA: Okay. MARK: Okay. Some of us carry
little red wagons, some of us carry huge
red wagons, full of stuff. Both of you have your own. But still about doing
what you need to do to overcome everything
you’ve been through. Keep doing it. Amen. Protect those children, love that new baby. We have counseling
and resources for you. Continue with your treatment.
I’m so happy for you. MARK: Thank you. CHENIQUA: Thank you. Best of luck to you,
court is adjourned. (MARK CHUCKLES)

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    Love this couple! They are the sweetest! I wish them and their children well!! 😍😘.

  99. shericka williams says:

    This brought tears to my eyes

  100. Faith Andati says:

    Where are these kinds of men? I want one for myself… Love her honesty. God bless you two

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