Could Justice League’s “Snyder Cut” Be Closer than You Think!?! (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

– Could the Justice League
Snyder Cut be closer than you think? It’s been two years since
Justice League hit the big screen and despite of the
public and private drama behind the movie, the change of directors, the massive overhaul to
the story, the reshoots, and of course, Mustache
Gate, there’s always been a vocal group of fans who
wanted to see the version of this movie as they believe
it was originally envisioned by director-producer Zack Snyder. Now there’s been a new
ground swell of support for the original
Director’s Cut of the film after several of the film’s stars took to social media to show their backing for the Zack Snyder version of the film, the proverbial Snyder Cut. But could this enthusiasm get many fans what they’ve always wanted? Also, does this fabled Snyder
Cut actually even exist? Let’s breakdown what all
of this means right now. In case you missed the three ring circus that was the production of Justice League, it was meant to be the
end of a thematic trilogy by Zack Snyder that
began with Man of Steel and continued with Batman v.
Superman: Dawn of Justice. But unfortunately, due
to a family tragedy, he had to step away from Justice League during its production. This left Avengers 1 and
2 director, Joss Whedon, to cross the aisle to
DC to finish the movie, and while he has a known pedigree for directing huge comic book event films, his lighthearted tone
full of quippy dialogue definitely stood in stark contrast to the grim, dark, gritty DC film universe that had been shepherded
previously by Zack Snyder. The film underwent
massive expensive reshoots to fit Joss Whedon’s vision
and to erase a mustache from Henry Cavill’s lip,
which was a pivotal plot point in Mission Impossible: Fallout. Definitely necessary. And while the film stumbled
a bit at the box office, it was effectively the nail in the coffin to the gritty version of
the DC cinematic universe, as we had seen it up to that point. – Yeah.
– As evidenced by subsequent films like the
bright and lighthearted Aquaman and Shazam, but that hasn’t stopped fans from wanting to see Snyder’s
original take on the film. And these flames have been
fanned by various people who worked behind the
scenes on Justice League who claim to have
knowledge that a Snyder Cut is close to, if not already completed. However, they haven’t offered
much in the way of proof. Since then, the Snyder Cut has maintained a sort of mythical status
as a what could’ve been. And a subset of fans still
clamor for this Snyder Cut, going so far as to get billboards
and other things like that outside of Comic Con and
other major nerd conventions. And now calls for the
Snyder Cut have been renewed when this weekend, some
of the film’s stars tweeted out their support
with the rallying hashtag, #ReleaseTheSnyderCut, on
the two year anniversary of the film hitting theaters in the U.S. Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot, tweeted it alongside Ray
Fisher, who played Cyborg. Even the former Batman
himself, Ben Affleck, got in on this hashtag
game to let Warner Brothers know of their desire to
see Zack Snyder’s version of the film they starred in. And when Zack Snyder
himself retweeted Gal Gadot with the caption, “This ancient
Amazonian can’t be wrong,” well, it feels like a
confirmation that there could, in fact, really be a Snyder Cut
of Justice League out there. So could there be a way
that it could actually be released for people to watch? Fans are hoping with the upcoming release of Warner Brother’s
streaming service, HBO Max, this fabled Snyder Cut
might find a new home, especially with the
announcement that the service will have a lot of DC content
and the service’s willingness to bring things out of the past with things like an
unscripted Friends special that they’re making. As of now, Warner Brothers
has kept pretty quiet about things, with the
Hollywood Reporter stating that insiders have told
them there’s no announcement that’s imminent, and even
with the film’s stars and director joining the
#ReleaseTheSnyderCut ranks, it doesn’t seem likely that WB will give them what they want. So why is that you have
this big group of people clamoring for this, or at
least it seems like a big group of people, well, it could
be a double-edged sword for Warner Brothers and DC. They released the Justice
League that we saw because they believed in it
and the changes made to it by Joss Whedon, or else, we
would’ve seen a lot more changes made to the end product. Plus, the more lighthearted
tone of the Josstice League set the stage for the future
of DC’s cinematic universe with films like Shazam, Aquaman, and the upcoming Wonder Woman
1984 and Suicide Squad 2 AKA Twoicide Squad, or
in France, Doicide Squad. Gone are the dark and
gritty days of Superman not understanding bathtubs and wistfully wearing handlies, and in are bright colors,
jokes, and psychedelic posters. Plus, after all the
reshoots that Justice League went through, it would
cost them even more money to make any sort of Snyder
Cut that would resemble a finished product with special effects and all the bells and
whistles that you expect. It would just feel more
like a work in progress. That said, with the stand alone Joker film becoming the first R rated film to make over a billion
dollars at the box office, it seems there’s still
a desire in DC fandom to see dark and gritty stories. It remains to be seen though
how this story’s going to develop since things
seem to be all but dead until Gal Gadot chimed in. But what do you folks think? Do you think that the
Snyder Cut will actually be released, and would HBO Max
be the perfect place for it? Or should we just leave well enough alone? Let’s discuss. Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed what you saw, why not give us a like and subscribe? And if you wanna get notified
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