Confessed school shooter Nikolas Cruz appears in court briefly on Friday

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  1. Alexis Lopez says:

    If he was black he’sd be dead by now. Change my mind.

  2. porcupine Sauce says:

    All this hate against him is just proving him right how society treats the bullied.

  3. porcupine Sauce says:

    When 17 ppl die it's a tragedy and hes a monster for retaliating against bullies. When the government and soldiers commits war crimes and kills and tortures thousands of foreigners its a leaf blowing in the wind

  4. Frank Hannity says:

    Judge is hot

  5. Roberto Deoliveira says:

    First time I seen a fine judge🍑


    This cunts getting merked bottom line he’ll get death penalty

  7. Morgan Mackay says:

    Death penalty with immediate effect is the only punishment that should be inflicted on him, he does not deserve another second of breathing

  8. twofly says:

    he needs a haircut, and life in prison

  9. saylor tebault says:

    Nicolas Cruz legit turned into Napoleon Dynamite on crack.

  10. Moneypepper1 says:

    His hair bruh

  11. Dirty K says:

    Yup he has that jail mentality now

  12. Pink afterlife monster Dodoria says:

    Ava Devine Mr Marcus Britney skye

  13. daileydestruction says:

    I would love 10 minutes in a room alone with him

  14. Juan Pablo Ortega says:

    He does like like a school shooter

  15. Han Han says:

    Hold my belt –

  16. kladric sos says:

    Didn’t kno Ted Bundy was still alive

  17. Trannel says:

    thank you

  18. Trannel says:

    Those captions are moving wayyyyyy too fast

  19. Nyla douglas says:

    White privilege smh

  20. Deep Elements says:

    If this dude was black he would be dead already for killing those kids. But here in America they will fight til the end to save this terrorist life.

  21. Alexis Story says:

    why is he still alive

  22. c L says:

    he’s kinda cute

  23. Lorenzo Garcia says:

    How hasn't he gotten the death penalty

  24. x munki says:

    Death to bullies! This guy is a hero.

  25. x munki says:

    One man that stood up against the bullies. What a guy.

  26. Dan W says:

    Why are they wasting time with a battery charge? Lol! That’s the least of his worries right?

  27. Radical Shadow says:

    Dude he's wearing them Jeffrey Dahmer glasses.

  28. Sara Turner says:

    Why is this kid even alive?

  29. Marcin Lendzion says:

    0:28 This judge is hot tho

  30. 831 827 says:

    how could someone be an attorney for this human trash?

  31. Haley Price says:

    His glasses make him look like jeffree dahmer….

  32. Ryan says:

    imagine being his attorney tryna defend him

  33. Eastside Barajas says:

    Hes trying to play the system

  34. Petr Sacristao says:

    so sexy judge 😀

  35. Fairy Acids says:

    Why am I attracted to him 😳

  36. T.P.O Vidz says:

    Am I the only one who noticed how hot that judge is??

  37. Plexter21 YT says:

    Everyone saying they want him dead 💀but I forgive him honestly I don’t want him dead just not happy about his decisions. God Will decide his punishment

  38. King Rozay says:

    ok judge i see you 👀

  39. K Monster says:


  40. Apollo Folf says:

    Who knew Robbie from Victorious had it in him

  41. ItzDefault says:

    I really don't understand..17 children died and they are trying to take off the death penalty 🙄

  42. Haywood Jablome says:

    nigga looks like richard ramirez

  43. ganjaman 407 says:

    He didn't actually forget his age, he's just trying to make himself seem mentally incompetent to stand trial (i.e the 'insanity' defense)…its not gonna work, hopefully

  44. Anna Catherine says:

    He looks like Jeffery dahmer (from the movie)

  45. sarah choi says:

    Shouldn’t this kid be in a mental institution instead of in prison?

  46. Charlie Clark says:

    His hair grew long

  47. Clarissa Osuna says:

    People get the death penalty for killing just one person(not justifying only killing one person) and then you get this guy… 17 people killed and still lives a year later

  48. Observer Enlightened says:

    make him swallow 1000 quarters

  49. Avery Harwood says:

    The judge bad asf

  50. dannyboy768 says:

    I say put him in general population at any Florida state prison and leave it at that. He wouldn’t last a year.

  51. Rich M. says:

    why hasnt he been killed by the state yet? unbelievable…

  52. Fred Jackson says:

    Death by firing squad.

  53. Dexterror says:

    So does his "brother" who said he would be at all his court appearances still show up?

  54. Savannah Jones says:

    this is so ridiculous. this could’ve been prevented.

  55. Albert Nunez says:

    Give him the chair.

  56. Kreamations says:

    Treating him better than life treats me

  57. Luis Fraga says:

    Honestly feel bad for him

  58. Messi Lionel says:

    They should jus give the jit death penalty

  59. DJBAGEL Eatusbeanus says:

    Just because you wear glasses dosent mean you're innocent

  60. alex says:

    thats not fair why dont my judges ever look like this =(

  61. Rasdy says:

    why do I think he looks just like quagmire

  62. toniotonio6 says:

    He said 19 uhh 21

  63. Kiri Erjrio says:

    Y’all don’t understand that he’s mentally unstable

  64. Gino3603 says:

    Fuuuuuuuick this guy

  65. TermYeet says:

    Dude should get slaughtered in his sleep

  66. Evan jonlich says:

    I don’t know why he hasn’t got the death penalty yet. He killed 17 innocent kids and wounded many more. He absolutely deserves the death penalty.

  67. poop and poop says:

    Why are you showing his face

  68. PatTheRanga says:

    why isnt this man dead yet

  69. inXsights says:

    that judge is thiccc

  70. Eleisha Joe says:

    He needs the death penalty stupid people

  71. Namekian Black says:

    How old are you = 19-21?????

  72. Rhino X says:

    What's 9+10?


  73. ava mccarthy says:

    Imagine being an attorney and defending someone so evil, twisted and cruel like this man. It makes me physically ill to think about the pain, agony, sorrow and much more this man has caused. How could someone be so empty, empty enough to have the intentions of taking multiple peoples lives. As much as i would like to go on about the sickness and horrid of this terrible situation, i can't. I'm deeply ashamed as to what our world has come to. So deeply sorry for anyones loss and i hope you have a fantastic day!

  74. Сергей Бильмандо says:

    Disgusting juden

  75. Defne Toker says:

    I hate this man with all my heart and I hope he get’s what he deserves after the horrific thing he did but i just want to say that he’s physically hot

  76. avery godinez says:

    Give him that death penalty the hell

  77. Sick Ewos says:

    Why dont we let him out and we just go for his head?

  78. Rad Orange MSP says:

    why does he look like tedbundy? just me? ok.

  79. soraya lozoya says:

    He looks like a curly headed sheep

  80. acciopeters says:

    nikolas whit glasses and long hair💕

  81. Da old mighty Bot says:

    He looks a character from stranger things

  82. Hardheadhunter says:

    I honestly feel bad for him bro he’s crazy and I’m pretty sure he went crazy because of the kids picking on him sometimes people snap and when that happens you can’t blame just them you need to look at what caused it

  83. Dwight Schrute says:

    I’m just telling you that it it was a black man or women they would of done something already. They should of already executed this guy.

  84. VTeR1 says:

    Just good to know that there's no such thing as a speedy trial. The state just throwing more of our tax dollars at the kid.

  85. iiileena xx says:

    He still alive!!!!!!

  86. ForeverxJayys Hustles says:

    He’s 21 and supposed to be in college, the class he shot up wasn’t even in school when he went there,they were innocent 😖

  87. ForeverxJayys Hustles says:

    He’s 21 and supposed to be in college, the class he shot up wasn’t even in school when he went there,they were innocent 😖

  88. Ronaldo Vega says:

    I can’t believe his lawyers are actually defending him

  89. klay kham says:

    I hope they take him off the death penalty he deserves to suffer

  90. Ethan Lopez says:

    Hell nah, giving him the death penalty would he way to easygoing. This dude deserves to get whacked 17x with a bat every day.

  91. Sohil C says:

    Nah bro don’t kill him let him suffer in prison for the rest of his life!

  92. Raul Barajas says:

    i think i know why maybe becasue he’s insane ? why isn’t he in a mental institution or just idk

  93. maybecosmo says:

    what kind of glasses are those? i like

  94. Nade Bitch says:

    Aye his hair kinda cool now

  95. Durrzi says:

    I told yall .

  96. Alvin Barrios says:

    Certain atrocities should carry a cruel and unusual punishment like a brief 3 second full body immolation, followed by a quick extinguishing of flames with a 50/50 water and lemon juice mix, a 30 second pause then this cycle should be repeated until life ceases.

  97. Carlsbad221 says:

    He slaughtered so many innocent people. He chose to be the monster he is

  98. dgr3232 says:

    I don’t get why they make executions cost so much, go to Home Depot buy a rope if you don’t already have one, find a tree, and end it. He’s already confessed what’s there to talk about?

  99. Vro says:

    He's over 18, just inject the dude and call it a day…

  100. AChad92 says:

    One simple bullet and he's off your hands. Just kill the scumbag and get it over with. He doesn't deserve to gift of life.

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