Compassion for Humanity & Non Judgement

hi i have been doing a little
soul-searching and some of its been yucky and hard intense and I’ve looked
at parts of my self that I know I’ve judged in other people and uh huh am I alone are do you judge yourself and
other people too don’t look that may be the only one in
the judge department so i had to tap into this other aspect of be that
doesn’t judge at all that’s actually really accepting and loving and
compassionate compassionate not only for myself but for Humanity and I’m actually
my friend and a lung has been throwing that up as a neon sign to me every time
that she’s heard me be judgmental towards myself she’s like compassion for
Humanity and then it gives me a chance to remember oh yeah I’m human too like oh oops I can
have my own four walls upset and yeah the moment I might have to go through a
series of emotions and usually pretty quickly though I can have that
remembrance of who I really am and connect up to God and my higher soul
source and let more installment energy comes down and get me back into a nice
heart-centered space again of compassion and love and acceptance
for myself and others so maybe this reminder is not only for
me today but also for you and for more reminders and tips please go to my blog
at Tiffany calm and be happy to connect with you there ciff a NY CA n 0 dot com much love

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