Climate Justice: Katharine Hayhoe

we know that in the past climate has
changed because of natural causes like volcanoes and changes in energy from the
Sun and even natural cycles but today according to all of those natural
factors we should be slowly cooling and instead we’re warming faster and faster
and the number one reason why we are warming is because ever since the
beginning of the Industrial Revolution we’ve been digging up more and more coal
and gas and oil and burning it when we burn those fossil fuels they release the
carbon trapped in them into the atmosphere and why do we care about that
it’s because our atmosphere already has a perfect natural blanket of heat
trapping gases the problem is is that by digging up and burning coal and gas and
oil we’re wrapping an extra blanket around the planet
so while fossil fuels have brought us tremendous benefits and well I think it
is appropriate to be grateful for and acknowledge those benefits at the same
time we have to recognize that we’re at a point in human history today where we
have other choices so there’s many ways that we can reduce emissions and there’s
all kinds of programs to capture methane from landfills and use it as an energy
source because it is natural gas there’s programs to collect animal waste and put
it in the digester as they call it to generate electricity as well from
burning that there’s all kinds of things that we can do to use the resources that
we have and methane is a key part of that one of the most important things if
not the most important thing that we can do about climate change is talk about it
we can use our voice to let government and companies like Chevron know that we
want them to change we need to be smarter with the resources
we have and we need to recognize that the world is changing too
for us personally we can measure our carbon footprint and you can find a good
carbon footprint calculator anywhere online and then it will tell us what
part of our lives most of our carbon emissions and methane
emissions come from if we care about our family if we care about our community if
we care about the church if we care about our sisters and brothers around
the world especially those who are suffering if we care about a healthy
economy if we care about national security
whatever we care about it is profoundly affected by a changing climate that is
why we care it’s like the verse from James that says you like a man who’s
looked in the mirror and then gone away and forgotten who you are who are we we
are people who at Salvation are given a new heart and what are the desires of
that new heart to love God and to love others as we have been loved by God
true love empowers us to act with as Paul said to Timothy a sound mind to
make good decisions based on the facts that’s why with a perfect person to care
because of who we are and because of here he’s made us you

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