hi guys welcome back to til vacuum
do us part. Today I’m so excited to be sharing with you my last cleaning for
Christmas motivational video. I cannot believe how fast it’s went by, but here
it is. I know a lot of us are trying to get our house ready for guests and
company so we can all do it together as you can see I’m starting off in
savannas a bedroom I normally don’t clean in here often you guys probably
don’t see her room very much lately just because she’s got old enough and cleans
it on her own but if we have a company or guests come over to spend the night
this is kind of where they stay we used to have a guest bedroom but then we put
the playroom in which is just so much more functional as far as an everyday
basis goes and I like this being the guest room when people come because they
do have that bathroom attached so they can get ready it’s got the big closet
for their bags so it just works out best so this room is gonna need a just a good
deep cleaning I’ve got her clean sheets that need to go on the bed I’m putting
all her laundry away I’m gonna work on the bathroom so let’s just get to
cleaning this room okay now I’m gonna start putting her new
sheets on that I got clean I know somebody’s gonna probably ask this
question so I’m gonna go ahead and answer it you guys are probably curious
where Savannah stays if we have company over for Christmas Savannah stays at her
grandparents house and then sometimes the adults come stay at mine too like
the kids are there with Grandma and then we’ll get ready and go back and see them
in the morning so that’s where she is if she happens to
be at our house when we have company over her playroom does have a futon she
can stay on or if the people have kids they can stay in there she can sleep
with us she can make a pallet she can sleep on her sofa so there’s lots of
options for like kids but I like to have the bed just for the adults as you can see I’m just like layering up
her bed she has a top sheet she has like that throw blanket this is
a comforter and then I’m actually gonna put another comforter on top I feel like
this is like the cold room in the house or the hot room depending on what season
it is so I just like for her to have lots of covers and then if she gets hot
she can just throw them all plus me and her really sleep better when we have
some weight on us I think we would love weighted blankets so that’s why I’m
putting on so many layers if you’re wondering so she has a lot more pillows that like
match the comforters but she has moved them into the playroom she loves having
them on her futon where they can just like relax and chill in there so luckily
I’ve been making it work with just all her Christmas pillows but she does have
like the matching shams they’re just currently over in the play room okay and
now I’m gonna grab my jaws cleaner I was just showing you some of you guys like
to know what I’m using and then I’m using the jaws rag and I’m gonna go
ahead and wipe down all her furniture I know she does this often but just
knowing that if somebody’s gonna be in this room I just want to go over it so
that I know it’s nice and clean so um this is like it says for wood floors but
I use it on all my wood furniture and all my painted furniture and it works
super well I do have that link down below in my description box and a coupon
code if you guys are interested in anything like that you can check it out okay now I’m gonna use that same product
right here on her like entry table I don’t think it’s any kind of wood but I
feel like these products are really like multi-purpose or maybe that’s just how I
use them it just saves me from like running and grabbing a different product
so I’m gonna wipe this down she keeps her scrunchies and like cell phone cases
on it but when company comes over I could totally clear that off put it
somewhere else and then they have the extra space for their belongings or
items and then I’m gonna wipe off my blinds this is just an area I completely
forget to do I’m good about doing like the living room and the kitchen but I
always forget about her bedroom and with guests coming over they always love to
like look out and see our lot and I’m always like oh I should have cleaned
those so if you have company coming over definitely check your blinds now it’s time to move into her bathroom
this is one of the reasons I love this house is I knew she would have an
attached bathroom so the majority of the time as you guys can see I’m just using
the challahs shower cleaner but the majority of the time the reason I love
this space is it doesn’t have to be perfect I feel like kids always have
like the hand towel down there’s always toothpaste in the sink
but it’s like in her room tucked away nobody knows but with guests coming I
want to get it nice and clean because this is what they’ll be using and I also
love that it’s just attached so if they’re like taking a shower or getting
ready they don’t even have to walk out of the bedroom so this is just a nice
little perk it kind of sold me on the house this and my kitchen island because
I’m just scrubbing her bathtub really well it wasn’t super dirty I mean she’s
a little girl and she may shout in there but that’s about it because she’ll just
get ready in my beauty room with me so I’m just gonna make sure it’s nice and
clean and ready to go for our guests if you’re enjoying today’s video I’d
love for you to hit that thumbs up or like button down below it definitely
helps me out and if you’re new my name is Ashley and I would love for you to
subscribe and join my family here so definitely hit that red subscribe button
down below I make two cleaning videos a week and then I also post two to three
vlogs on our vlog channel so I’ll have all those links down below in my
description box so definitely make sure you’re following us those places when I’m done cleaning like my sink and
countertop I always love to crab just like a hand towel and dry everything off
I feel like your sink or kitchen or bathroom sink whatever your cleaning
isn’t clean until it’s like dried out I feel like it just looks so much better
so if you haven’t tried that little tip definitely try it out next time because
when you’re cleaning you’re typically about to put up a new hand towel anyways
so just use that other one dry everything out make it look sparkly add
your nice hand towel and it just looks so pretty we’ll be channeling and having a good
good my friends now I’m gonna finish up by vacuuming the
bathroom and then whole carpet in her bedroom
sometimes I save vacuuming for likes at the very end and I’ll do the entire
house at once sometimes I like to do it just so I can know that room is
completely done I do like to keep my cleaning routine at fresh and new and I
change it up almost every single time just because I feel like if you just do
the same thing every time it gets boring and then you don’t want to do it so if
you’re like that with your routine right now change something out start on the
other side of the house start in a different room use a different product
just do something to keep it nice and fresh now we’re gonna head into my master
bedroom and luckily the back was already made and I put fresh sheets on that so
when I cleaned it the guest bedroom cheese or Savannah’s room I went ahead
and cleaned ours not that they needed to be done but it’s just nice to know
what’s gonna smell fresh in there and if our guests have clean sheets I kind of
want them to I am gonna go ahead and wipe everything down in this room and
you may ask why guests aren’t gonna be coming in there but I like to just have
my entire house open I like my guests to know they can go in any room at any time
and I’m not gonna panic if they need to use our bathroom they’re gonna pass
those on the way so I just like to have everything in my house a nice fresh and
clean so I don’t have to panic everybody can have full access let me know if
you’re like that or if you like shut the doors and keep people blocked off but
I’ve always just wanted people to feel welcome I know they can go into any
space in my home plus when people come into my home they love to look around
because I’m always changing and rearranging so I feel like the first
thing they do is start going into the bedrooms which I love I love that people
feel just like welcome and walk in so I definitely keep my space clean for those
reasons all right now we’re heading into my
master bathroom and just like I mentioned earlier okay here’s the
cleaner I’m using I just pick it up from the Dollar Tree I keep it underneath
every sink why I was actually low in this video so when I got done I actually
ran to Dollar Tree and got three of everything because I was getting so low
but I like to keep this cheap products underneath the sink but as I was
mentioning earlier I like my guests to have full access so I want to know my
bathrooms open just in case they need it Plus even if not we just need a clean
bathroom so I love to just go around make sure our sinks are clean wipe off
the mirror I do clean the toilets but I rarely show that on a cleaning video I
just don’t think it’s something that anybody enjoys watching so just so you
know the toilet will be cleaned before company comes over so I have two products that I love when
I’m cleaning like windows or mirrors or anything like that I love to use my jaws
window cleaner it’s the non-toxic route super safe pet friendly I have their
link down below if you’re looking for more like cheap budget-friendly not that
y’all’s isn’t but if you’re looking for something that’s only a dollar you can
go to a Dollar Tree and get a vinegar-based window cleaning product
I’ll actually be using that in the next bathroom so you can see how well it does
and then I swear by this e cloth rag it’s like a polishing rag I’ve never
seen anything like it and I just love using it so I have my e cloth link down
below if you guys are interested and then right now I’m just taking the
drawers wood floor cleaner again and just wiping down my cabinet I can’t
believe what happened to the rest of the year it went by so fast
I barely did see calling
now it’s time to vacuum the carpet so this side of the house can be done
we do have a humungous crate to the right of the screen right there we have
just not found a great place for George he only needs two crate I think during
Christmas he was doing great and then we put up our Christmas tree and he loves
chewing on the wires so we have to create him when we leave right now and
we’ve had it in bathrooms with them we’re down a bathroom and with guests
coming we’ve just kind of left it out in our bedroom it’s not super pleasing to
the eye in any way shape or form but we love him so it’s fine we’re just dealing
with it hopefully it’ll be gone soon and then I went ahead and got my cleaners
something crossed my mind that’s like wow I haven’t cleaned these in a while
these two pieces were so dusty I could not believe it I seriously don’t think
I’ve ever cleaned them since I hung them I don’t know when I hug them they’ve
been up a while so you can see every time I wipe it I’m like looking at the
rag like oh my goodness and then I have to like fold the rag in a different way
just because it’s so messy and then I had to break out the chair because I’m
like okay if it’s this bad I got to get the top so I’m so thankful I clean that
space okay we are making progress we are
officially on the other side of the house oh it always feels good so now
we’re headed into my Beauty room and your new this is my Beauty room slash
office I get ready in here it how’s my closet in here it has my desk where I
work so lots of things happen in this room so I love to keep it clean you
would think oh when people come over you won’t be in your beauty room we really
are we can sit in there and chat because the guys stay in another room so I
always love to have like lots of seating in here plus like if my sister or mom
stay with me I love to have it nice and clean because if you stay with me you
can get ready at my Beauty room like who doesn’t want to do that so I just love
to have the space wipe down and clean so even if we’re in there chatting or
getting ready it’s just a nice and clean space I feel like any time you have white
furniture you have to wipe down often it does get dusty but I feel like dust
doesn’t show that bad you have like black furniture that would show worse
but I feel like since I edit here sarena does home-school here sometimes and will
be like snacking or eating I don’t know anytime you have white furniture you’re
just siting yourself up for cleaning a lot so I do wat down all my pieces once
a week just to keep them nice and fresh looking and then my computer screens
also touchscreen I don’t use it that way but Savannah does for math it’s just
easier for her so I like to wipe that down once a week because if you look in
it right now you can see it’s like full of fingerprints so I like to just kind
of start with a fresh screen once a week my e-cloth a polishing rag was already
really wet from cleaning like all the other mirrors so that’s what I’m using
to wipe down my computer screen and the mirror it’s already really damp so I
didn’t need to use any more product so that’s nice as well and then I’m gonna
go ahead and adjust my clothes I’d kind of been trying stuff on so it wasn’t
where it needed to be so I’m gonna go ahead and touch that up and then I’m
gonna fluff my pillows and then give it a good vacuum
come let us adore him come let us adore him cry
still sing choirs of angels sing in exultation
sing all ye citizens of to God all right now it’s time to head into my
guest bathroom this room never gets that messy because I feel like I come in here
once a day and get it clean I just never want it to be dirty and if anybody stops
by I want it ready to go so this is just a space I’m always working on every
single day so it never needs like a super deep cleaning so I’m just gonna
kind of wipe everything down so it’s nice and fresh before company gets here now it’s time to work on my living room
kitchen and dining room I definitely saved this space for last
today I’m just starting by putting George’s toys away he pulls them out I
think just to despite me I think it was God’s Way of just like making me loosen
up a little bit we love him but he is definitely keeping us on our toes but I
would not trade him for it the world now I’m just gonna wipe off the coffee table
and get it all nice and clean I feel like we eat at it a lot I’m just and
have snacks and kick our feet up on it so I’m just going from space stiff space
in here and just dusting getting all the wood and it’s just clean and then I’m
gonna work on my front door as well all right now it’s time to head into my
kitchen I don’t have to do much in here I’m not gonna be doing like a big deep
clean just more of a speed clean tidy up version I’m gonna go ahead and put
everything in its home that’s in here and then I’m gonna wipe down my
countertops and everything that’s on them but to be honest my kitchens just
not that dirty I don’t use it often because I don’t love to cook so I’m just
gonna kind of freshen it up I always get tons of questions about
those white canisters so I’m gonna go ahead and answer them for you just in
case you’re curious they came from Kirkland but I got them as like a
housewarming gift about three years ago so I don’t know if they still have them
I used to be able to link them but they don’t have the link anymore and then the
tray that is on I have that tray and then one over with like my dish soap on
it it came as a three tiered serving set and I have that linked on my Amazon
store so it’s actually gonna alert at like a serving tray but you get three
different size trays and you can use them throughout your kitchen to just
display then if I need a serving tray I can just pull everything off of them
wash them and put them onto that holder so those were two things I just get
asked about all the time so I wanted to let you know while I’m working on my
dining room I just want to take a minute and say thank you thank you for all your
love and support thank you to every person that has their card hanging up on
there on my shutters thank you for sending me your stories and telling me
about you your family just letting me know what this channel means to you it
has just been gonna cry it has just been so neat and so cool to go to my peel box
and it’s just been so joyful so thank you so much just for taking the time out
of your day to handwrite a card or email me or to send me your your Christmas
photo with your family on it it truly means so much to me okay now I’m gonna work on my sectional
it doesn’t look that bad but I just feel like if blankets aren’t where they’re
supposed to be or pillows aren’t fluffed up you can have like a super spotless
living room but if you have like a really sad looking so for sectional it
just doesn’t look clean so I just like to take a few minutes to go ahead and
plus those and then I’ve been vacuuming non-stop because Jorge our golden doodle
is losing his puppy coat it’s really not that bad but there he does get white
hair on it mainly on this place as he sits Tiger likes to sit at that top
cushion kind of right where I am right now and so now George thinks he can but
there’s a huge weight difference so you can kind of see that cushion starting to
dip but it’s so sweet he just thinks he’s so little and can set up there like
Tiger so we just let him but I like to go ahead and just get those areas
vacuumed everything will be okay so now I’m gonna
go ahead and finish up by vacuuming just a few spaces in my living room and my
dining room is kind of gets the rugs fluffed up and just nice and clean with
vacuum lines I have been getting a lot of questions about my vacuum as well you
guys want to know the difference between the Dyson and the LG so this is the LG
I’m using they both are amazing I feel like the battery life is longer on the
LG it’s never died on me plus it has a backup battery and they both charge at
the same time so you always have to charge batteries and then the other main
difference is it’s not like a trigger you don’t have to hold it it’s a button
to start so you know if you’re older and have arthritis or just don’t want to
keep pressing a trigger the whole time you’re vacuuming I really love the Dyson
you just turn it on and then when you’re done you turn it off so if you guys were
wondering that’s my answer I would lean towards the LG the Dyson is still
amazing it’s still worth the money they pretty much have the same attachments so
the big difference is just kind of the battery life and then how it turns on
and how it turns off for myself tomorrow is Christmas okay guys that was
my last Christmas clean with me for this year I hope you enjoyed it I hope you
got motivated to get your house clean before everybody shows up if you’re not
subscribed to both of my channels just click right here and you can get
subscribe so you don’t miss any of my future videos I do have one more video
going up tomorrow on the vlog Channel and then I’m just gonna take a few days
off for Christmas and then I’ll see you guys in a couple of days I hope you have
a wonderful Christmas if I don’t see you until then and I hope you have a
wonderful week and I’ll see you the next one bye

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