Clark Kent & Lois Lane on Kent Farm | Justice League

Are you ok? You brought us here, but you hardly spent a minute in the house. I know, it´s… just got out of a wooden box What was it like? Coming back Itchy I mean, honestly… weird, in so many ways. -But mostly just -I wasn’t strong I didn´t uhm You would’ve been very disappointed in me. I wasn’t […] dedicated reporter, I… I just… It´s ok I´m the idiot who left But I´m back now and I´m gonna make things right Ah, you called mom Of course Thank you I was hoping it was gonna take you longer to recover Because now I have to send you away Bruce He needs you Fate of the world, that’s the deal. He was, pretty tense. Well I guess I do owe him one. And no dying. And I get the exclusive Yes, ma’am. It’s really you. I’m really me Ma.

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  1. chandru c m says:

    No love is better than mom” s love 👌👌♥️♥️♥️

  2. DEAD POOL says:

    Actually Martha is Batman GF.

  3. Jonny T. says:

    The CGI, corny dialogue, and soundtrack is terrible

  4. Zerofever says:

    Man, they really fucked his mouth up. I mean, that's bad.

  5. Andrew Panagiotis says:

    Worst clark and superman ever and he looks mean evil and vampire like

  6. Bernie Thomas says:

    Thanks for the benefit of Kryptonian technology that your limited human mind will never understand I'm here

  7. The Poopsmith says:

    Asks him how it was… starts talking about herself.

    Fucking women.

  8. Christian Alonte says:

    Missed opportunity to use the Man of Steel theme

  9. roni rubinst says:

    1:13 , sounds like "But I'm batman"

  10. Ramona Soants says:

    God we need a Lois Lane movie but not with these guys (behind the camera) who did justice league.

  11. Ace Gerding says:

    Rel rend

  12. Patre L says:

    the love between Superman & Lois Lane always makes me cry. Superman will stop time for her… where is my superman…

  13. Ethan Isaac says:

    Amy Adams was such a horrible choice as Lois Lane. Way too "Damsel in distress/ girl-next-door".

  14. Tony Ke says:

    I want to be Superman, let my old crush that I got along with pretty well be Lois Lane, true romance scene…

  15. Camera Buff says:

    Lois: "I'm with someone else now."

  16. peace maker says:

    This bitch just cuts him off as hes explaining. Smfh

  17. Geraldine Travel says:

    Can’t believe that henry carvill won’t be Superman anymore he was great

  18. Carlton Roberts Jr says:

    That part almost made me cry

  19. ASIAN4LIFE916 says:

    Idk if it’s just me but why the fuck did they not put Hans Zimmer Man Of Steel score in this scene, they had such a good opportunity to do so……….

  20. Віктор Сороченко says:

    corn needs Zn treatment.

  21. lilah grace says:

    This scene would be perfect except for the fact that his lips move so weirdly?

  22. Akram Jubair says:

    worst films ever made

  23. DreamBelief says:

    Why the hell did they try and use special effects for this scene? They could have easily filmed it in real life. Special effects are not good enough to replace something that's really there. We can tell.

  24. Trent Thurston says:


  25. Ralph Widner says:

    Heartfelt, definitely heartfelt and passionate

  26. Victor Kong says:

    I'm really Mee-Maw.

  27. Robert Morris says:

    a boy and his Mom. dang eye sweat.

  28. Michael Cole says:

    1:34 when he says "You called mom", you can see the horrible digital edit of the mustache removal clearly. Watch his nostril too.

  29. Anya Vlad says:

    Shes so dreamy 😩💚👑

  30. Keenan Hunt says:

    The background reminds me of the ending of " Gone With The Wind " with Scarlett

  31. Freddy Pedraza says:

    Maybe that diractor has never been to a farm, but the midwest its filled with them
    It's not that hard come on

  32. patrick niyonkuru says:


  33. the emily says:

    omg….his mouth is so distracting…


  34. crush it says:

    Is it just me or… Since the DCEU started. Superman is the only one that can make emotions come out of us? I mean he is the superhero that has been critically judge in the pass decades that he isn't relevant. Yet he is the only one who has a HUMAN normal life. Even Batman say's it in this movie. WB please bring back Henry.

  35. Big Kahuna says:

    I like the movie. I don’t get why people hate it.

  36. Jess Connelly says:

    Superman's mom a super milf🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆

  37. MC 667 says:

    Damn you Joss Whedon and Zack, these movies had so much potential .

  38. Houssem Guedri says:

    It is lois wife or grilfriend of superman ?

  39. Bap Boo says:

    Once you notice the cgi mouth you can’t un notice it

  40. Fghmail Fghgmail says:

    Is this from Bright Burn?

  41. Captain Flash says:

    What bugs me about this scene is how they didn’t let him have the beard shit at the end of bvs we see dirt rising up so basically Superman is not dead but in a coma which means he could of grown a beard the digital removal was pointless and when the hell did he have time to shave??..

  42. parishm says:

    worst Lois Lane ever !

  43. Emrys's Dream says:

    The color is so much brighter than man of steel thoughts?

  44. Tony Kong says:

    Smallville graphic was still better than this piece of crap

  45. BoodaBless127 says:

    I never would of thought in a million years that I would hate this movie it was absolutely bullshit

  46. Sean gabby Baldecasa says:

    Just like Jesus resurrection

  47. Morris Anderson says:

    Such a shame, he's not going to be back as SM,,

  48. Turkeyrolls says:

    what the fuck, this was NOT in the theatrical release

  49. Eddie Rain says:

    And they left this out because 🙄

  50. CCJJ160Channels says:

    Batman messes up. He should have brought Martha.

  51. Joaquin Phoenix says:

    So Superman's mother is Thanos's ex wife 😆😉

  52. Jadon Garcia says:

    2:23 Supes looks like Jon Hamm for a split second

  53. B-Mint1994 says:

    That CG upper lip is sooooooo bad. Like jesus, who approved this trash.

  54. Shelby Ramirez says:


  55. Ralph Muskinyaar says:

    I’m surprised she didn’t say a Pulitzer Prize winning dedicated reporter

  56. Gramaththu Kootaanjoru says:

    Watching him with a beard and moustache would have been much more better than this crap….

  57. Gramaththu Kootaanjoru says:

    End of Snyder's legacy… And that too was fucked up….

  58. CJ Douglas says:

    I feel like they could’ve added on a beard considering he’d been dead for at least a few months at that point. Then just put him in the black suit to match and you can fake the mustache for like the ending when he returns to the blue and red. Just my idea

  59. Shon_RT says:

    Did they purposely make Henry's voice deeper for this movie?

  60. Einstein's Cat says:

    The love of your life comes back from the dead and you (a) tell him he smells good (b) ask him what it was like….

  61. Jose Carranza says:

    How did they explain that Clark Kent came back to life to the public?

  62. Allen Bonus says:

    The scenery is so perfect. 😌

  63. Zeera Soda says:

    This scene makes me cry.
    Not cuz it's emotional…

    But cuz it looks like ABSOLUTE SHIT!

  64. Haydn Dowling says:

    I hope they carry on like the end of Justice League and have him as OP as he should be in the future. And DO NOT recast Henry Cavill he is a fantastic superman

  65. Rea Ality says:

    I find Diane Lane to be not only a very capable actor, but arguably the most naturally beautiful woman ever filmed.

  66. mostafa ELHAZEK says:

    فيلم اسمه ايه كامل

  67. Chung Ani says:

    Aku sampai nonton 3x film ini.
    Menunggu bagian ke-2.
    Still waiting season 2 😊

  68. sheltv100 says:

    He looks as if he could have played Johnny Cash than Superman.

  69. Jam Kon says:

    Henry Cavill as superman is such a great choice,but the movies really dont do it justice

  70. Sufyaan Mohamed says:

    U can really see the mustache

  71. Gleicy Andrade says:

    So freaking fake this farm

  72. SJ RANKS says:

    The green screen in this scene is atrocious I’m not kidding when I say it took me seconds to point it out this movie cost $300 million to make and you couldn’t afford to shoot this in an actual field hell it shouldn’t cost anything I could’ve taken the camera out to my backyard(yes I have a field in my backyard behind a fence since I live next to a farm) and filmed it I mean come on this is lazy

  73. Chandan Bhowal says:

    This scene was the moment that was supposed to be the most special in the entire movie. And Joss spoiled it and of that stupid music creator. It's still good,but it was supposed to be the greatest.

  74. Emerald Moon says:

    Lois Lane: What was it like ? Coming back ?
    Audience about to laugh and struggling to control their laughter

    Superman: Itchy.
    Audience losing control and burst out into loud laughter.

  75. Michael Schlueb says:

    Ugggghhhhh…..That's just wrong! -Honest Trailers

  76. Lincoln 23 says:

    Let's be honest: we can't blame the actors, Zack Snyder or even Joss Wheddon… It's WB the main responsable for this. And it's sad because WB has been always my favorite studio

  77. Jay N says:


  78. Melissa Clark says:

    Or the moustache is itchy

  79. RachaelHful says:

    When she looked down and said: I wasn't strong 0:49 followed by his reaction… Idk why I was thinking " GIRL WHO U DON'T CHEATING ON CLARK WITH" 😄😂

  80. Ramona Soants says:

    "i am the idiot who left" like…. Wtf you die because you wanted?

  81. Anti Blue says:

    He's so hot and his voice is sexy in this scene 👅

  82. Edior Mrvn says:

    This could have been one of the most beautiful and emotional scenes in DCEU
    but WHAMMY!!!! Joss Whedon, Geoff Johns and WB fucked up

  83. G Hart says:

    amy adams was horrible…not her fault…shitty writing.

  84. Steve says:


  85. Christrulesall2 says:

    Clark: Hi mom. How do you like my new undead smile?
    Martha: Oh face looks like shite!! Get me out of here!. Hellp!!!!!

  86. jessica feltz says:

    This scene is a Joss Whedon shit, with The CGI smile. Creepy. 🤢🤢

  87. SPN Dusk says:

    This is one of the best Lois and Clark scenes out of the 3 Cavill films. It leaves me in tears every time and it's so brilliantly acted. While I loved Man of Steel the best I didn't feel it emphasised enough on the chemistry or connection between the two actors unlike what BvS and JL did. In this moment you can really feel the anguish and strong love between Lois and Clark prior to the events of BvS. Clark's struggle with his return and Lois's pain of his death really gave this scene a lot of emotional depth accompanied by that amazing score.

    I loved the honesty between these characters, it made the scene feel more real. Like when Lois asks Clark what it was like to come back from the dead, it's so straight forward because she's curious and only just begun to process his resurrection after grieving him so long. She can't believe he's alive, afraid to let herself feel the slightest joy or relief knowing that she could lose him again at any minute. Clark feels so conflicted and guilt-ridden that he's hesitant to be close to Lois; fearful of hurting her again. He brings her back to his place on the farm because it feels familiar but it hasn't comforted either of them, it's just another box. And he disguises his anguish and sadness with humor to lighten the mood. But when Lois confesses to how broken she felt without him, Clark's wall comes down and he can't bear to be apart from her any more. Immediately goes to console her. This heart to heart was just so beautifully done and it made me love their relationship even more 😢😭

  88. GAMESKULLER says:

    Fuckers, this is not the real movie, all we were tricked

  89. Gourang Gehlot says:

    The CGI are so bad, did they do that on purposes?, they disfigured Henry cavil's face.

  90. Prospection Numeric says:

    There is something weird about his mouth!!!

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