Christmas English Addict – Lesson 021 – 22nd Dec 2019 – Festive Words & Mr Steve

yes here we are as the Christmas lights
on the front of my house twinkle in such a jolly merry way
welcome to English addict live as we approach the Christmas season yes
christmas is definitely on its way it’s beginning to look a lot like
Christmas everywhere you go with mr. Duncan wearing his Christmas lights and
also his silly tinsel as well bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah hi everybody
this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you ok I hope so
are you happy I hope so here we go then oh I don’t know where to start to be
honest I suppose I should start here that’s always a good place to start
that’s what I find anyway so here we go are you ready for the big season yes
Christmas is approaching on Wednesday it will be Christmas Day
yes definitely I can definitely say that christmas is coming it is a different one today slightly
different things are not as they usually are but to be honest with you when are
they ever when is when are they ever normal to be honest with you when is
this normal I don’t think this has ever been normal
ever so a little bit different today can I just say that I don’t like this tinsel
on my head it doesn’t look very good does it it’s it’s a little plain so I’m
getting rid of that and instead oh I think I will have a little bit of red
tinsel here we go I think this this looks much
better oh yes yes I really feel as if I’m in the Christmas spirit now so are
you ready for Christmas I suppose that should be the big question I’m asking at
the moment I know that many people right now are preparing for the festivities of
course not everyone celebrates Christmas I do realise that so if you don’t
celebrate Christmas it’s okay you are still welcome maybe you can find out
some interesting things about the Christmas season who knows so I’ve
decided to make my studio look very festive although I do feel as if there
isn’t enough snow can we have some more snow that’s better
oh yes I like this the snow is really falling here in the studio however
unfortunately outside guess what can you guess what is not happening
outside it is not snowing in fact there is the view right now out of my window
it does not look like Christmas is coming it looks like early spring at the
moment outside it’s quite mild it isn’t too cold and we have no snow as you can
see there is no snow on the ground whatsoever nothing not a single flake
of snow has fallen over the past few days which is a little disappointed
honestly so pointing slightly disappointing that we’ve had no snow I I
can only blame it on global warming I think that might be the reason why we
are having no snow at the moment so it’s live English English addict in fact on
the 22nd of December 2019 as we approach not only Christmas but
also the end of this year so how has it been for you how has 2019 being for you
has it been a good year or has it been an okay year so maybe nothing too bad
happened and maybe nothing too good happened it was just average so my year
hasn’t been too bad it’s been a busy year I must admit I did a little bit of
travelling this year and also lots of other things as well including many many
live streams and in October if you remember I did 31 days of live streams I
still don’t know how I did it but I did it
and I was very happy that I managed to do it as I did so you are welcome to
join me today let’s have a quick look at the live chat shall we
before I introduce today’s special guest yes oh so it’s not just me today I also
have Santa’s Little Helper who will be joining me in a moment to co-host
today’s English addict I’m sure you are very excited to find out that mr. Steve
will be here today joining us on the live stream and also talking to you on
the live chat he has a lot of things to read out to talk about including a
lovely Christmas poem to help us all get in the Christmas mood because of
course let us not forget oh my goodness Christmas is definitely on the way christmas is coming it really does feel
like fun and excitement is in the air isn’t it a great time of year and it
doesn’t matter if you don’t celebrate Christmas it really doesn’t matter at
all because you can still have a good time
hello to zenok hello zenyk guess what you are first on
today’s live chat can you believe it I am gobsmacked so congratulations to
zenneck zenyk ziba and also to flower Espoir you are second on today’s special
free Christmas English addict so when we say pre Christmas
it means before so pre means to be before something so this is the
pre-christmas english addict with myself mr. duncan in the united kingdom which
will soon be the north korea of europe that’s all i’m saying about that
I’m sure mr. Steve will have something to say about it so here we go then here
he comes he’s just waiting outside the door very patiently to come in ladies
and gentlemen boys and girls it is my pleasure to introduce today’s co-host on
this english addict it is mr. Steve hello how are you and hello to everybody
out there I’m quite excited today because it’s been a long time since mr.
Duncan has allowed me onto the livestream moreover I’ll be really
starting that already now I never can I just point out there that I never sacked
mr. Steve mr. Steve had other things to do I don’t know if he’s going to talk
about these things because he’s been very busy this year preparing a new a
new venture something that is going to be doing next year but he might not talk
about it the other thing I want to mention Steve is you could have had a
shave what this yeah I never shave on a Sunday you know that mr. Duncan anyway
the lights will filter it all out and I will look beautiful look I’ve got a
little friend with me oh hello hello ha what’s his name do you know it’s a
it’s a snowman it’s snowy the Snowman area the Snowman and we love him very
much don’t we because we put him out as part of our Christmas decorations every
year I feel as though I’m leaning I come back I don’t know where you’re going
Steve you know you’ve only just arrived and you’re leaving already you’ve got to
position me in front of the camera okay this snowy the Snowman we’ve had him for
years haven’t we this is snowy the Snowman and this snowman has seen many
things some things that have slightly disturbed him in fact he’s going to tell
you now one of the things he saw no no maybe not maybe maybe not maybe for
another time he’s probably saw it up in the loft okay because where we keep him
by snowy see you under the tree we keep him in the loft don’t we in the hot to
loft yes and sometimes sometimes I keep mr. Steve in the Attic as well well
talking about the Attic mr. Duncan talking about that’s where up in the
loft or the attic attic that the roof space yes is where we keep all the stuff
that we don’t use very often like Christmas decoration we were talking
of junk we were talking about this yesterday we were talking about the
Attic and we said the Attic which is above your house in the roof space is a
very useful place but it’s also a very annoying place why why is it annoying
Steve because it’s out of sight and the phrase the saying goes out of sight out
of mind so if you don’t want to throw something about or you just shove it up
in the loft you put it up there you know it’s there but you can’t see it so it’s
just junk so it’s a place for keeping junk basic like over and we have boxes
and boxes of junk up there don’t we mr. Duncan the reason I was mentioning it
was there’s been a funny smell in my office room upstairs a funny smell it’s
not me mr. Duncan said it was me I was blowing wind all day but it wasn’t no
because what you tend to get in your loft in the winter as the cold months
approach all the mice they find their little holes and they nest up in the
loft this is a good revelation and I have to put this happens to everybody’s
house unless you’ve got a very well sealed roof okay so you know the mice
are up there because we go up there and you can hear them scratching around so I
put out poison now we had this discussion last year and people were
berating me for poisoning these mice but if you don’t the trouble is they they
nibble in Anor into all your into electrical circuits and can cause fires
so I’ve put some poison up there and I think one of them’s died and it’s
against the roof ceiling and it’s smells of like dead animals on my office roof I
must say we were trying to get into a seasonal spirit a seasonal mood here but
Steve has started off for live chat with Steve and myself with with talk of an
infestation of mice in the Attic that’s very Christmassy I’ve poisoned
them they died up there and now they’re smelling out the house I suppose it
serves us right how about this lovely Christmas card did you show this one the
other day I did okay but that is nice very shiny most of the
Christmas cards I’ve already shown you series 3d that one I like the way yes
it’s homemade as well we know who that’s from so thank you very much
this one’s from a neighbor have you shot a bit you haven’t shown this ramas Merry
Christmas to mr. Steve I can’t wait to see you again
in the okay no I’ve had a card like that mr. Duncan no that’s not it where is it
mr. Duncan look at this one this says hohoho and there’s a cat on
there which I don’t particularly like maybe we could get a cat put it up in
the loft and it could kill all the mice poison them then so this says hohoho on
it and this is from a friend ice know years ago and he says long lots of
laughs long will that we be meeting in 2020 because don’t you say that in lots
of cards to people every year you write to them and you say oh shall we meet up
sometime this year and he goes on and on and on and you never meet up with them
so actually in people this year I wrote I wrote don’t want to see you in 2020 go
away because the opposite may happen then this is a suburb in please please
get out of my life but this one says call me who call me it sounds to me as
if it sounds to me as if Steve is on a promise and they’ve given their romo
barnum but I won’t say who it’s from there’s a kiss after the name yes I just
say an old flame this is turning out to be a very strange Christmas livestream
that’s a fun one isn’t it nice that is fun we like fun Christmas card fun a
snowman with a carrot for a nose yes who’s that from I’ve noticed it from our
friend Marty so what do what do snowmen normally have as their nose second a
limb piece of coal can’t they know that though the coal is their eyes okay so
yes I think I think Steve has never made a snowman I don’t think he’s ever but
he’s never done it you you always use little pieces of coal for the eyes
and for its nose you always use a big long hard juicy carrot always and
normally you put a little hat on his head is well to keep him warm on those
cold winter nights and quite often you’ll put a little scarf and of course
as we know all snowmen and got a scarf all snowmen are heavy smokers so that
they quite often have a pipe as well they do that’s right despite all the
warnings that they will have severe health problems later in their snowman
life are they melt because of the heat from the pipe nevermind the flat is that
a joke Steve well it was an attempt at a joke but you can tell it again forget it
it’s past the times past I want to look at the comments to see if anybody’s
welcoming me mr. Duncan oh they are in front of you well it’s all new because
mr. Duncan since I’ve been on mr. Duncan’s updated everything I used to be
able to see all the comments there but now they’re sort of there they’re closer
to you because if you want your terrible point thank you very much
I cite oh right it’s too close mr. Duncan my eyesight is I can’t even read
this but it’s verified ooh that would like what I upset everything I hope all
is well happy Christmas thank you very much probably mr. Duncan isn’t wobbling
Steve I don’t know what’s wrong with you today
you got a wobbly phone hello to Christine oh what a lovely snow that is
what lovely snow what lovely snow falling behind you because snow is
plural you could say what lovely snow so you don’t have to say what a lovely snow
what lovely snow falling behind you I love it so much not too much because too
much means it’s more than you want so you love it so much and we do but
unfortunately we not going to get any snow this Christmas because it’s too
mild no snow will probably get lots of rain we’ve had lots of rain the back
gardens flooded you know so we’ve had a lot of rain over the past few days today
is quite nice outside though if you look outside it’s actually
quite nice outside it looks it looks very nice there it is there is the view
right now the Sun is out everything looks lovely out there it looks like
springtime it doesn’t look like winter it looks like spring and there is
another view that is a live view outside at the moment Steve isn’t that amazing
it it’s live outside just like we are live inside yes and chris says hello
lots of people saying hello and hello to you
Cecilia says I love your posh accent but of course I I could speak even more
partially yes would you like me to but I’ve turned it down because I think
people don’t like to hear me speak – partially they think I’m from the
aristocratic classes okay I like to think I am but unfortunately I’m not
this has another this has nothing to do the Christmas this is a Christmas show
by the way so it’s English addict live for Sunday
the 22nd of December Christmas is on its way
are you excited are you hoping that mr. mr. Santa Claus will come down your
chimney and empty his sack under your Christmas tree there’s no answer to that
I’ve got all sorts of things prepared here mr. Duncan that’s okay we’re not
get we’re not going now it’s okay don’t worry Steve Steve always worries far too
much about the time it doesn’t matter we can stay here all day
it doesn’t matter there isn’t a time limit well I shall get very hungry as
you know okay you know I’ve forgotten that just how tiring it is standing on
your legs Oh I let the time I’ve got I’ve got aching
calves already mr. what do you normally do with your legs well yesterday of
course I was put through my paces what put through my paces okay which means
that you’re you’re tasked with doing something quite challenging yes sir so
Steve Steve did a bit of manual labour yesterday we went round to visit your
mum so we went to my mum er yesterday by the way just in case my mum’s watching
I’m pretty sure she isn’t I think probably fast asleep now hello mummy
nice to see you yesterday and mr. Steve was very busy yesterday he helped to
tidy my mum’s gardens I didn’t help I did it all okay so but it was still
helpful it was helpful I did all I took my tools along with me by hedge clippers
and various Garden implements which many of you have seen me use okay live and
well your mother’s garden nobody’s tended to it at all okay sorry welcome
to shaming mr. Duncan’s mother yes but I’m not blaming you because you live a
lot it would take you you don’t drive do mr. Duncan so to get your mother would
take you two and a half hours by public chance I didn’t say you were blaming me
yeah I can drive you there in about 45 minutes this is all fascinating and so
there I was and I had I thought look at the state of this garden last time we
were there I’m going to clean it up because it’s it’s stressful for an
elderly person to to look at all those weeds
I know it’s my mother’s the same so I that’s my that’s my Christmas good year
deed so I feel better now that when you it’s like charity you always feel better
if you do some charitable work it actually makes you feel better oh you’re
good year you’re good business my Christmas you’re
my Christmas deed my Christmas deed okay then great so sorry mum
because Steve is sort of kind of shamed you now because of your your mother
can’t do her gardening because you know she’s of a certain age no okay why are
you just mentioning everything that makes people seem untidy and old but I’m
just saying I helped out you’ve got no room to talk so your mother will look at
that it actually does she phoned up and thanked his mother where’s yes Wells
expect if I’d done that you only went yesterday I was just thinking if I was
being paid to do that I think I was about sixty pounds I think I should be
paid for that but I’m not gonna charge your mother so don’t worry okay this is
all very Christmassy and festive she gave me a kiss when we left that’s
enough okay then and it wasn’t on the mouth does your it
says a lilia do your family or friends ever check on your livestream don’t
forget to say hello to the hello Lily I’ve said hello you didn’t if you read a
comment say hello to the person first it’s alright it’s courtesy hello Lily
yeah that’s better I haven’t seen you for a long time Lily
where where have you been and what have you been doing
that should read do your family or friends ever check on your live stream
so to correct you there but this is an English Channel I know is the answer to
that I don’t think they watches do they I don’t think anyone who we know in real
life watched this and can you blame them really well Martin does Martin does and
he may well be watching now if he is say hello find you he’s probably working so
you know well that was that was 17 seconds of the live stream well spent
but he might be he’s the only person that we know who watches he’s a good
friend of ours and that was his card that is his friendly fun card that he
sent to us over what a sad thing to say he’s the only
person we know who watches us that might be the saddest sentence everything else
is a shame that might be the saddest sentence you’ve said today I think most
of our families are actually ashamed of us that we do it they’re embarrassed
because they don’t like they don’t like to display anything in public what they
don’t what’s are they well our family you know our families are quite shy they
don’t like to have to shout they don’t like to to think that we’re doing
anything in a public way is the family how do you go shopping them what do you
go D go sort of under under a big plastic bag what I meant was that we’re
talking to the world here millions of people across the world and so that’s
embarrassing for if your families are concerned about what other people think
of you and their family they might be embarrassed to think that somebody could
be watching that myself that’s your son they’re always a bit of an idiot isn’t
he it might embarrass the family so that’s why they don’t want to admit that
we succeed every time you say something every time you say a new sentence you
kind of unpeel another question that I want to ask what why would they think
you were an idiot coming on here I mean what is what is idiotic about this it
looks so sensible the other thing is it’s very different too it’s not
traditional is it what we do what you do rather this is a traditional unusual
occupation puts you in the public eye and most people don’t like to be in the
public eye you know they’re under fast there are far stranger ways to earn your
living there are far stranger jobs than this
you could be working on the farm where you have to pleasure some of the some of
the Bulls you see that’s a weird job isn’t it yes but it’s a farmer it’s such
a traditional job if you said to your family well that’s it you see if
somebody asks one of our parents over or our sister what does your brother do or
your sisters your brother do I’m not my son I’m not my mother’s brother and they
have to say all they they do live streams on YouTube you see it what your
mother wants to be able to say to friends okay they know it’s all oh my
son’s a doctor it’s all my son’s a solicitor is a great architect okay then
you’re just gonna go something that’s show-off herbal show-off herbal her
parents like to show off about their children today’s special word is show
off herbal so I mean my main job my mother and my main job is sales and of
course sales in the UK is not an occupation that is looked up to it’s
sort of sales you know it’s not it’s not a it’s not a fancy job it’s worse than
being a youtuber exactly it is in the United States of course it’s completely
different sales people are looked up to but not in the UK it’s seen as a sort of
a not a very nice job really but you know if your mother wants to say you’re
a solicitor I teach something like that’s something
that they don’t want to say that they teach English on YouTube which actually
I know but you see in 20 30 40 years time oh okay it may be something that is
very highly thought of respected respected but I’ll be dead then but
isn’t that true don’t your parents lay what they’d like to show off about you
so they don’t like you to have professions that don’t create this air
of sophistication respect respect is the word on yes a respectable job so being a
YouTube celebrity like me is not respectable working as a brain surgeon
or an aircraft pilot flying a plane yeah the sky
is respectable but being on YouTube dancing around with a Santa Claus hat on
or lots of tinsel around your neck is not respectable yes
would your anybody watching now if you did this what would your parents say
Tomic said wants me to elaborate allo Tomic oh hello Tomic wants me to
elaborate on the word a berate yes go on then if somebody berate you it means
that they are criticizing you yes so harsh comments harsh comments so they
are making harsh and hurtful comments they are criticizing you they are
berating you they are trying to make you feel small yes and and insignificant
they berate you they put you down they criticize you they say things that make
you feel small and insignificant but it could be justified they could be
justified somebody could berate you justifiably
you could have done something to hurt somebody but somebody could but you can
also be berated for something that is not justified hmm say for example a job
that you like doing that other people don’t think you should be doing again I
get rated a lot for doing this they all think I’m a real weirdo but nobody on
here does that’s what yes tetra I think it’s tetra
that I can’t read this is too small it’s it’s netra Netra says why do you address
each other as mister why be so formal and just called by first name oh this is
a very long story I don’t think I’ve got time to tell you this story let’s just
say in China when I worked in China as an English teacher everyone called me
mr. Duncan and it kind of stuck so from that time to this very second that is
happening right now on your screen I am mr. Duncan so of course mr. Steve
becomes mr. Steve mr. Duncan becomes mr. Duncan mr. mr. snowy the Snowman becomes
mr. snowy because in some countries the the surname comes before the four name
doesn’t it yes in this country the surname comes last so you wouldn’t but
in in in China they think that you’re Duncan is your surname because it comes
before your last name so that’s why you’re called mr. Duncan in China
because they think that Duncan is your surname but it’s not so in the UK to the
way around when we say surname we mean family name yes family name so so we do
it as a bit sort of a joke it’s like a tradition because that’s what that’s
what they used to call you in China and so you call me mr. Steve it’s a bit of a
joke really so that’s the answer to that we can’t use the the name that my mum
used to call me we can’t say we can’t say mr. shitface unfortunately that’s
nice yes there we go right what’s next mr. Duncan yes er says I think mr.
Steve’s dialect is a real challenge to me what do you mean do you mean you
can’t understand me am I talking too quickly you’re not the only one the Duke
of York my son is the Duke of York yes oh yes if you don’t talk about the Duke
of York and it is the Queen saying that so they are pretending that the Queen
its Massimo saying the Queen is saying my son is the Duke of York but we don’t
talk about him anymore because he’s been very naughty allegedly yes he’s the
least favorite royal at the moment you’re following the royal family then
you will realize that the Duke of York Prince Andrew is no longer in favor ago
in the favor if you say somebody is in favor it means that they are like mr.
Duncan they are somebody who is looked up to Saudi who is it they are they are
they are the person you want to know in socialize with that’s it somebody who
may have achieved something that you haven’t and you respect them for that so
yes in in favor yes whereas if you’re out of favor it means
nobody wants to know you anymore because you’ve probably done something shameful
maybe or committed a crime or upset somebody so if you’re out of favor it
means you won’t be invited to parties with friends and you won’t be invited
out to places because you’re out of favor and you never want to be out of
favor yes so if mr. Duncan was out of favor nobody would watch you a new tube
but you are in favor therefore lots of people are watching me I don’t know I
think that is that is quite debatable you could be another phrase is flavor of
the month okay Steve stopped over a second because
guess what for those who’ve just joined us Christmas is definitely coming doo-doo-doo so it’s live English as I
choke to death live on the Internet you need to have a
glass of water standing by mister dunne I do I have your glass of water that was
mine that was mine and now mr. Duncan stolen it do you want me to show your
viewers some Christmas presents that I’m going to be giving to family members
okay then because we do have a special video coming up soon as well where I
talk all about Christmas and some of the traditions as well but Steve would now
like to show you some of the gifts that he’s buying for his friends this year so
we know that our families aren’t watching we’ve established that
definitely so revealing what I’m buying them for presents for Christmas is not
going to in any way spoil their surprise so here’s something that I’m going to
buy this one for my I’m not going to say who it’s for just in case she’s watching
she won’t be watching my sister we don’t buy Christmas presents anymore but it’s
her birthday at the same time as Christmas just a few days after
Christmas so I’m going to buy her this candle there we go Oh
mr. Duncan need some help this is a traditional gift I would say it’s quite
traditional for for Christmas but I know my sister likes candles so thank you in
a way you went then just when I needed an assistant so it’s Anna metal
container to make it safe and there’s a flavor on that vanilla spiced orange
flavor yes because if you take the lid off you can’t eat candle ah but when
it’s burning mr. Duncan when you light it it will smell have been vanilla
vanilla vanilla and orange scent in the air so it’s not really flavor is it
because you you use you taste you taste flavor already might and you smell
I just invert that there we go that’s very there’s a candle that’s very strong
so it’ll be strong a little candle a lot of people seem to like candles I’ve
heard that your sister often lights candles in the house ah yes she does and
a lot of people a lot of people light candles in their house now you’ve got to
be very careful because every year there’s hundreds of fires I read it a
statistic about this that because people it’s very popular at the moment and in
vogue to light candles at home because it does create a nice atmosphere but
you’ve got to be careful that they are secured and away from flammable
substances like your curtains otherwise you could find that your house is on
fire so you’ve got to be very careful with candles and my mother is definitely
does not like candles in the house so we have established that Steve’s sister
likes candles and also mr. Steve’s mum does not know because of a safety aspect
because when my when elderly people people in their eighties for example
grew up there will used to be lots of fires in houses because you used to have
to have open fires and if you didn’t have electricity so you had gas burners
or candles for light and of course there would be with naked flames naked flow we
would say naked flames don’t really flames because flames don’t have clothes
a naked flame it just means a flame that’s just there Oh in the open air
means unguarded unguarded not behind glass naked and it could set fire to
things so clearly on that so of course chocolates everybody buys
chocolates for their loved ones particularly their mothers maybe at
Christmas but I know my mother will like this which is soap soap don’t don’t push
it forward because it goes out of focus now this is expensive soap so don’t move
it forward because this this particular cameras do
is locked focus so the focus is locked on this camera the technical do you have
to are you hold it then this really just stink it’s it’s what stink is not what
if you say something stinks its to stuff is too strong when you say something has
a smell or a scent you should say that has a strong scent because if you say it
stinks it means it’s a horrible smell the word stink means a horrible smell
like like rotting flesh yes or or rotting mice rotting myself in your loft
yes so I’m buying these soaps because I know
my mother will like these we’ll shoot I know she’s not watching so she won’t be
a you know can I be spoiling any sir can I just say can I just say I know that
these are going to be put into a draw the day after Christmas the day after
Steve gives them to his mum these will be in a drawer and they will never see
the day the light of day every game no I think she will use him because my mother
likes to have a bath you know a couple of times a year probably he’s joking
somebody said here am a lot Cuong says mr. Steve’s eyes are green you want to
say there that is green if it was one eye you would say is green are green and
look like the Hulk yes very much so Steve has green eyes they’re actually
blue but then mr. Duncan has probably adjusted the color balance oh I look
like a green eyes in fact that I think a green green blue grey I would say they
used to be quite blue when I was younger but they faded with age yes it’s the
cataracts it’s probably yes probably yes so that’s a couple of presents I’m
buying and I’m by mr. Duncan oh now could it be careful what I say there
well last year it’s a year’s subscription to Grindr I don’t know I
don’t know what’s getting me this year you’re being very rude mr. Duncan what
you’ve been disgusting and rude today I don’t like it at all
are you going on vacation during the Christmas anywhere no we’re not no
Christmas Day normally traditionally we send we spend Christmas Day by ourselves
we have a lovely peaceful time on Christmas Day although we will be doing
lots of socializing I suppose that’s a good word socializing when you socialize
you meet people you go to people’s houses maybe you meet somewhere for a
meal we will be meeting up with Steve’s mother on her birthday because it’s also
her birthday just after Christmas so your mother has a very strange situation
where Christmas arrives but also her birthday arrives just after Christmas
and my sister’s as well yes it’s really strange it’s very crowded a Redland
around Christmas it means I’ve got to buy presents not just for Christmas but
also for two birthdays but in a way it’s quite good because it gets them out of
the way I don’t forget about them during the year then because I know they’re all
around Christmas so I’ve only got to remember I’ve only got to remember yours
in August that’s good and that doesn’t matter a prac seen
I don’t what does that mean it doesn’t matter what couldn’t you were talking
about the powerful can do what they like that’s very true
I don’t know what you said them I don’t know but I agree with it whatever it is
I think what that person is saying is it’s Luis Mendez Luis yes Luis Mendez a
big Bonjour so I don’t understand it doesn’t matter what country were talking
about the powerful can do what they like I guess I think what that means is if
you are wealthy and powerful quite often you can do whatever you want I think
that’s the point rules don’t apply to them the normal
rules as good so when it comes to global warming they can they can buy as many as
much rubbish and and as many cars and houses and go on as many planes as they
like because they’re rich the rest of us will have to have to be careful what we
do so expect a lot of social commentary from mr. Steve today I’m gonna rein it
in rein it in normally he gets very carried away if
you rein something in it means you reduce what you’re doing and that’s also
a bit of a pun and we haven’t even met rein it in we haven’t even mentioned
brexit reindeers is he reigns the reins on the reindeer
rein it in and it’s raining outside different spelling rein it in three ways
of using that word no comment Oh Martin’s here Martin’s here Martin
Moone do you recognize this Martin he probably does it’s you’re a fun card
which we like very much yeah and we’ve just been showing it to to
millions of people across the planet maybe not just this planet where it
could be being broadcast across the galaxy good news there are some aliens
somewhere sitting in front of their whatever their television looks like
going which basically means what the hell is this crap
my grandfather had gray eyes sadly he was the only one with such a beautiful
color my eyes mutt my eyes are deep brown yes
actually when you see but we because we were round at mr. Duncan’s mother
yesterday yeah you were reminiscing weren’t you reminiscing we were mother
that means that you you’re talking about the past and recalling past events
looking at photographs and that’s what you were looking at photographs and in
every photograph but you can always tell it’s mr. Duncan because you can just see
these sort of hollow brown dark eyes sort of piercing out of the out of the
photographs even in black and white hold a very distinctive eyes look can I just
say that if you describe a person as as having hollow eyes that’s not a
compliment yes Palmyra we’re not talking about
brexit anymore because it is now a reality it’s going to happen
how do nothing about it was a degree with it or not so that’s all out that’s
what I said earlier I said I said the UK will soon be the North Korea of Europe I
think we’ll be there sort of Singapore of
of Europe eloquently well I think that’s what the aim is but yes no we’re not
talking about although we went to see some friends didn’t we on Friday night
and had haven’t had a curry we’ve been out we’ve been out
gallivanting all over the place this week it’s been a busy week Chinese with
Martin on Wednesday curry with some other friends on on on Friday night and
they are arch remain as they are very well that’s when we say arch remain
don’t mean absolutely no doubt about it if you say someone is an arch just just
slow down because even even I’m losing track of what you’re talking about
and I’m here if you say someone is an arch something like an arch remainer it
means there’s no way you would ever change their mind that absolutely 100%
dedicated to whatever that is so they are absolute remain as but he shouted
out across the the because it had a lot to drink and he who had these friends we
went out with on Friday I’m rambling I know I’m rambling and I said I said to
him it’s all over now there’s no point in his arguing and he stood up and said
it’s not over we’ve got to keep fighting to stay in you we’re gonna keep fighting
it it’s all over there’s nothing to fight for now but he was drunk yes but
we won’t go into that I course remained completely sober because I was driving
and mr. Duncan did as well what does this have to do with Christmas
nothing absolutely absolutely nothing so we are going to have a quick look at one
of my video lessons because we are here for a while today quite a long time so I
hope you are feeling very comfortable it’s a special live Christmas addict
free Christmas so Christmas is on the way so now we are going to take a look
at one of my English lessons and this is a lovely English lesson that will tell
you all about Christmas what we do during Christmas and why we do it and
then a little bit later on mr. Steve is going to give us a lovely Christmas poem
aren’t you I will try my best to give it a good rendition meanwhile
here is the lesson hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today
are you okay I hope so are you happy I hope so
in today’s lesson we will take a look at a festival that comes once a year it is
a time when many people get together to enjoy each other’s company it is a
magical time for all but especially for children and the young at heart in this
lesson we will share the experience of Christmas time the festival of Christmas is a religious
one in fact most of the holidays that exist around the world are based on the
observance and following of one religious ceremony or another the word
holiday itself derives from the Old English word meaning holy day Christmas
is part of the Christian religion the Christmas Festival celebrates the birth
of the Christian Messiah or Savior the Christmas celebrations have changed
considerably over the years with new ceremonies and celebrations being added
as the years have gone by Christmas time is a fun season for children of all ages
because this is the time when Santa Claus comes to visit he is a jolly gift
giver who every Christmas Eve travels all away from the North Pole on a magic
sleigh pulled by flying reindeer to drop off presents for all the good boys and
girls around the world not forgetting those big boys and girls
as well Santa Claus is also known by the name father Christmas he is a
good-humoured fellow dressed all in red with a big white beard and a jolly laugh
ho ho ho so if you have been good this year
perhaps Santa Claus will come to drop a present down your chimney if there is
one thing that Christmas is well known for besides
Santa and snow it must be the music that is played during this time for some
reason people love to sing during momentous occasions and festivals
birthdays weddings even funerals there is always a song to go with an occasion
and Christmas is no exception a song that has been written for Christmas can
be called a Carol a Christmas Carol the word Carol is another word for song or
chant Christmas carols usually have a religious theme they can also be called
hymns a hymn is any song with a religious theme that is sung in church
you could describe it as a prayer set to music if you are a regular viewer of my
lessons then you will know that I love food and Christmas time is one of those
periods when food becomes quite a feature we often see taking a meal as a
good way of socializing you can eat together with one person or many people
from a cozy romantic dinner for two right up to a huge party for many you
can eat formally at a table you can eat informally from a selection of food that
has been placed out this is called a buffet formal dining normally means that
you are seated at a table and food is served to you by the host or by
a waiter if you are eating in a restaurant eating is important for
survival but it also serves as a great way of bringing people together the type of food eaten at Christmas is
very specific the main meal is meat and vegetables the traditional meat eaten is
turkey a turkey is a very large bird so it is perfect for feeding a group of
people the turkey is normally roasted in an oven it is covered with oil or fat so
as to help it cook you baste the turkey this stops the meat from drying out as
the turkey cooks you must check that it is not drying out you can use the
natural juices from the meat to pour over the turkey while it cooks if you
undercook it will be raw and not safe to eat if you cook it too much it will
become dry and the meat will be tough and that is the last thing you want as
nobody likes a tough rubbery turkey you can also put a paste made from seasoned
breadcrumbs and herbs inside the turkey before cooking it this is called
stuffing after the main meal there is normally a
sweet or dessert served the Christmas pudding is what is traditionally served
the Christmas pudding is a rich nutty fruity food flavoured with spices and
alcohol there are different varieties of Christmas pudding then there is the
mince pie these are normally small individual pies
filled with mincemeat although it is not actually meet the sticky filling is made
from dried fruit and seasoned with spices lemon juice and alcohol not
everyone likes these types of dessert including me here in the UK many people
will sit down after lunch to watch Queen Elizabeth give her annual speech to this
country and the Commonwealth nations around the world this happens on every
Christmas Day at 3 p.m. of course these days you can
watch the Queen’s speech on YouTube at any time there are many fun traditions that go
with Christmas one of them is kissing under the mistletoe mistletoe is a type
of parasitic plant it normally lives off the water and nutrients of trees a
parasitic thing is something that attaches itself to another thing for
survival it is called a parasite one thing lives off another thing there are
certain types of parasitic insect to a tick is a type of insect that lives off
the blood of an animal such as a dog or a sheep we can describe a person as a
parasite if they use others to get what they want such as money or favors the
act of kissing under the mistletoe started up around the sixteenth century
in England before that mistletoe was seen as a symbol of male fertility the
real origin of the kissing ritual is unclear as there are a few possible
explanations however nowadays it is common for people to steal a kiss at
Christmas with a stem of mistletoe hanging above them look I have a piece
of mistletoe here would you like a kiss maybe instead of a special hello I could
send out a special Christmas kiss under my big piece of mistletoe this is a Christmas cracker it is a
novelty item that helps to create a festive atmosphere you normally pull a
cracker with another person inside the cracker there is a small prize and a
party hat also contained in the cracker is a joke more often than not these
jokes are very old and corny a corny joke is obvious and predictable but we
all still laugh along after all it is Christmas it is normal for gifts to be
exchanged on Christmas Day quite often the presents are placed under the
Christmas tree which is of course where Santa Claus leaves his to the gifts are
normally opened in the morning but of course they can be opened later as the
Christmas guests arrive it would be fair to say that the way in
which Christmas is viewed and observed has changed a lot over the years some
people feel that the religious element has almost disappeared for young people
Christmas is about parties and presence for the older generation the religious
theme is still important many people usually attend late night church
services just before Christmas Day arrives these
days people have a choice as to how they celebrate Christmas there is the
traditional way and the modern way or in some cases both what is interesting about modern
Christmas is that even those who do not follow any particular religion such as
myself still get involved with the festivities
I would not class myself as a religious person however I still enjoy the
atmosphere that Christmas brings with it the color the joy the food and of course
the chance to share time with those you care about I hope you have enjoyed this
festive lesson and I wish you well wherever you are in the world
this is mr. Duncan in England saying happy holidays to you I hope you enjoyed
that a lovely lesson a festive lesson all about the Christmas season to do it’s Christmas just in case just
in case you didn’t realize that it’s Christmas look it’s Christmas and
because we have Christmas lights on at the moment
also joining me in the studio yes he is back by popular demand
it is mr. Steve hello mr. Duncan hello to mr. Duncan’s wonderful viewers across
the globe mr. Steve is still here I am I’m not going anywhere can I say
thank you very much to Helena for your lovely donation on the live chat and
also Eric as well for your amazing sticker and also your donation as well
so thank you very much to Eric and Helena for your super chat donations
today on the live chat and for those who want to get in touch by the way I have
an email address I also have a Facebook page and if you want to make a donation
through PayPal you can do that as well mmm this is a special livestream and
it’s English addict on Sunday the 22nd of December Christmas is on its way I’m
very excited I wonder what Santa Claus is going to bring what will he come down
my chimney with in his sack I wonder I I have no idea I’ve got a big surprise for
you mr. Duncan this Christmas really you’re getting me nothing exactly that’s
what that’s the punchline I’ve never heard that joke I was going to say I’ve
never heard that that was hilarious look at this card here that we’ve had I
can’t I’m having trouble orientating it orientating it nobody’s getting it
correctly positioned you always have difficulty with your orientation that’s
a nice Christmas card with it with a donkey look at that lovely donkey
smiling it’s got a Christmas hat on of course donkeys are very traditional
at Christmas how they knock mr. Duncan yes we think of donkeys because there is
a donkey in the Nativity story there is stable yes so a donkey also carried the
Virgin Mary on its back sorry yes there is a song all about little donkey little
donkey little donkey where are you going I’m going to take baby Jesus to the
stable to be born by the way talking of donkeys yes we were driving to my mum’s
yesterday and we noticed at the side of the road something very unusual
something I’ve never seen before there was a dead donkey yes kid you not I
don’t know why I’m laughing but it was so unusual it really caught our eyes
there was a dead donkey by the side of the road just lying there I’ve never
seen such a large dead animal before I’ve seen lots of dead rabbits and dead
squirrels and there’s aunt said pheasants but I’ve never seen
a dead donkey by the side of the road before and there was it was just lying
there on its side somebody must have just thrown it out of the back of their
car or something so someone’s ovary I think someone somewhere is wondering
where their donkey has gone and I can tell them now it’s it’s on the main road
coming in too much Wenlock and it’s not moving very much I thought are you sure
it was a dumb people cuz I thought it could have been a deer because there’s
lots of deer in the forests around here it was a donkey I’m a donkey
I know the difference between a donkey and a deer but we were sort of flashing
Palace at 100 miles an hour well you were but I wasn’t I know you said
there’s a dead donkey over there and I I need he crashed I saw it the night
before and I looked again and it was definitely a dot it’s definitely a
donkey it’s well it’s Christmas I know the difference between a donkey in a
deer but you know you only met maybe had half a second to see that’s like saying
do you know the difference between a squirrel and a rabbit they’re very
different hundred miles an hour yes okay you’ve
said that seven times do you want to do it another point on your licensees are
they’re talking about food a lot because of course food is a central part of
Christmas it’s essential part of living staying alive turkeys a little known
haze is a factor because there are vegetarians of course watching us there
are of course and somebody said they were vegetarian at pachu is vegetarian
one Turkey how many people eat so what you want I think you’re saying there is
if you buy a turkey how many people will that feed or serve or serve well you can
get different size turkeys of course but it’s normally I you can’t really get one
that would serve less than six people you can get very small turkeys though
this bigger you just pop them in your mouth you can chew them and they sort of
go down very nicely but you can get big turkeys as well can’t you Steve that’s
it you can get turkeys to feed twelve people there is big as Steve’s head six
people anything between six and twelve people I would say you could get a
turkey for yes and yeah quite big but and that is the
problem if you are there’s only two of you then it’s very difficult to find a
turkey that is small enough that it’s worth buying because if you buy a turkey
even for six to eight i think the smallest turkey you can buy is between
it would feed six to eight people sixty-eight six to eight people that’s a
big turkey but of course what that means is it if you’re only two people in the
household that is going to be a lot of money to spend you’re either going to
have turkey for several days afterwards which a lot of people do that’s a lot of
Turkey and turkeys a very dry meat it doesn’t taste particularly nice two days
later it’s very dry it dries your mouth out there’s I don’t know why but it just
does it’s it’s not everybody likes Turkey so we don’t buy a turkey anymore
because you have to spend probably 40 50 pounds on a turkey 50 Quint that’s how
much a good quality turkey will cost you now and that’s going to feed six to
eight people and you might if there’s only two of you you will throw half of
it away so we just buy a chicken now because chicken actually tastes nicer I
think I know a nice small chicken to serve three to three people I’m not
paying sixty quid for a dead turkey that’s crazy I’d rather I draw the chase
next door’s cat down the road and catch that they’re fine if you’ve got a big
family and lots of people visiting which of course a lot of people do that have
all their friends and families around so they can buy a nice big turkey and they
will use it all up after it’s been of course it takes ages to cook a turkey
and of course you might not be able to get it in might not be able to get it in
your oven you need a big oven to cook a big turkey yeah we don’t buy them at a
lot of people and here’s an interesting fact I’ve got some interesting facts
about Christmas mister do they better be interesting well in the UK apparently we
consume 10 million turkeys what a Christmas Day yes on Christmas Day
Christmas Day 10 million turkeys are cooked in the you
okay on Christmas Day on Christmas yes 10 million 10 million turkeys turkeys on
Christmas Day well there are about 65 million people in the UK I don’t know I
haven’t counted them I think there are about 65 million people in the UK so
there we go it’s going to feed between up to six people so I never tried
counting everyone in the UK but they keep moving around are we 70 up to 70
million yet in the UK I can’t remember I have no idea I think between 65 I think
over the next five years I think I think the population of the UK will will start
to drop a lot of 10 million turkeys and for some bizarre reason in the US where
there’s about 260 million people they only use 22 million turkeys I’m not sure
if that statistic is correct but why they would only use double the number in
the US I don’t know maybe I don’t know why that is but maybe it’s true maybe
they have lots bigger turkeys that serve more people maybe their turkeys have
conjoined twins that’s a lot of birds that are being specifically bred to be
slaughtered at Christmas you’re vegetarian you will find that statistic
horrifying I would say and also if you’re a turkey
it’s very horrifying you wouldn’t like that statistic reduce the turkeys don’t
like that statistic you know what what’s the average calorie intake that a man or
a woman would consume on an average day would you say I thought you said these
were interesting are they are this is not interesting okay I’ll just tell you
so an average man or woman will consume between two and three thousand calories
on an average day but at Christmas apparently on Christmas Day the average
calorie intake is 7,000 so that’s two to three times what you would normally
consume because you’re eating turkey you having Christmas pudding snacks
ice cream chocolates nibbles all sorts of things with peanuts if there’s one
thing I love at Christmas is having a nibble people are consuming vast
quantities of calories which is why people put on lots of way
for Christmas and then decide that they want to go on a diet in the new year if
you imagine the Christmas festivities are going on for a week aren’t they
because then you’ve got New Year as well so over that week people are consuming
probably – I would say 20,000 calories more than they normally would so that’s
you’ve got a that’s a lot of pounds around your waistline you end up looking
like father Christmas so people traditionally and very often
go on big diets in the new year in order to shed some of the weight that they’ve
put on over Christmas yes but of course after the new year
many people will make their new year’s resolutions and quite often one of the
most popular New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight in the New Year
Anna says according to Catholic religion we mustn’t eat meat during Christmas Eve
I didn’t know that we don’t eat very much meat anyway but yes hmm yes so
that’s the vegetarian yes interesting fact about vegetarianism that I read
recently they’ve done a huge study on on the health benefits or the perceived
health benefits of vegetarianism and it does seem to be better than meat-eaters
but apparently vegetarian vegetarians suffer more strokes according to this
study people who eat meat have more heart attacks and people who are
vegetarian tend to have more strokes so merry Christmas to all vegetarians are
very enjoy yours really think that could be because maybe they’re lacking in
vitamins because you have there so maybe you have to you know you’ve got to be
careful as a vegetarian that you you get all the correct nutrition okay vitamins
and mineral wonder and only get from meteorite supplements how are these
Christmas facts well I’ve you know I’m just blabbing on outta hell does that
have to do with with father Christmas coming down your chimney somebody did
ask a question about a question about father Christmas coming down the chimney
yeah what what what what does father Christmas do how does he deliver
presents somebody asked if you don’t have a chimney
yes well he knocks at the door is very polite sometimes or he just shoves
everything through your letterbox he’s magic so if he doesn’t see a
chimney he finds another way do you want to know why we have father Christmas
Steve go on here he is so this is actually the real father
Christmas did you know that father Christmas was originally known as Saint
Nicholas who was a fourth century bishop and he lived between 270 and 343 AD and
the day is celebrated normally on December the 6th in the West and the
habit he had a giving present secretly gave rise to the tradition that the
traditional model of Santa Claus so the origins of father Christmas and Santa
Claus come from Saint Nicholas who is a 4th century bishop did you know that mr.
Steve I do now mr. Duncan and thank you for that fact hmm so there we go so that
was an interesting bit of information you see I have some interesting
information and not sure what that was Chris says that in the Philippines that
they have roasted pig okay then and and interestingly interestingly enough ham
which is sort of from a pig yes it’s cured pork is it’s something that we
also have with the turkey not us we won’t be having that because we’re made
more vegetarian actually the meat eaters aren’t we we’re part that we meet when
we go to a restaurant but we never really cook it at home yes there’s a
word for that that’s very interesting yeah okay thank you for the lesson I
will join you next Sunday Anna’s going as Lina Lina sorry yes yes what could
you picture a turkey that feeds 69 people no no that would be a very big
turkey that would be something from from prehistoric times
oh sorry did you think there was a dinosaur Turkey well don’t forget died
but what birds come from dinosaurs so maybe there was a giant turkey you know
in the times of the dinosaurs that was big enough that would feed 69 people
that’s why 69 you’ve chosen there as I said I’m not sure oh did you you said
six to six to nine yes yes six to nine six seven eight or nine people this is
69 people really that would be a big-titty we are we are verging on over
explaining that yeah I was going to say in Jurassic Park
they shouldn’t have bought the they shouldn’t have brought the Tyrannosaurus
Rex back to life they should have just read an amazing all of those giant
turkeys imagine that you could have a dinosaur turkey at Christmas the only
problem is of course you couldn’t get it in the oven and of course you you would
have to spend ages stuffing it somebody asked earlier and I can’t remember who
it was hmm have we been to India somebody asked us they’re from they are
from India and they asked us have we been to India and no we haven’t
suffering and I can’t find it on here now but it’s this effect if you’re from
India watching now according to some interesting facts about Christmas it
says on this list that there is a town in India called Santa Claus but is this
correct and is the question I’m posing to anybody now watching in India have
you got a town there called Santa Claus because this came off the internet says
it’s a fact is it a fact or is it somebody having a
laugh yes a lot because you know about things on the internet you don’t know
whether it’s true or not you don’t so anybody watching from India is there
a town called Santa Claus is there yes are you were talking about st. Nick
there and Saint Nicholas or Saint Nick yes Chris crumble
right the the the the current version that sort of fat bearded man okay very
good impression her was developed by the coca-cola company that is absolute
rubbish yeah well I’d this websites obviously I’ve got all these facts from
is that you know that rubbish you know there is a myth that coca-cola created
the image of Santa Claus and it’s not true the there are many older images of
Santa Claus and many early images way before that terrible brown fizzy drink
was invented yes lilia omnivore is somebody that eats
animals and plants eat anything and we are in fact as as creatures as animals
human beings are omnivores we are designed to eat a whole variety of foods
hence that’s why our teeth are like they are look at the teeth the teeth the
teeth prove it you have you have molars at the back for
for grinding nuts and seeds and you have vegetables you have incisors at the
front for cutting into meat ripping meat apart you even have canine teeth like
dogs so all of our teeth are designed for different things some of them are
for chewing vegetables and some of them are for biting and tearing into meat so
biologically we are our bodies are set up to be at their most healthy when we
are eating a wide variety of foods both a little meat some vegetable nuts seeds
plants all that sort of thing and if you give up any of those food
groups so if you become a vegetarian and you give up meat or if you are a
meat-eater but you don’t eat many vegetables you have to supplement your
diet because over a long period of time
you’ll become unhealthy because human beings we don’t we have to get virtually
all our vitamins and vitamins from food we can’t some animals can make vitamins
in their bodies but we can’t and you only get all the vitamins you need by
eating a wide variety of foods if you cut out one food group like meat
you have to supplement your diet quite often or know exactly what you’re doing
to get the replacement minerals and vitamins from other sources vegans have
even more of a problem because vegans don’t eat eggs and eggs are a great
source of protein and vit and and certain vitamins so you’ve got to be
even more careful as a vegan that you’re getting all the correct vitamins and
minerals nothing to do with Christmas but certainly on Christmas we will be
eating a wide variety of foods will we not mr. Duncan yes Maris Merry Christmas
everyone well according to this yes
nopal all right okay now oh I don’t know I’m not very good handing the equipment
I used to do I’m really enjoying Steve trying to use my little phone tetra says
Santa Claus in Indiana Indiana America it’s not India it’s Indiana and they’re
wearing that Indiana it’s in America the United States but India well it says
India here I printed it off like so whatever you do don’t go on to don’t
Google fun facts about Christmas and the top one that comes up is obviously
rubbish I am starting to wonder where Steve got this information from because
most of it is completely wrong well I I think ten may think 10 million turkeys
probably is right for the UK that does sound about right that sounds about
right yeah it does according to this if you’re in a relationship yeah we all
know it isn’t it funny at Christmastime mmm your emotions become heightened you
become more easily upset that tends to be more arguments family arguments and
things like that because of people that don’t normally meet up together of
suddenly thrust together at Christmastime according to this two
weeks before Christmas tephra brought from the website that is let’s assume
it’s correct let’s assume it’s correct mr. Duncan because everything so far has
been rubbish two weeks before Christmas is the most popular time for couples to
break up so we’ve missed our chance now because
four days to Christmas so I’ve missed my chance to break up with mr. dinkler
still time so two weeks before Christmas a lot of couples break break up
presumably because I would imagine that they’ve been thinking about it for some
time they don’t want a break maybe they’ll want to break up with this
person I want to break up with them I can’t do it too close to Christmas
because they’ve got to have time to get over it because I’m gonna feel bad if I
break up with them say two days before Christmas so they break up two weeks
before because it just lets them off the hook doesn’t it yeah the worst thing is
when someone dies that you know near your birthday you know because your
birthdays your birthday or Christmas so if someone really special or near to you
dies near Christmas that’s it Christmas is ruined forever
you’re never you are never going to enjoy Christmas ever again because every
time Christmas comes along everyone’s happy and excited and they’re feeling
really really happy because Christmas is on the way but you’re feeling miserable
because all you’re thinking about is is the dead person and every well that’s it
if a loved one passes yes at Christmas time it is particularly sad because you
were always Christmas is associated with a happy jolly time and if everyone’s
having happiness and jollity and you’re remembering a loved one has died then
that’s going to be very difficult for you and I would think when you read the
news at Christmas and a few days before Christmas there’s a serious car accident
and people have died that that must be very sad for the parents and relatives
because their Christmas is always going to be blighted they’re always going to
remember this very sad thing well it’s his reality mr. Duncan happy Christmas
everyone happy Christmas well you know just so if
you are gonna die please don’t die before anyone’s birthday or around
Christmas try and do it sort of in I don’t know late March no one cares about
late March no one ever talks about late March or early September no one really
cares about that because that’s sad enough already
we have enough sadness in the early part of September already we don’t want
anymore well there we go pachu says about recommending christmas
music okay I’m going to talk about Christmas music oh yeah
yes I’ve got a prepared some some information on recommended Christmas
music or music that’s often associated with Christmas but I wanted to mention a
few more of these facts here oh yes the facts the facts facts facts facts facts
I’m using my air quotation marks because these facts might not actually be true
let’s assume they are so to visit every child on Christmas Eve Santa obviously
has a big job on his hand to go down all those chimneys they just have a big job
lot of houses aren’t there he would have to travel apparently 3,000 times the
speed of sound and visit over 800 homes per second well that’s possible in order
to get all the presents delivered he’s probably he’s probably got one of one of
you know when they got rid of Concord he’s probably got his own Concorde one
of those planes it can go at supersonic speed he’s got a very busy job hasn’t he
his sack must be huge talking about you’ll be very rude today mrs. rude if
he is delivering presents to all those kids he must have a huge sack I’m going
to ignore you mr. Duncan and to mention a few biblical facts because you know I
like biblical facts yes what that doesn’t make any sense
oh yeah people talk about the three wise men don’t make a lot the three wise men
apparently maybe someone will correct me here the Bible never mentioned a number
just refers to the wise men so where can somebody look this up where did we get
the idea that there were three wise men I mean obviously they didn’t exist
you’re not watching any wise men at the moment we are the two unwise men
and apparently the Bible huh seaming you believe it
fine you do what you be in the Bible what does that mean doesn’t mention a
date for Jesus’s birth for Bible it doesn’t mention a date many people
assume it probably happens in the spring for some reason we celebrate it on the
twenty-fifth of December but there’s absolutely no evidence that assuming
Jesus did ever exist because you know whether you believe it or not if he did
we celebrated in on the twenty-fifth of December but there’s no evidence
anywhere it’s not mentioned anywhere it’s certainly not in the Bible that
that was the actual date well you know they they moved Christmas just to annoy
all of the tree worshipers and all the pagans that’s so originally they reckon
they think all of the historians and the people who study the Bible closely
they’ve said that it’s probably summertime when Jesus was born and they
moved it they moved it to December because there were lots of pagan rituals
during December so they moved it right after the Solstice the shortest day when
everyone is out running around in the fields naked that’s true that’s what
they do during the winter solstice and the summer solstice
maybe not the winter one because it’s probably too cold you would shrivel up
but yes apparently that’s why Christmas is on December the 25th because it was
moved to annoy all of those pagans and that is true that is true yes a fact so
yeah a question by Pat you why are the Christmas hats red that’s because of
that what you showed earlier yes Saint Nicholas this guy that’s the one
because he there we go he’s got a red hat so and so he’s the paint patron
saint’s at Christmas mm-hmm and he’s got a red hat so therefore that’s why we’ve
got a red hat I don’t know where the the white bit comes from I think that sort
of snow it’s maybe he’s beard because the beard is white yes yes
so that’s why it’s red because st. Nicholas from all that time ago had a
red hat so keeping up that tradition mr. Duncan’s doing there I was agreeing with
you that was my that was my very affirmative nod yes at least he works
only once a year so he gets all his work out of the way in one night I suppose
he’s having to make presents for the rest of the year isn’t he over the next
few moments we are going to look at some words that you can use at Christmastime
but it says here they think it’s turkey and the chicken are the same thing they
are different we do do are we doing two different live streams here are you
doing your own live stream they are different each other in Turkish I’ll
just put a black line down here and you can view your live stream another I’ll
be my live stream there must be related but they are different they are
different species ok joke isn’t much bigger that’s good
yes I think we’ve I think we’ve exhausted the subject of turkeys we
really have so some words very quickly we’re going to go through these words
Steve hopefully here are some words that you can use around this time of year
some positive words because we’ve had a lot of negative news during 2019 would
you agree yes that’s it that’s all I want that’s all I want yes you shouldn’t
ask me a question mr. Duncan yes you may in this case you may not festive Steve
when you think of festive what do you think of celebration yes
festive time of the year yes tivities yes festivities usually associated I
would say with Christmas would you yes Christmas festivities so any celebration
any festival and that’s really how the word comes around
so a festival is a time when people celebrate they they get happy about
something so we describe Christmas quite often as
a festive period you get festive you have a festive time you are festive so
it’s a great word it is a good word that we often use around this time of year we
talk about things that are festive all the things that are associated with that
period of time here’s another one Johnny Charlie said lovely you seem to
have difficulty reading that but I thought I thought that Jay wasn’t l oh
okay jolly Jolly oh I’m jolly happy jolly is a sort of it’s it’s a type of
happiness isn’t it yes it means that you’re laughing a lot and very loudly ho
ho I’m jolly yes a person who is fun to be with or around we will often
described them as jolly so a really good happy joyous person a person who is fun
to be around and maybe a period of time that is fun to have and to be involved
with jolly we can have a jolly time Santa Claus is often described as being
jolly because he’s always happy he’s excited because it’s Christmas and it’s
the one day of the year that he gets to work firm that does safe fun Steve fun
what do you think of when you think of fun you think of things that are
enjoyable things that you like doing something that is exciting as well I
think so fun exciting you normally associate fun with children children
like to have fun so they’re doing that they’re doing playing games that sort of
thing if you have a fun time it means probably as an adult you’re doing things
that you might have done when you were a child
playing games things like that yeah just things that you would do as a child
really that’s associated with children I would say would you say well not
necessarily we’re having a fun time we’re just we’re not worrying about what
people think about as we’re just doing whatever we die blowing up balloons
running around on all fours blowing up balloons that look like us smoking your
joint we’re having a fun time now on we’re
just we’re just talking about silly things smoke blowing up you know blow a
blow up a balloon like this you’re very red when you blow up balloons you
certainly do and also when you smoke a joint fun so fun things firm joyous so
of course the word joy is in the word joyous so this is the feeling of being
happy having the feeling of joy you are joyous it describes a person who is
being happy a happy person a joyous time maybe a festival that is taking place
that makes lots of people happy it is joyous we are having a joyous fun time
on the Internet amongst other things cheerful I think sometimes in life we
meet a person who always seems cheerful a lot of people say that I’m always
cheerful which is of course it’s true however would you say that mr. Steve is
always cheerful would you say that I am today you’ve got on-ramps haven’t you on
the live stream you’re not always Cheever I mean somebody’s always happy
positive outlook on life yes hmm what about cheery cheery a person who is
cheery has new cheer he’s just happy yes cheery happy person who is quite often
happy they always have something nice to say something positive optimistic very
similar a person who always looks on the bright side
always look on the bright side of life a glass half full tank of person always
look on the bright side of Steve optimistic so an optimistic person
always looks on the bright side of everything glittery so you might say
that this is very glittery sometimes you might have you’re supposed to say bless
you when somebody sneezes you say bless you I didn’t I need a bless you give me
a bless you the only thing on my mind is why are you sneezing I’m sneezing
because of the glitter uh this is something will be noticed you
know I’m still talking about the words I know you’re so talking about literally
just finished this glittery so something shiny sparkly go on then
I’m what I was going to say was that there was talk last year of banning
glitter – what of the cameras do you have cards with glitter and then you
open it and you get these sparkly bits of glitter glitter all over you and you
you can’t get rid of it and then you see it on your face you rub your face then
people you’ve got glitter on your face and they were going to ban glitter they
were talking abandoning it from Christmas cards no I think I think that
was Gary Glitter I think they’re going to ban Gary Glitter so I’m looking for a
card that’s got lots of glitter on and there’s another one there there there’s
glitter on the edge of that card from Martin there and then you rub it it
comes up all over your hands down and you can’t get rid of it can you be there
for months so please if you are going to send cards to mr. Duncan that’s me by
the way or mr. Steve can you please make sure that there is no glitter on the
cards remove the glitter okay so take it off see look four people said bless you
thank you very much to Julia Eric Chris and flower I was more worried that Steve
might be coming down with with some disgusting cold we don’t want that
before Christmas yeah well you gave me one the other week you gave me a
stinking cold I did a sting King Kong I did indeed horrible mm-hmm
so thank you very much mr. Duncan and say bless you but poor people did feel
sorry sparkly is another one so you might describe this tinsel as sparkling
something that’s very shiny and sparkly something that catches the light yes it
catches the light and it shines it’s sparkly you might describe the lights on
my body and it’s bright bright and shiny oh goodness sake so shiny I’m trying to
get these pieces of paper apart I really sometimes we stack them as glue haven’t
you mr. Duncan twinkle oh sorry I’m just park right I’m just shiny where there
Steve twink so twink Kelly Creely token is something
that is twinkly something that just shines intermittently so again like a
light so it may be these lights or star in the sky will twinkle you see can you
see the lights here they are they are twinkly so they go on and off they are
flashing going on and off something that goes on and off probably in a random
manner like a star in the sky is very twinkly something is glowing bright
something bright and cheerful you could also use this if you say nice things
about someone so if you say lovely things about a person we can say that
you are being very glowing about them you are saying warm things about them
complimentary something glows it normally has a warmth normally red or
orange in color a warm glow that the lights on the Christmas tree are glowing
or the fire has a nice warm glow shimmering shimmering so it’s very
similar so shimmering shimmering so something is sparkly shiny it is
shimmering it means it just sort of goes in and out of focus a bit mm shimmer it
shimmers the light shimmers it just sort of it’s random you can’t really
focus on it yes shimmering you might say the flames are in a fire they shimmer
random it creates a nice atmosphere merry here we go
Merry Merry Christmas Merry Christmas I went to school with Merry Christmas Mary
if you marry when you use the word Merry it’s normally associated with alcohol
consumption yes when it often when a person becomes uncontrollably
happy so Mary know you can’t control your your happiness you are so merry you
are having a great time so I’m feeling very merry I’ve had two glasses of wine
yes so merry often means happy you are overjoyed and that’s why we often say
Merry Christmas Merry Christmas but for some reason its associated with
drinking alcohol I don’t know why uplifting uplifting if something is
uplifting it raises your spirits it makes you feel happy it raises your
emotions it makes you feel really happy really it is very uplifting we hope that
this livestream is uplifting well I have some other interesting facts mr. day Oh
No do you want me to do the reading or do you want me to doing the reading at
the end okay it’s not the end yet feels like it maybe yeah we’ve got tea cakes
and a cup of tea oh yes is there a time limit
are we finishing in 15 minutes yes we are finishing around 4 o’clock I like
the sound of that because it’s getting dark outside okay so what does that have
to do with it yesterday of course was the shortest day of the year in the UK
wasn’t it what does it matter though if it’s getting dark well I might want to
do things before it gets dark okay like what I don’t know run around in the
garden take a few branches off trees that is straying yes so yesterday yes it
was a must be the 22nd today it is 22nd and
have you mentioned that yesterday was the shortest day of the year in the UK I
did a few moments ago okay the winter solstice when it is the
shortest day so that means that the earth instead of pointing towards the
Sun it is now pointing as away from the Sun so the Sun seems as if it’s not so
close and also it’s a much lower angle so that’s why we have winter in the
north and then later in the year that the earth will go back it will tilt back
and then we are nearer the Sun oh lovely they are having hot temperatures at the
moment in Australia can I say hello to all my friends
in Australia I do feel for you I know it’s very hot and there are some
terrible wildfires occurring at the moment yes of course the closer you live
to the equator of the earth the the less seasonal is the weather hmm and you tend
to have the same temperatures all the year round where as a further north or
south away from the equator you will tend to have in the winter you will have
much shorter days and the summer you’ll have much longer daily yes and we’ve
just had our shortest day which probably the Sun probably rises probably 7
o’clock 7:30 in the morning I have no idea
he’s never up and so 7 maybe 7 a.m. and then but the sun’s gone down by 4
o’clock yes well it’s it’s going down now it’s going dark now does he only
have about 9 or 10 hours of light look outside in the summer in the winter so
that’s outside there so that the days I’ll carry on so the days are short so
we’re only getting about 9 that yes seven
only getting about nine hours of light you have to use your fingers of light
during the winter whereas in the summer we will get 17 hours so it’s a big
difference in the clock a little difference yes we only have about
mocking me mr. Duncan we only have about five hours of darkness more than that Oh
darkness and then the wind in the summer yeah right
so Christmas music we’ve only got ten minutes okay do you want me to talk
about Christmas well the weather outside is frightful but Maya is so delightful
and since we’ve no place to go let it snow let it snow let it snow is a
popular Christmas song it’s a popular Christmas song that’s
more of a pop song okay if you like classical music
anybody out there like classical music if you do there are a few there are
brothers lots of Christmas carols of course which you would count as
classical music probably but there are certain sort of big classical works as
they call them and some of the most popular ones I think the most popular
one in the UK certainly is Handel’s Messiah which is a big oratorio so
that’s our oratorio is music and voices so you’ve got singers celebrations we’ve
got people singing to music and Handel’s Messiah is a very popular song a lot all
over the UK in choirs it’s probably lasts about an hour and a half two hours
long it’s a long piece of music with a people Orchestra and a big choir and
then hallelujah they’re singing all sorts of well-known
it’s very well known in the UK’s Handel’s Messiah that’s the big that’s
the big sort of chorus that is Lulu yeah hallelujah
hello other people might know bark je s bark
so the handlers messiah 1741 so it’s very old you know what we think of
Christmas music there we normally think of sort of merry songs yes I know well
I’m getting onto that mr. Duncan we’re getting onto that you wish I finished
first mr. Duncan what I’m saying are we are we could be breaking up their
Christmas oratorio music by JS Bach 1734 interesting fact about Handel’s Messiah
if you know Handel’s Messiah that although it was written in 1741 and we
it’s very popular now Queen Victoria in the nineteen you know 1890s she didn’t
like it I thought it was old-fashioned music in 1890 I thought he was over
nineteen eighties she didn’t like it at all you imagined Queen Victoria in 1890
saying I don’t like Handel’s Messiah I think it’s old-fashioned actually I’m
imagining Queen Victoria in the 1980s in she was saying I don’t like that new
romantic music it’s too loud do you like Tchaikovsky anybody watching
in Russia Tchaikovsky are very famous I like it but I can’t spell it I can t CH
of the sugarplum fairy is a ballet piece well done mr. Duncan the excerpt from
the sugarplum fairies fairies are you a sugarplum fairy mr. Duncan I am partial
to some sugar but never a plum ah look at that christina has mentioned
something I was going to mention okay what are you going Christina well done
are we going to measure look look at that Christina that is a recording of
the very famous Vienna concerts that they have on New Year’s Eve or maybe on
New Year’s Day and it’s popular works usually Strauss Viennese music which is
a very lifting fun music concert that they have classical music from Vienna
they have this concert every year and we like to watch it because it really
cheers you up and they usually have ballet dancers as well that’s us this is
Lorin Maazel but sadly he is no longer with us is he now exactly that’s a
recording before the Vienna I guess that’s from a long time ago we
didn’t think it was happy you want cheering up oh is it happening now by
the way this was a CD you wanted what cheering up what’s the new year concert
from Vienna it’s fabulous it’s very highbrow of course but it’s it’s it’s
lovely so thank you for whatever mention that Christina because I was going to
mention that as well it’s sophisticated how others ah I think Christine is
talking about Christmas cause it’s just a one you mean Christina the one that
she’s your New Year’s Day that maybe they have Christmas concerts as well but
they always have a New Year’s concert which is apparently you have to book up
years in advance to get to it and it costs a fortune to go we’ve never been
invited but so Christmas carols I like to play when I’m wrapping presents at
Christmas when I’m rattling mr. Duncan’s presents then I like to play Christmas
music and we like to play it don’t we mr. don’t
when we’re cooking the meal what I like about that is is you’ve just left all
you can see there is that and the big price label says there’s actually
nothing that shows what this is there because that’s better
Christmas carols $4.99 carols are sort of hymns for Christmastime aren’t they a
call like why they’re choral music and everybody knows them there we go so here
are the popular ones like God rest ye merry gentlemen while Shepherds watch
their flocks by night see amid the winter snow sahil at night silent died
cooking West’s cooking Wenceslas looked out on the feast of Stephen o little
town of Bethlehem away in our manger ding dong merrily on high i saw three
ships come sailing in the Holly and the ivy mister well how come he all ye
faithful once in royal sacred city hark the herald angels sing glory to the
newborn King there we go that’s just a few of these
popular carols that we have a Christmas time why that says Trinity carols from
Trinity what Trinity is a very famous choir that put on the concerts every
year and these are recordings from that particular choir that’s why it says from
Trinity and of course there is also the Carol’s from King’s College which is
bridge which is in Cambridge so is that one very traditional this one I like to
play because this is was 599 from Asda good ticket see probably about ten years
ago it was very cheap it’s very interesting that the price of these CDs
is part of what we’re talking about these these CDs are very good value for
money they are and this is lovely I love playing this one it gets me in the
Christmas spirit Christmas moon
God forever give me a jingle bell rock jingle bell jingle bell jingle bell rock
sleigh ride I’ll be home for Christmas the Christmas song white Christmas by
Bing Crosby that’s a famous one there were three ships it’s beginning to look
a lot like Christmas Bing Crosby winter wonderland The
Andrews Sisters jingle bells by The Andrews Sisters and
Bing Crosby there we go I love that one I love playing that well I’m cooking the
Christmas dinner or wrapping mr. Duncan’s presents obviously I don’t need
to play all those to wrap misters mr. Duncan script presents because I haven’t
got that many to wrap oh that’s me done I seem to have spoken a lot today
anybody want to say anything you seem to have spoken too much today
what you from Kurdistan what’s the weather like in Kurdistan please that is
no I am going I’m going to guess hot although having said that at this time
of year you don’t realize that it actually gets quite cold in the Middle
East at this time of year it can be very cold and chilly vodka man is on I
celebrate every day when I have vodka yes
and so you should actually have we’ve got some vodka we never drink it but
we’ve got some well Merry Christmas from Spain espanol I drifted off then I went
into my own world and it was nothing in his own world and it was lovely what else do you want me to say mr.
Duncan what can you say I tell you something
we were talking about Christmas earlier with with food and there is one
particular type of food that many people enjoy this time of year with their
Christmas meal however this is quite a controversial vegetable there it is the sprout now some people
like to have sprouts Brussels sprouts with their Christmas meal however there
are people who hate and despise Brussels sprouts don’t you think that’s strange
Steve yes Brussels sprouts are what you’ve got a Marmite food okay well
they’re a Brussels sprout food you either love them or hate them yes there
are a type of sort of they’re a bit like cabbage small they’re like small
cabbages tiny cabbages and they’re very popular to have with your Turkey but
they’re quite they can be quite bitter so some people like them some people
don’t we like them but they do tend to have a
bit of a side effect what to do they don’t they mr. Duncan when you eat lots
of Brussels sprouts at Christmas okay well they are renowned for let’s just
say causing a lot of gas and wind okay in your digestive tract good it’s nice
to see mr. Steve is is heightening the tone but they do because they’ve got
lots of fiber in them and and all the bacteria in your gut like to feed off
this so they let’s just say sprouts cause a lot of farting at Christmas they
are renowned for it and some people like them and some people don’t and I would
say probably do you like them don’t you mr. Duncan I absolutely love sprouts I
love them so much I can’t get enough of sprouts they’re lovely if you cook a lot
of them and then keep them the leftovers and then fry them with potatoes you get
something called bubble and squeak yes I we love it
and we have Julie Julie says I hate sprouts and that’s it so some people
like Brussels sprouts and other people dislike Brussels sprouts I love Brussels
sprouts I think Brussels sprouts are so nice in fact I can’t sit I can’t stop
saying Brussels sprouts and you can buy them loose or you can
buy them are on the stork and they’re better if you buy them on the stalk as
they last longer yes hmm quite a loop says I love the
song jingle bells the country version by the Oakridge boys jingle bells
I think jingle bells is probably the most popular general Christmas song so I
think a lot of people do like jingle bells Patchi yeah yeah Ave says that
they grow or he or she grows sprouts in my farm oh well well that’s fantastic
maybe you can send us some because we haven’t bought ours yet no we haven’t
got our Brussels sprouts and we must get them Judy gee hates them
cabbage also they are similar to cabbage they’re like a bitter cabbage but if you
have like if you have that’s why you you have tend to have a bit of cranberry
sauce which is a bit sweeter oh yes it just it goes with Turkey I don’t know
why but what you normally do is you you normally take take the outer leaves off
the sprouts you will cut them on the bottom so they cook quicker and then you
just simmer them in water but you don’t want them too soft but also you don’t
want them too hard either I don’t like hard Brussels sprouts I
like them not too soft but I like to actually eat
them without breaking my teeth ah a few people there Anna says she’s never seen
the brussel sprout plant os soon and how do you serve them says Julie G yes so
there we go that there’s the plant itself so that’s what Brussels sprouts
looked like when they are still on the plant there the leaves and you pull them
off and and boil them so you just serve them as a vegetable like potatoes or
cabbage whole like that you boil them till they go soft and you just have them
as a vegetables like you would potatoes or carrots mmm you just serve them on
the plate and they’re very traditional at Christmastime
Brussels sprouts I think they’re popular because they’re one of a few vegetables
that are are available during the winter months because obviously here in the
winter you don’t nothing much grows but the brussel sprout plants are growing
and still growing in the winter and they resist the Frost’s and the cold weather
very well and so I think they’re popular for us at Christmas simply because
they’re one of only a few vegetables that are actually available in the
winter months that’s it like carrots an exam and of course we have missed out
the most important vegetable at Christmastime mr. Duncan what about the
parsnip parsnips parsnip you can’t have Christmas dinner Christmas lunch without
having parsnips and you must always roast them roast parsnips at Christmas
time with Turkey potato Brussels sprouts thick gravy oh my goodness
I can’t wait till Christmas again parsnips are still growing in the winter
months which is why they’re available and popular hmm and potatoes of course
store they’re not growing in the summer but they they store very well and you
can keep them all over the winter months and they’re always available yep always
available Steve we are coming towards the end oh it’s almost time to say
goodbye to you earn you a new question Patchi why is it why they call Brussels
sprouts I don’t know I was thinking that I thought someone’s going to ask why
they call Brussels sprouts I don’t know maybe you can look it up and let us know
I wonder if it has something to do with where they come from originally it could
be maybe they are from Brussels maybe they are Brussels sprouts or Brussels
sprouts mmm they might be we are going in a minute I hope you’ve enjoyed
today’s livestream two hours today we’ve done so no wonder all of my little
cartilages in my spinal column are now popping out because I’ve been standing
here for two I’ll push them back in later oh there’s
a promise there’s a promise I can’t refuse parsnips yes four parsnips are
very nice Thank You mr. Duncan and mr. Steve it is my birthday on the 24th
happy birthday to Guadalupe for the 24th which is Christmas Eve now we are not
with you tomorrow we are not with you on Tuesday but we
might I’m not sure it just depends on what happens whether mr. Steve gets
completely blind drunk as usual because he might be asleep on the floor with
with green goo running out of his mouth like like Rick Rick Sanchez from Rick
and Morty so it is very similar to to Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty who’s
Steve knows nothing about but all the young cool people out there will know
what I’m talking about but you don’t but we might be a be with your Wednesday
Christmas Day Christmas that we might we might excite I make no promises we might
also be with you on Boxing Day now I’m thinking of going into town on Boxing
Day and maybe doing a live stream from the town center like we normally do
that’s tradition yes we’ve done it twice so we might do it this year we will see
what the weather is like because the weather is very strange at the moment
outside look at the weather at the moment it still looks light even though
it is actually now starting to get dark as the Sun Goes Down so we will see what
happens there we’re not sure at the moment so we will see what happens I
hope you have a super SuperDuper Christmas if you are celebrating it
Steve has something you wanted to share don’t you oh do you want me to do this
little traditional Christmas reading so Steve would like to give you a reading
and I will be going just just to the side so you can have centerstage mr.
Duncan I’m more nervous now mr. Duncan you’re putting me in the spotlight so
you should be you should be nervous right
this is a traditional Christmas reading twas the night before Christmas mr.
Duncan is maneuvering me into the center of the screen and it’s by Clement Clarke
Moore twas the night before Christmas when all through the house not a
creature was stirring not even a mouse the stockings were hung by the chimney
with care in hopes that Saint Nicholas soon would be there the children were
nestled all snug in their beds while visions of sugarplums danced in their
heads and Mama in her kerchief and I in my cap
had just settled our brains for a long winters nap when out on the roof there
arose such a clatter I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter away to
the window I flew like a flash tore open the shutters and threw up the sash
the moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow gave lustre to midday to objects
below when what to my wandering eyes would appear but a miniature sleigh and
eight tiny reindeer reindeer with a cold old driver so lively and quick I knew in
a moment it must be st. Nick more rapid than Eagles his coursers they came and
he whistled and shouted and called them by name now Dasher now dancer now
Prancer and vixen on comet on Cupid on Donner and Blitzen
to the top of the porch to the top of the wall now dash away dash away dash
away all and a very merry Christmas to you all nice I especially enjoyed the reindeer
the reindeer find the reindeer Germany yeah that’s how they pronounce it there
you see I hadn’t made a mistake at all apparently all the reindeer that they
graze along that famous River they do that that’s a brother from exactly
they’re from the Rhine that’s it mr. don’t guess I got carried away very
excited you know what I’m like when I’m performing mr. Duncan they used to be
called Rhine Valley deer but now they call Rhine deer and that’s mr. Steeves
excuse and he is sticking to it well I hope you enjoyed that little rendition
I’d died before but he’s done it before and better so Duncan how dare you
criticize my performance and yet I did dare I did
I know presents for mr. Duncan no sprouts no wine no jollity no merit II
well the only whining will be from you we are going now any final words uh
final words from mr. Steve I would just say whether you’re celebrating Christmas
or not have a lovely 25th of December and you may see is you may not but you
would definitely see as on Boxing Day yeah I think that’s true so whether you
celebrate Christmas or not I’m going to say happy Christmas to one and all and
finally I will say thank you very much for joining me during this very busy
year I will be with you of course before the end of 2019 can I wish you out there
watching at the moment a very Merry Christmas I am not afraid to say it
unlike some people Merry Christmas Happy Christmas have a joyous time if you are
celebrating even if you’re not celebrating enjoy the festivities
wherever you happen to be watching in the world and of course until we meet
again which might be on Christmas Day or maybe on Boxing Day we will be live in
the street who knows it is mr. Duncan and mr. Steve
saying Merry Christmas and of course until the next time we meet ta ta for now 😎

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  1. владимир Власенко says:

    Mr Duncan why do not you record podcasts so we can listen to you all the time because we are real addict

  2. Randall Navarro says:

    Hi Mr Duncan, I arrived today in London and a it's quite cold for me, I come from Costa Rica and your lessons have helped me a lot..thanks!

  3. Ace Hardy says:


  4. Jesús Mendoza says:


  5. Jesús Mendoza says:

    en que parte de Inglaterra vives???
    in which part of england do you live???

  6. Speak English With Mr Duncan says:

    TIME CODES – click on the blue time codes to skip to…

  7. Loreta Vincenti says:

    Thank you for the two hours of entertainment in the lighthearted christmassy mood. This time you let Mr. Steve be king of the live show, didn't you? And he was so indifferent to your usual teasing… very very posh! By the way, I also noticed he wasn't showing his wrinkles. That was your trick with the lights, wasn't it? Anyway, God bless you both and make you feel good… Thanks to you Misterduncan this year I've learned a lot about English language whilst having fun and I hope you'll be able to continue this work forever.

  8. Бул Ка says:

    Why l don’t write on life chat ?

  9. Emanuela Vescovo says:

    Nice live streaming Mr Duncan. I admit that I found sometimes hard to follow Mr. Steve (too speed 😀 ) but I had a lot of fun! I wish you both merry christmas!!

  10. Hiền Phạm says:

    I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Love from Vietnam.

  11. Asma Khan says:

    Hello mr duncan, facts mr steve told us about Christmas were quite intresting. I enjoy watching both of you together and there are no two ways about it…I'm really looking forward to seeing you on Christmas.happy Xmas from karachi, Pakistan

  12. sally mahfoud says:

    we love you mister duncan and we love what you do and your career is show-off-able a big love and respect for you from your student in Syria

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