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  1. J.Z. B.R. says:

    Jesus dies so that you would be forgiven by God and not go to hell, but that doesn't mean that you won't be held accountable for your crimes. Actions still have consequences.

  2. Anna Gray says:

    Thanks Jesse!!!

  3. Jerry Bailey says:

    Yep this is how twisted Christianity is !

  4. Squirrely Nations says:

    It’s so funny Christians don’t get it and even the atheists that put out their logic and protest of it don’t get it either.Christian= religion. Atheism = religion. All the same useless.

  5. Noe Naem says:

    This is honestly really jarring for some reason. 5:30 had better acting than any Nicholas Cage movie.

  6. CrimsonNasferatu says:

    This guy is crazy

  7. Roblox&MinecraftPokemonMaster777 says:


  8. Richard Voyer says:

    I always refer bible 🤮 thumpers to ; Dark Matter 2525 , Christopher Hitchens , Sam Harris , Richard Dawkins and The Atheist Experience . If that doesn't change their mind , then nothing will .

  9. mysticvortex13 says:

    john 8:11 neither do i condemn thee. go and sin no more.

  10. aprilshower7799 says:


  11. Lucas Hobbs says:

    Wait so atheists actually think this about Christians?
    My mind is blown.
    I don't know how to tell you that you made mistakes here.

  12. john satterlee says:

    https://youtu.be/sCMpeLNEA30 under God's Law the whole human race would deserve hell. People can't make it to heaven by their own works or following lots of needless rules, rituals and requirements. The only and easiest way to heaven is through Jesus and Jesus alone, since Jesus paid the penalty for our sins when he died on the cross. True salvation is a free gift and Jesus did all the work all a person has to do is except the free gift.

  13. Joseph Cioe says:

    Stay in there Jesse

  14. Rain Hoogensen says:

    i love the sad music

  15. B.T Martin says:

    That hogan leg drop was …. biblical 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  16. GPtwo says:

    "Go get my son, Jesse." Man I did not see this coming. lmao

  17. SirJTaylor says:

    Thank Juno I am Roman Polytheist.

  18. Francisco Neto says:


  19. Romeo Morrisons says:

    Thanks jessy

  20. becky Sawyer says:

    Blah blah blah

  21. D Dog 2015 says:

    Think for the adultery bit, he should've been made to gouge out his own eyes

  22. Ben Stevenson says:

    wow! this makes GOD look like a sadistic psychopath! megalomaniac! and Satan 👿 naughty!

  23. Mugdho Mugdho says:

    R.I.P CHRISTIANITY. You just destroyed the base of Christianity.

  24. Sam Pharma says:

    I can't believe it, is this truly christianity ruling ? aren't you exagerating a bit !!!

  25. OLe Jack Green The weird green guy says:

    Another video that reminds me of that other video a few years later

  26. Michael Daniel says:

    Well that seems partially correct you forgot the part where he have to pay a fine to the father and then has to marry her

  27. Chierkus says:

    It makes no sense to be tortured for eternity for a finite sin, well unless you're being tortured for sins of everyone. Hmm, bible thinks it's the opposite, I guess.

  28. NonoozableToDogma Isaiah 45:7 says:

    Take that in your Holy hole! LoL! Neither governments nor religions make sense! Thank you as always.

  29. Romanic says:

    Judge Godfrey Yahwehovich needs to be put in prison for child abuse.

  30. Tim Slee says:

    Here at 666,109 views.

  31. knoxbird1 says:

    This is a total mis-representation of Christianity. Anyone who believes this tripe isn't educated on the bible at all.

  32. Tomorrow is Yesterday says:

    Should have been "Guy raped and killed someone's mom in the parking lot" just to troll Alex Kendrick.

  33. OLe Jack Green The weird green guy says:

    Jesus looks really weird with those very cops and the jury but Jesus was the most funniest of them all

  34. OLe Jack Green The weird green guy says:

    666 K Mkay k k ?

  35. Black Marble says:

    Look at the amount of views 666k. Spooky

  36. ervenion says:

    I don’t see your point

  37. Albert Stegeman says:

    What the hell is wrong with this? It's perfect justice!

    You forgot the rapist is to marry the girl and give her dad a few shekels. Stay as close to scriptures as you can.

  38. Joshua Bousman says:

    As a devout Christian who really likes these videos, I think the true purpose of these videos is not to devide people along the lines of beliefs, but to show us that by challenging old beliefs, we are expressing our humanity and in doing so this forces us to respect and love our fellow humans who are attached to old ways of thinking.

  39. Awake And Aware says:

    Love it!!

  40. Robin D. Phillips says:


  41. Caleb H says:

    Yet again, atheists make it clear that although they are very knowledgeable in many areas, they do not understand the Bible in the slightest.

  42. FN LN says:

    places flowers on the grave of darkmatter2525's sex life

  43. hasan maden says:

    4:06 music name

  44. Florida Under Moonlight says:

    I love you too Inquisitor judge

  45. B.K. says:

    I'm so envious of those 2 police officers. It seems like they have a lot of fun.

  46. B.K. says:

    I can smell burned flesh. 🤤🤤🤤 barbecue 🤤🍔🤤

  47. ursaltydog says:

    I thought surely the way this began that the judge would force the rapist to marry the victim and the victim be his wife… that's what the bible subscribed..

  48. A.Username says:

    1:25 That’s a terrible black chick impersonation lmfao

  49. Sidney Smith says:

    The faces in the crowd 😮

  50. Aries says:

    Yahweh…… The most evil villain in all of fiction.

  51. Jango Yifftail says:

    "Good bye, sex, I'll miss you." Hilarious. XD

  52. agency series says:

    God's a child abuser

  53. mr pro2019 says:


  54. viddork says:

    I was waiting for them to stone the rape victim.

  55. Kandy Boi says:

    a large majority of christians I know believe the Bible is more poetic and not to be taken literally. They also seem alot smarter than creationists.

  56. Steven White says:

    STILL WATCHING? I think that most Christians left before the end. What a powerful video. I don't want to gloat about the fact that the God of the Bible does NOT EXIST. NOT so long ago I believed that HE did. If this video were shown in ALL the CHURCHES one Sunday the following week the CHURCHES would be RATHER EMPTY (I HOPE) WE NEED TO GET REAL. WE MUST LIVE IN REALITY. GOD MADE MAN. MAN MADE RELIGION. RELIGION is full of LIES.

  57. Frescopino says:

    This miniseries is a whole new kind of relevant, with the whole Amber Richards situation…

  58. Bruce Cook says:

    993 christians in denial(dislikes). when they see a graphic visual of what their holy book says, they know it is ridiculous and protest in the form of dislikes, but when it is read from text, they just "HAVE FAITH" it i true. what hypocrisy.

  59. Biker Boy90 says:

    I understand how this video is a comedy video that makes fun of Biblical Christianity teachings. Some people think Christians believe in no accountability for their actions. Christianity doesn't teach no accountability for your actions. David received punishments due to his affair with Bethsheba. Sodom and Gomorrah received punishments due to rape. Jonah got punished due to disobeying God by refusing to go to Nineveh. Goliath, King Ahab, and Jezebel all received punishment due to their behavior. If a person is a judge, God doesn't want them to let murderers, rapists, child molesters, armed robbers, thieves, etc off the hook. God wants judges to hold murderers, rapists, child molesters, armed robbers, thieves, etc accountable for their actions.

    Some people misunderstand the forgiveness concept. Forgiveness doesn't mean trusting that person again. Forgiveness doesn't mean being friends again. Forgiveness doesn't mean letting someone off the hook for what they did. Forgiveness doesn't mean not holding someone accountable for their actions. Forgiveness means not dwelling on the issue anymore, not letting the issue consume your life, letting go, moving on with your life, etc.

    It's true that Biblical Christianity does teach that accepting Jesus in your heart is the only way to heaven. Biblical Christianity does not teach that when you accept Christ in your heart, you're free to live your life any way you want and still go to heaven. Biblical Christianity teaches how in order to be saved, you have to accept Christ in your heart and really mean it in your heart. Biblical Christianity teaches that accepting Christ in heart by just mouthing the words without meaning it in your heart doesn't save you. Accepting Jesus in your heart and really meaning it in your heart means you no longer want to live for the devil anymore, you no longer want to live a lifestyle in bondage to sin, you want to try hard to live for God, you want Jesus in your heart to help you to live for him, you don't want to take advantage of grace, etc. Biblical Christianity teaches that when you accept Christ in your heart and really mean it in your heart, you have a changed heart that no longer lives a lifestyle in bondage to sin (you still sin, you still have sin struggles, etc but don't live a life defined by sin anymore), you want to live for the Lord, you want to serve the Lord, you want to obey the Bible, you're not going to take advantage of grace, etc.

    Matthew 7:16, 2 Corinthians 5:17, Revelation 21:8, Romans 6:1, and Galatians 5:22-23 are scripture verses that prove that Biblical Christianity teaches that accepting Christ in your heart doesn't mean you're free to live your way any way you want and still go to heaven. Those verses prove how Biblical Christianity teaches that going to heaven is by accepting Christ in your heart and meaning it in your heart.

  60. Donald Trump says:

    I thought Jessie was going to have the rapist marry the woman

  61. Colton g says:

    At least it wasn't old testament law

  62. Türk Mapper says:

    İs it just me? İ think satan is better than yahweh, at least satan doesn't kill anyone and doesn't punish them in a place full of fire and torment for an eternity just because they simply didn't believe in him like Jesus's dad does,satan simply wanted to get a higher place over god it's like an employer wants to become boss.

  63. Albina Jeta says:

    The problem is that this doesn't work in this way.
    Many Christians will go to hell also according to revelation.
    And all of those who don't repent.

  64. Fleur Puttock says:

    Jesus-Hunanity's whipping boy.

  65. Adrian Veidt says:

    What's sad is after the Mr Clark's case, there are a 8 more cases scheduled for judge Yahweh.

  66. Julian Baxter says:

    Those bailiffs sound like the downward spiral Mr self destruct intro when they're beating people up. Sampled from a movie I believe. About brutality

  67. Sam Burke says:

    Christian Apologists: So God is so just that as a perfect judge he can't just forgive people for their sins, after all he wouldn't be giving people what they deserve. So he instead must punish an innocent person who doesn't deserve it in there place and then he will let the person who does deserve it of Scot free without any punishment along with an eternal Paradise worth of unearned reward?

    Makes perfect sense.

  68. james alexander says:

    Yes, even as a grade schooler forced to go to church I could tell that the whole setup of christianity was immoral and disgusting. Pointing it out to my family only led to "how dare you think you aren't responsible for original sin just by being born. Of course we all deserve eternal torture". I left the poisonous lies of the church and never looked back

  69. Agt.BADASS says:

    OMG…. LMAO😂😂😂😢😢😢 As a CHRiSTiAN…. My goodness 😂😢😢😂

  70. Ricky Myers says:

    Thiers rotten comments one here to the evil core the devil is at work

  71. locic 3:16 says:

    In the good old days Mr. Smith would had to marry Ms. Thompson and pay her father some money.

  72. Ya mon Da Troll says:

    Ten years later and this still makes me laugh like a hyena xD

  73. Nmotsch idontwannagivemyrealname says:

    The thing is, you can't just say you're sorry. You have to ACTUALLY be sorry.

  74. Ben Stevinson says:

    This makes God a Sadist, Psychopath, Megalomaniac!

  75. กฤษดา กลิ่นพิกุล says:

    The Justice System that lacks of justice and fairness….

  76. JustSomeGuy says:

    Part 1

    (text: The American justice system. after a moment, golden cursive and diagonal letters appear underneath: New Testament Style)

    (new screen text: The courtroom of Judge Godfrey Yahwehovich 9:33 A.M.)

    (the courtroom. a wide stratum of society fills the observation boxes and sits watching. a golden set of scales is on the wall above the judge, symbolizing justice. an American flag hands on the stage left side of the court, and a large cross hangs on stage right. a young woman wearing a business dress sits frowning at the Prosecution table as her lawyer stands beside her. her hair is black, long, and her skin brown – very beautiful. her lawyer is a middle-aged Caucasian man with black hair in a brown suite jacket with orange tie. a microphone sits on the table)

    Lawyer: Mr. Smith, all the evidence shows that you BRUTALLY raped Mrs. Thompson here. gestures at the woman sitting beside him

    Mrs. Thompson: looks down, slightly shifts uncomfortably in her seat

    Lawyer: DNA evidence confirms this, video footage at the parking lot of the grocery store of you FORCING her into your van confirms this.

    Mr. Smith: stares at the prosecution section, grinning slightly (he has a nasty chin rat tail beard, a Swastika tattooed on his bald forehead, and wears a cheap blue suit)

    Lawyer: And to top it off, when you were arrested the police found enormous quantities of GHB in your pockets. Tell me, Mr. Smith, what would a supposedly innocent man such as yourself need with the date rape drug? Furthermore…

    Mr. Smith: All right enough! Yeah, OK. Fine, I admit it. Is that what you wanna hear? Yeah, I did it. Yeah, I raped her. (he speaks like a stereotypical mafia mook in cartoons)

    (cue Adagio, for violin, strings & organ in G minor, T. Mi 26 – aka sad pity sympathy tunes. the entire courtroom stares at Mr. Smith in turn)

    Judge Godfrey Yahwehovich: OK councilor, we've heard all we needed to hear. I'm ready to rule. looks down at Mr. Smith and glares Mr. Smith, do you have anything to say before I sentence you?

    Mr. Smith: looks up at Judge Godfrey Yahwehovich Yeah Judge, I do. Look, I feel… kinda bad about what I did. Uhh, look, Mrs. Thompson, I'm real sorry. OK? You think you could forgive me? opens arms

    Mrs. Thompson: Forgive you?! Hell no, I won't forgive you! I want you to rot in Hell for raping me!

    Lawyer: gently places a hand on Mrs. Thompson's arm

    Judge Godfrey Yahwehovich: OK, OK, enough of that. Bailiffs, go get my son – Jessie.

    (the bailiffs have been standing at opposite ends of the courtroom, in front of the judge and witness stands. they are uniformed with khaki shirts, green pants, and black combat boots, wear large gold sheriff stars, and have black auto-loading pistols in forward-canted duty holster on their belts)

    African Bailiff: bows to Judge Godfrey Yahwehovich with a stern expression (is bald, has a handlebar mustache, and is quite tall and muscular)

    Caucasian Bailiff: gives parade-ground salute to Judge Godfrey Yahwehovich with expression of resolve (has military crew cut, is equally tall and muscular)

    Bailiffs: drag a smiling, shorter and thin bearded man with long flowing hair wearing a white Armani suite with white tie and black undershirt into the courtroom from stage left. their path takes them right across the hanging American flag on the wall. they position Jessie squarely in the center of the room, and tower over a foot above him with aggressive forward posturing

    Jessie: continues to smile and gaze at the court

    (moment of staring silence as the music continues to play)

    African Bailiff: high front-kicks Jessie in the side of the head (music stops abruptly)

    Caucasian Bailiff: puts up hands in Orthodox boxing stance and pumps a stiff left jab, followed by a right cross into the other side of Jessie's head

    African Bailiff: had hands lower after the kick, clobbers Jessie with haymaker to his side of the head

    Jessie: OOOF!

    African Bailiff: steps in closer to Jessie and does an elbow drop to the top of his head

    Jessie: ooof…

    Caucasian Bailiff: had been stepping back since his 2 punch combo to a Warrior Stance/Zenkutsudachi, uses back leg to knee Jessie in the stomach

    Jessie: OOOF! flies away from Caucasian Bailiff, to the other side of African Bailiff Uhhh…

    African Bailiff: grabs Jessie by his collar, throws him up over himself, and down hard onto the ground – landing on his back with head facing the African Bailiff

    Jessie: OOOF!

    Bailiffs: stomp Jessie repeatedly for approximately 10 seconds

    Jessie: (several) OOOF! blood sprays from where Bailiffs' heels make contact

    Mrs. Thompson and Trial Observers: jaws drop and watch in shock

    Lawyer: stares sternly, clearly used to the sight

    Judge Godfrey Yahwehovich: watches as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening

    (the beating continues unabated for a few more seconds)

    Judge Godfrey Yahwehovich: looks down at Mr. Smith, with a gentle expression on his face Mr. Smith, as my free gift to you – my son Jessie as been punished on your behalf.

    (camera pans to Jessie. he lays on his side and back on the courtroom floor, bleeding from a few places on his rips, his nose, his mouth, with his right eye swollen shut and a long cut on his forehead, and one of his top incisors is missing)

    Judge Godfrey Yahwehovich: If you accept this gift, you will NOT be held accountable for your crime.

    Mrs. Thompson: expression of rage WHAAAT?! throws out arms in anger

    Mr. Smith: You mean… you'd just let me go?

    Judge Godfrey Yahwehovich: Yes.

    Mr. Smith: OK! smiles I accept! opens arms Thanks, Judge! looks down at Jessie Uhh… thanks, Jessie!

    Jessie: (muffled from wounds) uhhh huhh… weak nod

    Judge Godfrey Yahwehovich: Mr. Smith, I do hereby forgive you for raping Mrs. Thompson. You are free to go. opens arms

    Mr. Smith: Woo hoo! jumps up from witness stand and runs out of the court via stage right

    Mrs. Thompson: gasps I can't… I can't… I can't believe this!!! glares angrily at Judge Godfrey Yahwehovich

    Judge Godfrey Yahwehovich: Oh, you BETTER believe it, Mrs. Thompson. You BETTER believe it. [as in, if you don't you go to HELL!] Next case… (camera zooms in on his eyes in a closeup as he speaks)

    (text: Hey Christians, accountability is a good thing.)

  77. JustSomeGuy says:

    Part 2

    (new screen text: The courtroom of Judge Godfrey Yahwehovich 9:36 A.M.)

    Lawyer: Mr. Clark, isn't it true that while you were making love to your wife Tina… pauses, then for dramatic effect gestures at beautiful young Caucasian woman with red hair wearing blue dress sitting at the prosecution table …you… shouted out the name… Jessica?

    Mr. Clark: adopts expression of guilt and submission OK, yes, at the time, I was thinking about my high school sweetheart. But honey, I swear; I never EVER cheated on you. (he sits at the witness stand)

    Judge Godfrey Yahwehovich: looks down at and points at Mr. Clark, glaring Oh, you cheated on her – in your HEART, Mr. Clark!

    [Mark 5:27-8, "Thou shalt not commit adultery. But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart."-Jesus]

    Mr. Clark: looks up at Judge Godfrey Yahwehovich OK. You got a point judge, and that's something to think about. looks at his wife But honey… Honey, look. I am really sorry about this. I am.

    Tina/Mrs. Clark: glares I have to admit, I was very mad at first expression softens But I forgive you. Of course, I forgive you.

    Judge Godfrey Yahwehovich: glares Woah, woah, woah! My forgiveness is all that matters here!

    Mr. Clark: Look, judge, with all due respect – this is between me and my wife.

    Judge Godfrey Yahwehovich: I've heard enough! I'm ready to rule. spread arms wide Bailiffs, bring in my son – Jessie.

    (cue Adagio, for violin, strings & organ in G minor, T. Mi 26)

    Bailiffs: drag Jessie in by his arms, still just as wounded as before.

    Jessie: hangs limp, legs dragging across the floor, head sways neutrally

    Bailiffs: drag Jessie to center of courtroom, and unceremoniously drop him down hard on the floor

    (a moment of stillness as the camera shows the courtroom and whole situation and the music continues to play)

    African Bailiff: leaps almost to the ceiling and does and elbow drop to Jessie's head, crushing it against the floor (blood spatters)

    Caucasian Bailiff: leaps almost to the ceiling and does a heel drop on Jessie's head, crushing it against the floor (blood spatters)

    Bailiffs: stomp Jessie hard, fast, and repeatedly like before

    Jessie: OOOF! UHHH! (continuous, louder than the last beating)

    Tina/Mrs. Clark: jaw drops and watches in shock

    Mr. Clark: stands up at the witness stand, jaw dropped and watching in shock

    Judge Godfrey Yahwehovich: watches as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening

    (the beating continues a few more seconds)

    Judge Godfrey Yahwehovich: Mr. Clark, as my free gift to you…

    (camera does a close up of Jessie's face. both eyes are black and swollen shut, much more blood runs from his face, and he has a nasty multi-hued bruise next to the cut on his forehead. he appears to be un-responsive)

    Judge Godfrey Yahwehovich: …my son Jessie has been punished on your behalf. If you accept this gift, you will not be held accountable for your crime.

    Mr. Clark: glares while still standing, over Judge Godfrey Yahwehovich What?! Judge, this is barbaric! I really wish you'd have asked me before you had the crap beat out of your son. taps own chest Look, judge, I'm responsible for my own actions; and, in the eyes of the law, if what I did was so wrong, that you feel I need to be punished… puts hands on hips then you go ahead and you punish ME! You go ahead and beat me up, if you feel like that's what you need to do.

    Judge Godfrey Yahwehovich: with unflinching expression An idealist eh? OK. Bailiffs – burn 'em!

    Mr. Clark: expression of shock, reaches out to Judge Godfrey Yahwehovich What?!

    Bailiffs: in a flash, have moved up into base contact with Mr. Clark and leer over him

    Mr. Clark: panicking But… you didn't burn your son. What are you talking about?! What are you doing this for?!

    Judge Godfrey Yahwehovich: Ohhh… your punishment is going to be a HEEELL of a lot worse than what I did to my son.

    Tina/Mrs. Clark: eyes wide in alarm NO! What you doing!? Just let him go!

    (text: torture chamber. 9:38 A.M.)

    (a Medieval stone dungeon with bars over the window. Judge Godfrey Yahwehovich and the Bailiffs stand on stage left, looking at Mr. Clark, who is at stage right. Mr. Clark's arms are chained above him to the ceiling and his feet to the floor. his body is engulfed in flames)

    Mr. Clark: screaming in agony AHHHHH! OH HOT I ACCEPT YOUR GIFT I ACCEPT YOUR GIFT IT'S REALLY HOT PLEEEEEEEAAAAAASSSEEE AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! continues to scream in the background, slowly trailing off

    Judge Godfrey Yahwehovich: No, no. It's too late for that now Mr. Clark. Bailiffs, put the fire out before he dies, give him a few months to heal, and then burn him again. I want this torture to last as looong as possible. Oh, and by the way, Mr. Clark? with sincerity Remember – I love ya!

    Mr. Clark: silent, as he is charred to a crisp, yet still smoldering

    (text: If this isn't okay in the real world, why is it OK in your fucking religion?)

  78. IvanVlogs says:

    Grace ain't fair, get over it. His love and grace surpasses our own carnal human understanding. It just shows how loving God is to those who believe on him. Unconditional love by Jesus for all those who believe.

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