Chart: Record Breaking Republican Obstructionism! (Courtesy of Rachel Maddow)

so it’s a matter did a fantastic segment
on this on our show so i wanna show you some of the things that she pointed out
initiate competition with howard dean and he had some axle consistent in this first one rituals in a show you
a shark chart issues in explain how many times with all of us has been used recently as
opposed to it used to be in the past when we come back from that i’m at some
details and some more information let’s go to clip number one threatened to go nuclear on democrats
back that it’s because democrats they said were abusing the filibuster there’s about looked like it getting in
that congress fifty-four filibusters from democrats from the minority at that
time than when the republicans became the minority in two thousand submenu boeing one hundred and twelve filibusters republicans now have a de facto standing
filibuster on practically fabric that made me dick so that passing anything in
the senate require sixty votes a super-majority every time the situation
has never existed before this was not the situation in any previous congresses
ever i know that del webb reporting always
makes it seem like sixties not all this is the way it’s always been democrats
needed to when they were in the minority it is not true this really has never
happened before in the history of the u_s_ senate to give that more historical perspective
so you understand worries of state in the nineteen fifties the filibuster
was around you know how many times a filibuster was
used an average uh… congressional term meaning in two years the nineteen fifties a filibusters was
was used out of every two years ashish of the chart where it is now more
than double uh… any previous congress in history
the united states when they were published in the minority and that
number two number fill bustles a hundred and twelve now why she didn’t show you the latest
at numbers from this congress is because they could no longer be track what she meant by it is unprecedented
and restorative the republicans are filibustering every single thing so it
no longer even goes the book those hundred twelve oh was that what
the boats indycar congress not even guess towboat
because their progress gulped and we don’t we’re nowhere near sixty word i
could try that we’re no worse near sixty on that forget a put that aside they
don’t even get to the filibuster every single one is filibuster the threat of the filibuster so it’s become standard operating procedure to understand the republican hypocrisy
on this we go to the current republican minority leader in the senate mitch
mcconnell this is what he said about filibusters
what he was in the majority and wanted to kill filibusters let’s go to clip number two let’s get back to the way the senate
operated for over two hundred years up or down vote on the president’s nominee
no matter who the president as no matter who’s in control of the
senate off or down vote so matter who the president yes up-and-down matt cooper downloads these
fifty one votes does he want to kill a filibuster
cigarette run everything through and that’s why i’m one protect minority
rights of the sub senate anyway i want to find a balance ok no matter if the
republicans or the democrats are in charge where minority party if they feel
what this is really really important did filibuster something not done everytime
not does it matter bit course and not of sixty which is impenetrable nobody can
get past sixty

100 Responses

  1. RuflessRecords says:

    Patriotic, while it's a socialist tactic to tangent away from an argument you have no prayer of winning, and you've lost here, I will just point to the above for socialists and the govt programs that are part and parcel of them everywhere.

    Stalin aided your socialists in Spain, I didn't use the words "united under Stalin" I said aided by Stalin, your socialists were aided by Stalin, no squirming out of it.

    Fellow travelers.

    So let it be written.

    So let it be done.

  2. specialjr11 says:

    You are pathetic….You claim that Obama and Cenk said they are Communist yet you cant show me one web site or newspaper, or anything else that show either of them saying they are commies, then, instead of PROVING YOUR STATEMENT, you tell me to look for it myself, NO, its your statement now back it up with proof. I can back everything I say up with FACTS AND I can back it up with videos or articles, whenever someone ask. You, on the other hand cant PROVE SHIT! I rest my case. YOU FAIL AGAIN!

  3. specialjr11 says:

    ummmm…If no one is listening then WHY DO YOU CARE WHAT HE SAYS AND WHY ARE YOU LISTENING TO HIM?

  4. specialjr11 says:

    Obama administration= in power
    Nancy and Reid= Hold the highest positions on the hill
    New Jersey, Virginia not Federal seats
    New York 23rd= Tea Baggers lose
    Mass= Tea Baggers had nothing to do with it, Independence did
    McCarthy Tea Baggers looking for Commies, and Socialist, everywhere, but cant find any= BIG FAILURE
    Thank God, Americans see what the Tea Baggers are all about. HATE, FEAR, AND IGNORANCE!!!

  5. specialjr11 says:

    agree 100%

  6. LoveThyPitBull says:

    Stimulus-Saved nothing (most still unspent), unemployment won't go over 8%-Fail
    Housing-Bunch of dumb asses who can't live on what they make-Fail
    Omnibus-Slush fund/Pet projects-Fail
    Car Co-Made shitty cars nobody wanted and bailed out Union-Fail
    CFC-Took many good cars off the road and even more dumb asses back in dept-Fail
    Banks-Carter/Clinton forcing banks to make crappy loans-Fail

  7. LoveThyPitBull says:

    Obama out spends all presidents before him in 1 year *face palm* Fail

  8. hollaboutit says:

    i hate racist tea bagger idiots. the scum of the united states, and literally the biggest fools in america. a laughingstock for intelligent people, and 100x less influential than they think. just call yourself racists, and call it a day.

  9. hollaboutit says:

    @castroy64 you can say what you want, but he is waaay more educated than you are. i'll put $ on it.

  10. specialjr11 says:

    Even the republicans are talking about the jobs that the stimulus has made or saved in their own states. The housing problems was caused by the Banks default swaps and them putting people who should have been in 30 yr fixed loans, which they could afford and gave them sub-primes so the loans could fail so they could get paid on both ends of the scam CFC took shitty gas eating cars off the streets and put better ones on. as for Carter and Clinton re-read comment about banks U FAIL AGAIN

  11. Wildkkat1 says:

    Dems had a 60 vote majority and still got nothing done! Don't blame others for the Dems ineptness!

  12. Wildkkat1 says:

    Cenk, he said on the pres. nominees!

  13. mike bland says:

    All you have to do is look at a Govt. spending as percentage of GDP and you will see that besides the huge spike during WW2 (over 50%), Gov't spending has steadily increased every 10 years, except for a huge decrease during the 90's. (which gave us a surplus). Under those trends and given the circumstances of our situation, it seemed only natural that it would increase. You can't be hypocritical and look to the Govt. to save jobs and such and then say downsize at the same time.

  14. mike bland says:

    Also, don't be tricked into the whole deficit mind trick. I see so many headlines talk about Govt. spending then in the article switch to budget deficit. Don't know if anyone has seen a cool math trick lately, but this is the same thing. If the market crashes, you don't have as much value and your deficit increases. Doesn't mean you spent any more money. Not even the best spin doctors can put the crash of the economy on Obama….or can they?

  15. RackedRabbi says:

    Maddow has now demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is an idiot.

    Those "filibusters" she describes were NOT filibusters. They were calls for Cloture votes.

    Maddow needs to go back to grade school and learn the definition of filibuster…

  16. Brass 'n Barrels Firearms Channel says:

    so the repulbicunts block everything..then in 2-4 years, the democraps block everything, nothing get accomplies…typical US government

  17. wogdoggy says:

    gotta love the right they know shit policies when they see em..obama cant even run a deli,,why shouldnt we say NO? miss bush yet?

  18. wogdoggy says:

    doing NOTHING makes good GOVT,,TAX REFORM TAX RELIEF.I'd RATHER be spending my own…

  19. LoveThyPitBull says:

    Name one repub that are talking about jobs "made" or "saved".

  20. LoveThyPitBull says:

    I'm not looking for the gov to save jobs, I looking for them to get the hell out of the way. Govt only job is to create an economic environment for businesses to thrive. Not put up road blocks (tax and cap) and red tape.

  21. LoveThyPitBull says:

    You want to see a cool math trick?
    Find me the equation that measures a saved or created job.
    No the crash didn't start with Obama, he's just making it worse. He needs to fire everyone around him and start over with a better selection. Then and only then will he be able to get a second term. If he doesn't 1 term pres.

  22. sandio713 says:

    Im glad the Repubs are filibustering everything that the dems propose. They are nothing but left-wing SOCIALISTS and the repubs are rightfully representing their constituents. Keep up the GREAT WORK REPUBS. I am loving it!

  23. specialjr11 says:

    I'll do better than that I'll give you more than just one…Rep Mack, Rep Coffman, Rep Castle, 9 Rep's in Florida said its critical that they get the money to save teacher jobs and to create many other, Sen Chamliss and Isaksen, Sem Crapo bragged about jobs created in Idaho for 100's of new jobs, Sen Muickowski, Every Republican in Alabama 100's of jobs in their state, Rep Lungren Praised the 127.5 mill that saved and created jobs, Rep McCarthy, I would go on but Im out of space. ALL HYPOCRITS

  24. jensen1901 says:


    Everthing is just politics for the GOP. EVERYTHING. They are not good faith negotiating partners. In the past, there were great GOP politicians who were gentleman and who understood the art of the compromise. You scratch your back, I'll scratch mine.



  25. sandio713 says:

    @tomitstube Of course they're going to protect corporations. They are the ones that provide jobs and contribute to our GDP. If it weren't for them, many ppl in this country wouldn't even have jobs. Keep listening to all the ppl that are just jealous and have no inclination to work and make a living for themselves, except suck off the money that the gvt (mostly dems) can syphon from the working class of those meany corps you hate so much. You'll really understand it all that way, duh!

  26. Gazzle Spaz says:

    I was being sarcastic if you could not tell.
    You forgot Clinton and Father Bush btw

  27. sandio713 says:

    @tomiststube R U nuts! Do yr homework! Don't just listen to the left-wing rhetoric here. The 500 largest corps in the US employ around 20 mil ppl. The total US workforce is around 160 mil. So why don't you tell those 20 mil ppl that are employed by large corps that their employer is insignificant. Tell THEM tht the left-wing socialist want to do away with their corps that they work for. See what they say. What do u suggest we do with 20 mil ppl after the socialist get rid of their employers?

  28. IloveJesusYesId0 says:

    Cenk You Explain Things So Much More Clearly Than Rachel Here..


  29. LoryLandskipper says:

    vote Ron Paul

  30. LoryLandskipper says:

    you're responding to spam. He will never come back and comment. He's just pasting this crap over and over with a few spaces in it to avoid spam filter.

    Notice "Dem s not seeking re elections" lol

    Mark appropriately as spam and move on.

  31. LoryLandskipper says:

    Again with the 57 states talking point. It's already been shown he obviously meant to say 47 so move on dumbass.

    Seriously, there's enough to put Obama down with, why stick to the 57 states thing? It makes you sound idiotic, not to mention the obnoxious "roflmao"s everywhere.

  32. LoryLandskipper says:

    @RuflessRecords You just your ass handed to you on a platter by PatrioticPatriotMan. LMFAO

    I read this whole conversation. A simple observation: On one end, there's someone who has a clear understanding of what he speaks of. On the other, is you.

  33. LoryLandskipper says:

    lol yeah, it's funny when I talk about this stuff with my father because he always responds with "That's not new."

  34. LoryLandskipper says:

    Does the country deserve this?

    It's like you're rooting for party politics the same way a person roots for their team at a football game.

    I say enough with the bullshit. Put this country before petty politics. We're talking about people's lives here. This isn't a fucking game with winners and losers. The more they bicker and get NOTHING accomplished, the more EVERYONE loses.

  35. LoryLandskipper says:


    When you make a statement like that, you better be able to back it up with more than just the equivalent of "go google it."

    Seriously, if you truly believe what you're saying, and you want to change minds and make a difference, you shouldn't just tell people to google the non-existent nonsensical bullshit you say is fact.

  36. LoryLandskipper says:

    Which tea party? You mean the tea party that republicans hijacked only after seeing it as a major threat?

  37. sandio713 says:

    @chissiez1 R U trying to tell me that in a capitalist country like the US that ppl shouldn't try to make too much money (The Amrcn dream) ? Or are you trying tell me that the Repubs are the only party that is bed with large corporations? B/C both parties are in bed with them. U seem to forget that Obama just took over GM and Chrysler. He may not have the same interest in them that the Repubs do, but it was still political. He did it for his Union buddies. So tell me something I don't know.

  38. sandio713 says:

    christopherspb They didn't do it for millionaires, they did it for jobs sake and GDP. If u knew anything about "trickle down" economics, then u would understand that when tax breaks and other incentives are offered to corps, tht they tend to keep the jobs and their businesses in the US. They don't outsource to other countries as much and throughout expansion, they offer more jobs, more R&D and more toward our GDP in the US. Unfortunately, the libs will never tell you the truth about that.

  39. RuflessRecords says:

    Lory, when? All major Socialist leaders and parties globally support govt handout programs, he never disproved anything, but tried weakly, as Socialists and Communists do, to claim their group should only be judged by what one rare case did somewhere for a few years. We have hundreds of millions of Socialists and many Socialist parties to base our judgements on, they're all for govt programs, nationalizing health care, etc etc;

    Socialism, govt handout programs are inextricably linked.

  40. LoryLandskipper says:


    Here's a good definition of Socialism from wikipedia:

    refers to the various theories of economic organization advocating either public or direct worker ownership and administration of the means of production and allocation of resources.

    Look: "worker ownership"

    In the example he gave, socialism was a good thing, which was his point. You chose to ignore that and instead say socialism is only something entirely bad.

    Agree that socialism is "various theories" and move on lol

  41. RuflessRecords says:

    Lory, well after the payback time period is finished, yes we should get rid of the filibuster because it robs the people of their right to elect who is in the majority and gets to create laws.

    Certainly on things like presidential appointments, these shouldn't be filibustered, though both parties do this. Right now, Obama was elected and should be able to appoint who he wants to help him.

    It does get trickier on huge new handout programs that will affect everyone, but, I'm anti-filibuster

  42. RuflessRecords says:

    worker ownership cannot happen spontaneously, the owners of the businesses and workers who are not socialists will have to be forced to go along with the program.

    That's why socialism always involves a govt that, allegedly, works in the interest of the workers.

    Wikipedia's not a good source, but you can get that same definition elsewhere, however a better definition of socialism, which is out there, is the means of production controlled by the govt in the (alleged) interests of the workers

  43. LoryLandskipper says:


    Maybe there should only be a certain number of filibusters per year or term… Kind of like how in football, you only get a certain number of challenges.

    Or maybe there should be some system, where the more support on a bill there is, the more "filibuster credits" it takes to filibuster it, and there's only a certain amount of filibuster credits available.

    Or, it might just be easier to go back to the days prior to 1851 and get rid of filibuster entirely like you say 🙂

  44. RuflessRecords says:

    better, would probably be even, the economy is controlled by the state in the (alleged) interests of the workers, "production" is a little outdated in 2010, when most of the economy is service-oriented not producing anything, unless you called service a product.

    When a govt nationalizing the oil industry, it is socialist in that regard, when it nationalizes health care it is socialist in that regard, when it nationalizes retirement income-part of economy- (SS) it is socialist in that regard.

  45. LoryLandskipper says:


    Socializing healthcare is an either or situation. It could be successful for us (the citizens) if it really was a single payer system. I mean, the ultimate in healthcare is our army, and you wouldn't expect anyone but the government to run that, would you? Same here: it's our livelihood.

    The other end of the spectrum would work really well (and is my choice) and that's to get rid of regulation that doesn't make sense, or doesn't benefit the customers, and let capitalism work.

  46. RuflessRecords says:

    Lory, yeah, some of these are good ideas, it is tricky because the right thing to do is say, well if the American people decide that the checks and balances of govt are all in the hands of one party, then whatever those groups decide should not be blocked by a filibuster.

    On the other hand, the Democrats would have an advantage because once you put a bunch of people on a program, it's hard for Repubs to come in and just kill the whole thing when they're in charge.

  47. RuflessRecords says:

    I think though, it would be best for the country, if there was no filibuster, once the current payback revenge period ends.

    What the Repubs and Democrats can do when they end the filibuster, if they do, is say it will end 4 years from that day, so that neither party will be able to know who will be in the majority at that time.

  48. RuflessRecords says:

    Lory, yah whether or not someone thinks it would be a good idea, and I wouldn't necessarily mind if all health care was non-profit, although we might not get medical breakthroughs as fast without profit incentives, I think it's clear that socializing medicine, which is part of the economy is a socialist move. It doesn't mean your whole country is socialist, it means you socialized part of your economy, country.

  49. sandio713 says:

    @chissiez1 Maybe he does want to make the world a better place in his mind. But, what he dreams about is not what Americans want or are used to. So, either he moves more to the center, or the consequence will be that he is a one time president. It's not rocket science, it's that simple.

  50. sandio713 says:

    @chissiez1 How can you say that it's ineffective? Trickle down econ is exactly the concept that Reagan used when he brought the country back to life after Carter almost destroyed our economy. So it does work. If you think by taxing major corps to death will entise them to stay in the country and not look to outsource for cheaper labor and taxes, you've been living under a toadstool. Now you know why major corps have been leaving places like NY in droves. They can't afford the taxes!

  51. sandio713 says:

    @christopherspb Excuse me, KID, but the economy didn't start going "SOUTH" until the last yr of Bush's presidency, as opposed to Carter (immediately). And if you think tht Obama is going to achieve anything better utilizing his current plan, you need to be in a rubber room, b/c you are fucking NUTS!

  52. sandio713 says:

    @christopherspb Well, if you remember right (and not selectively), it was your favoirte lib, Barney Frank, that told Bush when he wanted an investigation of Freddy and Franny that everything was fine. Not to mention that the thugs in gvt told the banks that they better start lending mortages to ppl, whether they could afford them or not. So, u can't blame the entire crisis on Bush, b/c many ppl in gvt have "blood on their hands" concerning the housing crisis.

  53. RuflessRecords says:

    Mr, it certainly would give Democrats an advantage if it was gone, because it's hard to get rid of programs once you get tens of millions dependent on them, and if they could just add any program they wanted once they had 50 senators and the presidency, it would be hard to do anything about.

    But, the filibuster at least needs to be limited to legislation, it should not ever be used on presidential appointments to his cabinet, that kind of stuff. It takes away all power from the voters.

  54. sandio713 says:

    @chissiez1 What are u talking about? Don't you have a voice of your own?

  55. RuflessRecords says:

    Stand, well the Republicans are blocking some mid-level cabinet appointments, under-secretaries of things, just like the Democrats blocked even Bush's UN ambassador from getting a vote. This at least needs to end now. We can't even judge presidents' careers if they're never allowed to put in place the executive branch they wanted.

  56. sandio713 says:

    @chissiez1 Oh yeah, that's right–it's all coming back to me now. You're the one that suggested that it's OK for Obama to be in bed with GM and Chrysler in order for his union buddies to continue to run those corps into the ground, in addition to the banks. Now I know why I never responded to you before. You don't make any sense!

  57. sandio713 says:

    @chissiez1 He didn't have to take them over. They could have filed bankruptcy and got rid of those outrageous union contracts that were eating them alive. Then they could have gotten a clean slate and started over without those man eating contracts. But now they are stuck with the very same thing that put them in debt to begin with. They will never survive as long as they have those contracts. The exec's should have never allowed tht to happen either-so they're just as bad! And so is Obama.

  58. sandio713 says:

    @chissiez1 What are u talking about? Just b/c a company files bankruptcy, it doesn't mean they completly go out of business. They can file for a reorganization. That would give them an opportunity to look at why they went "belly-up" and eliminate the causes. In the case of the car co's, it was the greedy union (UAW) contracts that killed them. So they never got a chance to eliminate the cause of the problem, b/c Obama and his union buddies are continuing to allow those contracts to eat them up.

  59. sandio713 says:

    @chissiez1 Like my dad always told me "Sometimes you just got to let a fool be a fool." So let me leave it at that where you're concerned. Don't send me anymore comments b/c you're a moron and I don't care what you have to say. Your just embarrasing yourself!

  60. yes4me says:

    Oh I thought they could run anything with reconciliation. I didn't know there were limitation. Thx for letting me know.

  61. Raizhen010 says:

    It seems the Dems current Health Care plan actually could be passed through Reconciliation since it already passed the Senate. What can be done, is to pass the Senate Bill in the House, and then use Reconciliation to reconcile or alter the bill. So long as you reduce the deficit, you can do this.

  62. David Kimmich says:

    Thank God. This has never happened before because we have NEVER had a congress this left wing. This congress presently governs against the will of the majority. The GOP is standing up for that majority. But that has not occurred to anyone on the left because they are lost in the soup. You will see next election.

  63. David Kimmich says:

    The GOP will be rewarded for standing up to the left wing of the democratic party. Truth be told it is the fault of America for not payinf attention to who they were voting for. BUT WE ARE NOW. I am a conservative but I enjoy your show because 50% is objective and helpful.

  64. David Kimmich says:

    The only problem with progressive politics is that you eventually run out or others peoples money.

  65. King Achy Braky says:

    Anybody that thinks the two parties are the same has not done any research. We paid less in payroll taxes last year than any year in the last 10. That's the proof in the pudding. We made more money and paid less tax in 2009 after Obama cut taxes.
    I am still a PaulTard, but the current actions of the repukes makes me want to puke. Lies, lies, and more lies.
    Republican businesses in our area fired people after Xmas and rehired them Feb. 10 so it would appear less jobs were created in 09.

  66. King Achy Braky says:

    crazypaul34, unless I am mistaken, Republicans have held the Presidency 22 years in the last 30 years. Since 1981. They also held congress during the Clinton years. They wasted a YEAR trying to impeach him. Reagan removed the incentives Carter put in place for renewable energy, we would be leading that industry. Reagan legalized millions of illegal mexicans. That, and the tax incentives pushed during Bush 1 that moved millions of jobs overseas, caused wages to stay flat for decades.

  67. King Achy Braky says:

    The Republicans have been in power for 22 of the last 30 years. They also controlled Congress during the Clinton Presidency and wasted a YEAR trying to impeach him over a BJ. Bush lied about WMDs, torture, wiretapping, and 9/11. No one tried to impeach him for any of that. What worries me the most is that Sarah Plain Stupid is the hero of most of my neighbors here in the Ozarks. Fox has given her more of a platform than any Dem enjoys. She might actually become President! Scary thought!!

  68. YouTube user5907 says:

    So let me get this straight: the guy sells weapons to Americas enemies in return for them *keeping* Americans captive *after* their release had already been agreed to. He puts his own coutnrymen through extra incarceration *for his own political advantage* and then uses the profits of the exchange to murder women and kids. And this guy's "good" and "honest"?1?

  69. kaysandesses says:

    @crazypaul34 "But with jobs that were already leaving the country, Clinton signing NAFTA wasn't a good idea either. "

    A slight correction: GHWB signed the NAFTA agreement with Canada and Mexico but was finalized and implemented under the Clinton administration. One thing Clinton insisted upon before signing the legislation was that provisions be added to protect American workers.

  70. kaysandesses says:

    @joecraine69shimself Indeed, Kennedy talked a good line about civil rights but didn't do anything in fear he would alienate the southern Democrats. LBJ, a Southern Democrat, was "responsible" for the Civil Rights Act and The Voters Right Act.

  71. kaysandesses says:

    @crazypaul34 For starters crazypaul (what an apt moniker) is was no where near 100 yards. Next, sharpshooters have shown this to be entirely possible at the actual distances involved.

  72. kaysandesses says:

    @joecraine69shimself Excellent post joecrain. It doesn't matter what the conspiracy theory is, the "logic" of those ascribing to such theories is always the same. I've read a fair amount on conspiracy theories over the years and when it comes to notables like Lincoln, Kennedy, or MLK some people simply cannot accept that as you say "freak events occur" to people who are larger than life. They don't want to accept that some 3 time loser like Oswald could pull off assassinating Kennedy.

  73. Caged says:

    @danmol78 Palin 2012!

  74. Greg Belcher says:

    record breaking democratic destruction of the constitution, declaration, tradition, common sense, etc. you progressives are gluttonous pigs for my rights and liberties. The sign was right! Forget Tiger, Obama is screwing the nation!

  75. Greg Belcher says:

    Irish! Part of my family came from Ireland to be free of the kind of oppression Obama is forcing on US. They endured prejudice & persecution, to gain freedom for their kids. Part of my family owned the land before whites arrived. They were free, too! I know my history! You're the idiot who knows nothing! FUCK yourself! I own a pellet pistol I bought to hunt pigeons for when Obama crashed the economy, again, to seize full power. I do not need 'arms' to kick your ass, boot licker!

  76. bigrebnc1861 says:

    Bullshit stop twisting this. The democrats have controlled the house and the senate 42 years and 12 times DURING THAT 42 YEARS they controlled both the house, senate and the Excutive branch. The only time the republicans have controled the congress was in 1947 and During some of Clinton and most of Bushes term from 1998-2006.

  77. john badcock says:

    @bigrebnc1861 yea but now democrats are dumb ass liberals who diserve to get the hell out of office

  78. Wallace1222 says:


    what oppression is Obama forcing upon Americans, specifically?
    Obama didn't crash the economy, lets be honest. McCain's financial plan when he was running for office was to do nothing and try and let it fix itself. I'm sure after big auto, big banks and the real estate market crashed our recovery would have been speedy.

  79. Greg Belcher says:

    Obama is a soft-communist. His goal is still communist/socialist: total govt domination and control of everything and everyone. .. Govt (the FED) willfully crashed the economy in 1920, 1929 and 1979, but the People rallied and regained some control. But by further shredding the Constitution and manipulating law it has undone the People and so it crashed it willfully again in 2008 so Obama can seal the deal. A lack of a speedy and complete recovery proves this.

  80. Wallace1222 says:


    I asked for specific examples, which you can never provide – because its simply not true. Despite what Glenn, Rush and Hannity tell you, Obama is not a communist or a socialist (also – you clearly don't understand the distinct difference between the two, further diminishing the value of your opinion). So once again I ask: SPECIFICALLY, what has Obama done that has shredded the constitution, intentionally 'crashed' the economy or any of the other bullshit you ignorantly spew.

  81. Greg Belcher says:

    mandatory enrollment in Obamacare or fines and/or jail time.. govt takeover and/or intimidation of the auto-industry, banks, businesses.. govt restrictions on employment – creation of a broad and permanent unemployed class, new mandate for NASA and surrendering a lot of the NASA program to ESA, his Civilian Security Force, FCC regulations moving to localism (which is suppression of the 1st Amendment), Hillary's move to commit to the world wide hand gun ban (negating the 2nd Amend..

  82. Wallace1222 says:

    All Obamacare does to most Americans is make them buy insurance, to prevent them from leaving their bills on the hospital – making them take responsibility. The purpose of the program is to drive down healthcare costs, which are outrageously high in this country. There was no government takeover, the gov't gave them a loan – something the treasury has ALWAYS done to make money. Gov't restrictions on employment = budget cuts. How can Obama be blamed for Hilary's personal views?

  83. Greg Belcher says:

    ..stealing dealerships from Chevy/GMC dealership 'cause they are Reps, recasting the Market from free to govt designed, funneling TARP and Stimulus funds from purposes dedicated by the law to those not in the law, and so on. .. I know what socialism-via-communism is and adequately defined it for you.. Govt will never ever give up control to a socially mature and ready world population .. politicians are too corrupt and always will be. .. Haven't you seen the UN plans?

  84. Greg Belcher says:

    HC costs are high due to govt interference and regulation meant to drive them up to force Obamacare. Check the data. ..Problem: US pop = 306 million, but not all 306 million use hc annually. So you are forcing the many to pay for the few. URaThief! .. Gave them a loan of money govt did not have to loan, thereby enslaving the Children to DEBT. URaThief-again! ..Budget cuts? Extending unemployment pmts is budget cuts? URaLiar! ..The Sec of State expresses the intent of the President!

  85. Greg Belcher says:

    Since you apparently do not know the Constitution or its intent as defined in the Federalist Papers explaining it, you are the one spewing 'bullshit'. Since no Amendment has been ratified giving govt the right to re-interpret it, you are still spewing 'bullshit'. Govt is out of control and must be stopped, removed, and recast- totally- to its specified functions.

  86. MWcrazyhorse says:

    @mallardhead bull

  87. Greg Belcher says:

    no bull

  88. Arman Ahangarzadeh says:

    Obama NEVER had a filibuster proof majority. We had 59. We always only had 59. Unlike Repugnicans like you, who do everything in lock step, we actually disagree with each other, not to mention Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson, Blanche Lincoln and other Blue (lap) Dogs. Also, we have very liberal people on our side such as Bernie Sanders (I). Its easy just to repeat the lies. Its harder to think, but I have faith in you.

  89. Arman Ahangarzadeh says:

    What about the eight years that Republicans had the White House, The House and The Senate? Did you forget about that? Did they handle immigration? Wall Street? Health Care? How about 9/11 happening on your watch? Did you forget you went into Iraq and forgot about Afghanistan? Abu-Gharib? Gitmo torture? How about outing a non-official cover operative of the CIA because her husband disagreed with the neo-con narrative? Remember Pat Tillman? Who was in charge during that debacle? FUCK YOU!!!

  90. Edward Smith says:

    @ObamaCrisisSuperstar So true, thier day is coming tomm, cant wait to vote in the morning.

  91. Michael O'Brien says:

    I saw the name of this vid and had a good laugh! You lefties are so gullible! Republican obstruction?? They didn't have the votes to stop anything! The dems have been trying as hard as they can to shove horrifyingly bad legislation down our throats. Things that are not only unconstitutional, but just plain stupid. Once again, TYT & their ilk, in this case Rachel Madcow, gets it wrong.

  92. Michael O'Brien says:

    @snoochies2 Th repubs lost their majority long before the 8 years was up idiot! Why? because they were acting like dems.

  93. Michael O'Brien says:

    @xadam2dudex I stated facts you can not refute…so you do what all democrat dupes do, you try to hurl insults in the hope I'll just shut up. Try again…this time try doing a lil research.

  94. Michael O'Brien says:

    @snoochies2 You're an idiot. The republicans filibustered absolutely nothing, and often voted WITH the dems. You wanna talk about repeating lies? That's you pal.

  95. newdimensionfilms says:

    Maybe there should be a certain number of filibusters that can be used per congress, like timeouts in a football game.

  96. Michael O'Brien says:

    Grow up.

  97. Michael O'Brien says:

    You are no more than a name calling child. I say again…grow up.

  98. peopleofthecircle says:

    Conservative scream about 'broken promises' and such, knowing of the obstructionism. Many actually believe their own lies. Either Romnesia is very wide spread or they can rewrite their memories.

  99. chaugoo says:

    lol 152 republican filibusterers
    "The republicans filibustered absolutely nothing"

  100. B Mullin says:

    I'm not surprised that Congressional Republicans continue to keep obstructing bills in the House & Senate, they're insanely jealous of Obama's big huge cock.

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