Capitol Corridor Courtesy Light at the Richmond Station

Commuter: “I spent and hour and half at
this station on several occasions because of missing the train just by 30 seconds or
a minute.” Commuter: “When you commute 4 hours a day,
2 hours each way, when you lose 30 minutes or 45 minutes – that’s a big chunk of your
day.” Narrator: “There’s nothing more stressful
than having to rush to catch your train. And there’s nothing more frustrating than
missing that train.” Commuter: “Perfect example, today I missed
that train.” Narrator: “That’s why the Capitol Corridor
and BART installed the courtesy light at the Richmond Station.” Commuter: “It’s a little dim just kinda looks like almost like an emergency light maybe?” Commuter: ” For safety mostly.” Commuter: ” Security light.” When a northbound BART train arrives, the light is activated It stays on for a couple of minutes so the
conductor knows that transferring BART passengers are on
their way.” Conductor: ” When that is activated the Capitol Corridor train sitting here at Richmond will stay here for additional 2 minutes.” “If the light is on, the train will hold
so transferring passengers have time to get from the BART platform to the Capitol Corridor.” Announcement: “This Capitol Corridor train 544 service to Sacramento.” “No more rushing, no more near misses. The courtesy light gives you the time you
need to connect and get where you need to go.”

6 Responses

  1. florihupf says:

    Awesome. 🙂

  2. Live your Values says:


  3. freakylocz14 says:

    This a neat amenity, but the courtesy wait should be longer than 2 minutes. Make it 6 minutes, and also try to set up timed transfers.

  4. MrSquareart says:

    WOW! very very interesting!!!

  5. RedLight GreenArrow says:

    Same idea as a transfer light on a bus.

  6. Chris Walker says:

    Tri-Rail in Miami installed one of these at the Metrorail transfer station, 30 years ago.

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