Can a full licence holder pass the 2019 UK Driving Test? | Full Mock Test

Have you ever wondered if a full licence holder could still pass the current UK Driving Test? The Driving Test makes sure a new driver has the necessary skills and judgement to drive safely on their own… but how would a more experienced driver do? In this video this is exactly what we will discover. Ian is a confident driver, and has held a full UK Driving Licence for over 20 years. He has kindly agreed to drive a full test route for us to film how he drives, and mark any faults that we spot. He has had a short drive to get used to our car, but has not had any special training to help him pass our mock test today. Before we start, make sure you subscribe to our channel, and click the bell icon so your are alerted when we upload a new video. Also, we love to read your comments, so please scroll down and let us know what you think! As you have seen, the current UK Driving Test is not easy, and will test the skills of any driver. On todays test route there were several faults recorded that would have failed a real Driving Test, and we think that many experienced drivers would make similar errors. This is why we believe that almost every driver would benefit from additional training before attempting a Driving Test, or just to keep their skills up to date. If you have a full licence and would like to improve your driving there are organisations you can join that will help you develop your driving skills further, or look on our YouTube channel at our ‘Expert Skills’ playlist. If you found this video interesting, and would like to be notified when we release the next one, then please click our logo to subscribe to our channel. If you would like to help us make new videos, then please click the Patreon logo to find out about our crowdfunding campaign. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Advance Driving School says:

    Thanks for watching – if you found this video interesting then please subscribe to our channel and click the bell to be notified of our next video!

  2. Steve says:

    They should make a system. If you have holded a license for 2yrs, you need to retake a refresh test in order to continue driving on the road. If you fail the refresher test you'll need to retake. You would still hold the license regardless but would also need a 2yr "on road safety certificate". I think this sort of idea would keep people actively alert.

  3. ib9rt says:

    At the start of the test it felt like he was driving much too fast down narrow urban streets with parked cars and pedestrians around. If it wasn't for the sat nav voice I would have wondered if the video was sped up. Watching it made me feel quite nervous.

  4. Chrome Fusion says:

    I passed with no minors. The tests easy 😂

  5. Adrian Iosif Toma says:

    Brings back memories to when I had my driving test. I failed the first one because of speeding. (I was actually going too slow, which is another common mistake by new drivers). Passed my 2nd time (i'm glad that the examiner didn't notice I was speeding again (this time going a little bit too fast). I have noticed as well some common mistakes on the driver in the video! Don't forget about 3 point turn and reversing into a corner.
    Overall great video! You guys helped me a lot to pass my driving test.

  6. Paul Whale says:

    My money is on fail, let's see what happens

  7. Robert Schäffer says:

    This video only proves that if you pass the driving test or not is not only dependant from your driving skills.
    The guy did well, and some of the tasks were just plain stupid and even dangerous.

  8. smudger smith old git says:

    from my observation he is not using his mirrors enough but i,m HGV 1 and we live on our mirrors

  9. richardb154 says:

    In my village providing we are not too drunk and have 100 rubles in the pocket we always pass.

  10. Chris Vincent says:

    People that say that the driving test is nothing to do with being a competent driver are clearly just butt-hurt from failing their own tests! If you’re a safe driver and follow the rules of the road, you’ll pass the test. Simple.

  11. Joe Blogs says:

    The test is outdated for modern driving with modern cars which are far superior to cars of even 40 years ago and does not reflect real driving on today's packed roads. I regularly get pissed off with young women who think it's ok to drive 3 metres behind me.

  12. Daichi Carlton says:

    I hope you bought him a meal at Maison Bleu afterwards

  13. CitizenPerkins says:

    Oh my! As an American driver, I found this video quite disconcerting! Some narrow streets, lots of roundabouts, and, of course, driving on the wrong side. 😊

  14. Steven Specht says:

    I live in Canada, I've been driving for 14 years and this scared me.

  15. DekoyzeD L says:

    Why would you ever need to pull over in oncoming traffic?

  16. Omar Ali says:

    let's leave clutch pedals in 2018

  17. Rivenator says:

    17:35 why the need to check mirrors if youre EXITING the roundabout???

  18. M4XC4V413R4 says:

    tbh almost half of those were complete bullshit excuses for a fault… the guy probably did 1 thing actually wrong.

  19. M4XC4V413R4 says:

    It triggers me that you guys even talk about blind spots on a car… how about you learn and teach your students how to position their mirrors correctly then.
    If you have a blind spot on a normal car, not a truck, not a van, a car, then your mirrors aren't in their correct position because there is no blind spot on cars, unless you want to include something hiding below the side and rear windows or below the front bumper.
    The problem is many people use the side mirrors in the incorrect position, you're not supposed to see your own car in the side mirrors, you already know your car is there, you think it wants to put on makeup or something?
    If they're adjusted as intended the transition between the inside mirror, the side mirror and your peripheral vision when a car overtakes you, has no blind spots. You can always see the car moving from one to the other, it never "disappears".
    This isn't an 18 wheeler or a closed van with no inside mirror.

  20. protarget1 says:

    As a retired driving instructor of 20yrs. As far as I was concerned, I showed pupils how to drive the car, then showed them how to pass the driving test. I had loads of people who I would happily let drive me anywhere, in complete safety. But still wouldn't pass a driving test. Most common failures would be. Not using mirrors & handbrake enough.

  21. MAGA anti-globalist says:

    Houses in the UK have no land at all

  22. thesim1990 says:

    1:51 is BS, no blind spot check, seriously? There's a wall there it's not going to suddenly move and end up under the car. Granted mirror checks would help but a full blind spot check is a bit OTT when you consider there is nothing behind the car except a wall.

  23. Michael CGN says:

    I have a full car, HGV 2 & HGV 1 licence. The company I work for we must pass a yearly driving assessment to test standards. Should we fail we won't be allowed to drive until we've had extra training and passed the 2nd test.

  24. Josh Cousins says:

    Like the car.

  25. Jason Riddy says:

    Why the hell would you put that sat nav right in the way of the drives view i would of ask him to move it

  26. Fun & Music TUBE says:

    Just come to Italy and you can pass it really easy in like 10 minutes of driving around the city.
    I don't think I made mistakes during my driving test 2 years ago but the woman who's job was to see and tell me didn't even look at the road, she was too busy looking at some files. This happened in my case but I know it's easy in general here.
    I know it's a bad thing but I personally think I would pass the uk driving test.
    The most important thing is that you never stop learning while driving. There is no comparison between me at the time of the driving test and the me after driving for a few months so.. even if the test is easy in Italy I hope people have the common sense to keep learning by themselves but I'm afraid it won't happen, you know.. italians are considered bad drivers ahah

  27. Casual Zenshien says:

    Passed my Driving test in UK in March 2018, passed with only 3 minors – This test seems exactly the same as the one I did, except I had to reverse into a bay at the end 🙂

    1. Had to take a corner that was at an extreme angle, like a V turn, and cut ever-so-slightly into other lane.
    2. When doing a Hill-Parking maneuver and setting off again, there was a car coming up the hill, the examiner knows I saw him, but I got annoyed and set off because he was being so slow, best course of action was to wait apparently.
    3. Something to do with indicator, I forgot exactly.

    I have only 1 issue with driving now… I cannot, for the life of me, pull FORWARD into a bay, but I can reverse into a bay perfectly every time!

  28. Zomble says:

    Driving tests are so disconnected from reality. In reality you learn to pass your test, then you learn how to really drive.

    My evidence? Other drivers on the road.

    Btw this is just a long advert for driving schools to milk you of more cash. No good driver drives in such a robotic fashion as you are expected on your test. All you need on the road is common sense and a functioning pair of eyes.

  29. Bob Ruperts says:

    the guy doesn't really need to check blindspots, cuz he's got little blindspot mirros on his wing mirrors

  30. Clarissa McPigeon says:

    I passed in 2005 on my second attempt. Really not sure I'd pass this one to be honest!

  31. Ironbuket says:

    4:21 In a real test are you allowed to crawl like that to avoid stopping at a red, it's a cheat to avoid demonstrating your stop/start procedure?

  32. Something to Say says:

    Country side with no lamppost is 30Mph 🧐🤔🤔

  33. E GH says:

    Can Jesus pass this driving test ?

  34. Evan Brumhead says:

    Driving test in a fiesta st seems alright

  35. Christian England says:

    Speed demon. Not checking blind spots. I'd have thought that not checking your blind spots was grounds for a serious fault.

  36. Christian England says:

    I have Asperger's Syndrome. How much tougher could it be for people with conditions like mine to cope with the driving test?

  37. AJ Burdett says:

    How experienced of a driver is he if he drove off with the handbrake on? xD

  38. Doncho Garbov says:

    14:52 A learner ford fiesta ST passing by a ford focus RS. Nice.


  39. Mr. Petkov says:

    I hope whoever is marking my test doesn't give me a serious fault for accelerating to 40 mph 20 metres before the sign

  40. oo0Spyder0oo says:

    The test doesn't weed out inconsiderate, abusive and selfish drivers that cause most of the problems than just the odd handful of checks shown here. Tests are harder than ever but nobs still get on the road and throw away the rule book.

  41. AzureSpeed says:

    I kinda wish I could try that mock test, since I did my own driving test in Austria. Would like to see how different the UKs driving test is.

  42. Carl Barker says:

    That 2 second gap kinda made me giggle, everyone knows that there is some sort of natural law that says 'if you leave a 2 second gap in front of you, then the 2 drivers behind have to overtake to fill it'.

  43. diana liu says:

    I have a driving licence for 40 years. But I am afraid that I cannot pass the 2019 UK Driving Test under this situation !

  44. diana liu says:

    Even an experienced driver with many years experience may fail in this driving test, I think the passing rate of UK Driving Test is Low !

  45. vikki cadman says:

    Very helpful video, it would have been useful for the examiner to go through and explain the individual faults

  46. Alexandru Robert Lazar says:

    4:50 that would be a pretty much instant fail in my country (Spain). You're not allowed to exit a roundabout from the inner lane (I understand this roundabout has 2 lanes? Even if it had only one, entering the road again on that lane would be at least a serious fault)

  47. Brodaqult says:

    I think I'd fail a test now, having watched that.
    Passed in Feb '88, Scotland. I drove out of the test centre and went around the block to the left, just before getting back to the test centre, did an emergency stop and a 3 point turn. I think I might have reversed around a corner too.
    Drove around the block back to the test centre and that was a pass. Took about 10-15 minutes.

    Things have changed a lot!

  48. Xing Zhang says:

    I don't understand why was he given a serious fault (37mph in 30 zone )at 18:10 when the speed sign clearly indicated 40, anyone care to explain?

  49. Mad Technician says:

    I've been driving for over thirty years and I have got to say that sat navs are as much of a distraction as a mobile phone ringing.
    You can lose signal and end up missing a turn,
    Especially within built up areas.

  50. Mike j says:

    I know you have to do the blind spot check, where he stops in the middle of the road (who the hell stops their anyway), but hey full well knew that no one was there as he looked way in advance. Just like i drive, i drive knowing where every car is, even if its'not relevant for me.

    Then again road rules are weird too, give way line is just a dotted line, and bumps are sort of like shark teeth. Which seems unatural for me.

    and the right reverse manouvre should be illegal this instant, that is the most dangerous thing i have ever seen in my life.

    Lol use of speed fault when you lterally see the 40 on the ground. alrighty then….. It makes sense why UK has a high accident rate.
    Signalling is better on a normal car instead of a left lane car, as it is on the left and not on the side were you need to use your hand to shift. I just noticed that, god thats annoying.

  51. DarkReaper7897 says:

    i think he drove very safely because alot of things in the driving test are just extras and not needed

  52. Jimmy Pimps says:

    I just passed took me 3 goes the first time I made a mistake the 2nd time the instructor was a little twat the third time I passed good luck to anyone doing there test I am 37 sure if I was younger I would have done better

  53. Erica Baker says:

    Being an American, used to driving on the left side of the vehicle and the right side of the road, I am afraid I would have to learn how to drive all over again. I have been driving since I was 14 or so and now I am 55, do the math I have 41 years or so under my belt. I would hate to move to the UK without my Mustang. I would be totally lost without it.

  54. Alma-Ata Kz says:

    Thanks. Very useful 👍🏼👍🏼

  55. Elle tube says:

    Did you notice that traffic light is blue not green when he start move

  56. Tommy Liotta says:

    On the last 100m i have failed my drive test, been so sad that day. But.. teached me a good lesson, no half measurements.

  57. 3 7 says:

    Do you teach advanced driving or is that just the name of your school?

  58. Elena Duru says:

    Old and experienced drivers take a lot of things for granted.

  59. ZekeMagnum says:

    Why are UK roads so damn narrow?

  60. Cristian Jomir says:

    On 18:10 the maximum speed was 40 mph but you said it was 30 mph which means you put a serious fault to him…

  61. ShotsFired andMissed says:

    I hate it when the car your driving refuses to cooperate with you. But that's just me.

    edit: right side of the road? is he trying to get them killed or something?!

  62. Ryan Waters says:

    37 in a 30? The road reads 40mph

  63. Justin Geronimo says:

    Anyone with any sense will take their test in a leafy suburban area where the pass rate is prob 20% higher than an inner-city one. Also don't go in your own car, they can't get away with it with an instructor in the back, I had 13 – 20 – 3 faults in my 3 tests, the last one in Cardiff with instructor, the first 2 in Wednesbury in missus' car.

  64. Craig Bruce says:

    Great way for everyone in the driving industry and government to make more money.

  65. isak says:

    18:09 : There is a sign both on the road and on the sides says limit is 40 mph , But he is faulty for going over30mph ? 😀

  66. Project X Gaming says:

    but… did the driver passed?

  67. Alex Le says:

    after watching a half hour video of him driving, we don't get to see his results and how many minors he got

  68. Mohamed Issa says:

    " Seeing is believing!" Personally, I am new behind the wheel and every day I observe fully licenced drivers committing egregious traffic infractions such as not indicating when turning, pulling out, changing lanes and stopping abruptly. Even worse, some drivers are not even bothered about giving way to you while you may be doing at sixty or eighty. This begs the question of who qualified these drivers to be behind the wheels.

  69. Mark Munn says:

    Didn't always check his blind spots when pulling off… instant fail. I've just booked my 3rd test. This time I have chosen it when traffic is minimal and giving myself a few more lessons to clean up my mistakes. Advice to everyone… don't focus too much on manoeuvres, focus on roundabouts, one ways and junctions… and be vigilant near schools, 20mph.

  70. Liaam All Blades Aren't We!? says:

    I'd never want to retake a driving test, due to passing 3 years ago I know I would deffo fail!

  71. Chloe says:

    I wish the roundabouts where I have to do my test are this quiet 😂

  72. Sumit Mote says:

    With such driving skills you can't even drive car for 1km in indian cities like Pune , Mumbai .
    All roads are with average traffic,even we indian can say roads with no traffic ,😂😁

  73. Kim Chuaphoodee says:

    what is this bear they keep seeing on the right?? are we watching the same video

  74. graham b says:

    its about time we had re-tests every 5 years with full eyesight and medical exams as well,
    that would help clear the roads until more training was obtained and would see the medically unfit, for what ever reason, off our roads. yes it would cost the motorist but what price safety.
    i was an ADI ,i was later retrained by police advanced drivers, i have driven over 2,000,000 fault free miles, have taken many PAID FOR refresher & advanced courses.
    i was told by my initial instructor in 1970 ' never think you are a good driver, that would be your biggest mistake'

  75. eivindrew says:

    18:05 can you explain this?
    The speedometer and signs. Are you only allowed speed increase after the signs?

  76. Levi 21 says:

    At 18:21 it says 40

  77. Boro Nut says:

    @1:32 – Examiner fail : – neither the dipped nor full beam lights are warnings lights. They're indicator lights.

  78. Boro Nut says:

    @ 1:40 Examiner Fail – There is no blind spot in a parking bay backed hard up against a brick wall. Checking for overtaking brickwork has not been a requirement of the highway code since 1846.

  79. Boro Nut says:

    @1:54 Examiner Fail: Checking that the handbrake warning alarm is operating correctly is part of every experienced driver's daily start-up procedure. Three errors spotted and I'm not even two minutes in yet!

  80. TheGuinnesstaster says:

    Driveing test is just like any other test you practice/study to pass it after its done you forgot half of the little bits and peices and focus on the mains bits

  81. Jamie Ward says:

    i would never pass a driving test again i have got too many bad habits lol

  82. Georgi Atanasov says:

    Can someone explain to me the fault at 18:09? it says its a 40mph zone but he got faulted for using 37

  83. eleanor mcgair says:

    Interesting to watch – and I picked up on his mistakes and will benefit from these when i go for my first driving test . I think every qualified full licence driver would benefit from extra driving lessons and should be mandatory every 5 – 10 years because as shown in this video – Even experienced drivers can make mistakes and mistakes can sadly cost lives .

  84. Skidz Holeshot says:


  85. dose says:

    When It's time for my driving test self-driving cars would be the norm probably.

  86. Dragan Stankovic says:

    In Englend you frst cheking insade mirors,outsade mirors ,blaind spot nda last signaling,or frst signalig a than cheking on this tree points?

  87. David Essam says:

    Obvious answer "depends on the driver". Far more interesting questions would be: "What proportion of experienced drivers would?", and "Would making passing a test to renew when updating photos be a good idea?".


    How can I book a driven test with your team

  89. Shez Greenwood says:

    I have my test in 14days… passed my theory 2nd time. Wish me luck!!!!

  90. kathryn doyle says:

    Image they just take his licence off him for failing lol

  91. 5602817144602817 says:

    I would love to see this in Australia I doubt the police would pass, not saying they can't drive I'm saying the test is a joke.
    I had my full license at 19 then lost it for some serious driving crime for 4 years and 3 months, in 2006 the registration office refused to give my license back due to clerical error, the courts then took 8 months to review the case and by the time I was authorised to get my license it was over 5 years so they told me to resit everything I disagreed and drove without a license until recently when my ability to drive unlicensed was lost. So I just did the vort and thought I was going to be a legal driver again, pulled off all manoeuvres no speeding no hitting curbs no going over lines no fail to stop. however apparently you can't park using just mirrors after checking ahead once and behind once, can't do a 3 point turn without looking every direction excessively, can't do a u turn without checking mirror before the very end of the turn(even if you know where the traffic is and the roads empty and you checked all mirrors etc 2 seconds before performing said u turn) hitting the indicator at the same time as checking your rearview mirror is terrible driving too.
    It's crazy the way it's setup they fail you for things that don't make sense then get you to do a hill start on a dead flat road, because of my history I had an auditor in the car too and he didn't seem to mind that there was no hill. Seriously hating this shit its all about the money and at the end of the day the drivers they create these days are excessively cautious for a few years then they stop performing all the steps that are required to pass the test and become better drivers. I hate the government.

  92. Dr Muhammad Amzad Khan says:

    hi, do you give driving lesson in ipswich ?

  93. WOODY Don says:

    Passed my test 4th time lucky!👍

  94. Hood Nation says:

    only problem I had on my 1st lesson today was clutch control I nailed the other stuff

  95. Ashutosh Meena says:

    Which satnav machine you using ,in your car?

  96. AAH says:

    Sunny day in UK? 😋 Thanks for the video.

  97. Syed Muhammad Umair Azhar Zaidi says:

    Your videos made me pass my driving test in first attempt 😍

  98. P Dyson says:

    there is no way you could stop at them speeds if someone walked out no wonder there is so much death on the roads, at the next driving school do right and fail the driver hehe

  99. P Dyson says:

    lol some people thats typed on here need also to be off the road this guy was driving 10 mile per hour over the speed limit read the sign and understand its meaning does a 20 mile an hour sign mean you have to drive at that speed all the time and not drop lower HELL NO not one of them do its a up to limit he also failed to indicate did not slow down in a urban area where paths was blocked by cars Jesus I think we need road test every 5 years to clean up our roads

  100. AE 86 says:

    A great video for learners who just passed their test!

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