Bruce Wayne meets Barry Allen | Justice League

Barry Allen Bruce Wayne You said that like it explains why there’s a total stranger in my place sitting in the dark in my second favorite chair? tell me about this this is a person who looks exactly like me but who is definitely not me very attractive jewish boy somebody who i don’t know stole your pocket watch or railroads i know you have abilities i just don’t know what they are my special skills include viola uh web design fluent in sign language gorilla sign language silica based quartz and fabric brazen resistant heat resistant yeah i do Competitive ice dancing what they use on the space shuttle to prevent it from burning up on re-entry i do very competitive ice dancing whoever you’re looking for you’re the Batman So you’re fast that feels like an oversimplification i’m putting together a team people with special abilities You, see i believe enemies are coming stop right there i’m in
you are ? yeah i need friends people are Difficult they require a lot of focus they uh they have like a rhythm that i haven’t quite been able to like brunch like what is brunch you wait in line for an hour for essentially lunch i mean i don’t know people are a little slow i’ll try to keep up can i keep this it’s like this layer of dimensional reality and it seems to manipulate space-time i call it the speed force it caused me to burn a tremendous amount of calories so I’m just a black hole snacks i am a snack hole how many people are on this special fight team three including you three against what Tell you on the plane? plane what are your superpowers again i’m rich

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  1. Gleto H.S says:

    Wait, is it me or black pink song is played on the monitor?

  2. Nyx Iris says:

    What's your superpowers again?
    I'm rich
    Ahahaha nice one

  3. Swarthyy says:

    Wait a second is Bruce wayne batman?

  4. Choko says:

    Love the fact that BLACKPINK'S as if it's your last is playing on the TV

  5. StarBright says:

    Am I the only person that actually likes the Justice League Barry Allen?

  6. I Am Not GOD says:

    Barry:im a snack hole…

    Wtf is a snack hole

  7. Dirceu Martins says:

    Filme chernobilesco

  8. Fay says:

    What is your super power?
    Bruce Wayne: "I'm Rich"

    Tony Stark: "I'm Rich, I am Genius, I am Charming, and most important I am Iron Man."

  9. Roger Moore says:

    barry:what are your superpower again..batman: i m rich..

  10. Ulind akbr says:


  11. Max says:

    You’re the bat dude…. from YouTube

  12. kalp shah says:

    ❤I think i will beaten,if i will recognize about the CAPTAIN AMERICA:civil❤ war,when tony goes to peters home😅💯

  13. biscuit loi says:


  14. Arielle Mendez says:

    I just noticed that's patrick from perks of being a fucking wallflowrr

  15. navygirl 0012 says:

    “Vy-oh-la”. Really? I don’t even play viola but I’m offended for all the poor violists 😂

  16. Muhammad Aditya says:

    Iron Man recruits Spiderman and Batman flash recruits

  17. DIO says:

    They need to fire the guionist who tought the brunch joke was funny. They kept saying it through the entire movie.

  18. Cherry-soda-is-bae 2.0 says:

    Blackpink in your area!!

  19. jody hamid says:

    From 13 oct asking question,

    Is barry keep the batarang??

  20. Krystal Dufrenoy says:

    He like blackpink 😂 😂 😂 😂
    I like him

  21. Don Multi says:

    I was expecting to find more blink's comments


    Black pink!!!!!!

  23. Homura Akemi says:

    “The real Flash would have been too fast for that.”

  24. Katelyn Murray says:

    This is like a breath of fresh air for Bruce. Barry doesn't even let him finish his explanation before agreeing to help, as opposed to Arthur's flat out NO.

  25. Royal har says:

    In the background at 0:21 who noticed black pink??

  26. Synphus says:

    Barry: What are your superpowers again?
    Bruce: I'm rich, and nuts!

  27. ellie says:

    if they were gonna make the flash an antisocial nerdy kid in this then why didn't they just make him wally west
    barry allen's a scientist

  28. NintendoSwitchBlade says:

    At least Lois' gun was blank when she shot Clark Kent.

  29. anurag madhavan says:

    I wouldn't count viola…

  30. Bob Ajgar says:

    BlackPink …….

  31. We STAN IT the musical says:

    As much is I hate this movie I got to say Barry stole the movie I still despise this movie though

  32. Tuğba Arslan says:

    So the flash is listening kpop

  33. TacoTung says:

    Am i the Only one that watched the Rick and Morty episode in the background…. Lol

  34. The Demonic Horseman says:

    Barry's the best part of the movie, which is saying a lot since I love the movie.

  35. DHIKЯIS says:

    I still can't understand why flash fans hate ezra miller's flash. I think he just did it fine. He act as the counterpart of mcu spiderman so he has such personality, imo

  36. NONE says:

    Flash: No No, I'm nothing without this suit!
    Batman: If you're nothing without this suit, Then you shouldn't have it!

  37. Lily Park says:

    Am I the only one not listening to what he is saying and just trying to listen blackpink in the background

  38. Cheese Tube says:

    I would like to point out barry is watching rick and morty

  39. Sania Khan says:

    Blackpink song😀

  40. Skye Wolfey says:

    Anyone else recognize Blackpink in the background

  41. Eur0asianPanda says:

    its just so ironic how a younger actor is just so much more talented than the older one

  42. Luke Sterling says:

    Ezra gave it his best but the script writers made the Flash's character as a weird tech-head outcast loner way too cringy.

  43. 《Rin Rieye /RR》 says:

    Watch the tv

  44. Cero One says:

    I feel like this Barry Allen is trying too hard to be funny

  45. Robert Mitchell says:

    Man of Steel
    Batman v Superman
    Suicide Squad
    Wonder Woman
    Justice League
    Birds of Prey

    Wonder Woman 1984
    The Trench
    The Batman
    The Suicide Squad
    Black Adam
    The Flash
    Shazam! Sequel
    Aquaman 2

  46. Erna Suciani says:

    Why Flash like KPOP Lovers Blackpink?

  47. Trinity Livingston says:

    I kind of like this Flash.

  48. yard says:

    Why is Rick and Morty playing in the backround? xD

  49. TORRIE Creamer says:

    1:09 no one is talking about Rick and Morty playing on the tv

  50. DJB Survivor says:

    Yo he’s watching rick and morty

  51. Moxie says:

    0:41 V e r y a t t r a c t i v e j e w i s h b o y

  52. Hart Sensei says:


  53. Jason Angeles says:

    Is that blackpink? 😂

  54. Jason Angeles says:

    I- i need friends 😂😂

  55. S3 RO says:


  56. Qistina Alya says:

    Anyone else noticed Blackpink's "as if it's your last" video on one of the TVs?

  57. Shmee Productions says:

    What does Bruce Wayne and Nick Fury have in common, they both had an idea who put a group of superheroes in the same movie. And also they both rich. I think

  58. H D says:

    The brunch rant did not come off naturally. It feels like a joke that could have been earned through more dialogue, possibly during a different scene.

  59. Tuan Phan Quang BUI says:

    Barry Allen is a fan of Blackpink

  60. Dankumemezu says:

    rick and morty in the background

  61. 123 123 says:

    The flash : listening to BlackPink
    Me : I like the flash now 🙂

  62. Riana Suhandi says:

    So Barry Allen loves to listen to blackpink songs.

  63. C.A.T says:

    CHILDHOOD: 😸 red hair…
    TEENAGE: 😕 blond hair?… Oookay…


    😾 BLACK HAIR!!!

  64. Aiman Danish says:

    Blackpink in the background!😄

  65. Heaven _. says:

    Rlly- Blackpink in the background LOL IM SCREAMINGGGGGG

  66. Levente Szilágyi says:

    Flash is so nerfed the batarang was moving so fast. It should stand still… Theyre making flash so stupid

  67. M boys says:

    Wait….. No one noticed that at the first there was a black pink song……no one ok

  68. OliverOliOliOli says:

    I'm rich.

  69. Jason Young says:

    Here for…mainly Blackpink

  70. Iftikhar Ali says:

    Blackpink ( As if it your last)

  71. Aleeta Pereira says:

    BLINKS….where u at???

  72. No Sanctuary says:

    Fun fact, the batarang throw happened in 0.34 seconds. A literal blink of an eye. This means Barry is 62X faster than a normal man.

  73. No Sanctuary says:

    People talk about how dangerous a move it was to throw a 'rang at possibly a normal dude. No one talks about the fact Barry literally has the suit and Bruce has pictures of someone that looks very similar to him going fast. It was obviously him.

  74. Indonesian kiddo says:

    Blackpink is there lololol

  75. LEAH says:

    Wait was that the gas pedal on the wheel? I would wreck that car LMAOOOO

  76. faria mustafa says:

    Was it Blackpink! 😍

  77. Just A Funny Guy says:

    what is the name of this movie

  78. Stugots666x says:

    say what you want about this movie but affleck threw that batarang like a badass

  79. Stugots666x says:

    still wondering if he got to keep the batarang

  80. TeKnoVKNG23 says:

    This movie was awful, but Flash was one of the few lone bright spots, loved his character in this.

  81. Julia Gunadi says:

    This just look like peter and tony first meet vibe but i don't think bruce love barry as much as tony did to peter.

  82. Dragneel_ 17 says:


    Is not

    My Barry Allen

  83. KK says:

    Im rich

    because i'm batman

  84. soranotroxas 02 says:

    Anyone else gonna notice rick an morty playing in the back?

  85. Lax S says:

    Came for this Mercedes

  86. SinfulLittleRoses says:

    As if it's your last.


  87. deljin samosa says:

    Does anyone notice blackpink

  88. Naveen Chowdary says:

    Blackpink in their Area!!


    And nuts. Rich and nuts.

  90. poker8100 says:

    I mean he’s…gotta be better than CW’s Flash which…has anyone seen that version

  91. themovieraider says:

    0:13 one of the many things wrong with this scene is the music they made us believe Barry listens to. Instead of kpop music from 2014, they shouldve played something from Maroon 5's debut album. After all, thats what this version of Barry SHOULD be listening to. Specifically "harder to breathe".

    Now think about it. Wouldn't the introduction to The Flash be a lot stronger with that song instead of the shitty just dance kpop?

  92. Suga’s V sublimnals says:


  93. Nandan Kumar says:

    "I am rich"

    Now that is some super power.

  94. DvS Midnight says:

    I’ve seen this movie many times, I’ve literally NEVER noticed BP or Rick and Morty

  95. Bangtan Girl says:

    So.. no one is gonna talk about BLACKPINK mv been playing at 0:15-44? Non? Okay.. hope more kpop fans show up! ✊🏻😔

  96. mastick says:

    I love Bruce's aim in that scene. Go to 1:17 and play it at 0.25 speed, you can see that if Barry had just been a normal person, the batarang would have passed close enough to his left ear to shave off any longer ear hairs, but wouldn't have actually hit him.

  97. Dark_Knight999 Gaming says:

    Im rich lmao hahahahaha

  98. Prima Shines says:

    I've Finished The Infinity Saga So I'm Trying To Watch Dc And Hoping It Could Make Me Cry Like The Infinity Saga Did

  99. Batman says:

    Barry allen… Web design!? Thats Spider-Man's thing.

  100. Lindenberghof Curly Horse Austria says:

    A little bit is the Flash sheldon

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