Bruce Wayne meets Arthur Curry | Justice League

I’m asking for your help I believe there is a stranger that comes to this village from the sea He comes in the winter when the people are hungry and brings fish He comes on the king tide That was last night Icebergs in the harbor 4 months since the last ship got through well this stranger doesn’t come by ship there are enemies coming from far away I need warriors I’m building an alliance to defend ourselves look, I’ll give you $25,000 to talk to this man right now outside tell me what those 3 boxes are and I’ll make it $30,000 you should get out can you at least point me to Atlantis? Arthur Curry also known as protector of the oceans the AquaMan I hear you can talk to fish so let me get this straight, you do it dress like a bat, like an actual bat. worked for twenty years in Gotham. oh, that shit whole. When the fight comes, we’ll need you. Don’t count on it, Batman. Why not? Cause I don’t like you coming here digging into my business, getting into my life. People from Atlantis telling me to do this, now you’re saying do that. I wanna be left alone. That why you help these people out here in the middle of nowhere, cause you can just leave? I help them ’cause no one else does. You wanna protect them you need to work with me. Strong man is strongest alone. You ever hear that? That’s not a saying. That’s the opposite of what the saying is. Yep. Doesn’t mean I’m wrong. You ever hear of Superman? He died fighting next to me. My point exactly. What’s in the three boxes? It’s ancient history. Mankind is melting the polar ice caps, destroying the ecosystem. We had it coming? Hey, I don’t mind that the ocean’s a mess. How about if they boil? Dressed like a bat. You’re out of your mind Bruce Wayne. Doesn’t mean I’m wrong.

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  1. Lobster Magnet says:

    God this is awful

  2. hi there says:

    "How about if they boil?"
    "Dressed/just like a bat."
    I feel like there were some reshoots and nobody bothered to look over the scenes before making this public …

  3. Aditya Sarfare says:

    The best Aquaman is with the worst Batman.

  4. days high says:

    Khal Drogo rule the Dothraki and Atlantis.

  5. AbitOfEverything says:

    Batman: I heard you can talk to fish
    Captain Planet: I heard you were broccoli

  6. Chris Corley says:

    Great comic book styled scene. Simple, and to the point with DCEU style. Awesome! ☕

  7. Gopu nii-chan says:

    Bruce: I'm Batman
    Arthur: and I'm FishBoy

  8. Melanie johnson says:

    Jason work of art

  9. Chavo Ruko Legendario 7 says:


  10. Funny Fave says:

    I think Kevin conroys animated Batman is exactly how Batman should be like. We have not had one live action Batman that is like Kevin Conroys at all. Dark, serious, respected, but loves humanity and is herioc. I can’t stand ben afflecks Batman look at how he is getting punked by aqua man here.

  11. Briareos Barnes says:

    "Your Insane Bruce Wayne"… (Uncensored Edition)

  12. Ray Hernandez says:

    "You are out of your mind Bruce Wayne" – Meme material

  13. Leopard 2 MBT says:

    I like sushi

  14. Mike Jones says:

    I hate WB and Joss wheadon.

  15. Na dim says:

    this movie is a joke

  16. Gobi GobiNath says:

    What is the purpose of subtitles?

  17. CazMatazz says:

    That is some TV-level greenscreen bullshit.

  18. Umair Usman says:

    Synder is SHIT in script,screen play and pacing

  19. Prod. By Napé says:

    “You ever hear of Superman? He died fighting next to me..

    My point exactly”

    am I the only one that found that funny asf lol

  20. r0bw00d says:

    World's Greatest Detective, everyone: doesn't know who Aquaman is before entering the village.

  21. dmt Handmade says:

    I know when I clicked on this video, I didn;t want to see the wake from Arthur speeding underwater. I'm glad you put that big box clickable link right over that spot while the video was still playing.

  22. ipi223 says:

    he did well i think!

  23. iko legend says:

    3:24 that back jump

    me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. light saberAddiCt says:

    Everywhere this movie failed, Aquaman succeeded. I actually think it was better then WW, but its a close call.

  25. asrar ahmed says:

    He looks like Batman's dad

  26. Sarah Faichney says:

    Yo, living where you can't eat half the year or grow veg…not my first pick I'd say.

  27. Jason B says:

    wont be worth a shit tonight?…i guess!…area!…people

  28. Thomas Jones says:

    Glad they changed his contacts

  29. Terri Hyatt says:

    Really asshole – leaving your horse on an unprotected, snow and wind swept mountain?!  Bring the horse along the trail to the village for shelter, Bruce dickhead.

  30. dog says:

    wow what an exit by the aquaman…

  31. H Javed says:

    Aquaman should be scared of batman not the other way around

  32. John Doe says:

    Ben Affleck is most racist gross batman ever.

  33. Hp damage says:

    Did he just call him "Batman" infront of 2 people?

  34. mohit sharma says:

    Ben affleck my favourite

  35. Iulia Ionela Lucifer says:

    Right after Wonder Woman, Aquaman is the one of the very few things about this movie.

  36. Brandon says:

    so much potential wasted

  37. SIR * says:

    Fuck Zack Snyder

  38. Reewaz Thakuri says:

    they made my boii batman same as nick fury! batman shouldn’t be the one copiling the team! he should be the one who is requested to be in justice league!

  39. Jordan Verbeek says:

    1:51 At first, I thought it was weird that Bruce Wayne should be cracking jokes. But he does have a sense of humour in the comics on occasion, so I'm more accepting of it now.

  40. Mo Ana says:

    No..!!! I am in love with Christian Bale ..!!! Not this guy ..!!!!! Flop

  41. Chand babu says:

    DC's Tony Stark 😂

  42. jason bishop says:

    @UCB4XSSwB3eSRA4EvHvmiJtw….NEW TOYS?…

  43. TREEPZPU33 Chry says:


  44. boringgrass says:

    hmmm in the cartoon, others come to batman for help instead

  45. hector says:

    could be a great universe

  46. Taco man Your mama says:

    Dc movies are wack

  47. Munoken 23 says:

    They so fucked this up.

  48. DJdevil319 says:

    This shit is stupid

    In the comic EVERYONE respects Batman but in this

    Its like he’s just a side character everyone makes fun of.

    Justice league 0 Marvel 1

  49. Mitochondria Cell says:

    1:47 my nigga bruce wayne was like "bitch please"

  50. Akshay K says:

    Aquaman was just mad at the fact that Batman detonated a nuke in the ocean in The Dark Knight Rises

  51. Ricardo Monteiro says:

    Even here the CGI is bad

  52. Jack Robinson says:

    Definitely my favorite part of the movies, it wasn't a terrible movie it was just executed terribly

  53. Wilsonr Cioffi says:

    não entendi pq ele foi a pé e não de helicoptero

  54. Mama mo says:

    Sheesh why they bullying batman when batman can easily kill them

  55. Bill says:

    whedon ruined justice league.

  56. Luis Villa says:

    So batman is gonna leave the horse to die in the bitter cold

  57. Bruce Wayne says:

    Like the doctor blind said " then make a batman movie, without nolan, then FEAR will find you again!"

  58. everthing says:

    I don't understand that why Bruce Wayne is revealing his identity to everyone ,he can say that batman his friend to convince other superheroes

  59. Moran Hidra says:

    Name the film

  60. Jason Raicov says:

    And everyone complained about Superman's moustche.

  61. Carlos Castillo says:

    1:24 when ur teams is all recruits in R6 Siege

  62. Smith Flores says:

    Thor and Iron man are better

  63. Brian C says:

    "Strong man is strongest alone" Mein Kampf

  64. Mr 2me says:

    Batman has always been known for his search for knowledge, knowledge is how he defeats many of his over-powered enemies.
    If this scene was true to batman then he would have understood the language, instead he essentially can only get through this with money, which isn't what batman is.

  65. Robert Li says:

    I like how Arthur is smug and laughs but Bruce got under his skin so quickly and he lost his temper

  66. Papito Hernandez says:

    I always saying that DCU, in everything from comics to movies starter from Bat man begins, the trilogy, man of steel, Wonder Woman, Suicide Sguat, justice league, a lot better than Marvel movies, this is my opinion, I think DCU is better than MARVEL and point.

  67. Jon Lastimosa says:

    2:26 Aquaman: "Don't count on it, Batman"
    Man1: What?!
    Man2: What?!!
    Bruce: What?
    Aquaman: What?

  68. Snow Winters says:

    Jason Mamoa is a beautiful, beautiful man

  69. Jonn Benny says:

    bad audio again

  70. Ge nos says:

    Dc suck

  71. Giovanni Socci says:

    It s nonsense when the man made fictitious tale of man made global warming permeates the comic industry…it s made into a bigger joke than it already is.

  72. Khánh Ly Chu says:

    I have never noticed how tall Ben is :O

  73. Muhammad Abdul Aziz says:

    why doesAquaman sound like an edgy moody teenager

  74. Amal says:

    Aquaman 😍

  75. fartamplifer says:

    I love how you can tell which scenes Whedon shot because they forgot to give him his widow's peak like at 1:36.

  76. Christina Delrio says:


  77. Prizma says:

    Is this before Aquaman becomes the one true king? Or after

  78. Melissa Walker says:

    I am so turned on right now. When Arthur took off his shirt and showed his Aquaman chest, I couldn't believe how sexy he is

  79. M USMAN says:

    Batman horse

  80. J Dog says:

    I want to see the Zack Snyder version. PLEASE

  81. bahaa ahmed says:

    انا عاوزكم يا عيله بنت دين احبه تهذرو بس انا هعرفكم يا ولاد المتناكه كلكم لما هرجع انتو بتتفرجو و بتهذرو مع مين . و هطلع دين امكم كلكم و اولكم العيله بنت دين المتناكه اللي عايش معاها اللي بتاخد علاجي و منعاني من علاجي .

  82. Daniel La Zarr says:

    I wish I could give this version of batman 7.6k thumbs down. Christian Bale is the only batman!

  83. Reaction Bhai says:

    Batmań is a real hero who belongs from this earth and uses him money to protect people" there are very few people who can do this so what people hate him for?

  84. d d says:

    his name is food

  85. Tuka says:

    Batman doesn’t talk that much and he definitely doesn’t make jokes. Cmon WB Batman’s like the easiest character to get right, you don’t have to be Marvel. They need to embrace DC’s darkness not bury it in the ground.

  86. Liam O'Hara says:

    Such a badass scene, no matter how bad the rest of the movie was

  87. Maxi Immortality says:

    I love it

  88. The 4th Horseman says:

    The movie sucked.

  89. Rohit Mahajan says:

  90. TheModer8ter says:

    John 6: 47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life."-Jesus.  Jesus the Messiah died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to save you, then you have everlasting life.

  91. Nordic Snowhammer says:

    What, Wayne couldn't get a boat?

  92. Shelby Ramirez says:


  93. RONIN G says:

    Batman: Whats in the three boxes?
    Aquaman: Its ancient history.
    Batman: Like your mom!!!!!

  94. Jhonatan Stiven Rodríguez Cossio says:

    Agua man

  95. Deserve Not Desire says:

    Man they made a joke out of batman huh.

  96. Ping xD says:

    In Cartoon Batman are Badass every justice league member respected him-.-

  97. Fat Cat says:

    Re – Shoot . U think?

  98. Imdugud says:

    I am trying to figure out. Why the F directors and writers can not follow the god damn comics and the proper personalities and mannerisms of the characters?? Stick with what we know and bring it to life! Why is that so hard?? I remember when you could make a movie that stuck with you in memory and resonated with all of us! Now it is TRASH with no direction! Terrible writing. Has everyone lost their imagination? Emotion and Common sense? Oh wait…Yes WE have…

  99. Grimah says:

    Why his Batfleck always look IMG startled or embarrassed. He got everything wrong apart from the look.

  100. Eric Nguyen says:


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