Bruce Wayne & Diana Prince | Justice League

don’t do that We just got our asses handed to us and Steppenwolf has got the third box, so we find them If the boxes are even close to each other their is gonna be some kind of energy surge Steppenwolf is gonna be keeping them somewhere were they don’t read , no internet , no satellite coverage well that narrows it down not enough, so you can’t find them or maybe you don’t want to Arthur yeah that was a great way to get rid of superman Man I’m not doing this on purpose , right cause you can’t control the machine aww so is this is a bad time to bring up my blood sugar very hungry victor you can find the boxes, you share their energy I know its frightening , but if you go under, I promise we’ll pull you back out just keep the little merman away from me while t I work Barry , go find Alfred in the pantry and when you come back get online , everybody checks everybody else’s work listen , I was wondering if you could put out a… you know like an aquatic… you know ehhh do you talk to fish? the water does the talking of course if the current comes in strange it may point the way, okay wait let me its just a little out of place so Clark seemed to share your view on being woken up he could have killed you I was willing to make the trade … and bringing in Lois lane well what you told me about clark in the hanger I bet you (crack) thought I wasn’t listening thank you you know you can’t do this forever I can barely do it now steppenwolf this is the job, its my job and I haven’t been doing it, I’ve been reacting not leading you know what you said about Steve Trevor, that wasn’t my business I’m sorry you were pushing me to lead the team but leaders get people killed I fought always when I was needed but to lead, just to step into the light and to say to people ‘this is worth your life’ when its your fault they’re all Steve Trevor we make it through tonight , you can stay in the shadows forever dress up like a bat I won’t even sue if we get through the night

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  1. Flashback FM says:

    This scene is completely Joss Whedon. "Thank" him for IT

  2. Daniel plays daniel default says:

    That looks like a kid costume

  3. I stream rainbow six now says:

    Better if he stay silence

  4. MEddy says:

    pinche cyborg se mueve como si tuviera hemorranas

  5. 天鹰大魔王 says:

    batman like their dad,wonderwomen like.their mom

  6. Sunflower Sunrise says:

    My mom: Aqua man is hot!

    Everyone is the movie theater: ShHHhhhHhhhH

  7. Dina Alhemadi says:

    Leave Batman alone! He shouldn't be mingled with other superheroes he has his own storyline.. ugh I miss the Dark Knight!

  8. sm7 kim says:


  9. Hawaiian ese says:

    Jason Momoa is da PURRFECT actor for Aquaman

  10. Loyal Nguyễn says:

    Prince????? She is not a men. Ok?!!!

  11. yvan753 says:

    Seriously whats wrong whit dc they dont have eye to see that cyborg and the flash look really bad wtf

  12. Inspire says:

    When Wonder women realises, BATS are SHITTING also through their mouth 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  13. GICking says:

    Gal is fantastic as WW.

  14. Jose Garcia says:

    No entendishon :v

  15. Nero says:

    This movie sucked but Bruce and Diana's chemistry is awesome

  16. Gary King says:

    I wish batman was more of a humour sponge like in the animated justice league series

  17. CreativeWork shopGuy says:

    I hate the fact that the DCEU made Batman "a poor clumsy old man who just can't keep up" and he's only there to fund the other heroes and make them look even stronger with his clumsyness.

  18. Kerington Lloyd says:

    After endgame i forgot that there was a dcu ngl 😂

  19. [RPG]• New World says:


  20. Duhh_ Jess says:

    Ezra though, I can’t stop laughing

  21. Fangirl anyway says:


  22. Pablo Meyer says:

    Damn, Affleck was so out of shape for the role here it's not even funny. He's one thicc boi.

  23. pratik says:

    Batmans a joke

  24. Riley Chomper says:

    Cyborg looks like mbappe

  25. Yusaf Osei-Bonsu says:

    One thing JL did wrong was neglect Batman's broody & militaristic-type character; all i'm saying is, this not the Batman I know. In fact, allowing Joss Whedon to make a JL was the biggest mistake as DC is all about dark realism whereaa Marvel is more light

  26. Salty Boi says:

    Why does Batman look fake? Was he CGI in this scene?

  27. Theo Sherman says:

    I feel like Batman really did not work in this movie. Batman is supposed to be in charge. He tells folk what to do tf is asking Aquaman for? It's supposed to be "Bitch talk to the fish" not "Can you uh put out a feeler? DO you talk to fish?"
    no just no
    the only time he works are his scenes with Diana

  28. Samurai X says:

    After seeing this movie Batman v Superman wasn't all that bad

  29. Victor Yagami says:


  30. misfit danzig says:

    Is it me or is marvel copy DC !

  31. misfit danzig says:

    Just ask her out already.

  32. Starla says:

    oooooouuu victor flirting with diana!?!? spill all the tea sis

  33. Thais Arisa says:

    can someone explain to me why the fuck they made her wear that red curtain? because i can't think of any reason at all

  34. Javier Gonzalez says:

    what a horrible movie

  35. Gyūki says:

    So cool

  36. Taurus says:

    Batmans suit is so trash lmao and he stutters like an unsure child when speaking

  37. Jim Ramos says:

    Ben Affleck is best Batman 🙏👏👏👌👊💪🙌👍⚡💯

  38. Jim Ramos says:

    I like Batman leads to team 😊👍🙌⚡💯🙏👏👌👊

  39. Next Plus says:

    Best chiropractic ever

  40. Master SUSHI says:

    Are you sure this is batman?

  41. King Raii says:

    that is not batman

  42. Mr Mayhem1215 says:

    Lame ass movie!

  43. Bolt Cotto says:

    Hey guys it’s ASMR with Wonder Woman

  44. Vin says:

    Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) carrying the DC Universe.

  45. Jorge Garcia says:


  46. gabriel bischoff says:

    What kind a stone is that she sharpes her sword with

  47. Romeo Blue says:

    Avenger assemble


  48. Crispy Bacon says:

    Is it bad that I understood "I fart, always" instead of "I fought, always" ? 🤣

  49. Justin DelConsole says:

    The color correction to this film screams Avengers and it’s just not fitting the DC tone whatsoever.

  50. Lunky Straydog says:

    I like him as batman

  51. Sean michel says:

    That scene was bullshit

  52. nightde says:

    I don’t like this batman 😡😡😡

  53. Saad Khan says:

    I wish in the future films they portray batman more of a bossy type like inthe animations

  54. Heavy D says:

    I don’t like Batman in the justice league, they always fighting aliens that are op, Batman should stay in Gotham or Arkham city where his abilities come in best

  55. Otaku normal says:

    Estas enfermo Bruce Wayne xd

  56. Con Can says:

    Suck snyder stupid director

  57. Alhar Dane says:

    I hate this movie they ruined the whole dc universe, flash seemed so weak in justice league, Ben affleck is a cool actor but as Batman he sucked at it in justice league, and they could’ve made a justice league like in 2010 or like a little bit more later, but now they chose to make it

  58. Joy Chakravarty says:

    I can't get over cyborg's CGI

  59. abdullah bati says:

    #ReleaseTheSnyderCut #JusticeLeague

  60. mohdamiruddin sulaiman says:

    Bruce will snap his dick on the first night with Diana

  61. Mr Doctor says:

    They basically copy avengers helicarrier argue scene

  62. Sean Brophy says:

    They should do something with the Lazarus pit and make him young again so we can get a Batman and some continuity

  63. Rupanjan Shome says:

    Soooo, wonder woman is like mother of all these 😂

  64. Spectter - Spanish only says:

    The only decent characters here are aquaman & Wonder woman

    The rest of the movie is cringy af

  65. TalesTyrone says:

    Battfleck has to be my favourite casting so far for any DC movies, its just a shame that the movies weren't that well written. They turn the Batman character into a joking clueless rich man instead of the serious and amazing detective he's supposed to be.

  66. lebron got a baby dick says:


  67. Aleyna Çiftçi says:

    Well, DC should stop trying to do what Marvel does. They are Marvel and this is DC. There's nothing wrong with being dark and being original. They should just stop.

  68. André Roronora Zoro says:

    How is Aquaman more gritty than Batman

  69. Sarsyadong Galunggong says:

    Okay, where's the Wonderbats out there? 😂

  70. Will Morris says:

    2:23 That sounded like it hurted… 😂

  71. dragonball slayer326 says:

    Ben Affleck was a terrible batman

  72. Raju Billa says:

    Diana is Adorable ❤❤

  73. Deadly Tuxedo says:

    Why does it feel like Aquaman feel more badass then Batman

  74. Kunt with a K says:

    This is the worst scene ever. This movie ruins batman. Fucking joss whedon

  75. Javier Chong says:

    i watched batman in the DC animated series, and he always talk in a serious and intimate way but that scene 1:23 he looks like his about to piss himself

  76. Jersey Devil says:

    This scene gets so much bad rap, but it actually acts as a slap in the face to everyone; from Aquaman, to Wonder woman, and even the Flash:

    Why I love this scene; why is it that Bruce Wayne is the only one–a human… in a world full of colossal giants and superhumans–who's getting his shit together? It reminds me of a little older version of Bruce from the animated series… always got the whole 'oh, he's a pretty boy' routine from everyone in the public, but he was actually being the one putting his ass on the line.

    His shoulder for instance; he would've been crushed like nothing by Superman, but Batman instead took the hit, and Diane was slapped in the face egotistically because she was right; it should have been her doing her job, and not some human with physical limitations, and everyone kinda saw a glimpse of Wayne's physical limitations while still eager to DO the job.

    In essence; Batman is always my favorite DC hero; he does the job everyone hates to do, and he does it because it's the right thing.

  77. Terminatorfan 2016 says:

    I think it'd be more appropriate for Batman to just stick to his regular adventures and let the Justice League superheroes with actual powers and superhuman abilities take care of the real major Intergalactic threats. Batman is my favorite but I've always wondered why the Justice League even needed Batman. I'm not bashing on any of them. I think they still make a good team.

  78. Hello. How you do. says:

    Batman looks like my uncle gain weight through the years and who talks basketball in past .

  79. que te importa says:


  80. Haych Mere says:

    as silly/ trivial as it is, the main problem with this version of Batman lies in how he says things and approaches subjects, e.g. "do you talk to fish?" rather than "I need you to talk to the fish" even as silly as that line is, it's acknowledging batman's ability to deduct. I bet if you made the Batman from batman tas say that and it'd sound badass.

  81. Jesse James Awake320 says:

    America has to Promote Alcoholism and Drug use!!

  82. norzillah says:

    Bruh I’m sad about what the DCEU has been putting out. Like they haven’t made a GOOD movie with an offspring or (I hate using this word) sidekick of the Justice League members. Like I get that they are trying to build up (what they destroyed) the DCEU but like they don’t have even all the character of the Justice League such as Green Lantern known as Hal Jordan (no god please no don’t mention the shit movie they made with the green screen super-suit) and Martian Manhunter know as J'onn J'onzz. I love Victor aka Cyborg but he didn’t even assemble the Justice League lol he didn’t even come around till the 80’s. Here is my thoughts(and others nerds too) on what and who we need to make an appearance in future films (prodigy’s of the Justice Leaguer’s.

    Batman for example:

    There should be mentions of a bat FAMILY character other then Catwoman. Not only is there Dick Grayson, but there has been like 5+ other kids that have adopted the identity Robin. Whether they branded the name or not, we have Dick, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, (HIS OWN BLOOD SON) Damian Al-Ghul / Wayne, and we also have female characters such as Stephanie Brown and even Helena Wayne(HIS OWN BLOOD DAUGHTER ALONG WITH BEING SELENA KYLE’s DAUGHTER) who served as his only robin for a brief period of time in DC’s Earth-Two line. Also the famous Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns robin is Carrie Kelly.

    Don’t even forget all the Batgirl’s such as Barbara Gordon, Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain, Helena Bertinelli, ect….

    We can even go to the fact of or society being such crab apple’s about all the black characters in Batman’s timeline and how “there are no colored people” (I must say: bitch stfu you ignorant sluts, if you read the comics there are way more than you think) ///there is Lucas Fox who is Batwing (and his suit is also made with the help of the one and only Bruce who treated him “a black character” as his own son when Lucius died) we have Lucas’s father Lucius Fox who is a big supporting character in the Batman Universe, we also have Duke Thomas aka The Signal who became robin at one point.

    And of course we have Katherine Kane aka Batwoman (who is a famous lesbian character) and we also have Harper Row who was Bluebird, along with Claire Clover who was known as Gotham girl, a character who gained superpowers after being experimented on by her brother Henry “Hank” Clover Jr.

    And, if DCEU can also make some of these characters into their current hero name status such as Cassandra being Black Bat, later becoming Orphan and then Stephanie becoming Spoiler, Babs becoming Oracle //// the boys: Dick becoming Nightwing, Jason becoming Redhood, Tim becoming Red Robin…..they can even make Damian a douche bag and make him kill Dick and become replacing Dick as Nightwing. (That’s definitely from Injustice and I think me and the rest of us amazing fans would have rather seen a live action version of the Injustice video games then the dumb shit that BVS was when they stopped fight because…oh hold on let me read over the script….OH THATS RIGHT BECAUSE BOTH OF THEIR MOTHERS NAMES WERE MARTHA…… what would they do if their mothers names bother weren’t Martha? They would probably throw out the entire movie and be like “well we have nothing to film now so we all better go to bed and be happy that we didn’t have to make anymore terrible movies……OH WAIT!!!”)

    ANYWAYS….as I was informing… there are a plethora of characters that the comics have that can be shown in the movies (and not as a 3 second scene of Jason’s robin costume or a deleted scene of Barbara who let me remind you looks nothing like Babs in the comics so maybe we should be glad it was deleted) so come on DCEU get with the program the fans want it!!

    I get that the won’t have characters for Superman or Wonder Woman such as Conner Kent, who is a clone of Superman, or Jon Kent, who is the son of him and Lois and the best friend of Damian. (ALSO KARA AKA SUPERGIRL/WOMAN) And for Diana there is Cassie Sandsmark and Donna Troy, who was in the original teen titans comics from way-back-when. These girls where Wonder Girl and they once took over for Diana.

    Flash has Wally West (who is NOT his brother in law and is NOT the brother of Iris like it says in the TV shit—I mean show) aka Kid Flash who was heartbroken when Barry died and became Flash when he is dead. Also Bart Allen aka Impulse (I can go on for him too)

    And Aquaman (who btw is a very serious and depressed character in the comics unlike how they made him in the movies #unimpressedDCEU) he has a few lads wink wonk as his own.

    OK AND WHERE IS OLIVER QUEEN??? Like he helped with the making of the Justice League????

    Ok I’m going off…..

    I just want to say to the DCEU….

    Suck my ass because you no good and better than anyone else———

    Like this is your time to shine DCEU…..avengers are over(until they become whole again) so kick some ass and make some good movies that go with the comics THAT HAVE PRODIGIES…. geezus man

    Lol I should just drone on about the villains that should come up in the films…..not….sorry I’m tired.

  83. Camilo Mejia says:

    La mujer maravilla se enamoro

  84. emir sevgin says:

    Filimin adı ney

  85. Alyshana Aparici says:

    Itll be funny if he can talk to fish

  86. Mohammad Nawab says:

    I dunno why people keep shitting on this movie I thought it was ok

  87. Cristina DeCisneros says:

    there were about 20 people in the theater when i saw this…

    everyone groaned…

  88. Teardrop says:

    He protecc
    He attacc

    But most importantly is that a real 6 pacc?

  89. Niko says:

    And just like that D.C ruined there only good character.

  90. Ryan Howell says:

    Wonder Woman is hot

  91. Oguzimrak says:

    WonderBatForever 🙂

  92. Mik Fernandez says:

    They destroyed batman in this movie

  93. MR. ICE says:

    The whole, “do you talk to fish?” Could’ve been much better.
    Let’s say he was still fully in his costume, then he asked the question. Aquaman starts laughing whilst batman keeps a straight face. Aquaman could ask: “you weren’t joking?” Batman could reply with something like: “I do not joke.” Then aquaman could’ve answered his question.

  94. Supriyo Das says:

    Worst written Batman ever. Not Affleck fault

  95. El Cucuy says:

    What a pile of crap. How did batman go from a badass in BVS to this crap :/

  96. TabeaDerBot says:

    Please kiss

  97. thomaswebhead says:

    I hope Batman and Wonder Woman fall in love in the future DC Extended Universe films like in their unlimited animated series.

  98. robin. jashinsky says:



  99. robin. jashinsky says:

    Barry: "is it a bad time to bring up my blood sugar?"

    Me: me too, Barry I'm also diabetic.

  100. Stardust Legacy Fighter says:

    One would love having a girlfriend like Wonder Woman.

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