Brightstar Device Protection Reviews – This company is a scam through and through

People who have Brightstar Protection
services through Rogers or Bell need to keep an eye on their device information
and check on their device portal regularly through the my Rogers or Bell
websites in order to protect themselves because Rogers and Bell is not going to
do it for them and it’s all done through repair services and porting is not
necessarily what people think it is okay so it was in October I believe it was a
22nd to Tuesday I had just gotten ready for work I Drive a school bus for
special needs kids and I looked at my phone and it said I had service and
everything and then I went down to get my school bus and I went to put my phone
in my jacket pocket and I noticed it said no service and I’m like well that’s
so weird because I’ve I’ve had that number and that service and the whole
plan since 2013 so I was like shocked and I’m like okay well I can’t do
anything till I get home what night did my my work for the afternoon and when I
got home I called Rogers and they told me that my email must have been hacked
and that my phone was ported and I was like well how could that even happen
and like my email wasn’t hat I would have gotten a notification on my phone
if it had and if not on my phone it would have come to my Macintosh right
like that’s that’s half my my reason for loving Apple so much is because I get
alerts on my computer when people try and access anything and I hadn’t gotten
any alert until I was like 40 minutes since the conversation with the guy at
Roger’s and I said okay well no one hacked my email but they’re trying to
get into it right now and he’s like no no they already got into it I’m like no
seriously they’re trying right now and he didn’t believe me and he basically
told me I was at fault it was my problem Rogers old do what they can on their
ends but they’re gonna open an investigation and needless to say it’s
now November 7th and I haven’t heard anything back from Rogers
about it so I went later that evening and I contacted the Facebook team I
contacted the live chat I asked them to escalate it six ways from Sunday that
very first day on Tuesday the 22nd no one was helpful everyone was victim
blaming me so I started looking at my Rogers accounts now when you log into
your Rogers you usually have a choice of which account you want to view
so if you’ve got your wireless and then your home TV and cable separate you can
pull up your wireless and then you would go into like where it shows your phone
number and then once you click on that it brings you to another page it tells
you on the left side about your plan and on the right side about your device
itself so I clicked on that I clicked on um start or track claim and once I got
in there I saw 18 different phones registered to my account since October
9th and I was on live chatting and on with the Facebook team as well going
back and forth between these two venues them Rogers getting absolutely nowhere
showing them what I’m seeing on the thing and all of a sudden like they’re
like oh I don’t even know how you got to this page and then like well it’s part
of the device portal and then I saw the device portal was technically Brightstar
so then I started looking into play star and I went down the list of all those
phones and I saw there was one that I could actually open information on so I
clicked on it and I found a bill of lading that showed a brand new phone
being shipped from Rogers to Brightstar and it was some Android phone it wasn’t
the trellis seven that notified me on the 22nd it was totally different one
and that one was issued on October 10th and so I have the IMEI number for it and so I started tracking that and that phone is actually right
here in Brampton Ontario and it’s it’s in use right now not with
my name or number thankfully but the phone from the 22nd was in my name and
and yes dear and uh and the one that was done in Montreal all under my
information with the money like a Montreal address and that one was active
where I thought it was only for about four hours but it turned out to be two
days from what I investigated and that’s like three IMEI tracking and
everything that i was able to find that out and so I’m asking Rogers about this
and they tell me oh well we’re gonna have our fraud team contact you about
this I spoke to the fraud team once I spoke to some lady named Victoria and
she couldn’t explain to me any of the changes that were made any of the 18
courtesy phones that were sent out under my account she refused to address any of
it I mean she was a nice lady I spoke to her for quite some time and she told me
that davido and another gentleman I don’t remember if his name was Mark or
Anthony we’re going to call me back and no one’s ever contacted me from Rogers
again and if they have called it’s been while I’ve been at work and they haven’t
left any messages so I’ve also opened a BBB thing with the Brightstar and our
break started saying oh well because Rogers wiped it out of my account on the
24th when I was finally able to change my password they started removing those
extra phones so now bright stars like oh there’s no phones in there you can’t
prove there were phones in there meanwhile I’ve got the screenshots
I also found with that bill of lading for the phone that was shipped out there
was like a sheet like an invoice and it had someone else’s last four credit card
number on it as well so I mean I I’ve got physical proof here and Rogers and
bright star both ignoring the situation and this has to be a fraud that’s going
on through break star in my opinion and that’s because of the paperwork I found
and the way is refusing to address it I mean it’s
now been what two and a half almost three weeks and Rogers has done nothing
like hey they assigned me a new phone number without telling me he never sent
the SIM card for it claimed they reassigned my original number never sent
the SIM card for it they’ve failed to provide any tracking information for any
of these SIM cards and everything I brought to their attention they’ve
literally swept under the rug so we are taking this to a legal level and have
reported it to the police and everything as well and so I’ve obviously canceled
my device protection but one of the things I found while looking into bright
star was their Terms of Service contract which states all they need is your phone
number to access your accounts that’s it and that’s actually like in the first
paragraph of the Terms of Service contract so anyone that knows a number
can go in and make changes or create tickets and create courtesy phone
invoices and ship them out anywhere and a Rogers customer wouldn’t have any
idea until they started getting the lying fees like the $35 line charges or
until somebody ports the number I think what happened was is they’d been using
my phone to funnel my number to final courtesy phones out of Rogers and then
somebody had accidentally ported my number and wasn’t supposed to and that
and that made it easier for me to track so I’m kind of glad they screwed up but
at the same time how many other people is this happening to and if you go over
to the Rogers page right now since I started my first complaint on their feed
on their Facebook page I’ve seen seven other people having porting issues and
when I switched to Bell after this happened I moved my Wireless to Bell
they checked my identification they checked my driver’s license I had to
show a credit card why wasn’t any of that done when my
phone was ported with Rogers and they’re saying it was moved to another carrier
however it was activated at a roger store in Monterey
so it wasn’t ported to any other character like uh carrier sorry it was
it stayed within Rogers which is what makes me think this is somehow an
internal fraud going on and worse like I said I’m a school bus driver my phone
number sent out several text messages to parents of children and I have driven
for in the past asking for nudes so they have now violated the privacy of
these kids potentially you know they now they’ve obviously copied my whole phone
because they have my contact list and everything and all that’s connected
through your Apple ID Rogers and everything when you load it for them
with them and if you look at your terms to serve this contract that’s actually
all in there that it’s all going to incorporate information that’s gonna be
used back and forth between apple or Rogers or whoever else is involved by
third party well I mean like I said I work with vulnerable kids so a lot of
these parents they’re on very limited incomes and low budget people and not
not their low budget but there are low income families and my concern is what
if this had happens one of those single parents that I know or one of my
neighbors who like is a single parent I mean any any parent really they need all
the money they have to go towards raising their kids feeding their family
keeping a roof over their head so my main concern at this point it’s not so
much that I’ve been harmed in any such way but I’m in a position to help this
from happening to other people and that is my main goal because I don’t want to
see other people go through this I mean I was so stressed out I didn’t sleep for
three days and it was just more the aggravation of the way Rogers treated me
and the way Brightstar brushed it off and the way it was so hard to get anyone
to pay attention so with that said I just want you to know I am so thankful
for pissed consumer thank you so much for your help and bring went to this I
am so grateful

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  1. Carter Baker says:

    This porting SIMM issue is brand new. All they need is your number and date of birth for the smaller carriers. That is all the federal porting rules do not protect you. Device protection does not protect from this. These warranties are for malfunctions in the hardware. No one in the market offers protection for this. Device Protections has problems, but it is not a scam . You just failed top understand what it was for.

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