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  1. Paula Spears says:

    Briar you are a beautiful dancer.

  2. Ms O says:

    0:50 I’m putty in her hands. She. Is. Incredible.

  3. Hey Kid says:

    And how was she in j troupe?

  4. Leah Nixon says:

    I love brair nolet

  5. xWyux Le says:

    Deduction for making weird faces at 0:52

  6. Stephen Adeniji says:

    This how much people that 💕 Briar Nolet (I’m one of them)

  7. winnie the pooh says:

    My favorite part of the dance is the clickbait tittle

  8. Anne O'Neill says:

    DescriptionMisty Danielle Copeland is an American ballet dancer for American Ballet Theatre, one of the three leading classical ballet companies in the United States. On June 30, 2015, Copeland became the first African American woman to be promoted to principal dancer in ABT's 75-year history.

  9. kamiko kirisaki says:

    So no one is going to talk about her pirouettes? She did like – over 20 spins and managed to keep herself balanced

  10. Felicia Lattimore says:

    Can someone please tell me what that move at 1:11 is called?

  11. robin avalyn says:

    That was really quite something!
    Impressive right out of the box. Methinks there’s gymnastics or ballet training here, but this marvelous young lady made this dance her own.
    Well done!!!!!

  12. Jo Mott says:

    More gymnastics than dance.

  13. LyingGamer says:

    Omg she has such a physical strenght and flexibility. It is truly insane.

  14. Yellow World says:


  15. Maryam Angel says:

    0:32 – onwards CHILLS❤❤

  16. Sarah Montgomery says:

    Can we just talk about how beautiful those turns were

  17. andrea paige says:

    this is the only WOD dance that Briar wore a skirt in. and girl she KILLED IT. it look so pretty when she spun 😍

  18. Ahavah none ya says:

    Shes a great dancer but i just wish she would make some dance routines more soft and romantic and not so much like an olympian.

  19. Basic Ballerina says:

    Ok I love this dance but it would be 10 times better if she had a Deadpool costume

  20. Lauren Fay says:

    Does anyone know what the judges reaction and feedback was?

  21. Annika says:

    Don’t get me wrong but I personally don’t like that she does not really dance, she is just doing acrobatic elements that are all impressive and excellent but it lacks dancing

  22. Emily Bradley says:

    when you can’t even do a backbend

  23. luv life says:

    This doesnt luk like dance!! Jus some acts!!

  24. evilempirexx ? says:

    Ryan Reynolds was better lol idk she moves to fast seems the speed and heart of the song isnt the same as her movement

  25. Rahma Ismikhan says:

    Where does all these talents go after not winning or being the first one? You need to look for ways of deviding the million dollars into at least the best 6 performers so that talents doesn't go waste…and people not to loose hope with what they can do

  26. trin trin says:

    To me Derek is the literal only judge who can have the credibility to score contemporary and basically majority of other genres minus hip hop

  27. turtlenmedlewis says:

    Hi! Does anyone know the name of the kick flip thing she does at 1:10?

  28. LyingGamer says:

    How does no one realize how hard these tricks are to make with that flawless skills ?

  29. lauren says:

    watch on repeat
    holy hell her turns are underrated

  30. rey chua says:

    00:54 the moment when jlo cheers her up

  31. sophia sandoval says:

    this should have been her finals piece 100%

  32. Mama With A Fro says:


  33. Sukumar Majumder says:

    She is really talented. Much flexible and beautiful.

  34. Kendale Washington says:

    Absolutely love this dance. I just lost my grandma and when i hear this song i feel her love. And i just dance harder❤❤❤

  35. Dance Audio Swaps ALDC says:

    Uh. Wow.

  36. Freddie Unicorns says:

    Her face reminds me of hailey Baldwin and idk why

  37. beth hooson says:

    She definitely should have won

  38. Alessia Rizzuto says:

    Who remembers her from The Next Step?!

  39. Canal Mephiles the Dark says:

    Deadpool : oh my good

  40. Just me A says:

    Wait a moment …. THE NEXT STEP Richelle ..!! Wow ,she's amaizing !

  41. Angelina Olivo says:

    they never changed "bring" to "brings" and it still bothers me

  42. Leah Nixon says:

    She should of won a million years ago

  43. Jade Jansen says:

    How can I learn to do this? What is this called?

  44. Chloé B says:

    One of The best dancer in The Next Step 😍😍

    So proud 💕💕

  45. Kayla Orchard says:

    No way , im dancing to this song in october , in an acro dancer lol

  46. Makidaria Sumaki says:

    She’d be a great ninja

  47. Abigail Oakley says:

    She is so good and she shows a lot of emotions which is good

  48. salm dln says:

    Aucune grâce…. C'est brutal comme danse, ça ne va pas du tout avec la chanson

  49. JR Boyd says:

    Amazing dancer. Her knees are shatterproof.

  50. RebeccaH808 says:

    I'm not the biggest fan of all the tricks, I think they are amazing, but I wish there was a bit more "dancing" in it for a song like this.

  51. triarmy says:

    tries to walk in a straight line

  52. CJ says:

    She had me when she opened with a freaking double axel.😳
    There’s so many talented dancers on these shows but she she had me saying wow over and over again. Just like that girl in the front row at 1:10 😆

    Also can we talk about the aerial to her knee? How did she not just land in a heap?🤯

  53. patricia ___ says:

    she is A troupe material hahahahh❤️

  54. Am.1 fire says:

    Whats song ?

  55. Julia Andersen says:

    how does she not break her knees?

  56. Véronique D2V says:

    Extraordinary ……… 💞

  57. Dipak bhandari says:

    I love you you dancing flowers I have ever scen

  58. urban. drooid says:

    finally getting the love she deserves

  59. Chulo deguchulo says:

    She's just too strong

  60. Chulo deguchulo says:

    L love that a boy her

  61. Michy ! says:

    I have a sincere and probably stupid question as someone who is not a dancer but has been watching these videos and is blown away by the talent….

    ….the moves where they land on the ground and then seamlessly transition to the next move…. doesn’t it hurt when you land? Like do you just have to take it in stride and keep going without letting it show at all or is part of the technique knowing how to land so it doesn’t hurt?

    I understand training and pushing your body to be flexible beyond nature but laws of physics like gravity just seem hard to work around.

  62. Amelia Cartwright says:

    I absolutely love this dance so much passion and technique but I don’t like how most of the dance is just tricks like jumps turns and outher stuff and less dancing, movements the that are aren’t jumps turns flips. But then again that’s what really gives it a wow factor to the gp

  63. Evilla Monique says:

    she looks like Hailey bieber

  64. AvIndian says:

    I am a fan already

  65. Jamie Klassen says:

    Is ther gonna be the next step season7.

  66. Jamie Klassen says:

    Is ther gonna be the next step season7.

  67. Bros Vayu says:

    I think this is not dance it’s like the showe

  68. Sasha Lee says:

    When excellent technique serves to expression of feelings. Very emotional, it is not like set of tricks.

  69. Felicia Lattimore says:

    Gave me chills even on a summer day inside my car lol

  70. sal cruz says:

    Ummm where’d she cry tho?! 🤔

    I only clicked to see her cry! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  71. rishima sapru says:

    She deserved wayy more than 95

  72. Hannah Higginson says:

    Y can’t they shut up

  73. mr shakes says:

    Hello. What is the title of this song, and who is the artist of that song.

  74. Erdnuss says:

    Imagine she were on her period.. RIP LMAO

  75. H͛o͛l͛o͛ - S͛t͛a͛r͛ says:


  76. Symbionic Musician says:

    Briar looks kinda familiar but I don’t know where from??

  77. Julia Williamson says:

    Omg I love this song!

  78. Nora -_- says:

    Am i the only one who finds her face at 1:35 funny

  79. Sarah Thomson says:

    Only could have been better if she was in a dead pool costume

  80. Drazenka Svedruzic says:

    Why can't judges and audience by quiet during performances? It ruins the experience.

  81. Elsie Osuhor says:

    Me: tries doing it breaks both knees

  82. Jo says:

    She reminds me of my ballerina dancing in my music box growing up as a kid

  83. Kirstyn McKenzie says:

    I didn’t want to blink cause I might miss something ❤️❤️💜💜

  84. Sophia Brandt says:

    Briar + Travis Wall = MAGIC♡

  85. asgard3006 says:


  86. Pamela Bellesen says:

    Absolutely breathtaking!!!!!

  87. Chunky Potato says:

    Her doing it: BOOTIFUL

    If I tried doing it: CALL 911!

  88. Javier Rivera 7470 says:

    The click bait says that Jennifer will be crying but it didn't show it so 👎

  89. Saskia Bludkanova says:

    she spelled the lyrics with her body

  90. Ms O says:

    I had to take a moment and just really appreciate that last move❤️ that was one of the most beautiful and graceful things I’ve ever seen
    The passion infused in this performance is scorching my screen
    0:49 I AM SLAIN

  91. Elyse Le says:

    NE-YO ——–
    HIP HOP: 100, amazing, mind-blowing, absolutely crazy… BEST DANCE EVER

    CONTEMPORARY: that was pretty okay, I guess. Wasn't exactly World of dance quality, 87 seems like a pretty good score…

  92. Édith Gagnon says:

    I love how Jennifer and Briar looked at each other at the very end… I got chills

  93. Dia191919 says:

    Honesty, I have watched a lot of dance and this is one of the most beautiful pieces of dance that I have ever seen. Speechless…

  94. Ruby MCIVER says:

    she is incredible, but did anyone else notice her split leap was tiny?

  95. Terri Terru says:

    She is flying

  96. Ishteyaque Ahmad says:

    Apart of the king's she is the queen of the stage.

  97. Sara Fernandes says:


  98. Katie Pogoda says:

    So👏🏻Powerful👏🏻 My Canadian Queen 🇨🇦 👸 💗

  99. Olive Papyrus says:

    I don't understand why she didn't win…?

  100. Zy Zyzx says:

    Opera is old school Kings were 10 times Opera skills. Anybody can do SPLITS.

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