Boris Johnson: supreme court ruling has made getting Brexit deal harder

I have to say, I strongly disagree
with what the justices have found. I don’t think that it’s right
but we will go ahead and, of course, parliament will come back. I do think there’s a good case
for getting on with a queen’s speech anyway and we’ll do that. But I think the most important thing
is we get on and deliver Brexit on 31 October. Clearly, the claimants in this case
are determined to try to frustrate that and to stop that. I think it would be very unfortunate
if parliament made that objective, which the people want delivered,
more difficult. But we’ll get on. There are a lot of people who basically
want to stop this country coming out of the EU and we have
a parliament that is unable to be prorogued, is unable to …
Doesn’t want to have an election. And I think it’s time we took
things forward. As the law currently stands,
the UK leaves the EU on 31 October, come what may, but the interesting thing,
or the exciting thing for us now is to get a good deal
and that’s what we’re working on. Look, I’ll be honest with you, John,
it’s not made much easier by this kind of stuff in parliament
or in the courts. – You say as the law stands we
leave on 31 October. – That’s not true, is it? – As the law stands we cannot leave
with no deal on 31 October – without the permission
of parliament. As the law stands we leave on 31 October
and I’m very hopeful that we will get a deal.

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  1. Guardian News says:

    Boris Johnson’s suspension of parliament unlawful, supreme court rules ►

    UK supreme court ruling: the key issues behind judges’ decision ►

    Latest politics news – live updates ►

  2. Shaun Penne says:

    I wish Malcolm Tucker was real, just so he could tear Boris the Bullshitter apart!!!!

  3. m. mache says:

    Priminster Boris Johnson if I was you I will take it to the international Supreme Court 70 percent of the British public didn’t agree with UK supreme Court it's wrong from so many way number one the supreme Court Chould respect the Royal family a Queens Elizabeth they had no respect at all to a Queens Elizabeth and the priminster who lead the palament what is the point to have priminster with out power to do the best for UK no point at All but let me tell you something priminster Boris Johnson the 11 judges are Lebour supporter it's very Claire why are all wearing red why the BBC all writing in red every decorations in sides and out sides BBC red answer need it for my a Questions to the supreme Court and the rest of who support Lebour party Boris Johnson what they done to the priminster Theresa may they did it to you I can write a 5k pages a book about our Britain law is no justice what so ever in 90 percent of the judgment in court my final word to you Boris Johnson take it global International law protection for presedent priminster royal king and a Queens. ? Mo RAAD political madical sicoligest Judges on Google youtube International? Mo?

  4. Graham Jeacocke says:

    Hey Boris, do you think its right when the justices give their decision to criminals?

    Then pay for your ticket and do not complain.

  5. Barti Cox says:

    Ha Ha, let the blood bath of restitution begin with a

    general election, followed by the overdue abolition of the House of Lords and a
    written constitution and new Bill of Rights to protect British Subjects from corrupt
    parliaments. The Elite might find that they have bullied the Electorate and
    their faithful representatives once too often. Come back Madame Guillotine, all
    is forgiven; knit one, pearl one…

  6. Barti Cox says:

    Ha Ha, let the blood bath of restitution begin with a general election, followed by the overdue abolition of the House of Lords and a written constitution and new Bill of Rights to protect British Subjects from corrupt parliaments. The Elite might find that they have bullied the Electorate and
    their faithful representatives once too often. Come back Madame Guillotine, all
    is forgiven; knit one, pearl one…

  7. System South says:

    The 'supreme court' has made a massive mockery of English law and has actually pissed all the power and influence it once had up the wall. About as much political credibility as Big Bird on Sesame Street.

  8. clive Lee says:

    We have a parliament that can’t behave and do what the vote instructed

  9. Clark Clark says:

    So we know have some old foggy Lords over ruling over the Queen. I thought when the Queen spoke and made an order or consented it was a given. In essence we have the Lawyers ruling over the Land and they say they are only making this illegal because of inferences and not on any facts. Time to throw this mob to the heap, undermining Her Majesty like this can only lead to Civil unrest and wonder what the Republican Lords are up to ?

  10. LokiV says:

    GET US OUT BoJo 🙂👍

  11. John Billings says:

    He's an honorable man….
    Maybe he needs the Japanese escape…
    Worth a shot.

  12. chestikov2011 says:

    Margaret Thatcher, called the referendum “a device of dictators and demagogues” that would be dangerous to minorities and destructive of parliamentary sovereignty.A constitutional referendum was held in Cuba
    on 24 February 2019. Voters were asked whether they approved of a new
    constitution passed by the National Assembly of People's Power in July
    2018. The reforms were approved, with 90.61% of valid votes cast in
    favour. Viva La Revolucion

  13. truth first says:

    Screw the supreme court!! They are remainer shills like the scumbag politicians in parliament who have betrayed the people of Britain i do not recognise their right to interfere in boris Johnson getting us out of superstate EU leave means leave will accept no deal that in any way ties us to the EU corpse

  14. Nageye Belieday says:

    He is saying if the parliament comes back it will make the brexit harder. Doesn't it vindicates the court. This is why he sent the parliament away in the first place, so they dont interfere with his brexit business. Hence the court is right to rule the prorogation as unlawful.

  15. dudev says:

    Boris is still pretending that he's trying to get a deal.

  16. the wizzard says:

    I would like to thank Gina Miller for doing what we pay politicians to do. This is no less than richard nixon's water gate! This shabby, ill mannered excuse of a man boris johnson has lied to the people on many occasions for years, he and his government officials lied to parliament, he and they lied to the queen. he has committed treason and should be put on trial for treason and I expect to see Parliament take this action!

  17. Jorge Nunes says:

    Boris will continue to be defeated throughout his poor career as prime minister and yet will continue to speak like a chatterbox to any microphone.

  18. los tit says:

    "…strongly disagrees…"? Not from a legal standpoint surely?

    If he asks the Queen again is she permitted, constitutionally, to say phuck off?

  19. Drayse ? says:

    men shat the fak up stupid

  20. James Smith says:

    Why attack Boris for actually trying to get Brexit done oh but of corse your remainers and you don't believe in democracy how very British ! 🇬🇧👍 You ⚓s

  21. Shamsur Rahman says:

    Never has someone been so insulted and utterly humiliated. But he remains delusional

  22. Benn Venables says:

    Remoaners are trying anything to ignore the fact the majority voted to leave, can’t take it the vote didn’t go their way the absolute crybabies! Talk about sore losers. If Brexit is overturned there will be chaos to say the least. What’s the point in ever voting on anything in future if these spineless, brainless, scumbags come and go as they please? Modern day Guy Fawkes needed more than ever!

  23. lcyw20 says:

    Wasn't the whole point of prorougation to make sure Parliament doesn't get in the way of Brexit on 31st Oct, deal or NO DEAL, the NO DEAL part being what they set out to prevent? How does stopping you from leaving with no-deal prevent you getting a deal with the EU, Johnson?

    You're a bloody liar, Johnson!

  24. Hannes Steffenhagen says:

    Boris Johnson:
    "This prorogation is totally normal, has absolutely nothing to do with Brexit, I don't know what you're all so upset about"

    Also Boris Johnson:
    "Not being able to prorogue is totally getting in the way of my Brexit stuff and that's really unfair"

  25. MrSausagess says:

    In my
    Opinion pork sausages ain’t as nice as beef sausages.

  26. zacthecatty35 says:

    Bye Bye BoJo dear!! Hahaha-haha!! Brexit isn't going to happen now. Gay Marriage Pride.

  27. Alexandru Cazacu says:

    You will not stand a chance without Europe. I will just watch you collapse and laugh about it.
    You are a joke!

  28. Mark Kolk says:

    Boris is despicable but noone manages to be more disgusting than Jacob Rees Mogg

  29. cristina lexy says:

    Frozen Brexit until labour Fresh Brexit Referendum👍✌

  30. Ady F says:

    Already getting his excuses and scapegoats ready for when Brexit doesn't happen on 31 October.

  31. 6ddevil says:

    Wow Boris stitched up yet again…he's on the ropes but not out yet.

  32. NASACrooks says:


  33. Carole Coote says:

    He said proroguing Parliament was nothing to do with Brexit. Now he’s saying that it has. Liar, Liar. Love to know if his former girlfriend will lay back the grants he gave her.

  34. hazzard duke says:

    Give it back to the people

  35. Vincent Ray says:

    To the Tower with you mate!

  36. Ralf Rath says:

    Mrs. Harry Potter has spoken: The British Democracy is back! Boris and the mighty monarchy and the Queen can go home – they are not the British People – they have even no right to speak for the British people! This is even the end of the monarchy – any Brit is a King and a Queen! What does this mean? Now, this is not the end of Boris, Monarchy and the Brexit. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

  37. JJ sassey says:

    Do not give up Boris plough on man just get us BREXIT leave 31/10/19 and tell the remainers to go get screwed.

  38. Daniel Hope says:

    Wow a new law passed a.couple of weeks ago is he going to break that as well

  39. Graham Sowerby says:

    So, the Queen broke the law? Did she have no advisers? Or did she have no option but to agree? What a sad state of affairs we are now in.

  40. Truth not opinion says:

    If this man is not allowed to take us out of the EU, the yellow vests will bring Britain to it's knees, the peoples parliament would have committed a gross act treason in their eyes!

  41. Omar Barrie says:

    Guillotine !!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  42. Omar Barrie says:


  43. B.T. says:

    Boris will not let the people down. He will keep on fighting against the MPs who only care about their careers and who don’t respect our vote. Don’t let those MPs destroy our democracy! Make Brexit happen!

  44. Truth not opinion says:

    If we end up staying in, look forward to the trillions needed in bailouts when the EU implodes, you Guardian reading sycophants will reap what you sew!

  45. PC. Yann says:

    I have changed my mind….I will be voting REMAIN in the next referendum.

  46. Frankiez220 says:

    That is not a normal shaped head.

  47. Jamie says:

    So the Supreme Court are saying that the Queen and her advisors are so incompetent they were able to be lied to? Nonsense.

  48. Olivier Mosimann says:


  49. David Fitzsimons says:

    Boris fought the law and the law won 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  50. M. D. says:

    BoJo the clown

  51. B.T. says:

    From now on the judiciary is an executive and political power.

  52. Karl Horsfield says:

    Boris is a ………..?

  53. Zero Ninety says:

    But I though he said proroguing parliament was nothing to do with brexit? He's incapable of telling the truth.

  54. Charlie Black says:

    Hahaha let's go My Immigrants Brother's😎

  55. inhetnu01 says:

    Why is this mess necessary?
    Very likely to show the soul that in a 50/50 vote fear will win.
    The yellow hammer report worked just fine (hammer, being yellow, in 🙂
    Lack of trust in ones own capabilities causes this defeat.
    Ever wondered how puppets are created?

  56. Chris Redman says:

    He is an arrogant law defying crook showing his contempt yet again for the unanimous judgment of the highest Court in the land.

  57. opollo says:

    Our politicians have no interest in giving us our brexit. Brexit Party is my next vote

  58. A Nightingale says:

    Just like someone who PERVERTS THE COURSE OF JUSTICE (or Perjury),
    Johnson belongs in JAIL for attempting to PERVERT THE COURSE OF DEMOCRACY..!!

  59. Sam Hale says:

    It is necessary to state, THE PROROGATION WAS NOT UNLAWFUL.

    The Prorogation is from the Queen. The advice she received was unlawful. And thus SHE commands parliament to continue due to the unlawful advice from the government.

    She does so on advice from the court, not enforced by a MECHANISM of the court. If the court orders a recall of parliament, that's pretty much the same as saying the court is now guilty of impinging the Queens prerogative powers.

    Do your job @Guardian News.

  60. Marjorie Rushie says:

    Boris is a Genius. Wait for it.

  61. Baik says:

    *logic has left the chat

  62. TheOneNo20 says:

    Parlimentary democracy is a sham.

  63. john wilks says:

    Can’t understand why Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t go for a general election!

  64. maroj edlairf says:

    the 11 justices of UK supreme court rules against borris shamefull action in illegal progoguation of the parliament …. so what will happen now to him…. any comment and suggestions??

  65. D Wrb says:

    just leave…the deals will come later

  66. arthur lewis says:

    Dear EU – please kick us out so everyone can get on with their lives.

  67. BaubleRob says:

    The balls of Johnson to start a sentence with "as the law stands" on today of all days.

  68. Calvary Crusader says:

    Who do you think you are kidding Mrs. Miller if you think old Brexit's done?

  69. L O says:

    in the UK, parliament decides, not the people. In the end, parliament wants to stay

  70. MosherMike says:

    This man can't follow his own lies to save his life. Out of his depth as PM.

  71. Ben Stevinson says:

    😂👍 BOJO!

  72. ahartify says:

    Who does he think he is? Donald Trump?

  73. K L says:

    Ha ! Ha ! Suck it up, B J !

  74. K L says:

    Gotta love that stairway structure behind him. It seems to be a physical manifestation of his bizarre logic.

  75. coelo physis says:

    I'm absolutely horrified and disappointed in the UK. What it has become and how it is being deceived. The majority of UK kids growing up now will understand in 20 years.

  76. チェン明ゆ鄭明耀 says:

    Can our PM please declare a state of emergency and take charge of the military and state affairs and lead us through to Brexit? The world need strongmen now, not weaklings

  77. Phillip Gibbon says:

    Surpreme court lol bunch of remaining pedophiles

  78. Didier Lemoine says:

    all this will finish with a new referendum

  79. Didier Lemoine says:

    so finally UK is still a independant country whithin the EU !

  80. Andrew Thomas says:

    It doesn’t matter what the court says…..the British electorate can legally reject and ignore anything PARLIMENT courts or politicians do or say regarding the eu ..WE VOTED OUT ND VOTED TO RESTORE TRUE BRITISH DEMOCRACY NOT THE SHAM THATS INVADED THIS COUNTRY

  81. 20quid says:

    I thought he said proroguing Parliament wasn't about Brexit, now suddenly it is.

  82. Amanda Hughes says:

    If the Supreme Court are going to meddle in political decisions then the Judges should stand for election as politicians do.
    Better still, get rid of the Supreme Court altogether, it was a Blair invention anyway.

  83. Dennis Randall says:

    Boris Johnson did not break Parliamentary laws or lied to the Queen as the Attorney General had advised him
    it was lawful therefore this should have been mentioned to the Supreme Court, before claiming he acted unlawfully
    which not the case, and in view of this their ruling should be reopened to review and their decision

  84. Helene Imoukhuede says:

    PM Boris: you say you disagree with the 11-0 judgement by Supreme Court judges! Do you have a Constitutional law degree?

  85. sid ney says:

    Why does the u.k. have so many clowns in charge of us and making decisions we never asked for ? When will we have a government that can stand elected by the people from a voting system that isn't massively dodgy ?
    Why can't normal educated people who are the majority in the u.k. run the u.k. ? Why do we have Eton , Oxford and Cambridge privileged , silver spoon sucking , with degrees in how to lie and fool a nations people and get rich doing it , leading us instead ?

  86. Ryan Capewell says:

    Love you boris

  87. ani s8 says:

    Oh I get it, it's E. U. fault and supreme Court fault,
    But it's ok as long as we don't get Theresa May's surrender deal repackaged,
    Just like the millions for the NHS

  88. B.T. says:

    Boris will not let the few control the country. Either we leave on the 31st or we will show the Remoaning MPs what we think of their behaviour in a General Election.

  89. Jordie Gundersen says:

    Pull the plug and get on with it ..!

  90. Roxyinc Roxanne collins says:

    Go bojo the real people of England are behind you.time to make England great again.give the people back there country.

  91. ObiWanJabronE says:

    Trump 2.0.

  92. General Guile says:

    E.U can take a running jump with their deal.

  93. poodtang2 says:

    Supreme Court just proved they are enemies of The People.

  94. Mark Star says:

    Boris is a joke, he needs to go

  95. William Baynes says:

    Boris is correct! The judges should now be judged! Then kicked out along with the Lords!

  96. Ronnyqt says:

    He looks like Trump but with real hair

  97. B.T. says:

    Trying to get a deal with our friends in Europe and then your friends at home stab you in the back. With friends like Corbyn and Swinson the UK people don’t need enemies.

  98. Steve Scott says:

    Jeremy Corbyn's suggestion that we have a stay in EU or exit deal is a none starter. The EU will not do a favourable deal, for obvious reasons. Therefore, the choice should be stay in EU or no deal, then it will be up to the EU to entice us stay.

  99. John B says:

    Now Ireland has been offered a fxxk boris and his lies they called his bluff giving Ireland all their wants and needs so boris Johnson is backed into a corner he should be arrested he tried a trump take power by force sad and disgraceful and disgusting treatment for the future of the country theres bigger picture than were seeing no doubt he should be in jail

  100. John B says:

    If it was 1700s hed be in the tower waiting for the axeman disrespect for all people who don't fall for him or his stupid personality all a joke when seriously asked questions sad man with shoes that no disrespect ment honestly but look at his footwear at the conservative party gathering wow hes leader and can't polish his shoes that's the persona he wants people to think he's like us he gets lots of money from newspapers for being a columnist wow amazing check out the wages as they say follow the money ah I'm never voting for a man who trys to hoodwinked the British people sad

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