Blueleaf – Pingley Court Project

[Music playing] SAM: Marjara Care group is predominantly a Scunthorpe based company. The opportunity came along to take over a home in Sheffield. A home that needed a lot of work, a lot of input, and some soul putting back into it. We did our research to see who could do the one stop shop really. Blueleaf came along, and with their expertise and their understanding of what we wanted, have delivered us a fantastic project. ALISON: What we say to the client is, “you go away, we’ll do the whole thing and then we’ll give you a key and you just walk in, and we’ve competed the whole job, from start to finish.” It allows them to concentrate on what’s important to them really. JOYCE: The end-user in this case, we were looking at someone who was going to live in this home, so it need’s to be practical. And we were also thinking about how we can retain the independence for the resident, and create an environment that feels comfortable and settling, but at the same time, that’s aesthetically pleasing. ALISON: We’ve seen an opportunity on the lower ground, where we’ve made that into an activities/café area to bring the hair salon down to a bigger room there, so people can come down, have their hair done, go and have a coffee, so we try and make it like they’ve had an outing. And that’s very important when you’re in a home. JOYCE: When you lose that ability to be able to venture out on your own, you lose that independence to go outside. Finding ways to bring the outdoors in, is a nice escapism. DAWN: The first word that comes out of anyone’s mouth, especially relatives, is “wow, I could live here. Wow, it’s like a five-star hotel, but feels more like home than a hotel”. And that’s been then general feel from absolutely everyone that’s come in. JOYCE: We want it to feel like a home from home, through the check heritage designs, through the texture that we’ve used. We hope that the resident is able to feel familiar in their environment and settle into the home quickly. ALISON: For your staff, your residence, your client, I think everybody will be happy living and working in this environment. SAM: We’ve set a standard here, that the homes that we do have in Scunthorpe, as well, we feel at some point when the renovations need to be done there, Blueleaf would be the ones that we’d pick up the phone to straight away. Very, very, very satisfied and excited to show people round this week. And get the first resident in.

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