Billy Batson turns into Shazam | Justice League: War

Aw, come on. Can’t a guy get any privacy? – Football. Told you so.
– Well, we had to be certain. – I was so worried about you, Billy.
– You don’t have to be. For real. – I like your jersey.
-Oh, yeah? I stole it. You did not. You’re funny. We worry every time you disappear.
You know, like a family would. Foster family. This time was the worst.
You’ve heard the reports, right? There’s an invasion of monsters.
They’re grabbing people off the streets. [CHUCKLES] And you morons believe that? Jerk. [MAN SCREAMS] [GRUNTS] [GROWLS] Come and get some, ugly. Shazam! [GASPS]

10 Responses

  1. R3Dash— Cloud91 says:


  2. MrMisterman1 says:

    Wish we could have seen the rest of Billy's foster siblings, also what is Billy's problem anyway?

  3. exon excel says:

    What a badass way to SHAZAM

  4. Oliver Queen says:

    The Movie shazam is basically a live action version of this one

  5. Shadow Warrior says:

    I never liked its live-action movie, it sucked like any DC’s attempt to make a live-action movie.

  6. Nate says:

    Why do the kids look like adults?

  7. DarKaze AMV says:

    Where the parents

  8. Jamie Lishbrook says:

    His name… Is captain marvel.

  9. Peter Ostrowski says:

    So…where's the wisdom of Solomon?

  10. Craig A. McLeod says:

    Eventualy, the parademon stopped thinking

  11. megapokekid1 says:

    So Billy and Freddy sound like they are voiced by kids. But Darla sounds like Cree Summer. And she is the youngest.

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